also this meta is coming out of nowhere but i was thinking about this last night before i fell asleep so

Wanna-One Wrong Apartment AU!

Once again, another wacky and random AU! I was thinking of splitting this into two parts but I felt there was no good pausing point, so sorry if this is long! Feel free to send in requests if this isn’t your cup of tea. Enjoy! (You + Kim Jaehwan)

Warning: Mild cursing

  • You worked the graveyard shift on Friday night at a supermarket as a part-time job, not a fun time for a broke and tired college student
  • I didn’t want to include alcohol in this story so this is the excuse bear with me
  • Tired, groggy, and grumpy, you headed back to your apartment
  • You fell asleep on the subway (like usual), but for once you didn’t miss your stop, thanks to your head banging on the window
  • Like a zombie, you trudged half-awake to your apartment complex. Creeped some people out tbh
  • You climbed up the stairs of the apartment, not noticing that you had gone up a flight past your floor
  • You stumbled to what you thought was your door, and reached for the doorknob as if it was a hanging branch keeping you from falling off a cliff
  • You tried to jam your key in the reader, but the only response was flickering red lights from the key reader
  • Exasperated, you began kicking the door. What had you done so wrong for the world to be wronging you in this way?
  • You slumped down and fell asleep against the door, head banging on it once in a while as you fell in and out of consciousness
  • Some time later, the door opened and you fell into a room that (you failed to notice) wasn’t yours
  • Still sleeping, you failed to notice the scream that shook the entire apartment
  • (imagine: psychohwan)
  • Jaehwan was at a loss for words. What was he going to do with a random sleeping girl outside his door?
  • Jaehwan tried to wake you up, kicking and poking and more screaming, but he was met with the calm breathing of a sleep-deprived college student
  • Out of options, he stared at you for a couple minutes in dismay, and then dragged your limp body into his apartment room
  • He wasn’t going to do anything, he just didn’t want anyone else to do something to you
  • Leaving you on the floor, he leapt to his desk and booted up his laptop, quickly googling “what to do with random sleeping girl outside my room”, “please help me”, and the like
  • After some failed attempts at finding a solution, he trudged back to you
  • Shaking his head at this ridiculous situation, he draped a blanket over your body and immediately went back to sleep, leaving you on the floor
  • Morning rolled around, and you were the first to wake up… in a house that obviously wasn’t yours, covered with a blanket that also wasn’t yours.
  • This was definitely not your pigsty: strewn-about clothes and college paperwork were nowhere to be found
  • Instead, your eyes were met with a neatly organized space someone could actually live in, with multiple displayed guitars and a sleek baby grand piano in the center of the room
  • You got up and grabbed the canister of pepper spray that you carried in your backpack, and tiptoed around the house, hands up in a self-defense pose you had previously learned
  • After searching the kitchen and the living room, you quietly opened the door to what you would find to be the bedroom
  • Like the other rooms, this one looked completely normal, with a bookshelf and a music stand… and a sleeping… boy?
  • A pretty boy.
  • With beautiful, messed up brown locks of hair, that looked incredibly soft…
  • Your mind quickly snapped out of it’s lovesick trance
  • A delayed reaction to all of the early morning’s previous events, you finally let out a high-pitched scream
  • You threw the pepper spray at Jaehwan’s face, unable to put it to true use out of shock (y/n…)
  • “ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS RIGHT NOW??” Jaehwan yelled, the volume of his screams second only to yours
  • Thoughts jumping to the worst possible scenario, you quickly began blaming him for kidnapping you and demanding to know where you were and what he had done to you
  • He still wasn’t posing much of a physical threat, so you hadn’t run yet
  • Exasperated, Jaehwan breathed “You’re the one who came to MY house last night, bothering ME so much that I had to open my door to let you in so that nobody else would take YOU and this is how you thank me? If you’re awake, then get out of here.”
  • Slowly coming to a realization, you asked “wait, what room number is this?”
  • “301.” 
  • Shit.
  • You lived exactly a floor down from him, in room 201.
  • He pulled the blanket over his head and smacked his face on his pillow
  • Realizing that nothing had been done to you, with your clothes still intact and your backpack still on from last night, you realized that he could be telling the truth
  • Immediately, you began to apologize and thank him for his kind gesture to let you sleep within locked doors
  • “I’m so sorry, how can I make this up to you? I must have been so tired to have gone to your room instead of mine”
  • “Yeah, what were you thinking? Crazy psycho… you’re lucky I’m the one who lived here or you would never know what would have happened to you” Jaehwan mumbled into his pillow
  • You sighed and apologized again, “I’ve been really stressed and exhausted lately because of school and work. I’m sorry this had to happen to you regardless. How can I make it up to you?”
  • Jaehwan finally looked up from his pillow at you, with your messy hair covering parts of your face, still in your backpack
  • He began noticing for the first time that while you were a nuisance… that you were kind of cute
  • He was about to answer your question with a “don’t worry about it, just leave my room now”, but his morning alarm began to softly ring with the song “The Night We Met”
  • “Oh,” you exclaimed, “This is one of my favorite songs! Lord Huron, right?”
  • Impressed, Jaehwan replied, “yeah it is! I can’t get enough of it, actually, even if it’s my alarm tone.”
  • And both of you just stayed there in silence, letting the song play its full length
  • I had all and then most of you
    Some and now none of you
    Take me back to the night we met
    I don’t know what I’m supposed to do
    Haunted by the ghost of you
    Oh, take me back to the night we met

  • A beautiful song, of a person who wish he had never met their partner after their relationship turned unhealthy
  • Your eyes had closed to the tune, leaning your body against his wall
  • During the middle of the song, you heard another voice singing along, with the pluckings of a guitar
  • You opened your eyes, to see Jaehwan sitting in his clean, white bed, looking like an angel (and nothing like the screaming mess he had been the night before)
  • Your mouth unknowingly dropped open, as you intently watched his long, slender fingers brush the strings of his guitar
  • The song ended, and he finally looked up to meet your eyes
  • Seeing your reaction, he let out a laugh, and cockily laid back on his bed, claiming people normally responded this way to his “God’s Voice”
  • “Are you a singer?”
  • “An aspiring one. I write music too, but the industry is brutal.”
  • “I just realized, I never got your name?”
  • “Me neither, I’m Kim Jaehwan, I’m in a band actually, we do events sometimes, I’ll play you some more of my music, if you’d like?”
  • After that first taste, there was no way you could deny the full course
  • Listening to him sing, you began to forget about your stresses and responsibilities, and began to enjoy yourself for the first time in, well, a while
  • You talked with him instead of going home to study like you would on a normal Saturday, revealing more about yourself from your music preferences to your dreams and worries
  • And just like “The Night We Met”, you were fully aware that starting something with Kim Jaehwan might not work out in the end
  • But for now, you realized you wanted to enjoy what life decided to offer you: a healthy escape allowing you to appreciate the beauty of music and Kim Jaehwan.