also this is so shocking wow

We cover so many intense issues. I also want to reiterate how much support was there for me. When I was shooting with Justin Prentice, who plays Bryce, there’s a scene we do in episode 12 which is physically hard to do, just as a human being. I feel like so much of Hannah’s life, especially the last five episodes, is so tragic that you just have to put that shock aside and get through it. It’s only been after the show and after wrapping that I’ve gone, wow, we really did handle some really heavy stuff. I’m really proud of how we handle it, because as you said we don’t shy away from them.

We cover so many intense issues. I also want to reiterate how much support was there for me. When I was shooting with Justin Prentice, who plays Bryce, there’s a scene we do in episode 12 which is physically hard to do, just as a human being. I feel like so much of Hannah’s life, especially the last five episodes, is so tragic that you just have to put that shock aside and get through it. It’s only been after the show and after wrapping that I’ve gone, wow, we really did handle some really heavy stuff. I’m really proud of how we handle it, because as you said we don’t shy away from them.

of-moon-and-stars  asked:

Do you know any fics where Yakov, Lilia and/or the Russian skate team take Yuuri under their wing?

Wow! Thanks for all these requests! I can’t wait for season two when Yuuri is totally immersed (and accepted!) into the dysfunctional Russian skate fam! 

P.S. If anyone knows more fics like these, please let me know! I love these fics and would like to expand this list!

Yuuri & The Russian Skate Fam

Katsuki Yuuri Fan Club by Katyaton, Teen, 2.2k
Yuuri has been adjusting well to life in St. Petersburg, making friends with the Russian skaters and slowly adapting to the new culture. When Viktor starts obsessing over something on his phone, though, Yuuri starts to worry. He suspects it’s something related to him and wants to find out what has Viktor so transfixed, but will the ensuing embarrassment be worth his curiosity? LOVE THIS FIC!

My Heart of Constellations by LFMH021, Teen, 59k (WIP)
Yuuri, Viktor and Makkachin lives in one apartment in St. Petersburg, Russia now. Viktor is still coaching him. Yakov and Lilia are actually growing fond of Yuuri. Mila, Georgi, and the other skaters had begun adoring Yuuri and his shy personality. Wow, this is a fantastic fic! Must read!

Friendship Training with Phichit by krazieLeylines, Teen, 32k (WIP)
In which Yuuri Katsuki lives in St Petersburg with Viktor, and has a difficult time fitting in with his new rinkmates, so Phichit takes Yuuri under his wing and teaches him how to make friends. Cute!

The Goddamn Tie Has Got To Go by Katyaton, Teen, 4.5k
The powdery blue monstrosity was not only unfashionable, it also reminded Viktor, with shocking clarity, of a sweaty, half naked, pole dancing Yuuri. The night where he was finally, and without warning, lifted from the fog that had crept up on him in his last few years of skating. LOL I LOVE THIS FIC

better than sliced bread by ebenroot, Teen, 8.1k
In which we all assumed yuuri is the one to own a dakimakura but maybe that isn’t entirely the case. THIS IS GREAT AHHAHA

Only You by alisayamin (sh_04e), Gen, 1.1k
It’d only been a month since Yuuri made his home rink in Russia. He was almost always in control of his practices after the Grand Prix Finals in Spain, both in jumps and program rehearsals. But it’d been awhile since Victor had seen him so riled up. Fun!

Everybody Loves Me(?!) by Chrysanthos, Teen, 1k
“Oh come on, Yuuri, it’s much easier if I do it like this,” And before Yuuri could stop him, Phichit turned towards the table, “So, anyways, who here’s had a crush on Yuuri at least at one point?” To Yuuri’s mortification, almost every hand at the table was raised in an instant. Not just the russian skate fam, everyone loves him!

Shimmering Silver Souls by Belvedere_The_Butler, Gen, 947 words
Little snippets of Yuuri’s life with Viktor in St Petersburg. The Russian skate fam appears and gushes over Victuuri!

185/120 by RC_McLachlan, Gen, 1.1k
Yuuri begins training in St. Petersburg and Yakov is shook. So fluffy and a quick read!

you’re like heaven to touch by lazulisong, Mature, 3.1k
Victor is one hundred percent obsessed with Yuri wearing his Russia jacket, which would just be a shame and embarrassment to the entire country, if only he would do it private like a normal man. Russian skate fam is only mentioned, but they’re there!

Grand Prix Finals with the Russian Skating Family by JustBeHappy, Teen, 12k
The new skating season begins, and Yuuri works hard to get his gold medal for the Grand Prix Finals with the Russian Skating Family. Yes. The Russian Skating Family. Rec’d by a follower!

anonymous asked:

aah I really like your recent seventeen neighbour au! can you do that for the rest of the members too? if that's too much then just wonwoo, soonyoung, and seungcheol. Thank you! <3

