also this is so shocking wow

ur nightly reminded that snl can kiss my ass for being complicit in normalizing trump in the media and having him host just because they wanted the shock factor only to turn around and pretend that theyve hated him all along like fuck off also kristen stewart works with woody allen so she can fuck off too and that’s that on that folks

oh by the way i also noticed something about yurio

did yurio tell mila to let him know when yuuri was about to perform?! that’s so sweet ok. you’re not convincing me otherwise. yurio gives so many shits about yuuri. he wants to see him do well. live. oh wow.

and also, after yuuri skates a flawless routine:

LOOK AT THAT LIL SMILE CREEPING UP THAT FACE. LOOK AT IT. my small child. i know you don’t want to smile but this is exactly what you’ve been waiting for, give yourself a break for once.

this. this is the golden one:

he forgets to watch the free skate, but thankfully he rushes back in time to watch yuuri do something insane:

i know everyone was shocked, but i’m thinking yurio has watched enough of yuuri’s performances to not expect to see that coming. he’s probably like, “since when did katsudon learn to land a quad flip??? what??? did i just see that???”

meanwhile, when it comes to his own teammate:

mila: hey, georgi’s about to start

lmao they’ve been giving us clues… yurio cares so much about yuuri, you have no idea.

The Less I Know The Better

Imagine: You and Newt are in an a newly blossomed relationship, however, once you see him getting extremely close to another girl you can’t help but feel slightly naive to have ever placed your trust in a man so quickly. 

Author’s Note: I just really enjoy writing angst, obviously. I mean what a way to break up an angsty fanfic with more angst? Right? Anyway, I hope you enjoy this. There is swearing in this ! Wow ! Shock ! Horror ! Tbh, I don’t think I’ve ever read a Newt fic with swearing so please, lap it up !!!! It’s also 3:35am, so soz for shitty writing :-)

Word Count: 2032

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pt. 2


cafe au [part 1] [part 3]

wow what a shocker keith came back to chat up the cute cafe guy, i’m so shocked ;) ALSO HUNK IS A CUTE CAFE GUY TOO CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?? <3 i kinda wanna write a fic for this but where would i even find the time for that? anyways this is gonna be a lil mini series.. i think? i’m sure the quality will improve as it goes forward

anonymous asked:

Hii!!! Can I request headcanons for RFA (+ V if you can) + MC that's originally from abroad but decided to stay in Korea to be with their s/o?


• he would want to sit down and talk to them about it in all serious matter because it’s a huge deal

• He is happy with their decision to stay but there is also so much to think about like their family or what it is now they are leaving behind

• he 100% would want to go and meet their parents to talk with them about the whole moving part and gain their approval of him and their relationship and so. Zen is very traditional like that


• he’s all like shocked, then thinks they’re pulling his leg, but then he realizes nah they not joking man, and then it all hits him and wow. Yoosung you’re crying rivers 

• is floored by their decision and so so very happy but asks again and again if that’s what they really want are you sure? with moving here permanently?

• he knows that moving out is a big step to take but moving places like… Different countries?? MC i love you you brave beautiful land mermaid 


• like Zen she’d like to talk about it thoroughly so they are on the same page of the whole ordeal. And obviously she is thrilled and happy by it

• with her new job and the new circumstances of the café and now MC is going to stay with her for reals and not go back, she couldn’t feel more blessed… Jaehee thanks the universe to grant her this

• after all they aren’t just going stay to be with her, they are choosing to move away from their home country, the place they grew up in and had so many memories from


• i mean.. if MC ever were to get homesick or something after they decided to stay with him and move there permanently, going back to their home country wouldn’t be a problem with Jumin Han. Private jet like duh

• first things first Jumin would like to make things official official by going to meet MC’s parents and really talk to them about the moving deal etc

• literally can’t contain this happiness inside of him. MC can now not move from his embrace so.. Embrace it haha and let him cuddle for like 5 hours


• he’s over the fucking roof and probably actually went and stood of his roof and yelled “I HAVE THE BEST GF?/BF?/LOVER?/FIANCÉ? EVER” 

• get pretty caught up in the moment and plans it all until MC’s all like woah sweetheart calm down don’t go skyrocketing away alright

• like Yoosung he asks them if it’s really what they want and when they confirm that yes it is. He cries and cuddles for 5 hours embrace it 


• he zones tf out, it’s like his consciousness slipped away as they told him about their decision 

• when he returned back to his normal self and he couldn’t stop that smile on his face or those kisses on their face. He obviously would want to talk and go through the details cause hey, big deal 

• honestly he almost thinks it’s all a dream and asks them to pinch him but he doesn’t wake up so he cries a bit, such happy. such very happy

EXO Reaction: They find out their s/o is a YouTube gamer


He would be impressed and once he sees your videos he’d complement you on your skills.

