also this quote is literally perfect for them

If Tsurugi does become the Eve of Wrath, he’s going to become way more powerful. He’s already a sorcerer, and a talented one at that, so imagine him adding a Lead to his arsenal. What would his Lead be? I’ve been trying to think of one that would fit him for the last hour but it’s kinda difficult. 

All the Eves have unorthodox weapons compare to their Servamps (Scythe vs. Chair or Rapier vs. Piano/Boots). But if you think about it, all their Leads fit their personalities and fighting style well. Misono is the type to sit and think through all his options but doesn’t get creative or take risks when fighting.

Nothing really stood out to me when I was thinking of his personality or anything in the manga. Tsurugi’s fighting style leans heavily on his speed/agility and his magic so it should be something that supports that. 

After thinking for a while, I kinda want to see his Lead be a variation of his uniform but more loose fitting and freeing. It could act like armor that he can control and block attacks. He can even stretch it out to shield his comrades. Defense is his weakest attribute so it could make him more well rounded.

The main reason this idea just stuck with me is because it’ll be Tsurugi reclaiming that C3 uniform. It has been used to restrict him most of his life. Literally by acting as a straight jacket and metaphorically by Touma raising him to be the perfect weapon.

Instead of something that restricts him and breaks him mentally, he’ll have 100% control over it. He can use it to protect those he loves and it will also be like Wrath is constantly shielding him.

Bonus: I was talking to my bf about this and he, I quote, said: “Wouldn’t that guy just have a giant coin that he drops on people to make them a pancake because he’s so into money?” I had to sit down after that and rethink so much because for just one minute I considered it. 


i bet tony stark would be a music hoe

Like he would insist that AC/DC is the best band in existence, and can quote every song they’ve ever written. But he also knows hundreds of classical songs, and even some experts don’t know where the fuck he heard them. He can say that the lyrics to this song by this band are beautifully done and nearly cries at a high note that is performed to utter perfect



he also listens to really shitty music. We’re talking literally anything Billy Ray Cyrus has ever performed. He blasted Barbra Streisand for twenty-four days because Steve said he didn’t like her. (That was a lie, but Tony’s an absolute slut for Barbra Streisand, and Bucky dared Steve to see what Tony would do.) Tony listens to obscure bands from the nineties that honest-to-god sound really terrible. He thinks “What’s Up” by 4 Non-Blondes is the most iconic song of all time. (It so is.) 

Tony can quote any and all of Rocky Horror Picture Show just on the top of his head. He has dance moves.

Tony also is surprisingly good at deciphering the mood for a car trip or just a relaxing day at the tower


he usually just goes “hey bucky here’s a song you’ll like” and plays the ten hour version of he-man singing “what’s up” by 4 non-blondes. 

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can you please do the rambling on how great adam and ronan are for each other :)

I’d be more than happy to. This is going to be extremely rushed and not well articulated so apologies, but it’s all there. 

Basically, they understand each other so so well. We have ronan saying he knew what a face looked like when it was just about to break, and how he knew “Adam had fracture lines all over him.” this is, correct me if i’m wrong which i think i am, probably one of the only times one of the gangsey actually points out that they are aware that adam is clearly Not Okay, he’s close to a breaking point, and even though he may try to hide it it’s very obvious. It’s ronan having a clear understanding of how adam is suffering from his recent trauma. And then to go with that we have adam letting ronan trash things while remaining completely calm, not even flinching once, and then telling gansey that he “can’t kill his demons” which in turn shows perfectly clearly that Adam is very well aware of how ronan needs to overcome his own anger and hurt to start recovering properly, probably because he knows that’s what he needs to do himself, and that he can’t save him.

Then we have ronan actually helping adam out in the best way he possibly could by fixing his rent, and the fact that adam doesn’t even get mad at him, the way he does when he thinks its gansey, because he obviously doesn’t associate ronan and his help as a way of ronan trying to control him speaks volumes. Not to mention the fact that ronan helped adam find a place to stay after the incident with his father and helped him move into said place because he knows and understands that adam doesn’t want to stay at monmouth. He never once complains about the way adam see’s things and his principles. And then in turn adam willingly helps ronan get rid of greenmantle. I mean this is a serious guy who could very easily kill both of them, or worse, there were a million ways them going after him could have gone wrong but adam doesn’t even worry. He puts that brilliant mind of his to work and executes the perfect plan to get rid of him, all for ronan. Ronan literally asks him for help and adam’s like “lol no, i have homework” but then finds the time to do it anyway. I mean come on, how can anybody not see how much adam actually cares about ronan at that point? 

Also this gem of a quote: “Ronan knew a great deal about how Adam worked. It was possible Adam had always been aware of this…” i mean adam knows ronan knows him best, knows how he thinks and functions. He offers him up the task of taking greenmantle down knowing adam would enjoy the puzzle of it all. And in return we have Adam always 100% aware of the fact that ronan hates school but never judging or calling him out on it, despite the fact that adam himself values academia so very much. He never once pushes ronan to attend school, he repeatedly tells gansey he can’t make ronan go if ronan doesn’t want to. That ronan has to get his act together himself, and no matter what he does gansey can’t do it for him.  Again, very clear evidence that they get each other so well. And this isn’t even like the romantic feelings between them, this is just them as two friends who are very acutely aware of the way the other functions. 

Which leads me onto the romantic gestures, the hand cream from ronan for adam’s hands, the mixtapes, the way adam’s apartment is a place ronan clearly turns to for comfort and spends a lot of his time at, so much so that adam is more used to him being there than gansey. And you know it would’ve been so so great if stiefvater expanded on this in trk but alas she didn’t. Anyway, the fact that they offer each other these little gestures of comfort that actually mean more than they probably realise again says enough about how great they are for each other. 