joshua, mingyu & seungkwan can be found (here) ~


  • relatively keeps to himself, is the kind of mysterious neighbor that no one really knows much about 
  • sometimes kids are afraid of him because he has a really deadpan expression so the moms are always like “wonwoo-ah ,,,,, please smile? it’s so nice out!!”
  • but he ends up just getting embarrassed and then asking mingyu when they hangout at a cafe like “kids never let me pat their heads,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,am i scary?”
  • and mingyu is like uh WELL,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • but in reality wonwoo is a sweethearted angel. like he picks up litter if he sees it around the apartment building and always offers to hold groceries for any of the elder neighbors 
  • also he always gets cutely startled when another neighbor’s dog comes over to him and sniffs him or barks in greeting and he’s like !!!!! usually ends up dropping whatever he’s holding
  • and he looks down at the little like ??? pomeranian and is like “so,,,,,scary,,,,”
  • and the owner is like omg,,,,,,,,,,,no they’re not scary they’re cute do you wanna pet them??? and wonwoo is like NO ,,, no ,,,,thank you i gtg
  • his apartment is really clean and well kept,,,,,,he has this vintage looking record player and collects mostly older jazz stuff that’s soothing and sometimes even a lil sad
  • when his friends come over they’re always like “dude,,,,,,,do you have any records from like pop groups???” and wonwoo just blinks and is like “why would i have that,,,,,,i listen to records before i sleep i don’t think i could fall asleep to snsd’s ‘party’,,,,,,”
  • he’s also a big fan of blankets and has them everywhere so he can fall asleep anywhere he pleases: the living room, the bedroom, the goddamn kitchen -
  • doesn’t really decorate his walls but has a photo of parents and brother in the hallway and every morning he waves goodbye to it before he leaves,,,,,it’s cute
  • and you have seen wonwoo before, mostly in passing. he never really looks up from his phone or book so it’s more like passing a ghost than anything
  • until one day you’re both on the floor at the same time and as you unlock your door, you take a step in until you look back and see that,,,,,,,,,,,
  • wonwoo is staring at his door and you’re like ?????? what’s he doing
  • and then you see him literally fall forward with his forehead against the door and you’re like IS HE OK and you’re hesitant but you call out like “everything alright???”
  • and wonwoo turns his head and he’s like ,,,,,,, “i don’t have my keys,,,,,,,im locked out.”
  • and you’re like ,,,,,,did you,,,,,,,forget them inside??? and he nods,,,,shamefully looking at the floor and you’re like oh,,,,,unsure of what to do
  • but then you hear it. a growl. 
  • a stomach growl
  • and you can’t help but laugh and wonwoo puts a hand shyly over his shirt and he’s like “e-excuse me,,,” but you’re like “if you’re hungry you can come over, im just making ramen tonight so?” 
  • and wonwoo is shy, he’d usually probably decline because he doesn’t want to bother you but then he hears his stomach growl again and he knows mingyu (who has a spare to his apartment) is gonna take like 2 hours to get here
  • so he nods and you grin, telling him not to be shy and come over.
  • and once you’re inside, wonwoo sitting awkwardly at your kitchen table you’re like “so,,,,,while the water is boiling - tell me about yourself.”
  • and wonwoo is like “there’s not much,,,,,” and he tells you that he has a brother, he likes to listen to music, write lyrics sometimes,,,,,and he’s kinda like “im sorry im boring” and you’re like no not at all and once the ramen is done you guys keep like talking
  • and wonwoo is a little reserved, obviously you guys are strangers basically, but you keep listening with enthusiasm and you smile when he attempts a joke and ask him more about himself
  • and unlike most people you’re not,,,,,,,making some comment about how he looks angry or tired. you’re just,,,,,,,genuinely listening and it’s been a long time since wonwoo has met someone new who didn’t right away seem judgmental of how kind of simple he is about most things
  • and once he realizes that mingyu is calling him to let him know he’s here, wonwoo is kind of upset that he has to leave the conversation,,,,,
  • but you tell him that it was nice talking and he thanks you for the food and when he meets mingyu out in the hall
  • mingyu is like nudging wonwoo and he’s like “that neighbor you were with - they’re cute.” and wonwoo is like “oh,,,,yeah they are,,,,,and they’re nice,,,”
  • and mingyu’s like wiggling his eyebrows and he’s like “did you just call someone nice,,,,,,,,,hmmmmmm i thought you weren’t a people person,,,,”
  • and wonwoo is like GIVE me the spare keys mingyu
  • and mingyu is like “go ask the neighbor on a date and i will.” and wonwoo is like m I NG Yu,,,,,,,but mingyu won’t let up because he’s like c’mon i know you think they’re cute 
  • so when you hear a knock on your door and open it, wonwoo is biting his lip but he’s also like “not,,,,not to be weird but are you free this weekend? i just want to get to know you more so we can get coffee,,,,,,,if this isn’t awkward,,,,”
  • and you’re like oh,,,,,,,,you’re flattered and you’re like sure!!! and wonwoo is like ,,,,,,,,well in shock because you agreed but also blushing because wow,,,,,,,he actually got a date with you,,,,,,
  • and you exchange a time and place and you smile before closing the door and wonwoo swears his heart beats a bit faster
  • but then he hears mingyu’s voice like GET IT BRO and wonwoo is like “give me the spare this time or eLSE-”