Originally posted by xiumsk


He’d be very shocked at first since he didn’t expect it, but he’d also be very supportive

Originally posted by luhanahs

Originally posted by ohbaekhyuns


Doesn’t phase him that much just tells you that it’s cool. But he secretly watches all your videos when he’s away or your at a gaming convention.

Originally posted by i-growl-growl-growl


*watches your videos and is surprised to see how good you are* “Wow, you’re really good!!”

Originally posted by ky-ngsoo


Super super supportive and always cheers you on

Originally posted by ethereal-baek


*determined to beat you in at least one game*


“That’s so cool” 

Originally posted by chwannie


*asks 100 questions about your channel*

Originally posted by baexhyun


Is fine until he walks in on you getting mad cause you failed a game and trying to physically fight the character.

Originally posted by ky-ngsoo


“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” *kinda annoyed you didn’t tell him but supports you*

Originally posted by ky-ngsoo


Always watches you videos and may even star in a few of them

Originally posted by divinekai


“What? Really!” *shocked* *determined to work on his gaming skills to impress you*

Ignore the caption of the gif

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Astro Reacts to Their S/O Dissing Another Rapper on SMTM and Winning.

Alrighty! I got a surplus of requests this week! Thank you so much, I will try to get them all done in a well timed manner.


  • Not gonna lie this boy will be shocked at your rapping abilities!
  • He’d be the type to go around brag about your legendary skills.
  • That’s right! I’m dating THE S/O!”
  • He’d be so proud of you on so many levels. 

Originally posted by moonbinny


  • He’d also be amazed with your rapping skills and probably ask you to rap about ANYTHING!
  • Ok, now rap about this book!!” 
  • “How the frick am I supposed to rap about a book?”
  • Seriously though, he’d think you were a million times cooler than you already were!

Originally posted by moonbinny


  • He would be paralyzed in shock and happiness.
  • Would probably fanboy about it for months on end! He might even ask you to do it again.
  • Wow! Do it again for me!! Please?”
  • “It’s been a year now!”

Originally posted by mxnbin


  • He’d be so excited to see you win the whole thing! 
  • You know he’d be there to see you slay the while competition.
  • He’d be the type to show up with a huge sign declaring that he’s your number one fan.
  • Ha, I’ll always be your number one fan! No one will outshine me!!”

Originally posted by myungjun


  • Considering the fact that he raps for Astro, expect a LOT of rap battles!
  • Of course you two would argue over who won which battle, but know that deep down he’s VERY proud of you!
  • I’m sure that we all know that I won this battle (y/n)!”
  • “Boy, you better miss me with that bullsh*t!”
  • OK. Maybe not exactly like that, but you know what I mean!

Originally posted by asterocky


  • Awe this lil bean would be so excited for you! Expect a giant hug and almost a soliloquy as to how amazing you are!
  • He’d be the type to fanboy as well. Just the sheer thought that his S/O won would make him all bubbly again.
  • What are you so blushy about this time?”
  • “I just remembered how wonderful you are.”
  • “Stop. Oh my goodness it’s almost been a year!”

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This was a fun reaction! Please keep sending them and I’ll make sure to post them up as fast as possible!

~ Admin Ryn

Exo reactions to their gf rapping

/I decided to just do a reaction to you rapping, I hope that’s okay, thanks for the request!!! <3/

*I do not own these gifs*

Baekhyun: *rapper byun is in the house*

“Look jagi, I can rap too!”

Chanyeol: *finds it really hot*

Chen: *hears you rapping*

“Girl, take the mic!”

Kai: *sexy kai mode activated*

Suho: *impressed by your skills*

“Wow, you’re so good!”

D.O: *fangirling*

Kris: *joins in because he’s kris*

Lay: *unicorn approves*

“That was great Y/N!””

Tao: *starts jamming*

Xiumin: *shocked*

Luhan: *pervy Lu appears*
“What other secrets are you hiding?”

Sehun: *shocked but also finds it super hot*

/I hope you enjoyed it! <3 Feel free to leave requests!/

Everyone but Peridot: *External screams of joy*

Peridot: *Internal screams of agony.

