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So Hunchback is far and away my favorite movie from Disney’s Renaissance, and it always makes me so happy that yes, people seem to appreciate it, people seem to love it, but I’mma go into exactly WHY it’s my favorite, and WHY I think it’s so crucial, and WHY I think it should be required viewing for young boys specifically.

We all know that a huge bulk of the media we’ve grown up with consistently has that one frustrating message:  Being the hero means you’ll get the girl.  Many boys let this mentality bleed into reality.  We have “nice guys,” who feel that their niceness entitles them to romance, when obviously that discredits a female’s personal choice.  We all get this, we all know this, and a lot of us get that it’s a toxic message.

So check out our hero.

He’s an incredibly good person who isn’t conventionally attractive.

Check out our lady.

Super good person, conventionally attractive.

The movie so deliberately builds up Quasi’s hopes.  There’s a whole fucking song about it.

But Esmeralda, who is her own person with her own motivations and preferences, chooses another man, who is also good and also attractive.

A lot of people criticize this aspect of the movie, the fact that Quasi doesn’t get the girl BECAUSE of his appearance.  But my argument?  This is the best damn message a movie could ever send.

Because when things get dicey, when Esmeralda’s life in in danger, when Quasi would be putting his own life on the line, he knows that romance is no longer within the realm of possibility.  He knows he won’t be “getting the girl.”  He knows this, and he allows himself a moment of bitterness, he risks falling prey to the “nice guy” trope, and he almost succumbs.

“She already has her knight in shining armor, and it’s not me.”


He has NO ulterior motive for saving her life.  NO ulterior motive for opposing the man who raised him.  And he doesn’t know that he’ll get any reward, he knows he could straight up get killed for his actions, and yet he still acts.

And there’s no bitterness. There’s still so, so much love between him and Esmeralda, pure awesome platonic love, and love between him and Phoebus, and just fucking love all around, it’s amazing.

I’ve heard so many people express distaste at Quasi not ending up with Esmerelda.  Like he was cheated out of some kind of reward.  But have they watched the ending?

Does that look like a man cheated of his reward?  Does he look like he “lost” to Phoebus?  No dude, that’s a man who has everything he ever wanted, and that’s also a man who didn’t “get the girl.”

If that’s not an essential message for young boys to hear, I don’t know what is.


When I was a kid, the Oscars felt like this impossibly larger-than-life thing. The first time I felt like I had a horse in the race was in 1990. I was 10, and The Little Mermaid was up for best song and best score. They did that crazy “Under the Sea” number with the late, great Geoffrey Holder and dudes in scuba outfits tap-dancing with flippers. We had a tradition of recording the show on our VHS, and I must have watched it a million and a half times. There was also an amazing Chuck Workman montage at the beginning of the show that depicted 100 years of filmmaking with classic scores. I was already in love with movies, but this was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen in my life. (x)

Lin-Manuel Miranda on His Lifelong Oscars Obsession and Why the Show Still Matters (Guest Column)

The Hollywood Reporter
February 20, 2017

During college, Lin-Manuel Miranda and a friend used to improvise interpretative dance tributes to best picture nominees at their annual Oscar party. “It was a lot of breathing and rolling around,” recalls the creator of the Broadway smash Hamilton. “We had a great Seabiscuit dance one year.”

For the New York-born son of Puerto Rican parents — his father a political consultant, his mother a psychologist — it was just another phase of a lifelong fascination with the Oscars that began when he was growing up in the Inwood section of Manhattan, playing and replaying the telecasts that his family recorded on their VCR. At 37, Miranda is about to cross the threshold from superfan to participant: “How Far I’ll Go,” which he wrote for the Disney film Moana, is nominated for original song, and on Feb. 26, Miranda (with his mother) will attend his first Academy Awards.

It’s an auspicious step in a career that will see him star with Emily Blunt and Colin Firth in Disney’s 2018 Mary Poppins Returns and collaborate with composer Alan Menken on the studio’s live-action The Little Mermaid, one of Miranda’s favorite films and, he reveals here, the gateway to his Oscars obsession.