  • always running out of his apartment because he seemingly is late no matter what???
  • like no matter how many alarm clocks he sets,,,,,,he leaves his house juggling his keys, his bus pass, his jacket, his water ,,,,,, and his hair looks like it has never seen a brush in it’s life
  • he always ends up forgetting something too. usually it’s literally he forget to lock the door to his apartment 
  • but this is his charm!!!! all the older people are like “he’s such a youthful young boy full of energy!” and all the kids think he’s super cool because he dances and does taekwondo 
  • and also hoshi has this bad habit of listening to music way too loud in his headphones so if you’re on the elevator with him you’re sure to be hearing shinee’s 1of1 album blasting through the small space 
  • and speaking of shinee, hoshi looks up to them so much he has their poster up on his wall. well he has a lot of stuff on his wall from the medals he’s won in taekwondo, to bizarre polaroid photos of seokmin and minghao, to autographs he’s gotten from famous choreographers he’s met
  • and his wall is a mess, so is his floor and bed. like there’s training clothes everywhere and his bed is never made and the only saving grace is the can of febreeze he got from mingyu as a gift on secret santa 
  • his refrigerator is just big bottles of water and frozen sushi he got from the grocery store and like no one understands what in the world he’s living off??? maybe he’s running off energy from the sun??? who knows
  • and you know hoshi, it’s impossible not to with his crazy bedhead and his singing outloud to ‘sherlock’ habit
  • and you guys are friends, not like super close but you know enough to talk in the hall and one day as you’re talking you mention you just beat your highscore in ‘just dance’ on this song by usher
  • and hoshi’s like “that’s your highest score? i could crush you if that’s your best.” and you’re like OH WANNA BET 
  • and hoshi is like hell yeah i wanna bet come over and ill show you how a pro does it
  • and so you end up sitting on his couch (which he had to clean, there were chip bags and notebooks on it) watching hoshi turn on his wii and before starting the game he turns around to give you a grin and you’re like PFFT you’ll never beat my score
  • but ,,,,,,,,,,you are wrong. he beats your score. that and also,,,,,,you’ve never seen such a good dancer in your life
  • so you get up there and you bust out everything you have and hoshi is like OOOOOOO you look serious,,,,but it won’t be enOUGh
  • and by the end of it you’re huffing and puffing but,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,YOU GET A HIGHER SCORE
  • and hoshi is staring at the TV with his jaw on the floor but then he’s smiling and he’s like “you’re so cool!!!!!!!! you actually beat me!!!!!” and he high-fives you because tbh he’s competitive but like,,,,,,,he’s also a sweet guy
  • and you’re like ohg;ldskgfh,,,,,i did,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • and hoshi is like “i don’t have fifty bucks on me, but i do have enough to take you out to dinner? it’ll be japanese take out though,,,,,” and you’re like LOL that’s fine. free food = good prize
  • and hoshi like offers out his hand and he’s like “shall i escort you to the five star restaurant than?” and he’s got this mock british accent but you’re laughing and you take his hand 
  • and you only blush when you realize that you guys are still holding hands as you leave the building and go up the street,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • and maybe you blush even more when hoshi is like “doesn’t this kinda feel like a first date?” right in front of the cashier at the takeout place and you’re like SHUT
  • but he’s just grinning and you’re like,,,,,,,what is going on
  • and hoshi is like “i figured just dinner isn’t enough so, ill add another thing to your prize.” and you’re like what is it??” 
  • and then he like pokes his cheek and is like “this date with me~~~~” and you’re like never do aegyo again but omg you’re cute,,,,,,,


  • casanova of your apartment building 
  • winks and uses the same “you look like a flower every time i see you, but this time - you’re in full bloom~” line on everyone,,,,,,,,,and when i mean everyone i M E A N E V E R y o n E
  • even the dogs that live in the building ,,,, like there’s a lady with a little chihuahua on the second floor and after telling the lady she looks ten years younger than before, seungcheol like calls the dog a beauty and wow is that dog blushing?????? probably 
  • he’s kind of a really popular guy,,,,like to the point that people will wait outside your building and be like “does seungcheol really live here??? i heard he’s so handsome you can’t look him straight in the eyes,,,,,,,”
  • but in reality,,,,,, his apartment is just the most least romantic thing ever LOL
  • like there’s just sports equipment, sports magazines, and empty water bottles everywhere ,,,,,,, and his laundry pile is so big it’s threatening to fall over,,,,,,, and like the only thing he has for decoration in his whole apartment is like a picture frame he got as a housewarming gift from seungkwan but ,,,,,, there’s no picture in it
  • and like he’s lucky because he has a balcony he can go out onto but on it is his bike that takes up half the space and dying plants he never takes care of
  • and he’s so,,,,,,,like well-kept when he leaves the house but then he comes home and throws everything off and like literally rolls into bed or plays video games in just his sweatpants
  • and you know more than anyone else how the ‘suave and cool’ seungcheol really is because you’ve been friends since before you were neighbors
  • and you’re always over at his place sitting on his balcony and just talking (mostly gossiping because seungcheol actually has a LOT to say and the view from the balcony is nice)
  • and sometimes you come over and trip over like a jumprope he left on the floor and the only reason those plants on his balcony are not DEAD but definitely close is because you water them when you drop by LOL
  • and seungcheol tries to bribe you to do his laundry but you flick his forehead and you’re like “no. im not your maid. get joshua to do it.”
  • and one day you come over and you’re like ,,,,,, seungcheol your apartment is negative ten degrees” and seungcheol
  • who is sitting on his couch in a literal down coat is like “yeah i forgot to pay the heating bill.”
  • and you’re like OH MY GOD but you’re also like get up loser you can spend the night at my place and not die here like a human icicle 
  • and seungcheol is like like i love you you’re my everything my SAVIOR
  • and you’re like SAVE IT DO NOT GREASE ME
  • so seungcheol ends up in your living room on your couch instead and you’re like ok goodnight and seungcheol is like “hEY,,,,,since im here let’s watch a scary movie or something” and you’re like dude we’re not kids this isn’t a sleepover your dumb butt literally didn’t pay- and seungcheol is like fine fine you’re scared I GET IT
  • and you pause because exCUSE me who did you call scared???? move over
  • and you plop down next to him and pick the scariest movie you can find and you’re like “first one to scream is a big loser - ok?” and seungcheol is like “when in my life have i ever screamed? you’re on”
  • but halfway through,,,,like you aren’t even paying attention because you’re sitting under the same blanket as seungcheol and like his arm is practically around your waist and your thighs are touching and he’s really big and warm
  • and you’re tired,,,,,,you had a long day and before you know it you’re knocked out. like what movie? what bet? ZZZZ time
  • and seungcheol notices, and he’s like oh they’re asleep,,,,,he should move so you can lay down
  • but as he’s watching your face illuminated only by the light of the TV like ,,,,,, seungcheol notices finally just how nice your features are
  • and you two have been friends for like ever,,,,, but he’s never quite looked at you and taken it all in,,,,,,,,and somehow now that he is
  • seungcheol is like ,,,,,, oh god ,,,,,,,, you’re cute
  • and not only that???? you literally have saved his ass so many times from bringing him actual food when he forgot to grocery shop, to helping him get hotpacks when he pulled his shoulder, to now,,,,,,when he found himself freezing in his own apartment like YOU saved him
  • and leaning down he brushes some hair from your face and he’s like,,,,, you know what im not gonna move
  • and instead moves a bit so your head falls on his shoulder more comfortably and he moves the blanket off himself so it’s covering all of you
  • and he falls asleep too,,,,,,,,,with the movie still playing
  • and in the morning you open your eyes and you’re like wow my mattress is so warm but broad and oooo it’s moving
  • but then you look down and oh hey there seungch- WHAT
  • and you want to jump up and be like WHAT IS GOING ON but seungcheol lazily opens one eye and is like “go back to sleep,,,,,,,”
  • and for some reason nothing feels wrong about this,,,it’s surprising but not wrong,,,,,,,,
  • so you just shrug and go back to sleep as you feel seungcheols arms wrap tighter around you
  • and oh my god isn’t the best friends to lovers cliche amazing,,,,,,it really is hehe 
Nervous Touches

Klance Oneshot 

1205 Words

Summary: Keith doesn’t like to be touched, yet he yearns for touch anyways. 