Yeah you might have gone a bit overboard.

But it was glorious so you should be proud of it.

Except for the fact that Homeworld is now definitely invading Earth.


And Peridot just… doesn’t react to it.

I guess she’s in shock.



BTS Reaction: smaller friend/gf/bf can easily pick them up

Okay so here’s today’s reaction! I hope you guys like it, and please look forward to the rest of the updates for this week, planned and requests! Also feel free to stop by and drop a request or comment into my ask! <3 )(Gifs used are not mine: credit to the owners! <3)

Rap Monster:

You two were just messing around, fake fighting and teasing each-other, when you grabbed him and easily lifted his feet off the ground. He would be frozen in shock, and when you put him back down, he’d turn to look at you with wide eyes before chuckling, surprised and a little embarrassed.

“Wow… Why didn’t you tell me you were so strong?! It’s amazing! … Just don’t pick me up in front of the guys, okay?…”

Originally posted by taestylips


He had just gotten home from tour and you were extremely excited to see him again. When you ran up and hugged him, you ended up picking him up and spinning him around. He would be worried about you hurting yourself, but when he saw the huge smile on your face and how easily you were lifting him, he would just laugh and hug you back.

“Looks like somebody missed me! And was hitting the gym… Maybe now you can help me move the couch over there? Just kidding! Just carry me to the couch instead!”

Originally posted by jeonsshi


You had both been trying to grab something off of a high shelf. He had suggested grabbing a stool, but you were too impatient. Instead you just picked him up, giving him the extra height needed to reach the shelf. He’d be shocked at first, but would grab what you needed, looking over his shoulder at you.

“Warn me before doing that next time… And carry me to the couch?…”

Originally posted by strawberrie-kookie


You two had been playfully arguing about what movie to watch for the past 10 minutes or so. Finally, you decided this would never end if you didn’t do something. So, you picked him up and carried him over to the couch. He would be frozen in shock at first, and stare at you silently. When you sat back down, he’d continue to stare at you.

“How did I not know you were that strong?… And you make me carry your bags why, exactly? I’m never falling for that “it’s too heavy” line again.”

Originally posted by sugakookie


He had just come home from practice and fell onto the couch, exhausted. You kept trying to get him to get up and go to the bed instead, but he refused to move. Next thing he knew, you had picked him up and were carrying him to bed. He would be momentarily wide awake, first worried that you’d drop him, but as you walked he’d relax and smile at you.

“… I think I’m going to fall asleep on the couch more often…”

Originally posted by huang-zitao


He was laying in front of the door to the room you were trying to enter and refused to move. You just rolled your eyes and leaned down, picking him up easily and moving him to the side of the door. He would stare at you for a moment, then get the biggest grin on his face and start chuckling.

“Woah, you’re strong! How much can you lift?! Could you lift any of the others?! Let’s go see!”

Originally posted by jeonsshi


He’d heard one of your friends bragging about how strong you were, and he wanted to see it for himself. He expected you to pick up something from in the room. Just not him. When his feet left the floor, he would have a bit of a shocked spasm before just looking at you silently until after you set him down.

“… That’s it… We’re exercising together from now on…”

Originally posted by kookie-bts

(Well, I hope you guys like it, and please look forward to the other updates this week! <3)

BTS Maknae Line Reaction to you being dirty when you are normally innocent.


I think out of the entire Maknae Line would be the most ‘turned on’? He would find it really cute and hot at the same time, probably starting to tease you.
Like the two of you would probably be talking causally then you might go onto the topic of kinks, and things like that. So of course Mr Park Jimin being the KINKIEST MAN ALIVE!! Is going to respond…

“Wow!! Babe, I didn’t know you were into things like that.” He would move closer and place his hand on your thigh, “I would be happy in making those fantasy’s become a reality.” 

Originally posted by minpuffs


Okay…now V is no innocent child, but he is also a beautiful sunshine. So this honestly could go two ways. I think when you started talking about the type of things you were into or just making a dirty joke he would be slightly shocked, trying to process that his innocent girl actually spoke those words. He would then snap out of his trance and turn to you, licking his lips CAUSE HE IS A SINNER and then like Jimin, will most likely tease you slightly.

