also this looks gross

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This is weird cause I've never admitted this to anyone before, but I'm fairly certain I'm asexual. I'm very confused about romantic orientation. I always thought I was heteroromantic, but whenever I even get near the possibility of a relationship I just NOPE away really fast. Like I want it in theory but I've signed up for dating sites and literally deleted my profile when I got attention. Also, kissing seems really gross to me. Help?

You might want to look into the lith/akoiromantic and/or aegoromantic labels! You could also be romance (or touch) averse/repulsed:) 


well now i’m on an aliens kick. also, i just went in my kitchen to get some ice water and walked in on a fucking roach orgy because no matter how much i clean this apartment is fucking ghetto so let’s talk about how aliens would react to human pest control methods.

“Why is Stacy cleaning the dishware? We have cleaning robots to do that for her,” asked Qwerty (his full name was much, much longer, but because it was written with every letter of one of the more commonly used human alphabets, and something about early digital communications, the humans on the I.S. Dastallria had given him the nickname). 

Xorzit’ket shrugged as best as her anatomy could manage the borrowed gesture. “Why don’t you go ask her?” 

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Hannibal: Post Mortem, with  Caroline Dhavernas and Katharine Isabelle (x)


tv wlw appreciation week • favourite wlw character: alice pieszecki (the l word)

“hello and welcome to alice in lesboland


that last one is purely for educational purposes, seriously!! i swear! 


josuke didnt really think this through

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Lmfao Jungkook said some "what's wrong with that?" to Jin accusing Jimin of being Kook biased 😂

I love how we all joke about certain things about jikook and then either they or the other members just confirm it irl. 

I remember for a while know we’ve all been like “JIMIN YOUR BIAS IS SHOWING” or “JUNGKOOK YOUR BIAS IS SHOWING” and now even BTS’ very own Kim Seokjin is like “YO, PARK JIMIN. ARE YOU BIASED TOWARDS HIM OR SOMETHING.”

And yes indeed, the cherry-on-top was Jungkook being very smug about it, as if it was in Jimin’s every right to be biased towards him, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world almost. 

and also, wtf even is this screenshot here: 

honestly. give it to your friends who have no idea who these people are and ask them what they think the situation is O.O

(also also, they’re so freaking gross look at them)

(same jin same)

I hate lighting, what even is lighting; I DON’T KNOW-

How do you even draw wheatley fu-