And then finally when they do both start to act on their feelings for each other in trk we have adam throwing out the intention of happiness to cabeswater and it playing the bass of ronan’s crappy music. And adam does all of that just to see one of ronan’s rare softer smiles, that usually directs towards matthew, directed at him and it makes him feel as charged as making the deal with cabeswater. Like jesus christ adam has it bad if that’s how he feels from just one smile. He even feels affection at the way ronan’s tone of voice changed when he spoke to his mother. Like get a fucking grip adam. But he’s not alone in that seeing as ronan would fucking “start wars and burn cities” for adam’s smile. A smile. Just one smile from each other and they feel like they could do impossible things. 

And most fucking importantly the way that adam knows from the very beginning that ronan is not something to be played with, that it isn’t a game, that ronan is all or nothing when it comes to having a significant other, is more evidence that adam is so great for ronan because he is not going to mess around with him. He’s not going to lead him on and act on his feelings if he knows he isn’t committed himself. Ronan kisses him and the first thing he does is seek out advice on what it means to truly know and feel like you’re in love with someone, because he does not. want. to. mess. with. ronan. And the fact that he skips like and jumps straight to love is just fucking incredible tbh. 

And then by the end of the book we have them both willing to die for each other. Ronan would rather die than hurt adam, even to save his own life from a possessed adam, even though adam is begging him to stop him. And Adam scrying in the backseat despite the risk of him dying without anyone noticing, and describing ronan’s ragged breathing and his inability to do anything as the worst thing. Like i don’t even feel the need to explain this. I mean they don’t even hesitate. They would do anything for each other, at this point, how is that alone not enough proof that they are so great for each other?   

There are probably a million other things i could mention but when it comes down to it they ultimately have a great dynamic because they get each other so fucking well and that makes them perfect for each other. Like i honestly don’t know what version of the books you read if you can’t see that.

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A genuine interrogation and not a honeypot: I understand the damaging effect of the Yara discussion wi Theon and the problem it can be in our context. But wouldn't an ironborn dismiss PTSD and say "man up you sissy or die?" I understand that the result of Theon doing it is a problem, but wouldn't Asha sort of react that way? She is not really going to take gloves, is she? That doesn't mean she doesn't abuse her brother, but I'm not surprised she does, she might really think it'll work. Thoughts?

I’m not upset or anything because this is a question in earnest, but I have addressed this a lot. I know my tagging is inconsistent so maybe that’s my fault. 

The issue was the framing. Yara’s screaming at Theon was framed as the “tough love therapy” that he “needed” and as a result we see the “real Theon again.” And we know this because I’m literally pulling quotes from D&D’s interview about it. We are shown that PTSD can indeed be screamed away, and encouraging abuse victims to slit their wrists is a perfect way to tell them to “buck up.” That’s the problem. 

But also, no, Asha would not react like this. Asha did not react like this. Yara’s a piece of shit so who cares, but below the cut is how Asha does react to Theon (TWOW Sample chapter SPOILERS):

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It’s officially October here, which means Happy Octroyeber!

I used the topics letsslaytroyler came up with, I actually think this was her (brilliant) idea, which was so cute cause we get a whole month to show all our love and support for Troye, so thank you gurl <3

So here it is, My Octroyeber List (can I call it like that? wutteva I’m just gonna do it):

Favourite Video:

I don’t really know how to explain why this is my favourite video, but it’s definitely the video that made me love and respect Troye even more than I used to. It’s not easy to share everything about your life, to be so honest, yet that’s exactly what he is doing, and with this video he basically said “This is who I am and I am proud of it. Accept me or not, your problem”. Now that is something that just a few people are capable of and I always cry when I watch this video, cause it just makes me so proud that I chose Troye as my role model. It just reminds me that I made a good choice.

Favourite Collab:

I love all of Troye’s collab, especially the Troyler ones, but idk, this particular one made me laugh and cry and I was just so happy when he uploaded it, I just started jumping around like an idiot and I completely lost my ability to even so yeah

Favourite Original Song:

This was a really hard choice cause I love all of Troye’s songs, legit I am obsessed with all of them, but I kinda feel like Happy Little Pill is that song I can listen to no matter what, whether I’m in a good or a bad mood, and it just makes me chill and calms me down

Favourite Cover:

I absolutely adore this cover, Troye’s and Ed’s styles are kinda alike, and even though I really like the original song too, I just think Troye made it a million times better. His voice just makes it perfect also hoping they will make a song together cause that would make the world a better place

Favourite Pairing:






In case this is not obvious enough, it’s Troyler ♡

Favourite Friendship:

I couldn’t choose between Tronnor

and Traspar

so yeah, both

Favourite Trio:

At first I was like pff, this is easy!

Tronnler, obviously.

But then…

Idk what to say but Cethroye (???idek???) looks really good to me also

Favourite Selfie:

Dayyyuuumm that lip ring

Favourite Outfit:

Ok, I literally love everything that Troye is wearing, but can we all just agree that Troye in a suit is just *insert crying, shocked and heart eyes emojis here*

Favourite Tweet:

His response was just perfect, laughed for about a billion years.

Favourite quote:

Thos two are my all time absolute faves, cause I feel like my whole life relates to them.

Ayy so that seems to be all, all 11 topics, hope you liked My Octroyeber List and also Happy Octroyeber! <33