My brain is a compendium of Oscar moments: Tom Hanks’ beautiful acceptance speech when he won best actor for Philadelphia in 1994. Roberto Benigni climbing over chairs and wanting to make love to everybody in the world when Life Is Beautiful won best foreign-language film in 1999. Kim Basinger presenting in 1990 and telling the audience that one of the best films of the year, Do the Right Thing, was not nominated. For her to take a stand, 25 years before #OscarsSoWhite, was incredible — and impressive because time has shown the prescience of that film.

I expect we’ll see more of that this year. It’s a political time, so I imagine the Oscars will look exactly like your Twitter or Facebook feed. Why should we ignore for three hours what we’re talking about 24 hours a day?

The Oscars were always a family affair when I was a kid. One sort of unintentional tradition we had every year was during the “In Memoriam” part of the show. My family called it the “She died?” section because my dad, who is pop culture-oblivious, would always go, “She died? He died? She died?!” the whole time. So, it was very sad and yet also very funny watching my dad catch up.

When I was a kid, the Oscars felt like this impossibly larger-than-life thing. The first time I felt like I had a horse in the race was in 1990. I was 10, and The Little Mermaid was up for best song and best score. They did that crazy “Under the Sea” number with the late, great Geoffrey Holder and dudes in scuba outfits tap-dancing with flippers. We had a tradition of recording the show on our VHS, and I must have watched it a million and a half times.

There was also an amazing Chuck Workman montage at the beginning of the show that depicted 100 years of filmmaking with classic scores. I was already in love with movies, but this was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen in my life.

That was the period when Billy Crystal was hosting, and I would memorize his musical spoofs of the year’s top films. He did them with Marc Shaiman, whom I’m working with right now on Mary Poppins Returns… I was a huge fan of those moments and musical numbers — they showed a genuine love of movies while still poking fun at them. I may also be the only person in America who laughed his ass off to “Uma, Oprah. Oprah, Uma.” David Letterman’s commitment to that bit was enough to put it over the top for me. He didn’t care if no one got it. In his head, it was funny.

Hosting the Oscars is not a thing I would ever want to do… You always have to do this dance as a host: You’re playing to a billion people at home, and you’re playing to anxious contestants in a room, and that’s an insanely hard thing to divide. It’s the most thankless task in the world. I have a pretty healthy ego, but it does not extend in that direction. I’d much rather be the guy writing the opening tune than having to deliver it.

Another Oscar moment that really stuck with me was when Whoopi won her best supporting actress for Ghost. I’ll never forget, at the top of her acceptance speech she said, “Ever since I was a little kid, I wanted this,” which is so rare. Then she said, “As a little kid, I lived in the projects, and you’re the people I watched. You’re the people who made me want to be an actor.” For me, it was like she was saying, “If you want this, you can get it, too. I’m proof that you can.”

I had been seeing myself in this world since I was old enough to do anything, and it was as if she reached through the screen to talk to me. I was that kid. Even my mother used to say, “Remember what Whoopi said.”

That speech was the inspiration for the opening song I co-wrote for Neil Patrick Harris, “Bigger,” for the 2013 Tony Awards:

There’s a kid in the middle of nowhere sitting there, living for Tony performances singin’ and flippin’ along with the Pippins and Wickeds and Kinkys, Matildas and Mormonses / So we might reassure that kid and do something to spur that kid  / ‘Cause I promise you all of us up here tonight, We were that kid and now we’re bigger

Another of my favorite moments was in 2005, when they had Antonio Banderas sing “Al Otro Lado Del Rio” from The Motorcycle Diaries, which was nominated for best song. And then when Jorge Drexler, who composed it, won, he went onstage and sang it, like, “This is how it really goes.” It was so funny and ballsy and great. I’m happy whenever Latinos win anything, so I was thrilled by both performances.

I can’t tell you what it feels like in that room because this will be my first time at the Oscars, but I can tell you why the Oscars matter. It’s a night when the arts and artists are formally honored, and this recognition is seen by millions of people across the country and around the world. The show inspires people to keep pursuing their craft, or to seek out the nominated films or the overall body of work of the nominees, and through that exposure, people gain a greater appreciation of what the art of filmmaking brings to our culture.


