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{{ Beware the dork on duty. Ervich, an individual of some species in Rik and Ashnaar’s universe, a one of a kind obviously since all of his fellows are fierce and threatening warriors – but that might also explain his friendship with a human hunter, after all. }}

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Tumblr wouldnt let me upload my art dump because it was too big


So here’s a bunch of separate pictures.

They’re mostly silly head canons turned into jokes.

I got a lot of these ideas while talking to @the-cream-machine900

I wrote a little about them so click them to read.


Myka loving Helena [x]

[insp.][also this]

The Beautiful Brain

So, I know I’ve discussed the frustration we INTPs experience in not being able to turn off our brains. Rather, we lie awake nights thinking about every unimportant detail of existence from the type of coffee we’re going to drink tomorrow to that article we read about the expanding boundaries of the universe.

Also, I see tons of memes that basically involve the INTP bemoaning the complexity and never-ending-ness of his thoughts.

Which always kind of makes me think of those “first-world problem” memes. Just so you know, I don’t particularly like or approve of those memes.

I mean, come on, INTPs. We have a beautiful, complex brain, a brain that never stops working, that never stops asking questions, that never stops searching for the truth. We have a brain that takes us places most people will never imagine exist.

And just because our brain keeps us up, just because our brain makes other people think that we’re weird and different, just because our brain sometimes takes us places we don’t want to go, is no excuse for complaining about it. We should be incredibly thankful that we have the brains we do. There are a lot of people who aren’t going to have the experiences we do just because their personality type is different.

When you’re as unique as you are, then you should be thankful for that. That doesn’t mean you don’t try to improve yourself. But improving yourself never includes bemoaning your faults in a public way.

The simple truth is that life is going to balance itself out. When you feel deeply, you are going to hurt as much as you feel pleasure. And when you think deeply, you’re going to think things that depress and pull you down as much as you think about the marvelous and sublime. But if you didn’t think those dark thoughts at times, do you honestly think that the wonderful thoughts would come anyway?

Being an INTP is a huge gift, and that beautiful brain of yours is something you should enjoy having.

Just saying.

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😘 talk about your crush or partner 

WEEELLL i’m so glad you asked me anon because i have this maJOR crush on this maJOR dweeb who embodies the whole ‘attractive yet nerdy and dorky’ thing i love in guys. he’s has a thing for iron man and anime and there are days he’s just so extra and a giant meme that idk how to handle it yet there are other days where he’s so assertive and that i can’t believe he’s the same guy who gushes about Your Name. on top of all those things, he’s also very kind and very compassionate, very thoughtful and determined and ambitious and hard-working who puts 1000% of his effort into everything he tries to learn. he’s so unattainable in my life it’s like he doesn’t even exist and wow turns out he’s not because he’s this guy who lives across the ocean from me and goes by the name jeon jungkook and does not even know i exist. 

ok but in all seriousness, in terms of my real life: i don’t have a boyfriend and i’m not really super invested in relationships at the moment so i don’t have a real life crush either, it just seems easier to cry over boys i’ll never meet 

> emoji asks

( @secretsbynight )

The ride from the airport took almost half an hour, and, except for the obligatory exchange of courtesies at the very beginning, Monica didn’t say anything during all that time. Eyes on the road and the voice of a radio speaker filling the space between her and her passenger; she didn’t seem to mind that setting at all.

It was after they pulled in when she turned towards Lyle, a quick “We’re here,” informing him that they reached the destination. It was followed by a “I’ll go get our regent,” right after they entered the chantry, and the door closed behind them.

“That won’t be necessary.” Another woman approached them, a smile on her lips as she extended a hand towards Lyle. “I’m Beatrice von Lindenbrock. Pleased to meet you and pleased to have you here.”


Robron OTP Meme → [1/3] Quotes

“You know it’s what we do best, me and you. You know how it is. The bigger the scrap, the better it is when we make up.”

