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The art of planning and organization is the basis of every study blog.

However, with all the different forms of organization tools out there, it’s hard to really decide which one works best for you. In order to help you out I decided to make a list of the differences between our most dueled stationery: the planner and bullet journal.


1.       PRE-MADE LAYOUT- One of the biggest contentions for this stationery is the fact that it is not time-consuming as it already has an easy-to-use layout. Many don’t have the time to deal with creating a lay out every week the way one does when choosing to use a bullet journal. If you’re someone who doesn’t have much time and just likes to jot quick appointments down, a planner is better for you.

2.       CONSISTENCY- Since all planners have that pre-made layout, there really is no change from week to week. Personally, I like the consistency that comes with planners, especially when I go back and flip through old dates. Just like I prefer to only use a black pen in a notebook I started using black pens with, I like to see the same layout all the way through in my planner.

3.       NOT TIME CONSUMING- Once again, with a planner it’s very easy to write down the necessary notes and fin, you’re good. I want to emphasize this as much as possible because this is usually what keeps people holding onto planners instead of trying out the bullet journal. Truthfully I would much prefer a planner over a bujo in high school because when it really comes down to it, there’s just not enough time in the day to deal with laying out set ups every week.


1.       CUSTOMIZATION- This is the biggest reason many have hopped onto the bujo bandwagon. With a fresh, blank page there are so many possibilities. Many don’t like the already made layouts that come with planners so they resort to lined notebooks or to do lists. If you’re one of those people, I would definitely consider a bullet journal.

2.       CREATIVITY- For many, (including me) being artistic and letting ideas flow out into the wind have always been apart of their life. However most (also including me) don’t have the time to bring out all of their arts and crafts supplies and get at it. That’s why with a bullet journal, there’s a space to let creativity flow even if it’s in the simplest of ways.

3.       SPACE- This, I believe, is a contention that started the bullet journal completely. It’s happened so many times where there’s days filled with ABSOLUTLY NOTHING and days where there’s just not enough hours to get everything done. A planner will have a set amount of space for each day and each week. Many hate this because it wastes space that could be used for busier days.



·       (Pl.) CUSTOMIZABLE- The planner still has so many customizable features! There are so many stickers and washi tapes and whatnot that many have created to evolve the art of the planner from generic to gorgeous and personal. Don’t stray away from a planner simply because it lacks personality!

·       (Bujo) ARTISTIC?- I’ve heard and read about so many people who don’t want to use the bullet journal because they “don’t have pretty handwriting” or “could never make it look pretty.” The truth of the matter is that no agenda or calender is meant to LOOK PRETTY. We use agendas to keep track of events and tasks. To stay organized and manage time. As long as you’re getting the use out of it that you’re supposed to, then it’s working. Even if your handwriting is illegible or your drawing looks like a five year old drew it, don’t distance yourself from the bullet journal!

This was an extremely basic guide to planners and bullet journals! I really just wanted a layout that would show the distinct differences of the two. I hope this helped you in any way possible. If it did, let me know which you’re going to choose for the upcoming school year!

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-much love, studyessie ♡


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