also this is the worst movie to colour


under the cut you’ll find #195 medium gifs of pakistani actor fawad khan (b. 1981) in his role as prince vikram singh rathore in the romantic comedy khoobsurat. fawad is of punjabi pashtun descent. all of these were made by me so please don’t claim as your own or post in gif hunts. please like and/or reblog if you found them useful! part 1/2

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Kirk leans forward to inspect the field closer. His hand hovers inches from the surface and it REACTS, wobbling as if magnetized by his fingertips.

Of course, James “The guy who is half of my impulse control is not around” Kirk touches it. (x)

Let’s continue posting Star Trek: Mirror illustrations! Today it’s Kirk and the mirror

One might ask - why did I make Halka a snow planet if it’s not canon? First, I wanted to throw the crew in the worst conditions in the final scene, and having to spen hours in snow in a thin uniform serves this purpose. Second, all we have in the movies are summers and warm weather - a change of scenery would be interesting to see, plus we have some great locations to film winter. Although I don’t doubt if the Halka scenes were actually filmed they’d be made with fake snow and a green screen lol

…Also it was a chance to design some winter uniforms

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Didn't Pearl say she wanted to be a female James Bond? Cause I feel like she'd do amazingly and also half the male fans would cry.

Yes, she did: “If I can be called Bill, I can be called James!

And she’d do amazing as just about anything.


Favourite Movies ~ The Green Mile (1999)

“Usually death row is called the Last Mile. We called ours The Green Mile.  The floor was the colour of faded limes. We had the electric chair. Old Sparky, we called it. Oh, I’ve lived a lot of years, Ellie, but 1935, that takes the prize. That year I had the worst urinary infection of my life. It was… It was also the year of John Coffey and the two dead girls”

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Relationship Status: flying solo and fancy free

Favourite colours: magenta, yellow, silver

Lipstick or Chapstick: Chapstick?

Last Song: The Judgement of Isskar (Big Finish)

Last Movie: what is a film?

Top three shows: The Worst Witch (2017) has been on constant repeat for like two weeks. I don’t have room for other faves atm, but I’m mostly up to date on The Good Place and there are probs also other shows that I like??? what is a memory???

Top three ships atm: Hecate Hardbroom/Pippa Pentangle, Hecate Hardbroom/Ada Cackle, Hecate Hardbroom/getting topped till her hair curls and also a buckettonne of therapy. 

Don’t look at me, I’m judging myself enough as it is. 

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Rules: Tag 9 people you’d like to get to know better

Relationship status: Busy and stressed

Favourite colour: Slytherin Green 😩

Lipstick or chapstick: I wouldn’t be able to SURVIVE without my lipsticks! but I also need chapstick to stay moisturized in a worst of dry liquid lipsticks sooo… both?

Last song I listened to: Love Me Harder by Ariana Grande? (I don’t remember that being queued and it was just five minutes ago…)

Last movie I watched: I. Can’t. Remember. This is going to kill me!!!!

Top 3 TV shows: Atm… Stranger Things (as you can probably tell when I refuse to stay on theme), The Bold Type, andddd *drumrolls* Gilmore Girls! (I made a point not to add cartoons or any of the shows from my childhood because I’d be here all day deciding)

Top three bands: Lemonade Mouth, Big Time Rush, and Panic! At the Disco!! (FIGHT MEEEE!!!!)

Books I’m currently reading: Because I’m a mess: Adultolescense by Gabbie Hanna (I’ve been reading slowly through them), Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets by JK Rowling, King’s Cage by Victoria Aveyard, Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold (Do not like…), and Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen! I know, I know…

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Rules: tag 9 people you want to get to know better

Relationship Status: Single. And I’d like to remain that way for the next 2 or 20 years.

Favorite color: I mainly prefer cold colours like blue, white and grey and also purple.

Lipstick or Chapstick: Probably lipstick but it really depends on the time of the day, where i’m going and the weather.

Last song I listened to:Of monsters and Men- Human

Last movie i watched: A couple of days ago, I watched a greek movie the name of which i do not know and it the worst movie I have ever watched. It was taking place somewhere in Greece during the ww2 and it showed how a small group of people resisted and fought against some German soldiers. The dialogues and the acting were so cringy. The german soldiers were played by greek actors and the greek fighters were played by spanish actors who were just moving their lips to make it look like they talk and the right voices were later dubbed. It was such a mess and so terrible that it made me laugh hard.

Top 3 tv shows: Hannibal, Penny Dreadful (forever bitter about the ending) and Charmed

Top 3 characters: Carol Peletier, Yuri Plisetksy, Vanessa Ives

Top 3 bands: Currently Florence and the Machine, Of Monsters and Men, Batushka

Books I’m currenty reading: I’m reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets in english. I’m not a big Harry Potter fan but i read it as a language practice. I’m not enjoying it to be honest. :/

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Relationship status: single pringle :)

Favorite  colours: Midnight blues, deep purples, TARDIS Blue, starry nights kinda things. Also forest green.

Lipstick or chapstick: neither really

Last Song: Kings & Queens, and Closer To The Edge by 30 Seconds To Mars

Last Movie: The Addams Family

Top three shows: Well that’s just too hard so I’m gonna go with The Worst Witch, Doctor Who and Sarah Jane Adventures (I’m such a big kid)

Top three ships: (That’s even harder!!!!) Anywho, Berena, McDawson, Hicsqeak, Patsy and Delia, Brooke and Pousey, Grace and Frankie….

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Tag game

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relationship status: very single

favourite colours: uhh turquoise, blues, violets and purples… so many tbh

lipstick or chapstick: I have like three lipsticks I love and wear non-stop but I also love raspberry or mango chapstick for the taste mmm

last song listened to: “GUY.EXE” by Superfruit

last movie: “The Imitation Game”

top 3 shows: Skam, Sherlock, Doctor Who

top 3 ships: excuse me how am I supposed to answer that… I think… Johnlock, Evak and Juliemma? Wow that was hard please don’t ever ask me that again

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Random questions
  • A: Knowing that zombies don’t eat fruit, which fruit would you like to become during a zombie attack?
  • B: If you could have a super power, but you had to give up on two of yours five senses, what would they be? What super power would you pick?
  • C: If you had a city of your own, what would its name be?
  • D: If you were a super hero/heroin what would be your name?
  • E: Do you laugh while watching horror movies?
  • F: Why did you reblog this post?
  • G: What’s your pokemon type?
  • H: Is there a celebrity that looks like your exact opposite?
  • I: You wake up in a ______, why?
  • J: What’s the weirdest job you’d like to apply to?
  • K: Can you touch your nose with your tongue?
  • L: Type your name on the keyboard with your tongue/chin/elbow.
  • M: What’s the dumbest thing you’ve heard in the last 24 hours?
  • N: You’re a Greek god, how are you?
  • O: You’re in the “Breakfast Club” (it’s a nice movie), why have you got detention?
  • P: What’s your spiritual animal? (You can also pick a person, human beings are animals after all)
  • Q: What kind of dragon would you like to be?
  • R: Name 3 colours to describe yesterday.
  • S: What’s the last book you borrowed?
  • T: What’s the worst present you gave?
  • U: Write a short story from your socks’ point of view.
  • V: Compare the last person you’ve talked to to a shoe (you can also add a picture of a shoe).
  • W: Name 3 songs seem written for you?
  • X: Describe your pillow.
  • Y: What do you think of the person who thought of these questions?
  • Z: What do you think the air should be composed of?