also this is the worst movie to colour

Kirk leans forward to inspect the field closer. His hand hovers inches from the surface and it REACTS, wobbling as if magnetized by his fingertips.

Of course, James “The guy who is half of my impulse control is not around” Kirk touches it. (x)

Let’s continue posting Star Trek: Mirror illustrations! Today it’s Kirk and the mirror

One might ask - why did I make Halka a snow planet if it’s not canon? First, I wanted to throw the crew in the worst conditions in the final scene, and having to spen hours in snow in a thin uniform serves this purpose. Second, all we have in the movies are summers and warm weather - a change of scenery would be interesting to see, plus we have some great locations to film winter. Although I don’t doubt if the Halka scenes were actually filmed they’d be made with fake snow and a green screen lol

…Also it was a chance to design some winter uniforms


Favourite Movies ~ The Green Mile (1999)

“Usually death row is called the Last Mile. We called ours The Green Mile.  The floor was the colour of faded limes. We had the electric chair. Old Sparky, we called it. Oh, I’ve lived a lot of years, Ellie, but 1935, that takes the prize. That year I had the worst urinary infection of my life. It was… It was also the year of John Coffey and the two dead girls”

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relationship status: single, which is fine, but I also want someone to go and eat ramen with. 

favourite colour: pink! 

lipstick or chapstick: I haven’t touched an actual chapstick in a good 10 years but like…other lip balm and lipstick every damn day. 

last song you listened to: sweet creature by harry styles :~~~~~) 

last movie you watched: extremely loud & incredibly close and it was THE WORST film I’ve seen probably ever 

top three characters: um in no particular order, harry bisexual potter, francis abernathy, remus lupin 

top three ships: again in no particular order harry/draco, arthur/eames, and sirius/remus 

books and manga you are currently reading: I just finished The Lonely City by Olivia Laing and I’m about to start Art Objects by Jeanette Winterson 

top five musicals: camp rock, camp rock 2: the final jam, high school musical, the cheetah girls and idk let’s say beauty & the beast. I have literally 0 interest in real musicals tbh.

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141-point-12  asked:

All the ?'s ending in 8

@141-point-12 Oooooh my gosh! Okay, let me recap to make things easier:

8. Are you a religious person?

My view of all things religious is that the world is a really old place dotted with the presence of gods/goddess/spirits/whatever that have been worshiped long before us, and more gods/goddess will probably spring up long after we’re all dust.

18.  In general what do you think about art

Love it. Hate Picasso. Adore the impressionists and classical and the old masters. Also love tag on underpasses and the experimentation of colour and styes. It’s food for the soul.

28. Do you like scary movies?

Yes! I think the last really creepy one I watched was Crimson Peak. I actually had to watch it in the daylight!

38. What has been your worst haircut/style?

Uh, not cutting it for a really long time so my braid looked like a rat-tail by the time I DID cut it. I have insanely fluffy/bushy hair so I have to keep it in a braid 99% of the time.

48. Do you have any tattoos? If so what are they?

No tattoos. Sorry!

Random questions
  • A: Knowing that zombies don’t eat fruit, which fruit would you like to become during a zombie attack?
  • B: If you could have a super power, but you had to give up on two of yours five senses, what would they be? What super power would you pick?
  • C: If you had a city of your own, what would its name be?
  • D: If you were a super hero/heroin what would be your name?
  • E: Do you laugh while watching horror movies?
  • F: Why did you reblog this post?
  • G: What’s your pokemon type?
  • H: Is there a celebrity that looks like your exact opposite?
  • I: You wake up in a ______, why?
  • J: What’s the weirdest job you’d like to apply to?
  • K: Can you touch your nose with your tongue?
  • L: Type your name on the keyboard with your tongue/chin/elbow.
  • M: What’s the dumbest thing you’ve heard in the last 24 hours?
  • N: You’re a Greek god, how are you?
  • O: You’re in the “Breakfast Club” (it’s a nice movie), why have you got detention?
  • P: What’s your spiritual animal? (You can also pick a person, human beings are animals after all)
  • Q: What kind of dragon would you like to be?
  • R: Name 3 colours to describe yesterday.
  • S: What’s the last book you borrowed?
  • T: What’s the worst present you gave?
  • U: Write a short story from your socks’ point of view.
  • V: Compare the last person you’ve talked to to a shoe (you can also add a picture of a shoe).
  • W: Name 3 songs seem written for you?
  • X: Describe your pillow.
  • Y: What do you think of the person who thought of these questions?
  • Z: What do you think the air should be composed of?