also this may be what i change my blog name to

Someone I used to know has found a lot of my blogs, to hide myself I may end up deleting blogs he has found, as well as I am also changing my name and a lot of other identifiable things. if you want to talk to me or my muses IM me, otherwise please try to not interact until I get this situation under some kind of control. If you have any questions about whats changing, or whats happening, i am more than happy to answer as best I can, but like ive stated please IM. I hope you can all be understanding. Thank you. - Cymbidium


HELLO EVERYONE. You may remember me as acedragons on Tumblr or traceace on FR (which I still am, but am changing my name soon). I have recently returned to both FR tumblr and FR in general and am starting fresh. I decided to put together a giveaway in celebration of me getting sucked back into dragon hell and also maybe see if I can find any familiar faces on tumblr. xD Also hello sorry for the crap graphics but I am still terrible at it okay


A: Light + Plague Sash

B: Golden Bantam Fangar + Fire Bear + Light Bear

C: Lightburst Flora + Icarus + Amber Light


- Must REBLOG this with your Username, ID, and the order of what prizes you want the most. (ex: A-C-B, B-A-C, etc.)

- You do NOT have to be following me, but I intend to do giveaways and I really do want to gain friends I have lost via deleting my old tumblr, SO PLEASE CONSIDER IT? :D I will be a lore/art rebloggin’/100% FR blog once I get re-settled.

- You can do whatever you want if you win - sell the prizes, keep them, up to you. :3

- Three winners will be chosen.

- End of contest will be August 30th, at 12 pm EST!

Good luck!!!