Persepolis (2007) - Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud

5 bullets on this movie:

  • It’s in french and I recommend you to watch it in the original language, but in the english version Iggy Pop is the voice of uncle Anouche.
  • You can learn Islamic history and a lot about women rights. Marjane, the protagonist, is the best thing in this movie. She’s a rebel girl in a society that oppresses women, and you end up loving her. And also wanting to be her. 
  • It’s as great as the graphic novel. The dialogues are funny, but at the same time the film tells a serious and real story about women’s fight for equality.
  • It’s based on the life of Marjane Satrapi, the writer of the movie and the graphic novel. I think this is what gives the story so much power.
  • It’s mostly hand drawn and the animations is black and white, it’s soooo amazing. Really, it’s one of my favorite movies. 

HEY Y’ALL <3 look who’s alive and back it me lentil. the reason i haven’t been posting a whole lot is because it’s summer break (!!!) the last summer before i leave to university (!!!) i haven’t been doing much, i went to china, came back, and have been mostly being a homebody. i’ve hung out with friends a whole lot cause i won’t be seeing them for a long time and i also learned how to code in python bc why not BUT i’m sorry these pictures are of questionable quality…they are definitely not my best–it’s pretty much the only spread i’ve made this summer because i don’t have set daily schedules. there are two “things to pack” lists cause i’m leaving early to my university for summer sessions real soon! anyways, i hope you all are doing well! also random question you know when rapunzel in tangled is like “when will my life beginnnn” at the beginning of the movie do you guys think life “begins” when we leave high school and start university or when we leave university and start looking for jobs and become Fully Functioning Adults? just a random thought have a great week!!

  • When I wrote my movie I wanted the male lead to be so many things; cool, charming, funny, sarcastic, sexy, but also real, vulnerable and slightly insecure. It was a tall fucking order. I figured I would never get someone to fully encompass all of these things but hoped for a few. Then this guy comes along and just exceeds all of my expectations bringing this character to life in a way I never could have imagined. Thank you. You’re the fucking best (even though I hate this photo of me but it’s like the only one that made it).  Lauryn Kahn Instagram (writer of Ibiza)

here we are! Today’s Harley 25th anniversary, I can’t believe this day finally came, 25 years full of this great character we call Harley Quinn. I wish I knew her from the beginning but sadly I wasn’t even born in 1992, but at least I got to know this amazing character later, I love so much spending my time for her, reading her stories, watching her movies.. I never get tired of her. She may be a fictional character, she may not be the best role model ever, but still she taught me a lot of things, she made me laugh and affected my life a lot. I hope in the future lot of great writers will have the chance to write about her and make her shine like she deserves to. Also I can’t help but mention Paul Dini and Bruce Timm, yeah they may make some mistakes (*cough cough* Bruce), but seriously they gave to the world this wonderful crazy clown who managed to smile even through the hard times and full filled the lives of many people. Also thank you guys who follow me and appreciate the little work I do to make an enjoyable blog about Harls, and last but not least thank you Arleen for making her who she is. ❤️

Love. It’s a rare, crazy and utterly beautiful ride. Full of ups and downs, hills and valleys, intensities and calmer times. There’s love that makes you dizzy with happiness, heavy-hearted with sadness or insane with madness. But one day, when these extreme feelings begin to fade by the wayside, remember that there will always be a fire that burns within you. Just don’t ever let it completely die out. If you are lucky enough to find your ‘soul mate’ then you will need to remember they aren’t going to be perfect in every way possible. You are going to fight. You will disagree. They will drive you mad. You might even feel like you’ve lost the spark. But, if for the most part, you feel deep deep down in your trustworthy gut that they are ‘the one’, then don’t ever let the passion completely fade away. If you want the romance, remember love is a two way street. Give, give, give and you shall receive. Happy endings aren’t just for the movies. But once the honeymoon passes, love can be hard work. It can also be one of the most rewarding things that this life has given us. Fall in love and you’ll fall down the rabbit hole, into your very own gorgeous world that’s uniquely tailored for the two of you. There’s really nothing quite like it, so don’t allow it to be neglected. And if you haven’t found love yet, believe me, it’s just around the corner. So keep your chin high, your eyes bright and your smile beautiful, because you, my dear, deserve nothing but the very best.
—  Rose Sadleir
Josh Hutcherson AMA Transcript

This is the transcript from Josh’s AMA on Reddit on February 16th, 2017.  All spelling and grammar errors are as written by the original people  This is very long, so the majority is under a read more.

Q:  Do you miss working with the Hunger Games cast?

Josh:  yes… they were the best! family forever. i miss them all dearly… however we still hang now and then and keep in touch.

