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happy birthday to my special boy !!!!
it’s a hamster plush party


…how about both? :D;; i didn’t mean for this to be so involved but it kinda turned into a rival CEO-type AU… i just went with it. thanks for the request!! <3

[insert your own joke about a longstanding merger]


artists and info are in the youtube description!!

me: sees mep sign up with songs from 2010
me:  (⊙ ω ⊙)
everyone i know: gfdi fluffers


Introducing my Probably Intelligent Personal Pixel Array, otherwise known as PIPPA.

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zexal month - week 02 day 04: favourite OTP + beauty

mentorshipping / vkai

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can you imagine how soft min yoonji’s lips are?

like imagine if the two of you are in your own zones but still intertwined, yoonji laying right beside you with a hand that clings reassuringly to the flesh of your thigh. youre reading on your phone, doing your own thing when she softly calls your name. you look up, attention pulled from your device until you notice she’s gazing at you with gentle lust, dark, sharp eyes flickering across your lips. her voice is soft, possibly embarrassed when she blatanly asks if she can kiss you. you reply with a soft smile and lean forward. her lips are soft, sweet like sugar, the fresh coat of cherry red lip gloss adorning her flesh is expensive. the scent of it is familar and you can’t help but grin with her lips matching so well against yours.

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