*gasps* “Jagiya how could you be so dirty minded?! What happened to my pure innocent Jagiya??” But of course his mind couldn’t help wondering over to what could happen between the two of you, and for sure he would show you just how well he can work his tongue…

Originally posted by taetaehyungs


Now for this sin. I think like Taehyung he would be a bit shocked at first, processing that his girl indeed had just said that she was into some real kinky stuff. But despite Jungkook being ‘innocent’ majority of the time, like Jimin I think some teasing would come into place once he processed everything and of course gained a bit of confidence. He would be very playful and maybe even get a bit touchy. 

His hand would start trailing up and down you thigh, he would lean into your ear, his hot breath brushing against your ear. “I didn’t think my Jagiya thought about things like that.” He would then lean away his hand still placed on your thigh, but with a slight smirk as he turned on the television, leaving you in total shock. 

Originally posted by jeonify

(Despite everyone else seeing Jungkook as still an innocent boy. He is now currently 19 (20 Korean age) So I do see him a bit more grown up and mature.) 

So I do hope you like this. This if my first time doing one of these, so please do tell me if you enjoyed and please do send in some more reaction requests! 

~ These GIF’s are not mine! ~ 

BTS Reaction to their crush speaking many languages

Requested! bts reacting to their crush (who is also an idol and their friend) knowing how to speak lots of languages!!!! pls!! ahh ty if u do it !!

I actually loved this because I’m fluent in 3 languages and many people are surprised when they find out ^^ I hope you enjoy :D

Jin (Seokjin): *shocked when he hears you switch between languages like it’s nothing* Y/N, why didn’t you tell me you could speak so many languages?? You could’ve translated so many recipes for me!

Suga (Yoongi): *astounded but also very impressed* wow you got more swag than me

J-Hope (Hoseok): *totally confused* Y/N? What on earth are you saying? I didn’t know you could speak so many languages!! Can you teach me?

Rap Monster (Namjoon): *surprised at first but then he realizes that you two can talk english in front of the others without them understanding too much* Y/N THIS IS AMAZING! Now we can finally talk in private *loving it*

Jimin: *finds it super sexy when you speak in a different language* Y/N you are so hot when you switch between languages *proud of you for being multilingual*

V (Taehyung): *hears you speak a different language* *starts talking gibberish to you* wait Y/N that was an actual language you were speaking?? I thought you were just making up words!

Jungkook: *surprised* WHAT? YOU SPEAK MORE LANGUAGES THAN ME? THE GOLDEN MAKNAE? *studies hard to surpass you in the amount of languages you speak* NO ONE IS BETTER THAN JUNGKOOK *smug*

Credit to the gif owners~


MARIA: wow, Decimus! i can’t believe you sang Madonna just for me. i never you knew you felt that way about me!

DECIMUS: that wasn’t… actually… intended for you?

MARIA: sorry, did you say something? IT’S JUST SO LOUD HERE!

DECIMUS: …nevermind…


some small trans lance things

  • doesn’t really plan on transitioning. he’s fine with just binding
  • speaking of, he doesn’t feel the need to bind around team voltron after a while, he knows they’ll respect him either way 
  • his parents and the rest of his family love him so much no matter what. they were really supportive when he came out
  • he loves dresses, skirts, makeup and lots of other feminine things. he’s a bit worried he’ll get misgendered when he wears them, though, but that doesn’t stop him
  • he’s shocked but also super happy when pidge tells everyone she’s a girl because wow!! another trans person!! later he finds out that everyone else is trans too and is ecstatic!!
  • his friends are always there for him, and so is he

“Orange is not, and will never be, my color.” -Nathalie Sancoeur, probably

Decided to include the sketchy lines because I thought it looked neato, and look at that! An attempt at a background! You can probably click for more details.

Don’t edit or repost


AoKise has always been a big part of this blog (and of my art) and I just can’t miss not contributing to their day! So here you guys go~!