[This is sfw despite what the title may imply]

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screaminghyuk  asked:

hi mom your blog is my favourite on tumblr i love your writing so SO much!! if and when you have the time can you do the neighbour au for vixx? if it's too much then the maknae line will do (i've read all of your stuff multiple times over + you're the reason im into seventeen and got7 ily) thank you in advance!!

omg this is so sweet thank you so much!!
im glad you’ve come to love 17+got7!!!


  • sometimes he doesn’t leave his apartment for days. you can tell because his mailbox overflows but you can hear the music from his apartment for like a week straight,,,,,,,and then sometimes you’ll see him leaving his place at like 3 am dressed like he’s going to a Very Fancy club 
  • “it’s the life of a composer,,,,,,,i don’t sleep for like ever and when i finish i have to go and get drunk with the person who paid me to write the song”
  • his apartment is essentially his recording studio, all the instruments and his computer are in the living room and it’s so crowded he bumps into his piano everytime he tries to get to the kitchen
  • likes collecting those little lego figurines and they’re like everywhere. on his computer, above his microwave, probably in his bathroom near his shampoo
  • wears some,,,,,,,,interesting outfits that always become the talk of the block
  • likes to try and keep everything clean but at some point he’s so into work he doesn’t realize he’s spilled cola under his desk chair and the laundry hasn’t been done since hyuk got a solo i mean what now
  • you know ravi is a composer,,,,but you aren’t really sure what that entails
  • until your best friend hakyeon, who happens to be close to ravi is over at your place and is handing a list that is titled “how to keep ravi alive” and you’re like what
  • and hakyeon is like,,,,im going on a trip to europe for a month and usually i check in on ravi when he writes but i won’t be here and everyone is busy and i need to make sure he at least eats something,,,,but i can’t so please,,,,,,,,,,,,,,do this for me
  • and you wanted to refuse at first because you don’t even know ravi
  • but hakyeon is a sweet person and he promises he’ll come back with something nice from europe for you so you decide fine, how hard can it be to just check up on a person
  • TURNS OUT when it’s ravi it is kind of hard
  • because the first day you literally come into his home and try to introduce yourself 4 times before you realize he’s so sucked into his computer he can’t even hear you
  • you check his fridge and there’s just,,,,,some old wine and like???? take out that smells Suspicious
  • and you throw it out and come out of the kitchen to tell ravi he needs to eat but then he looks up at you and screams because hOw DID you gET in here,,,,,and you’re like IVE BEEN HERE FOR HALF AN HOUR and ravi is like?????? i never noticed
  • but he apologizes as soon as you explain what hakyeon told you and he’s like embarrassingly rubbing his neck like,,,,oh don’t listen to hyung im fine on my own
  • but you think about his refrigerator and how sunken-in his eyes look from probably not having sleep and you’re like ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,no i think hakyeon was right you need someones help
  • so you grocery shop and you buy coffee, red bull, energy supplements - whatever he needs to stay up
  • and hakyeon is only gone for a month but in that month you get to know ravi better than most people
  • how he works tirelessly, day and night, on 5 seconds of a song. how he gets angry with himself for not being able to write a melody. how he refuses to sleep until he’s met his goal
  • and the perseverance and creativity in him really shocks you because wow,,,,you’ve been living next to such a hard-working and talented person and you never even knew it
  • but also ravi you’ve worn those basketball shorts 4 days in a row take them off please
  • at one point you asked if ravi had brushed his teeth and he said something you couldn’t even understand so you went to the bathroom, came back with his brush and a cup of water and were like “open up”
  • and ravi was like ????? and you were like “ill brush your teeth while you work”
  • and it was,,,,,,,,,,oddly very intimate
  • and ravi may or may not have suffered like (3) mini heart-attacks
  • but when hakyeon comes back and ravi is done with his song you revert back to being,,,,,,just neighbors
  • until ravi needs to shut himself in for work again and you get a call from hakyeon where he’s like “you need to know something, ive been trying to make sure ravi is ok this past week but he keeps calling me by your name and when i tell him hello - im hakyeon he lets out a deep sigh and long story short i think ravi grew an attachment to you”
  • and you’re like??????? me????? but also,,,,,,,,you can’t help but smile a little
  • and you go next door and let yourself in and you’re like “ravi?” and you see he’s asleep with his head on his desk and you go over to get a blanket to cover him with but when you do, tucking it around his shoulders
  • you hear him murmur something low and you lean in closer and hear him say thank you along with your name
  • and when you come back to check on him again in a couple hours he’s awake and seeing you, it makes him actually stand up from his computer (something he does not do often when he works)
  • and he’s glowing, his sharp features all turning soft as he sees you
  • and you’re like “hakyeon told me you missed me” and ravi is like “AH,,,,well,,,,,,,kind of,,,,,i just,,,hakyeon nags at me and you were nice to me-”
  • and you get this smug look on your face and ravi is faltering under it and you’re like “here i brought some fruits over for you to snack on, but also -”
  • and you press a paper slip into his palm and ravi’s eyes widen and you’re like “it’s my number, so you can call me instead of hakyeon”
  • and you don’t see it as you go into the kitchen with the fruit but ravi literally gathers what little energy he has to do a little happy shimmy dance
  • and he tapes your number to the side of his computer screen and whenever he looks at it he gets this goofy grin on his face,,,,,,,,,because hehe,,,,,,,i have my crush’s number,,,,,