Q:  Hi! What’s your favorite television show to watch?

Josh:  the Bob Ross painting show… i can benge for hours

Q:  Hey Mr. Hutcherson, is there any actor (that you have not yet worked with) that you wish to work with someday?

Josh:  so many…. joaquin phoenix is up there for sure.

Q:  Hi Josh, You got second class treatment from Rosemary Telesco and continued with Katniss Everdeen. Does it hurt your feelings?

Josh:  hahaha…. life imitates art…

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The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire | Dan and Phil’s Story of TATINOF

(made by two dorks on the internet, @danisnotonfire & @amazingphil)

I’ve been watching them for almost 6 years now and although I never got the chance to see them in real life, these two movies/videos really summed up everything I love about them and more. The performance was incredible (cringey but amazing) and the documentary brought tears to my eyes. Thanks to Dan & Phil for always making us constantly smile and inspired with everything you do! Also thanks to the Phandom for embracing me into this community. This is the most fun, I’ve ever had :’)!

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The reason why people tend to end up shipping characters who are set up as close friends rather than romantic partners -or- The Zootopia Problem

Back when Zootopia came out, people were very excited to have two main characters that were male and female who were not forced into a romantic relationship at the end of the film. This is big, not just becuase it’s Disney(who is all about forced romantic relationships, even if some of them are well written and cute) but becuase we hardly ever get this. Most movie that have a male and female so much as look at each other will have them end up dating by the end, even if it makes no sense. Just look at recent examples like Jurassic World, Guardians of the Galaxy, Dr. Strange. Even likeable romances like the ones in Arrival, Fantastic Beasts, and Gravity and The Lego Movie. They all have romantic connotations and none of them have any real basis. They just happen becuase of course they do. 

But see, while people prone to shipping do like those ships, they are cute of course, and they are a good base to expand upon, they HAVE to be expanded upon. The relationship as it is in cannon is never really explored properly becuase they screenwriters have to go from acquaintances to lovers in an two hours and that’s just not easy. It comes across as rushed, forced, and messy. They don’t seem to really get to know each other before it’s all kisses and (often) sex. There is nothing but a shadow of a relationship and we as fans have to make that into what we want it to be, a good, well written romantic relationship. And while expanding on cannon is almost the whole point of fandom, it gets hard when the creators hardly give you anything to work with. 

So, when we do get two characters that are just shown in the movie as friends, it seems like its easier for screenwriters to write a deep, meaningful relationship. They don’t have to rush into the romance, which isn’t how real relationships work anyway, so they can take time building a good, strong connection between them. There is no end goal to have them desperately in love by the end so the relationship can progress naturally. 

And that’s where Zootopia comes into play. Judy and nick’s relationship is incredibly written, they start off at odds, but since they don’t have to fall in love they have time to get to know each other, talk about their problems and the movie uses the time that might be dedicated to forced romance to actual relationship building. And it really is awesome to see two characters not have to fall in love. 

So why don’t the fans accept that at face value? Why do ships between these types of characters explode in popularity the way they do? 

Well, its because of how the relationship was written. As I said, because the writers never had to force in romantic scenes and instead had time to focus on real, close friendship, they inadvertently build the perfect basis for an amazing romantic relationship. In real life relationships are built on friendship, and the people in question are just best friends that are also dating. We NEVER get that in established canon relationships. There just isn’t time for it, and the writers know that becuase boy meets girl they don’t have to make time for it. They can just shove in kisses and some faux bonding and call it a day. And for shippers, that just isn’t enough. 

But when you plop down a pre-built, deep, close and impactful relationship like Judy and Nick, well how can you expect us NOT to ship it? People are drawn to the romantic possibilities becuase they are real and possible and make sense. We don’t have to make it up on the fly or headcannon in some actual bonding. It’s all there!! So when people who are close like that and have that kind of relationship kiss and fall in love, it feels real. It feels possible and natural. 

And in the end that’s what people want. That’s the friends to lovers trope we want. And since we almost never get it, when we do we tend to go overboard. 

Also, that’s not to say that all deep movie friendships should turn romantic. There really is something to be said of girls and guys just being friends. It’s important to show that kind of thing happening so that people normalize it in real life. (Ex. one of my best friends rn is a gay guy and whenever we hang out people assume we are dating even though we aren’t. And when I say we aren’t I have to SPECIFY that he is gay to get them to actually believe that I’m telling the truth. That kind of stuff needs to stop.) Girls and Guys CAN just be friends. 

