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Isak mumble raps fresh prince while hanging out in the kitchen and Even, cooking, hears it and absentmindedly joins in at “In west Philadelphia born and raised”, Eskild walks in to get something from the fridge hears the cue and turns around to face Even and say “You’re moving with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air”. The three of them rap the rest of the lyrics in sync and louder and louder until Linn pops her head in to the kitchen to scold all of them for making so much noise everyone beams at each other, shrugs and goes back to their own thing, Eskild leaves the kitchen with his drink, Even goes back to cooking and Isak goes back to texting as though nothing happened at all.

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Hi! Quick question, how can you single handedly be one of the funniest blogs while be one of the kindest muns on this website, combined with an amazing art style? Are we all secretly living in an anime? Are you the protagonist? When are you going to unlock your final form? Roughly how far away are we from the inevitable "beach party" arc?

thank you so much Q-Q 

lil nina and lil usnavi have somewhere fancy to be


Natalie posted a longer version I am DEAD


Uploaded a similar video earlier, however, this one is slower and in even more HD. Enjoy the Karamel kiss in even slower motion.

merlin is the not the stereotypical socially awkward introvert, please folks it’s 2017, we’ve been through this. it’s soo wrong, especially when done in comparison with arthur who’s always wrongly stereotyped as having all the buddies and is popular. It’s harmful to both their characteristic, Arthur especially because you’re losing all that complexity he has with trust and forming relationship.

p l e a s e. enough.