  • only person in vixx who makes his bed in the morning 
  • lives a pretty simple and clean life, likes consistency and has one of those big calendars on his wall where he writes down all his future plans and probably even has like a workout schedule
  • park hyo shin album shrine in his bedroom complete with framed autograph
  • the type to have like candles ,,,,,,, that are in the shapes of like flowers it’s cute
  • bunnies have always reminded me of hongbin so maybe if he lived apart from vixx he’d have one that he jokingly names like wonshik but no no it’s real name is something cute like whatever the korean is for like carrot soup or something LOL
  • idk why but he likes pastel polka dots imagine him with pastel polka dot bed sheets he’s such a cute person
  • people are always surprised that he doesn’t have like,,,,,one billion mirrors in his house because like how can one Not look at a face like that
  • but in reality those kind of things make hongbin really shy,,,,,,like he’s just like,,,,im not handsome and everyone in the building is like IF that isn’t the biggest lie i have Ever heard with my own two ears
  • everyone in the neighborhood has a crush on him. it’s unavoidable. it’s hongbin fever
  • you’ve lived next door to him for a longtime so you guys are pretty familiar with each other,,,,,but the problem is everytime he meets one of your friends. they fall for him
  • and end up begging to come over just for a glimpse of him and then when they try to ask him out
  • hongbin awkwardly like ,,,,makes up an excuse as to why he can’t date them and they get sad and you’ve seen this happen five times and you’re just like ?????????? what is his type ????? what is he looking for???
  • but you’re not gonna ask him that because well like That’s Rude 
  • but one night you actually end up over at his place because your tv broke,,,,and the premire of your favorite drama is on and hongbin was kind enough to let you in to watch it
  • and during a long commercial break you look down to see hongbin sitting at the table, writing down something and you decide that hey you’ll never have another chance to be alone like this with him
  • so you lower the volume a bit and you’re like “can i ask you something?”
  • and he nods without looking up and you’re like,,,,,, “ive lived across from you for like four years and ive never seen you,,,,,,,with someone,,,,that wasn’t from your friend group and this is probably super invasive but - are you seeing someone?”
  • and hongbin’s eyes go wide and he like looks up in silence
  • and you’re like “,,,,,,is it like an arranged marriage thing????? am i asking too much this is rude im sor-”
  • and hongbin shakes his head and is like “no,,,,,i just,,,,,,,,,” and you’re like ?????? and he kind of sadly laughs
  • and is like “,,,,,the person i like hasn’t come to a realization yet.”
  • and you’re shocked because hongbin. prince of your neighborhood. actual living art is harboring a one-sided love????
  • and you can’t help yourself you’re like “who is that blind? i mean,,,,,,,,anyone who looks at you is enchanted”
  • and hongbin laughs because that’s what he does. compliments make him shy
  • but then you go back to watching your drama and you don’t notice hongbin has stopped writing and suddenly you hear in a very quiet voice: “were you,,,,,,enchanted by me?”
  • and you look down at him and you’re like “are you asking if i liked you?”
  • and hongbin swallows a lump in his throat but builds up the courage to nod his head and you’re like “of course,,,,,,but i knew it was a longshot i mean ,,,,,,,,do you know how popular you are? it’s like falling for an idol-”
  • but suddenly hongbin is up and he’s like “don’t say that.” and you’re like is he embarrassed??????whats going on??????
  • but he just takes a seat next to you and he’s like “it’s you,,,,you’re the one i wanted to confess to me.”
  • and you’re so shocked,,,,,,you literally drop the remote and hongbin is getting red the longer you stare at him wide-eyed
  • until you’re like looking over at the tv and the drama is a kissing scene and then you look back at hongbin and you’re red now too
  • and you’re both red and there’s kissing in the background but you know what there should be some kissing in this apartment too
  • because you both like each other so why not
  • but when you do kiss him you’re like wait. wait. is this real did i fever dream this-
  • and hongbin takes your hand and puts it on his face and he’s like “it’s real.”


  • big tall meme 
  • who can’t figure out how to cook a meal for himself but can reboot a computer and probably fix your tv in less than ten minutes
  • for the sake of this au,,,,hyuk is Nerd. as in his whole apartment is full of like action figures and comic books and video games and dirty socks and,,,,,half eaten bags of potato chips, opened cans of redbull
  • your usual college boy whose friends are all part of the e-sports club at school like c’mon
  • of course how could i forget, his movie collection of sci-fi alien flicks is the only thing that’s organized on his bookshelf
  • everyone in the building comes to him for help like the ladies need help with their broken microwaves and hairdryers while the dads don’t get why their son managed to break the new computer (hyuk looking at the sticky keyboard: uh,,,,)
  • and he does it for free for elders but the teenagers who go to him to learn how to game or upgrade their setups he’s like “my work isn’t cheap. 20 bucks an hour on nothing.”
  • hakyeon: stop pandering from teenagers
  • hyuk: ,,,,,,i have no idea what you are talking about *hiding his piggy bank which literally says ‘money from gamer nerdz’ jokes jokes
  • you know hyuk is handy with,,,,,electric stuff and whatnot so when your lights go out in the middle of the night even though you paid all your utilities like last week,,,,you know the man to go to
  • and when hyuk opens the door you’re like “whats up, my lights are out and im not sure if it’s a fuse box thing or -”
  • and hyuk is like “i got you let me come over”
  • but as you’re walking through the hall of your apartment you realize, you don’t have a flashlight and you’re like my phone is somewhere on my sofa,,,,,let me fell around
  • but you have literally zero light and it’s night out and you think you’re heading toward your sofa but you feel something soft standing in your way
  • and you’re like touching it and you’re like it’s soft,,,,but hard???
  • and warm????
  • wait is that t-shirt
  • and you’re like hold up
  • “hyuk??? am i touching you????”
  • hyuk: “yep”
  • you: “why didn’t you stop me what th-”
  • hyuk: “it was fine, i liked it.”
  • and you turn pink, thankful for the lights off and want to swat his hand but you don’t know where that is until you feel his hand take your wrist
  • and he takes his phone out of his pocket and shines it on you and you’re like heY
  • and he’s like “hehe cute” and you’re like excuse me what
  • and hyuk is like “nothing, lead the way”
  • and when you get to the fuse box you hold the phone and see hyuk work with the wires. you notice the light shading his handsome face, a set jawline and wow,,,,his height????
  • and you’re like this is the first time im looking at hyuk and going ‘he’s hot’ what the HECK is wrong with me
  • and hyuk finishes in under five minutes and all your lights turn back on and he smiles
  • and it’s so,,,,,cute his nose is adorable did you just notice that??? why are you having all of these thoughts about your neighbor??
  • and he’s like “all done. how’d you like to pay me?”
  • and you’re like “i think i have some cash- but,,,,”
  • and hyuk grins because he’s like “yes,,,,,i don’t want cash”
  • and you’re like oh,,,,,,,,and you’re like “ok lean down-”
  • and hyuk does super duper excited that he’s about to get a kiss
  • but instead you pinch his cheek and go “ill order us pizza, don’t think im easy han sanghyuk.”
  • and with that you turn around and hyuk is just like: that was sexy 
  • you: shuttup what kind of toppings do you want?