It’s just that, in media and in real life, a close friendship is the base of any good romantic relationship. And it’s as rare to get that in media as it is to get a guy and a girl just being friends. 

Fanfiction Author Appreciation 2.0

So, I heard it was fanfiction author appreciation day again, so you know what that means: FANFIC AND AUTHOR RECS!!

So, I’ve joined a whole buncha fandoms since my last post, so there’s even more love and appreciation to go around this time.

Shoutout to everyone from last year’s post, which you can find here. I still love y’all, you’re the best! <3

With all that said, let’s get to it!

Boku no Hero Academia:

@saisai-chan her love for bakugou katsuki is only matched by kacchan’s anger at life. s’kinda like icarus flying to close to the sun. a very angry, spiky son. best known as Baku mom™, she writes beautiful, cute (but sometimes painful) fanfics that you can’t help but love. also, toshinko. and cute class 1-a family things. also found here, a forever love for kacchan’s sideburns.

@sevi007 smile again au has held my heart since i got into this fandom. read it, love it, cry with me about it. also writes guardian of the galaxy fanfics (but i still need to watch the movies, so i haven’t read them, don’t worry, sevi i’m gonna get to them eventually.)

@aoimikans and @swiftwidget TOSHINOUMU. I could wax poetic about the i am…series for hours but i’ll spare you this time and just link it down below.

@forgedobsidian I STILL HAVEN’T FORGIVEN YOU FOR CYCLAMEN but no for real forged’s fics are breathtaking and everyone should read them, specially if you love character introspection.

Hunter x Hunter:

@zenellyraen l is te n I aM CALLING YOU OUT! SHIMMER IN YOUR SHINE HAS CAUSED ME PHYSICAL PAIN I HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY. But like that fic is really good and yall should read it. Also *whispers* let leorio be the dragon2k17.

@xyliane so like i’ve read all your fics and like everytime i’m just like this is everything i have ever wanted ever. you’re brilliant, and i love your leopika.

@tastewithouttalent i first found them through haikyuu *cough* ukatake *cough* but your hxh fics are also vv brilliant, once again, especially the leopika. Epilogue still hurts me but in a good way.

Haikyuu (especially things that are Tanaka Ryuunosuke related):

@rvuunosuke i live for all things tanaka and that’s basically what made me a forever fan. if you ever feel like there’s not enough tanaka content in your life (spoiler alert: there ain’t, everyone could use more tanaka) follow them. immediately. plus tanahina.

@notsuchasecret my go to for rare pairs. esp tanaka rare pairs. it’s so beautiful honestly. also i might be multishipping trash so there’s that. i ship everyone with everyone and so finding them was perfect for me.

once again, @tastewithouttalent UKATAKE!! Ukatake everywhere! Also other ships if that ain’t your thing. but really some seriously great fics.

Marvel (pretty much anything Sam Wilson related tbh):

@lunaaltare and @unclesteeb all imma say is buckboi. y’all know what y’all did. but you’re great anyway. luna i love your art!

Daiya no Ace:

@galaxyorbit i’m just in love with all the verses and the neverending fight for eijun’s love, although some of these can be painful (y’all are rude for some of these verses but i read them and love them anyway). beautiful fics 11/10 would recommend

That’s pretty much all I can think of as far as author recs go, so let’s get into those fic recs! These’ll probably be longer since there are fandoms that i’m into that i haven’t really talked about on tumblr, but have read a ton of fic for plus some updates for some older fandoms:

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ID #59970

Name: Maggie

Age: 15

Country: USA

I’m looking to be come less shy/awkward, learn about other people’s cultures, and make new friends. Here are some of my interests:
Tv shows: Gotham, Hannibal, AHS, Rick and Morty, Bob’s Burgers, Over the garden wall, Gravity Falls, RPDR, and a bunch of other shows
Animes: Danganronpa, Yuri!!! on ice, Love stage, Black Butler, and lots of others
• I have a weird music taste but my favorite artists are P!atd & Melanie Martinez
• I llike reading scary stories and watching horror movies
• I like to draw, but I’m not the best
• I love Dan and Phil
• I also love Welcome to Night Vale
• I want to improve my terrible gardening skills and also learn to cook
• I want to do forensics when I get older
• I would love to send packages full of things from culture in exchange for things in your culture
• I would also love to be able to share my thoughts on life and other things and have deep conversations as well as fun conversations.
• I’m always ready to exchange memes :)

