also this looks gross


Emily Deschanel & David Boreanaz - BTS vs Scenes (s1-7)


Hannibal: Post Mortem, with  Caroline Dhavernas and Katharine Isabelle (x)

I gotta give him credit. He’s coming across likable on this cuz the lyrics could go either way.

I gotta give him credit because I normally don’t like songs or celebrities complaining about being a celebrity. Like, your life is freakin awesome. Yeah, you got problems but your problems probably pale in comparison to somebody who is broke and/or sick or whatever it may be. But there is something really well executed about this song: the lyrics. And I’m rooting for him. I’m rooting for him.

I think a lot of that has to be because we know his back story, or I do. His mom passed away and that is so heartbreaking. His mom was just 40 something years old, so young. So when I hear Louis Tomlinson singing about having a hard life, I believe him. And I sympathize. And I wanna see him win.

Perez Hilton reacting Live to Just Like You by Louis Tomlinson


i am very passionate about south park siblings


tv wlw appreciation week • favourite wlw character: alice pieszecki (the l word)

“hello and welcome to alice in lesboland


Let David be his dad


that last one is purely for educational purposes, seriously!! i swear! 

Rocket: “We’re from the union.”
Kraglin: “The union?”
Rocket: “We represent workers in all intergalactic industries, both legal and illegal.”
Kraglin: “Oh, of course.”
Rocket: “Are you feeling at all degraded or oppressed?”
Kraglin: “A little. We don’t even have dental.”
Rocket, turning to Groot: “They don’t even have dental…”