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Hello dear, do you know any Drarry fanfics that are not smut or porn? Something like more adventures, or detectives or something. Like Running on Air, if you know it. Thanks a lot ❤❤

Wow, this was such an interesting and challenging request! I wasn’t sure exactly which part of it to focus on, but hopefully you will find something you like in this list of T-rated adventure/auror/something similar fics! Also, I absolutely loved Running on Air, so I’m going to include it in the list as well just so I can talk about it hahaha :D

Running on Air by eleventy7 (75K)- Draco Malfoy has been missing for three years. Harry is assigned the cold case and finds himself slowly falling in love with the memories he collects.
GAH, this fic!!! I remember it really well because it is the ONLY fic I’ve ever read that was so powerful, I was literally unable to read anything else for the rest of the day after I finished. That never happens to me. This fic reminded me of American classics like The Great Gatsby, or maybe East of Eden, and I don’t even know why except it was just so well written! So much delicious symbolism!!!! I was originally reluctant to read it because I saw that Harry is falling in love with “memories” and I was like NO GIVE ME DRACO IN PERSON OR GIVE ME DEATH, but then it was amazing and so worth the read and just don’t make the same mistake I did, read it NOW. 

Eclipse by Mijan (287K)- Draco swore his revenge on Harry for Lucius’s imprisonment, and Harry all but laughed at him. But Draco is planning more than schoolyard pranks this time. The old rivalry turns deadly when Draco abducts Harry for Voldemort. It’s the perfect plan, guaranteeing revenge, power, and prestige, all in one blow. But when Draco’s world turns upside down, the fight to save himself and Harry begins, and the battle will take them both through hell and back. If they come back.
This was the first fic this request made me think of, because it has some aspects that are very similar to Running on Air (mostly the whole being-on-a-journey thing)! I’d be surprised if you hadn’t already read it because it’s such a classic, and for VERY GOOD REASON! I loved Harry and Draco’s interactions throughout the story, and it was just such a good, quintessential adventure fic, and I was hooked from the start and couldn’t put it down! Absolutely a must-read.

On Open Wings by dicta_contrion (15.5K)- Answers don’t just fall from the sky, but sometimes birds do. When one almost knocks Harry off his feet, he’s got to save it. If Draco is the only one who can help, well. That’s really entirely irrelevant.
I don’t have a concrete reason why I’m including this fic in this particular rec list besides the fact that, (although it didn’t last a whole day) this short but amazing work also moved me so profoundly that I was unable to read anything else immediately after. It just has that *ambiance*. I reeeeally loved this fic and it deserves about seven times the number of kudos and comments it currently has, I mean COME ON THERE’S AN INJURED BIRD AND A DRACO MALFOY WHO CAN SAVE IT

Twist of Fate by Oakstone730 (302K)- Draco asks Harry to help him beat the Imperius curse during 4th year. The lessons turn into more than either expected. A story of redemption and forgiveness. 
This is, in my opinion, one of the best (AND MOST HEART-WRENCHING) drarry fics of all time. It has preeeetty much everything you could ever want in a Hogwarts-era drarry, and then a whole bunch more besides. Warning for MAJOR angst, like so major I had to have my friend spoil me before I read it and I was very glad I did. If you are sensitive to angst and want to be spoiled definitely feel free to send me a message and I will be happy to wail to any- and everybody about what happens so you can prepare your fragile, drarry-loving hearts. And just keep in mind that I’ve never liked a fic without a happy ending ;)

The Snitch-Maker by Omi_Ohmy (21.5K)- Draco is content with his Snitches, with the tap tap tap of his hammer, and the tiny gears and sharp scent of metal in his workshop - until one day Harry Potter appears, asking for help to solve a rash of Snitch-tampering in the Quidditch world. Career Choices: Harry: QUABBLE official (Quidditch representative); Draco: Snitch-maker
Okay let me just say that I freaking LOVE the hd career fair (it’s happening again this year guys, yay!!!) and this is an amazing example of how wonderful atypical career Drarry fics can be. Although Harry isn’t an auror, he’s still been put in charge of solving a mystery, and Draco helps him and THERE aRE SNIDGETS I LOVE SNIDGETS! And also I am such a sucker for any fic in which one of the boys does some sort of craft or something creative, so I absolutely LOVE Draco-the-snitch-maker!!