(Now time to disappear and study for finals)

Ski Lodge Spec Script Part 7
  • *Just realized I never posted my closing scene of Ski Lodge. Here it is. New episode in the works.*
  • RILEY(in shock): Wow. What a weekend.
  • MAYA(also in shock): You’re telling me.
  • RILEY: You and Josh!
  • MAYA: Me and Josh...someday. Maybe.
  • MAYA(CONT'D): You and--
  • RILEY: --I don’t know.
  • MAYA: Lucas? You and Lucas? It's still you and Lucas, right?
  • RILEY: I don’t know, Maya. I thought so. But I don't know if I'm sure about that anymore.
  • MAYA: And that's cause of you and F--
  • RILEY: Don’t. Cause I know what you’re going to say and no. Absolutely not. I could never.
  • MAYA: Okay.
  • RILEY: I mean its Farkle--
  • MAYA: --I know.
  • RILEY: He thinks he's an evil genius--
  • MAYA: --I know.
  • RILEY: He tried trading me for a goat!--
  • MAYA: --I KNOW!
  • RileY: Maya…
  • MAYA: Yes?
  • RILEY: Could I like Farkle?
  • MAYA: I really don’t know honey, I can’t even keep up with you anymore.
  • RILEY(defeated): I’m a lotta work.
  • MAYA: Yes, yes you are. But I love you anyway.
  • RILEY: And I love you. You know, we’re gonna meet a lot of boys in our life, Maya. Who knows whats going to happen? It seems like everyday we learn something new about ourselves. And that changes how we see things, which changes how we see the world, and that changes how we feel about the people around us...I know my parents fell in love young and lived happily ever after, and that they have this extraordinary relationship...but maybe thats THEIR story, not ours. Maybe were supposed to all have our own stories.
  • MAYA: I like the way you think darling.
  • RILEY: Something tells me it’s going to be one heck of life trying to figure it all out.
  • MAYA: Yeah me too. But you got me. We'll figure it out together.
  • RILEY(smiling): Yea, we will... You know what else I think?
  • MAYA: What's that?
  • RILEY: That YOU, Maya Hart...are MY extraordinary relationship. And that will never change.
  • MAYA: Thunder?
  • RILEY: Lightening.
  • RILEY AND MAYA(laughing): Forever!
b.a.p zelo x dog walker au
  • ok so imagine this
  • youre walking down the street tryna get to your mailbox or sth and you got your keys in your hand
  • chillin
  • throwing and catching your keys cause ur Cool Shit™
  • then you drop them
  • go to pick them up but when you look back up you come face to face with this tiny little ball of FLUFF with eyes
  • no thats not junhong just wait
  • you follow the lil pup’s leash up to the hand of his owner
  • then your eyes make their way up from the hand to the face and wow
    that was a long look how tall is this guy
  • you finally stand up cause u realize u’ve been staring at this random guy from the ground w his dog smelling your face
  • and wow why is he still so tall
  • “sry!!! sry sry sry im sorry omg he’s just a pup did he bite u???”
  • the big pup picks up the lil pup and holds him close
  • meanwhile ur still in shock cause wow Cute Tall Boy
  • but also why does Cute Tall Boy have such a smol pup something doesnt add up
  • hes still asking if youre ok and finally ur like “I LOVE DOGS DONT WORRY” but like a lot more excited than u should be bc its not just the dog that u like wink wonk ;);););)
  • u kinda gesture to the lil pup and the big pup nods and hes like “yeye pet him!!!! careful tho he bites omg”
  • you start petting the lil pup and he nibbles your hand a bit but it just tickles and u kinda giggle
  • you look up at Cute Tall Boy and oh man he’s staring r i g h t a t m e
  • Cute Tall Boy becomes Nervous Tall Boy and looks everywhere he can except you
  • i mean u saw him lookin @ u so ur basically doing the exact same thing now
  • you do that cheesy thing where u both look at each other from like the cORNERS OF UR EYES
  • he kinda giggles and ur like alright sold
  • u realize that u have basically learned nothing abt each other in this span of 3 minutes of admiring lil pup (and big pup) so you finally ask “whats his name”
  • he responds “junhong” and ur like “omg thats cute hi junhong”
  • then Cute Tall Boy responds “hi” and then realizes what have i done
  • you look up at him all confused bc theres no way in hell ur looking d o w n
  • “omg dont worry!!!!!! both cute names!!!!! hi mochii!!!” u start petting lil pup mochii
  • then u look up again and cause ur so good with the boyz
  • “hi junhong” hold out ur hand like its a business meeting “nice to meet you I’m _____”
  • Nervous Tall Junhong shakes your hand and smiles the most innocent and awkward smile you’ve ever seen
  • u realize that ur keys are still in your other hand and ur like “oh ya mailbox”
  • junhong speaks up right as you start to inch around him eXTREMELY SLOWLY cause u know this boy needs time to prepare himself to SPEAK
  • “wait you live around here??”
  • “ye”
  • “me too”
  • and the rest is history sry this was so gross omg follow 4 more fluff