Preferences:  everyone is okay as long as they aren’t homophobic or rude :)

Fake Love (part seven)

Bucky x reader

Summary: Bucky comes to reader for dating tips and doesn’t know reader has feelings for him, reader starts a fake relationship with Sam in order to show Bucky what he’s missing out on

Chapter Summary: reader feels at a loss, Bucky misses reader

Warnings: Sam is the best. There is also some sadness 

Author’s Note: Ah, oh my god. Reader and Bucky’s relationship will be saved. Hopefully. Also I need a Sam Wilson in my life to be honest (Tag list is open and so are requests) 

Originally posted by in-perfectenschlag

The whole movie night thing was a blur. 

Probably because of all the alcohol I had consumed. I think Sam and I had shared a few kisses too…or maybe that was all in my head.

I stayed locked up in my room mostly. I only allowed Sam and Nat to come in. They were the only ones who knew what was going on. 

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🐧.  SOBS, lol. Seriously though started RPing Ramsay in B.C — jk it was actually in :August 5th, 2016    <– that my FIRST Ramsay blog was made. This Ramsay blog is the third but been rping as Ramsay since Aug 5th, 2016. Like cooool. right? The more you know *rainbow sign*.

You all have no idea how thankful I am to have you all in my life :’) !! You’re all fantastic human beings who bring SO MUCH LIFE & SO MUCH BEAUTY ON THE DASH, with that A+ writing and muse of yours. Such quality blogs that I follow & that follow me, such delight. Let me just say how honored I am to have you all in my life. Maybe I don’t roleplay with half of you. ( but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy your muse or your threads or wonder how would our interactions be. )

And the ones I’ve been roleplaying with, or just started roleplaying with. I am so, so thankful for all our, ( long threads/ short threads/ random asks/ memes/ crack —- I enjoy it all from you slayers. ) You’re all bunch of special snowflakes, okay? Each and every one of you bring something different on the dash. You all bring creative stories I enjoy reading every time it’s on the dash. You breathe life into your character. Not all Ramsay’s/ Jon’s/ Sansa’s —- or Cersei’s are the same. And there is NOTHING wrong with that. If you put your heart and soul into your writing and muse, trust me. People will love it, & they do. I know I do. And this goes out to all the different fandoms I follow! Like you’re all just admirable. And should be proud of your portray on your muse(s). Those who have been with me since the very beginning ( from my old Ramsay blog to here. ) - Thank you for STILL being here and standing by my side and supporting my widdo flaya, Ramsay Bolton. :’) You have no idea how much I love this muse. He’s really, — something.

Shoutout to the G.O.T fandom for being one of a kind!! For standing up for one another, we’ve had some tough times, and we’ve survived it all. I am honestly SO THANKFUL for this fandom. And I don’t regret joining it. Made friends, close friends & a best friend. ( just — met a lot of people who mean the world to me, and still getting to know a lot of new people who are already unique gems. )

Shoutout to W.W.E fandom: I have some old roleplaying partners that are following me on this blog. People who meant/ and still mean a lot to me :’) !! People who I roleplayed with, in the stone age. When giant gifs were a thing, only one type of font. No icons, no fancy blog. Honestly, I love you all who followed me on this blog, we’ve watched each other grow :’) !! sobs. okay.

I love you all so much. ♥️  I hope I get to continue enjoying that flawless muse of your, all your threads and you ( the muns. ) You don’t understand how honor I am to just be able to call you my friends, rping partners — fellow followers. And I thank you for sticking by my side since day one.

I am grateful for every one of you. Honestly : Now moving on to where I thank you all: Also it’s gonna get long for a few of y’all CAUSE I am MUSHY AS FUCK. These are to all those who I appericate : If I forgot a few I am sorry.


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ID #69090

Name: Beatrice
Age: 20
Country: Australia

Hey! I’m Beatrice and I’ve always thought this penpal thing sounded so interesting and maybe it was about time I give it a go. Currently in my 3rd year of uni majoring in economics and sociology so definitely a topic of interest but I love learning and talking about all kinds and things.