The Bodyguards by dracogotgame (51K)- Harry and Draco are brought together for a seemingly dull security mission. Things however, are not as they seem. Career Choices: Harry: Bodyguard; Draco: Bodyguard
Another unusual career fic! This fic has some GREAT animosity, GREAT characterization, GREAT original characters, and, in my opinion, an especially satisfying ending! Again, although they aren’t aurors in this fic, there is still a mystery for them to solve! :)

Earthbound Spook by cest_what (57.5K)- Two months after Draco Malfoy was reported dead, Harry and Ron found him tangled in Strangler Ivy on the grounds of Hogwarts.
OOH Dimension travel! Gryffindor Draco! Mystery! Intrigue! Horcruxes! Panic! Romance! Yep, amazing!! :D

Oath Breaker by GoblinCatKC (181.5K)- At the start of seventh year, the Malfoys perform a dramatic double-cross against the dark lord and Draco educates Harry in an old school of magic. With a wild dragon chase, narrow escapes and an unlikely romance as Draco is forced to reveal to a hostile wizarding world that the Malfoy family is dark.
Okay, I really loved this fic! I love when authors explore the whole Light/Dark magic dynamics and come up with their own explanations of how it all works! And the history of why Dark magic has been discriminated against! I also love when more Slytherins than just Draco start working against Voldemort and this fic is such a well-written example of that! And I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I love creature Draco as well, and he can be found in all his (very unique!) glory here ;)

Thank You? // Lee Donghyuck


the prompt: may I please make a request of Haechan. When the reader is a new person in school, but can only speak English (or something) and can only talk through Mark, but then, like he gets real sick of it and just wants to be able to get to know them better and strait up (tries) to learn English himself but sound broken but cute…

words: 445

category: drabble + fluff

author note: this one is long overdue and i’m sorry for the wait. even though it’s super short i rlly like how it turned out haha. also i lov donghyuck sm wow. pls enjoy!

- destinee

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Pick SomeoneWho’s Supportive

Ok something very exciting happened to me last night. I have been on another planet literally since and just can’t keep it to myself anymore. I ran it by some friends on here I trust a ton (sslarrysettingsail, bromanceshmomance, and pianolouis) and decided to go ahead and share. It’s super long though, so you may want to grab a beverage and get comfy.

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I meant to do this a while ago but I kept putting it off. My blog officially turned a year old on January 5th! And there are several things I want to do to celebrate but I wanted to start off with a follow forever of all my amazing mutuals!! I love you all so so much and you have all been such a blessing!! 

(If I forgot anyone, I am so so sorry babes and pls let me know!)


➰ My Parabatai @aleclightwqqd ➰:  Sam! My first official friend on here and one of the best people I know!! You’ve been there for me through quite a bit and there honestly aren’t enough ways to tell you how thankful I am for you! Also, all of your gifsets are absolutely amazing and I am always in awe every time! I am always so excited whenever I see that you’ve tagged me in your work!

💕 My Soulmate @loganlermans 💕: Nik my beautiful soulmate! The Magnus to my Alec, the Connor to my Oliver and the Thomas to my Minho! You are amazing and one of the sweetest people ever! You have been there for me through a lot and you always manage to make me smile! Also, your icons are to die for omg!! I love you xo

😍 My faves 😍

@delzinrowe : We’ve only been friends for a short time, Stef but it’s been a blessing! You are so nice and so so talented! I am in awe of all of your edits because wow! How can gifsets that pretty exist???? 


@protectholland: My Holly Bae! We have been friends for a while now and I am so grateful for that! You are one of the most positive and opinonated people I know and I love you for that! I also love your writing, edits and headcanons! So much talent!!


@harleyqvnn: Chloe, you are one of the most down to earth people I have ever met and you are always so so positive! You always have incredible urls and you make the best edits!! 


@tyrgaryens: Katherine my ask meme buddy! I look forward to when we reblog ask memes from each other because I can always count on a few questions from you! Also you are so sweet and kind and I am so happy to be mutuals!


@ersojyn: You have one of my honest to god favorite blogs of all time, Fenja and I am always in awe that you follow my trash blog! We don’t talk all the time but I love when we do because you are so kind! And wow I am in love with your writing and all of your edits! So much talent!


@ffinn: I’ve followed you for a while and we recently just became mutuals and honestly I am still in shock by that! I absolutely adore you and your blog, Holli! All of your edits? Amazing! Absolutely stunning! 


@barryallhan: Callie you are just the cutest little bean ever and I love seeing you appear on my dash! You are an incredible, strong and beautiful person and I am really lucky to have you for a friend, love!


@emmastoncs: Martina you are another one of those high quality blogs that make me wonder how you could be following my trashcan of a blog! I absolutely adore you! I love how you are here to enjoy what you want and what you love and that you refuse to let anyone tell you otherwise! You are incredible and I am so happy that we are mutuals! 


@victaj: Katie, I am not evene sure where to begin hun because there is so much I want to say! You are amazing and an absolute godsend to the Shadowhunters fandom! I am in love with your love for all the underappreciated characters! And wow I absolutely live for your headcanons and icons! Also, you’re absolutely gorgegous, I am in awe! 


@poedameron: Maggie, I adore you so so much and you are one of the coolest people I know! Your edits are always stunning and to die for, you are always so sweet to everyone and so positive and incredibly beautiful and gifted! 


@magsbane: The sweetest of the sweet! Corrie you are just so positive and kind and I am in love with your love for Magnus Bane! Your edits are so incredibly beautiful and wow! Have I mentioned how amazing you are???


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I would never!

