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Fantastic Beasts meets FBI

Just imagine : 

Percival Graves is the head of special ops department in FBI. He is also the lead of an international task team set on capturing one Gellert Grindelwald- the top name on the most wanted list, an extremely dangerous international criminal set on destroying governments and creating chaos. 

Newt Scamander is a Scotland Yard’s youngest and most brilliant profiler, sent to New York to help the team. 

They do not work well with each other. 

Newt with his dislike of humans and Graves in particular and unnatural love for wool jackets, hot tea and stray animals is also surprisingly not at all shy in voicing his opinions or completely disregarding Graves’ orders. And it is driving Graves nuts. Of course, full kissable lips, pale freckled skin  that would look perfect covered in hickeys and unruly mop of hair just asking Graves to run his fingers through don’t help either. 

All Graves really wants to do is to tie Newt to the chair with his silky necktie and teach him some manners. He of course, also wants to catch Grindelwald,  but not just yet- he is not ready to see Newt go. 

Grindelwald has other plans. 

It is said that if you look into the abyss for too long, abyss starts looking back. 

Graves is kidnapped. No one knows how to find him, and the team is in panic. 

Scamander doesn’t like this. Not. One. Bit. 

  • winter clothes: jeans and a band t-shirt (maybe a jacket)
  • spring clothes: jeans and a band t-shirt
  • summer clothes: jeans (or maybe shorts) and a band t-shirt
  • fall clothes: jeans and a band t-shirt

anonymous asked:

I'm a Hufflepuff and sometimes I get sad because I know everybody hates our house & we don't really get much recognition or merch. Sometimes I wish I was in a different house, but at the same time, there are times where I do love being a Hufflepuff.

I don’t think people hate our house, I think they don’t appreciate our house and sometimes look down on it (like we’re a cute kid who doesn’t have to be taken seriously).

I do get sad about the merch, but that’s where etsy comes in– also Hot Topic has surprisingly more Hufflepuff merch than they used to.

I love being a Hufflepuff. I love being loyal and hardworking and valuing those things in myself and my friends. We’re freaking awesome and don’t need outside validation to prove it.

-Amy (Hufflepuff)