I like video games, typically story based ones but I’m currently into Overwatch, even though I’m not the best haha. Really big music lover and I listen to all kinds depending on my mood, so rnb, pop, folk, rock, punk, rap, etc. Also really into books, comics, watching shows/movies, being active. I guess I live in phases where I cycle between all these interests but I love hearing about other people’s interest and am open to trying new experiences.

I’m kinda in a unsettling and confusing sorta place in my life right now so it’d be great having someone I can maybe talk to about the bad days as well as the good ones. Plus I’ve been a bit bored recently and since I’ve never made an international friend I’m keen to hear about other countries and broadening my horizons so to speak.

Preferences: someone around my age and over 18 would be good
I’m bi so someone who’s LGBT would be nice but not necessary


Juice x reader

Requested by: @beautiful-but-chaotic

Just a little something. ^_^

Warning: None

The scorching hot coffee warmed up the broken heart you had that morning. Shit was hitting the fan left and right. Your ex sleeping with the woman you thought was your best friend. You opened your laptop gently tapping your foot to the music of the café as you sat in the back. You wrote on your blog, having a few thousand followers. You wrote about random things in life, and recipes you like to cook. Also wrote about new movies you seen. That is how you made a decent living.  In the spare time you would help small shops with marketing. *ring ring* “Hello?” you did not recognize the number. “Hello, my name is Gemma. I got your card from the flower shop. I hurd you helped with some marking and PR? Think you could help an auto shop?” The womans voice on the other side demanded authority and respect. “Sure, what is the address and what time would you like to meet?” “How about today?” “Sure.” “I will text you the address.” The womans voice lighter from you agreement. “See you at 2.”

You pulled up to the auto shop. Wearing a flannel and some jeans. Your hair in a nice pony and some high heeled boots. “You must be y/n!” A woman walked out holding out her hand. “Gemma?” “that’s me.” “Well hello!”

After a few hours of laughing and good conversations you found out she was the queen of SAMCRO. You knew the club from rumors, never believing the bad stuff. Because after all, don’t judge in less you know the truth. You wrote up a few plans to help get some more business. Gemma nodding and agreeing with you. “Want a beer?” “Well, I suppose if your offering.” Gemma nodded telling a woman she called a ‘croweater’ to go get them. Soon the woman came back, you thanked the girl, her face looked surprise at your thanks. “Hey Gemma, the Saturn…” You looked at the man who stuck his head into the doorway. He had tribal tattoos on both sides of his head, a mohawk down the middle. He looked at you and smiled a cheesy smile. “Is it finished?” Gemma looked at him like he sprouted two heads. “Ye.. yeah.” “Cool, I will be right back baby.” Gemma took the keys from the man. “Juice.” The man hed out his hand for you to shake. “y/n.” He nodded to you. “Your gorgeous..” “Sorry… that slipped out..” Juice started to blush looking at his boots. “HAha, well thanks Juice. Your not bad looking yourself. “How about you ask me on a date Juice, in less your taken?” You felt confident to see a guy get so ga-ga over you. “Single and hell yeah.. how about tonight. Here is my phone number.” He scribbled it down and handed to you. You smiled and nodded. “Alright Juice, now go take care of the Ford.” Gemma said handing him the key. “Sure thing Gem.”

You: “Hey Juice it is y/n. When would you like to go?”

Juice: “ 7? I am so excited!!”

You: “Sounds good. How about that Italian restaurant?”

Juice: “Sure thing. I will pick you up. Hope you like motorcycles.”

You: “I ride myself. J”

Juice: “I think your my soulmate.”

You: “Possibly. ;)”

It was 7 and Juice pulled up to you townhouse. You walked out in some black tight jeans and a nice flowey top. “Damn..” You hurd Juice curse a few words. He kissed your cheek, handing you a helmet.

The night was amazing, you and Juice had a lot in common, and even found out he followed your blog. You never posted a picture of yourself so you knew that it was random. Even if he was a hacker, you used a different IP address. You even played truth or dare at the dinner table. “I dare you to kiss me.” “What are you Juice?13? You don’t have to dare me.” You smiled leaning over, kissing him gently on the lips. Sparks flew, you never felt so strong, so quick for someone. “did you feel that?” Juice looked at you with a smirk. “yes..” You whispered.

