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hello everybody, here is the new assortment of some sinfully delicious kylux fics i’ve had the pleasure to read lately! and for those of you who also love to read some matt/techie fics i have included two techienician stories marked with 🔧 again. as always, heed the tags and warnings for every fic. happy reading! 💖

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psssst, before we start - the greatest @claricechiarasorcha wrote a wonderful short benarmie piece to go with my art so please check it out! ❤️

Ride Or Die by slutpunk

8k • E • Phasma had asked him to do her a favor: stay behind and let Rey’s cousin know that Phasma was taking her on a movie date and would be bringing her home in a couple of hours. Hux hadn’t been able to say no. He is a gentleman after all.

It helps, of course, that Rey’s cousin is fucking stacked. Six feet, two inches of broad shoulders and hard muscles covered up under layers of black leather, face always hidden by a black riding helmet. The first time Hux saw him it was like every porn, every wet dream, every fantasy he’d ever had come to real life.

Just the Tip by thwightknight

2k • E • This is Hux’s third pizza delivery in two weeks to this address, and he’s starting to think this customer might be interested in something more than comfort food.

And The Walls Kept Tumbling Down by songofwinterfell

24k • T+ • Hux has always been a man who loves his job. So when he falls ill, he refuses to stop working, and in the end he faints on the bridge in the middle of the day. What starts out as a mere cold leads to Hux being forced to re-evaluate many things about his life, especially his relationship with Kylo Ren. As he struggles with admitting his feelings, Hux is caught in whirlwind of his true emotions and fears and what it really means to care for someone.

Salt of the Earth by EjBlaKit

6k • M • Stars have collapsed and lives have ended. Battles and memories lost to time. War leaves broken men and scars too deep to repair.

A farmer’s life is interrupted by a ghost from his past.

The Brief Wondrous Return of Vampire Boy by hollycomb

21k • T+ • Two days before Halloween, Hux hears a rumor that Ben Solo is back in town. While Hux does not believe the sensational version– that his estranged childhood friend/enemy escaped from an asylum and is out for revenge –he is left on edge as to how to proceed.

bord du sommeil by Skydork

2k • E • The General is never so pretty when he’s awake; Kylo can’t help but feel tempted.

Not so bad by orangelightsaber

1k • E • The First Order has radically different ideas on sex and romance. Cohabitation is strictly prohibited, and emotional intimacy is seen as merely detracting from the common goal of procreation. Everyone knows this. Everyone, it seems, except Kylo.

the restless heart by liesmyth

3k • E • “You have been having dreams about me,” Ren singsongs. He looks like a child on Empire Day, except Hux has never wanted to punch a child in the face so much.

Starfucker Base by Eralk Fang & llyn

11k • E • When Hux discovers Ren’s unhealthy obsession with the redheaded star of a popular spunkvid, he vows to break the siren’s hold over his co-commander before it spells certain doom for the First Order.

The Charade by brittlelimbs

4k • N/A • Hux gets off on making celibate virgin!Kylo watch him have sex with other people while being just as filthy about it as possible.

The Quiet Ones by sual 

🔧 • 10k • E • Matt’s dry spell has turned into more of a four-year drought. Fortunately, the answer comes in the form of anonymous sex. Unfortunately, Matt’s not so good at keeping things anonymous.

Wracklines by imochan

4k • E • He had looked at the rift on Kylo Ren’s face, splitting him just right of center like a tectonic shift and black on the frayed edges with gummy cauterization. The snow had been melting there, hissing at the surface of Ren’s hot blood, and he had thought: I hope you live with this forever.

What I Can Do For You by Clarice Chiara Sorcha

28k • E • And he snorts, just light enough to sound almost like a laugh. “And who might that be?”


“You.” And he’s startled enough that he’s actually struck dumb, though only for a moment. Oratory always has been one of the man’s most potent – and easily accessible – weapons. “Ren, you do realise that I would be hard-pressed to think of any two people more wildly incompatible than you and me?”

It appears the general has had a fuck buddy relationship with an admiral for some time now. Ren realises, and takes it badly. And offers to step into the other man’s place. Despite the fact that Ren is an absolute fucking virgin. Hux is amused. Worse, he’s intrigued.

Peculiar Methods by RosieRivendell

6k • E • Kylo Ren has accepted his fate as an eternal virgin, but an accidental dip into General Hux’s mind finds himself with the possibility of changing this. As long as his body cooperates, that is.

A Civil Arrangement by PolypusRegina

5k • E • If Hux and Kylo couldn’t convince the entire Order–the entire galaxy– that they were as close as lovers, and without a single drop of bad blood between them, he would force them to make the union official. There would be no pretending. It would be very real and very horrible and they would be stuck together no matter how much they fought and sneered and despised each other.

They would get three weeks.

A Pretty Face In Uniform by kyluxicle & oorsprong

6k • E • “If you gave in to that desire,” Ren said, his voice a fraction deeper than it had been a moment ago, “it’s not unreasonable that two co-commanders might discuss the day’s proceedings over a drink once this ends, and the pretty face in question has a knack for making people forget things they shouldn’t know.”

Hux looked back at Ren to be met with those intense amber eyes, only now they were almost eclipsed by black.

“If the need was more pressing, the guest quarters are quite empty at this moment.”

Spoonfuls of Honey by Ilrona

3k • M • Kylo Ren gets sick on a mission. At least he has a cup of tea with honey and Hux’s company once he gets back to the Finalizer, even if he also wonders very briefly what it would be like to be sick if he were a lesser man.

Night Noises by MoonwalkingCrab

🔧 • 2k • M • Techie is uncontrollably loud in bed.

Never Tell Me the Odds by Gigi_Sinclair

2k • T+ • Despite himself, Hux feels it: the urge to flirt, to touch Solo’s knee or his chest, to laugh and bite his lip and do everything these older men always like, the things that have them falling over themselves to please him. Hux frowns instead. He’s not here for a fling, he’s here so he can tell his CO that everyone in this place deserves to die.

Lost among the stars by Ellstra

5k • M • Kylo doesn’t take the failure with the scavenger girl very well and he expresses his frustration. Unfortunately, the piece of machinery he had destroyed was the navigation panel and now Hux is stuck with this poor excuse of a person and has to face the fact that they might starve to death.
What’s worse though, Ren has absolutely no regard for privacy or personal space.