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Was hella into it before the game came out, when we had that tantalising little snippet about them both being failed trial captains. When the game actually released, turned out that was their only interaction, and also Kukui was married and Burnet was amazing and their relationship was adorable, I kind of drifted a bit away from it, and I think now the only way I’d be into it would be either in the past (pre-Burnet), or in an OT3 situation (osteologyshipping!).

Also, honestly? The way some darkparadise fans have treated Burnet has been appalling :-\ I know it’s unfair to tarnish an entire fandom based on a few people behaving badly, but it really has been a turn-off, I’m afraid!

WIP meme

Should I do this? Probably not. Will I get asks? Also probably not. But I saw this at @ebenroot​’s blog and it just sounds like so much fun! ❤ ❤ ❤  So here goes nothing:

Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous. Pick out the title that most intrigues you, or interests you and I’ll post a little snippet of it or tell you something about it!! 

⋆ #ml teacher AU
⋆ Heaven & Hell
⋆ Asteria_fragments
⋆ Vongola XI
⋆ #ml genderbend
⋆ Ice Wings
⋆ AC: Family
⋆ Totally Spies Reich AU
⋆ Ibara no Kiva
⋆ DNAngel AU/extension fic_fragments
⋆ Red Lights_fragments
⋆ Sir Kaye
⋆ Of Snakes and Precious Stones
⋆ Dragon Blood

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It's ok, no worries:) Well, ¿what about an Yakuza AU, where Kagami is the bad-boy one, and fall in love with a girl who's lives a normal life? The girl also fall in love with him (she doesn't care if he's a dangerous man) and some kind of angsty things happends (like she's kidnapping, or something) when they started to date?:) Kagami wants to protect her all cost. (Kagami is my bae tho:'D <3)

[ the only way to protect is to let go ]

Fandom Meme 2
AU: Yakuza
Pairing: Kagami x Reader
Genre: Light Angst
Words: 962
A/N: A bit too specific, so I made it an angsty yakuza AU :) more under cut!
WARNINGS: Profanity, slight violence

Kagami never intended for things to turn out this way. He didn’t know. Well, perhaps he did but he refused to believe any of it. He didn’t think it would come to this point. He cursed under his breath and spat out blood, licking his teeth and tasting the bitter taste of iron. “What the fuck do you want from me? Money? Christ, I’ll get you the fucking money.”

“Money?” The guy sneered, holding the knife towards him. “You think this is about money? This is about power. I could give less shit about the money.” The guy sneered then turned back to you. “Now, sweetheart, where were we?”

You pinched your lips together and nearly snarled at the guy to fuck off but you knew pissing him off at this point would only make it worse. Your clothes were tattered and blood seeped through the fabric. The friction between your clothes and the wounds only made it worse. Wincing, you tried to inch away from the knife that the asshole was holding up towards your neck.

“Come on, c’mere.” He grinned lasciviously. Licking his lips, he moved closer towards you as his gaze dropped to your exposed chest. “You’re gorgeous aren’t you, huh? No wonder that brat chose you. Must be good in bed too—“

“I’ll fucking kill you!” Kagami snarled, tugging at his restraints once more. “Don’t fucking touch her! She has nothing to do with this, fuck!” Kagami had never felt more powerless before. All he could do was watch the tears and blood mix and stream down your face. His wrists were aching and he was numb, absolutely numb. The only thing going through his mind was getting you to safety at this point.

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Distracting Kiss

Kiss Meme: (Accepting)

Distracting Kiss - When you are competing, maybe playing video games or something so you press kisses anywhere available; arms, nose, knees, ears, knuckles, temple, just anywhere to distract them.

She’s probably the smartest person he’s ever met, and that’s saying something, because his little brother is some kind of a genius. She’s also sarcastic as hell, scrappy, and pretty much the coolest person Dean knows. 

(He might maybe have a crush on her. Maybe.)

Dean could give a crap about the pep rally. He’s not the peppy type. Neither is Cas. But she’s standing in the corner of the gym, arms crossed over her chest, and Dean’s not going anywhere, so long that she’s here. 