It has been two years since than. Life was looking up. Your blog was a success, you and Juice where going strong, and even took on a biker family as your own. Juice of course, being number one.

�)w _


Since I am a new l o v e that saddly didn’t get to know about NU'EST until their appearance in Produce 101, I decided to make a first tour into their music by watching all their music videos. I had only seen Overcome, Love Paint and Face while they were on the show, but now I have seen all of them and here you have my first impression:

Face (62.759.886 views)
-The BEST debut song
-Such a jam
-If you don’t look at the lyrics
-What was this concept honestly?
-Their clothes and hairstyles… why
-They look so handsome anyway
-The dance has some aggresive points like punching people and that’s weird
-But seriously, how is their debut song so good and catchy?
-Legends only

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Action (19.530.745 views)  
-What are those clothes???
-This is A JAM
-Jonghyun looks SO handsome
-There’s not much going on
-But OMG the song
-The dance break with Jonghyun in the center is a must
-Rap and vocals SO on point
-Minhyun and Minki’s final shot, they look like the couple of a futurist movie

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Not over you (2.487.848 views)
-Minki in that bike tho
-Looks like a middle school baby
-Jonghyun’s bed images I’M ALIVE
-Dongho looks so happy and smily I’m dead
-Aaron and that dog SO CUTE
-They look like thet are in that kind of married middle ages women meeting
-I’m loving this concept so much
-My fav MV and concept by far

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Sandy (2.356.641 views)
-They look SO CUTE I’m crying
-They are so warm, I love them
-The concept of them hanging out with their fans is so lovely
-Minki and that girl are now bffs
-And that makes me really happy
-Their natural beauty tho I’m in love

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Hello (13.716.673 views)
-Looks like Overcome concept?
-Jonghyun fairy ears?
-I’m loving the song omg
-THAT KISS THO I fell off my bed
-That Should Be Me - Justin Bieber
-Teenage ANGST somebody pls make a fanfic
-The tie dance tho
-I love how Minhyun has closed the window on Dongho’s face like: no bro

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Sleep talking (8.476.842 views)
-It just began but what the actual fuck
-The clothes, I wanna die
-I don’t know what is going on
-Everything is so random
-Minki’s head thing WHAT THE FUCK
-The dance’s also extra weird
-But their VISUALS WOW

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Fine girl (2.391.627 views)
-Casual trip to Thailand
-They look SO CUTE
-They look so chill and happy, whatt concept
-Dongho driving like a pro
-Playing in the pool YES enjoy it babies
-I love seeing them being themselves fksjg

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Good bye bye (8.537.262 views)
-Jonghyun’s bed shots STOP
-Was it necessart a shirtless Minki?
-Dongho’s hair NO
-I like the aesthetic tho
-Minki’s sick and puking what
-And now he has a flower in his mouth and he EATS it???
-Dancing with their hands in their pockets
-I like the dance tho
-Jonghyun’s hair colour is a no no
-Minhyun tattooing himself, it just doesn’t fit him at all
-High School Musical Jumping Shots™

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I’m Bad (1.985.055 views)
-Classy concept
-They look SO HANDSOME
-SIYEON??? 14 years old princess
-There’s nothing going on
-But the aesthetic tho

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Overcome (5.461.031 views)
-THE song
-The concept is so beautiful
-Yuha tho
-The aesthetic is so fascinating
-Minhyun’s blond hair fits him SO WELL

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Love Paint (Every afternoon) (2.638.390 views)
-Minki is a doll
-The dance is SO GOOD
-I love the colours
-Jonghyun’s part…. I’m in love

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Daybreak (Jonghyun and Minhyun) (469.462 views)
-So visually pleasing
-Movie like
-Minkyung looking pretty
-Minhyun’s vocals saved my life
-Jonghyun’s voice is the best thing that has ever happened to me
-The MV in which I would like to live
-I love every shot
-It’s perfect
-Just wanted to say that these two love each other so much
-I’m emo

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So this is my probably super biased first impression of all their MVs. As you may see I added the view counter in every video but it is only the views of 1theK channel, they also have some of their videos uploaded at their own channel. I also linked all the videos in the title of the songs so you can go ahead and watch them if you didn’t or just rewatch it again because why not, let’s burn that view counter!