also this is sort of trek related but i am firing everyone

Want to Engage with Fandom from the Outside?

Great! I mean, we’re not going to stop you. It’s not as if fanwork isn’t publicly available on the internet for anyone to see. It’s a bit hidden because we keep it in places outsiders don’t tend to look or even know about. We’re not trying to be in anyone’s face. We’re trying to be available to the people who are looking for us, and only them. We’re quite happy to stay hidden from everyone else. But you want to write an article/book/run a course/write a dissertation all about us and what we do? Well, great! Go for it!

Don’t think you’re doing us a favour. People have been writing about us for years and years now. There are books, there are articles, there are documentaries. There are courses. There are degree programs. You can’t even imagine how many graduate theses there are on us. You aren’t the first, and you won’t be the last. But I agree: we’re very interesting. I understand the appeal. So go ahead. Write about us. Spotlight us. Introduce us to the world!

But there are some things you should understand.

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