Someone across the room yells something, and Cas flinches. Dean wasn’t listening, he was watching the way dark hair curled around her ear, but watching her flinch is enough.

He’ll kick the guy’s ass. 

She catches his wrist before he can get too far, she murmurs Dean, don’t and he’s stuck. 

Cas could tell him to jump off of a bridge, and he wouldn’t even stop to ask if there was water underneath. She’s pretty in a way he’s never seen before, no make up, no skimpy clothes. 

(It might be more than a crush.)

And he can’t stand the way she’s closing in on herself, trying to pretend like she doesn’t care that people were being douches to her. 

He doesn’t expect her to kiss back. Hell, she might kick him right in the junk for doing it. 

But at least now he knows what kissing her feels like.

OTP meme: “One sending memes to the other while they’re at work so much they turn their phone off in exasperation.“

For the lovely @carry-on-josten

(Changed it from work to class)

  • Neil is in chem, a class he’s kind of having trouble in, so like the good student he is, he’s paying attention and taking notes
  • Then he gets a text from Andrew, and he absentmindedly checks it
  • It takes a second to load, and when it does, Neil just scrunches his eyebrows and stares in utter confusion 
  • There is a frog staring at him with big eyes and pink lips 
    • Do frogs even have lips?
  • He texts a “What?” back and a few seconds later his phone buzzes with a new message
  • This ones a dog with its eyes open wide
    • Is that even possible?
  • He looks closer and theres a tiny “wow” on the dog 
  • Andrew?
  • The next message is a picture of an angry looking dude with a green background
    • Is that the dude from Transformers? 
  • Andrew.” 
  • A picture of two words, a name, in all caps, “JOHN CENA” 
    • WHO? 
  • “What’s going on?” 
  • A picture of a skeptical baby, with the words “You mean to tell me / Your real name isn’t Mom?”
  • Neil just stares at this one for 30 seconds, uncomprehending, and then another message comes in 
  • It’s another baby, with its fist up, at a beach, captioned. “Don’t know a question on a test / Answer is in another question”
  • Neil’s lip twitches, but he’s missing notes, he puts his phone down and continues working 
  • His phone buzzes again
  • And again 
  • He gets annoyed and checks it, two more pictures, one was the frog again, but it was screaming and it had a red filter over it
  • His phone buzzes with another picture
  • The other was another baby. What the fuck, Andrew? The baby was wearing a tuxedo, pointing at the ground, captioned “Next time you steal my nose / I’ll break your fucking legs” 
  • Neil raises an eyebrow at that one
  • The newest was another baby, couldn’t be older than a few months, captioned “That wasn’t really an airplane / That was just a spoon” 
  • Neil was not amused
  • His phone had buzzed 2 more times, the pictures were still loading 
  • It buzzed again 
  • In exasperation he shut his phone off and went back to taking notes
  • Just as the bell rang signaling the end of class 
  • Damnit, Andrew

Send me prompts! 

In the light of a young artist being driven to attempt suicide by a Tumblr lynch mob because she didn’t draw a fictional character like they wanted to, I would like to remind my followers - especially my youngest - of some security advices: 

Tumblr is not a safe space. Internet never is in general, but the hive-mind tendency of Tumblr makes it so that people here feel justified in their hateful behaviours, shielding themselves behind a “noble cause” and excusing their insults and harassments for “the greater good”.

To avoid a situation where you are arbitrarily deemed “problematic” and be placed in an escalating drama situation, please, PLEASE,

Please turn your Anon asks off at all times !

Yes I know it’s sad you’ll have less funny anon-ask-memes, and less kind stranger messages, but nasty people will think twice before talking shit. 

That way you can also deal with them privately - or not at all - and avoid a possible escalation of drama with their buddies reblogging and creating a snowball effect of people who’ll gang up on to you.

If you feel up for revealing their nastiness to your followers : don’t answer with more than a sentence to a rude, unpolite person. The more you write, the more you give them attention, the more material you give them to tear you apart. Even better : deal with them with humor - a gif is always the best answer.

The block button is your friend, you never need a reason to block someone; if you don’t like them, get them out. Sometimes those people won’t be upfront with insults, they’ll use emotional blackmail and twisted “explanations” in attempt to make you feel bad. If they do, it means they’re doing it wrong, no matter their cause - you don’t need those preachers in your internet-life.

And never forget that you win an internet argument by not participating in it, if you feel this is rustling up your jimmies : close the computer, talk a walk in a park, watch a movie, imagine your hater waiting for your answer behind their sad computer, and laugh as you delete their message. 

Stay safe on this god-forsaken place, 

Love, Poly.


So, this is the surprise i was talking about. Yup, John Cenaplier. All because markiplier couldn’t hold back his god damn wrestling memes.

On a more serious note, wow this is my first real gif i’ve edited. I’m really proud of how this turned out though, it took me a whole day! :D I think this is my first real contribution to the fandom as well… Hope you guys like it. Oh also, this is kind of a little present for you guys for getting to 300 followers! It means a lot that hundreds of people like and are interested in my blog, haha. Thank you.

I’m aware how amazingly unfitting the face in the first gif is but i thought it just made it more hilarious

so there’s this guy who went to high school with me for a few years before his family moved and he had to transfer to a different district and he is, without question, the scum of the earth. i’m still his facebook friend bc 1) i like seeing misogynists suffer and 2) he’s constantly posting his unsolicited opinion and it’s a good frame of reference. if i’m talking to someone and they start saying the kinds of things he does, i know to turn my back on them. it’s been very productive thus far.

anyway he shared this meme the other day and i’m in awe because it’s so funny in a way that it wasn’t intended to be

and like obvs this is gross and classic cis dude “i don’t know the first thing abt vaginas, my guy” but kermit is drinking beer instead of tea… in this niche meme for terrible rude men, kermit must be drinking beer bc it appeals to the demographic. also them choosing to put the “men united” watermark on the beer somehow makes it funnier.

how he’s gonna share things like this and expect girls to like him and wanna date him is beyond me lmao

Tell that to.....

I think inadvertently Chris Stuckmann illustrated an important point. DC shouldn’t try to become something it isn’t. They don’t make Marvel toned movies, nor should they. Now i’m not saying that Justice League or subsequent movies shouldn’t have a lighter touch.. they should where it’s appropriate for it to be there. 

sticking jokes in there that don’t jibe with the characters set up throughout the  movie is just bad writing. Also it basically means that the much maligned Martha scene ends very differently. and that would turn Superman more dark and turn him into what Bruce fears the most from him. As much as Lois is “the key”, Martha is kind of Superman’s moral compass.. he turns to her to make his world make sense if she can. Having her die just so that Bruce & Clark can trade insults is wrong.

this re write was bad, but it served a purpose beyond the memes it spawned

Smol confession.

So, this is just gonna be something I wanna throw out there just so people know and that I kind of feel bad of doing it but it’s nothing too extreme, there are some people who are on this site believe cause I have said it, that I am 21 years old and that I was born on April 20th, when in fact, I lied about that, I actually just turned 19 yesterday, on June 27th, I was born in 1997. 

I just wanted to say this cause I’ve always played up that I was born on April 20th as part of a meme but also cause it was a new community I was in, I didn’t know anybody when I came onto Tumblr, I didn’t know Tumblr would be accepting regardless of age, race or gender.

I always thought being “older” per say would be the most accepted and cooler part of being amongst others, cause I was 17 when I joined Tumblr in 2014, I guess a little part in me was scared of being apart of being a huge community of people since I was young at that time, so I thought being older would help rid that as everyone else would think of being older. 

i thought changing who I was would be suited well for me, but I was fairly wrong, I come to realize that you should be you, for you and not lie about anything about yourself for others, cause then you won’t truly believe in yourself if you do that, so I think it was about time I said it. it’s okay to do it to protect yourself, don’t take this as “you should never lie” just as a precaution and thought to live by :)

But because being in this community and on this site surely changed my thoughts about it when I first joined, cause this place is the most accepting community I’ve ever been apart of, I feel safe, welcomed and happy among other people who feel the same. So I just wanted to say that I am sorry for lying that I was older/21 and born on a “Meme Day” (April 20th), when in fact I was born on the 27th of June. 

tl:dr: Lied about being 21 and born on “4/20″ (April 20th) I am sorry, but I actually turned 19 on June 27th! (Which is also Markiplier’s birthday!) I love you all, and stay you, for you. <3

the signs as (good) people i know ((traits-focused))
  • aries: the life of the party. every day and every thing is an adventure to you, even if it's just walking dogs and getting burritos. you work hard, and play harder-- and you invite your friends to every little festivity. you're who your friends turn to when they need to let their hair down.
  • taurus: you're always doing /something/ but you're also a homebody-- you're actually a contradiction in many, many areas. you take your passions and RUN with them, and your friends are always amazed at what you're doing! you don't always really see it like that, though, but you're happy to have friends who believe in the same things you do (or, at the very least, believe in you)
  • gemini: goofy and sweet and kind, you're the one who sends people their favorite memes when you know they're sad. filled with mysteriously good life advice, people sometimes think that you're all jokes and no substance-- but they're wrong. you have a gift for making people feel at ease.
  • cancer: true to your sign, you worry over everyone. like gemini, your advice is amazing, and not only do you make people feel at ease, but at home, too. you're also easy to pick up with after a long time, and to bring serious matters too. shine on, little moon-blossom.
  • leo: you are the universe's cheerleader. while sometimes you're goofy and hyper (and you've been on the receiving end of a VERY UNFAIR! amount of eye-rolls), you know exactly what needs to be said and what doesn't need to be said in a situation. you have an incredible gift for words, both spoken, and written, and you're so proud of it, too.
  • virgo: the parent of all of your friends, you're the one who will immediately (or begrudgingly) sign up for DD duty and wall-flower at the party if it means your friends can enjoy themselves AND make it back home safe. you're not one for big entrances, and a lot of your friends aren't really sure when they got so close to you, but when you make friends, they're friends for life: through thick or thin, no matter what happens.
  • libra: "though (she) be but little, (she) is fierce" describes you to a t. people often overlook you until they see you at your best, doing what you love. you're very much a human hurricane, whipping around in a passion but keeping a calm core/eye. your passion inspires everyone around you, even if you think it makes life difficult sometimes.
  • scorpio: bursting at the seams with information, you're delighted to find someone else in the know, or who wants to know. you're deeply passionate and hands-on with the causes you love, often taking leadership roles when the requirements compliments your skills. you're always looking out for your friends in their time of need, like virgo, but you're a little more likely to join your friends on the dance floor, then drive home.
  • sagittarius: definitely a more distant, protector type, you're not always sure how to approach before you are approached, and you're not always easy to connect with even when you are approached-- it might be mistaken as . once a bond is formed, though, you're supportive and kind and excited to offer up your well-curated advice!
  • capricorn: no one is ever entirely sure what wavelength you're on, but you bring the best ideas back from it. sometimes your friends get worried because you don't seem to be listening-- you are, but you're constantly multitasking, so while listening you're coming up with ideas, thinking about your responsibilities, AND thinking about how cute cats/dogs/other animals are. as unlikely as it is, you really are a shoulder to cry on for your friends-- they know you'll listen, and then cheer them up.
  • aquarius: no one expects you to be the person you are, exactly. the air you give off as a first impression is a complete flip from who you really are-- but, strangely, this isn't really bad! you're very much a duality, and though you're often upset that people only see one side of you, you're also happy that you can keep surprising people for years and years to come-- you're like the gift that keeps on giving!
  • pisces: super quiet, sometimes you come off a little intimidating or unhappy, but that's not it at all! you're just super chill, like... /super/ chill. you're pretty much unflappable and unfazed, and when something horrible happens, friends turn to you to keep them grounded (and to maybe cheer them up with your trademark goofiness.)