You and your best friend Jackson were drinking Boba in a store near the JYP building since it was both your breaks. Your group Pure Eternity decided to go have some Bulgogi instead and you weren’t that hungry so you went with Jackson instead. Your Korean wasn’t as good as your english so you and Jackson always spoke in english. He kept making jokes and you were dying. Your best friend is just so funny, he put straws into his nose and that’s when you blew up laughing “OH JACKSON! STOP HAJIMA!!” You were gonna pee your pants. “Ok ok come on break is almost over we have to go back” reminded Jackson “nahhh Jackson we have english class next so we don’t have to go. Ohh can you teach me Chinese, I wanna impress Winwin!” After a few, more like 100 tries you finally learned to say “I love you” and “I am winwin’s only” and Jackson secretly taught you “I am stupid” by telling you it meant “I am Jackson’s best friend”. An hour later Jackson told you he will drop you back home so you can rest, you told him you can go alone but he is too protective so he didn’t allow it. Once you arrived home and Jackson left after eating all Winwin’s favorite candyㅋㅋ you decided to take a nap.

An hour later you heard the door open and you knew it was Winwin. You excitedly stood up and went to hug him, but you were surprised when he pushed you away. Confused you asked in a nervous tone “Winwin… What’s wrong?” “DO YOU NOT KNOW WHAT’S WRONG!? YOU’VE BEEN CHEATING ON ME WITH THAT GOT7 JACKSON. I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN. I SHOULD’VE KNOWN BETTER THAN TO KEEP YOU IN JYP TO MAKE BOYFRIENDS WITH THESE SUNBAES!!!” You were taken aback. Shocked. Frozen. Your eyes welled up. Tears were fighting to fall. “Win..” “DON’T, DON’T START” he pushed everything infront if him and they shattered on the floor. You got so scared and so sad that he was doubting you like this. You thought he would trust you. You ran out of the house to Pure Eternity’s dorm.

You started to cry to your members as you told them what had happened. They were disappointed at what Winwin had said and they were surprised on how he got this information. Your leader quickly checked the internet and her prediction was right. It was all over the internet headlined “A MEMBER OF PURE ETERNITY DATING GOT7 JACKSON” you felt your stomach flip. JYP was gonna kill you and Jackson. All the photos from the article were taken today when you were at the boba shop. You didn’t blame Winwin for believing them since they looked pretty convincing but you were so sad that he didn’t trust you and that he didn’t let you explain. Your members prepared your room and you immediately went to sleep since you were so tired.

The next day at the JYP building JYP asked to see you and Jackson to discuss the false article “So explain you two” started JYP. Jackson started explaining that you two were only best friends and that you were at the boba shop for your break not a date and that all the rumors were false. JYP believed you since he knew you were dating Winwin and that you and Jackson were indeed very close. He sent an email to his assistant to write an article saying it’s all fake and to clear everything up. Many of the comments were surprisingly surprising saying things like “Awwww I shipped them alot” and “Dammit I thought my ship was sailing” you wanted to laugh but Jackson started tickling you for no reason

Back at your apartment Winwin couldn’t sleep for the night. He was busy recalling the events that had happened and the harsh things he said to you. And once the new article was released he felt worse. He didn’t know why he believed the article. He knew you would never do that but jealousy took over this little cute boy. He wanted to call you but he thought you might be mad at him so he decided not to. Suddenly he heard a knock on the door. He ran to open it hoping it would be you however he saw someone he didn’t want to see: Jackson. “Hey, I got you a Chinese book so you can… Oh hi Winwin! Wow! You look like a mess and the house too!! What’s wrong?” He asked Winwin with concern. Winwin was shocked at how nice Jackson was. “No wonder she likes you more!” Winwin spoke. Jackson was so confused. “Who?” And after Winwin said your name Jackson burst out laughing. “HAHAHAH ME!? DUDE SHE LIKES YOU SO MUCH SHE MADE ME TEACH HER CHINESE JUST SO SHE CAN IMPRESS YOU!” And Jackson continued laughing. Winwin was shocked at his words. He felt so happy that you like him but he also felt sick. “Hyung what do I do now?” asked Winwin. Jackson gave Winwin a great plan and Winwin decided to do it. Him and Jackson started planning it.

You decided to go back to your apartment, since you knew Winwin would be at practice at this time, to grab some stuff. However when you entered you weren’t expecting to see NCT standing in a line holding a rose each. First in line was Kun he gave you a flower and said “Sorry” the same thing was done by Mark, Yuta, Jaehyun, Taeil , Taeyong and Johnny. And after that you felt hands cover your eyes and someone whispered “I’m so sorry. I got so jealous I burst and I didn’t mean anything I said. I love you so much” you felt a drop of water on your shoulder so you turned around and saw Winwin crying. He pulled you into a very tight hug. You hugged him back as tightly as he was hugging you saying “It’s okay. You dont have to be jealous though. I love you too much to ever cheat on you!” You wiped his tears and gave him a kiss on his cheek. “Okay thanks guys you can go now” and so left NCT, Winwin hugged you again. He was so cute, he looked like a baby.

Winwin wouldn’t let you go until you reached the bed you shared. He tucked you in and told you to rest until he came back, and once he came back he gave you a beautiful necklace with both your initials as charms. You looked at him with sincere eyes and thanked him. He hugged you once more and scooted next to you pulling your head into his chest still wrapping his arms around you “I love you” said Winwin while stroking your hair, you looked up at him about to answer back but you were shut up by the softest lips crashing into yours. He kissed you for almost a minute and once you let go he had the biggest and goofiest smile ever on his face. He was too adorable he put your head again into his chest, however this time to hide himself from you because he was so so red. “I love you too Sicheng” you said in Chinese and you hugged him to sleep. “I love you way more” he layed a kiss on your forehead as he too went to sleep.

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The characters: Vegeta and Bulma. AU: Future/sci-fi. Setting: Vegeta has a hardcore crush on Bulma and finally gets the guts to express it to her. It doesn't go as planned.

Vegeta walked into the tiny repair shop and stood in front of the counter, removing his dirty white gloves and ringing the bell.

“I’ll be there in a second!” A loud, feminine voice yelled from the back room, accompanied by a string of ear-piercing, strident noises. “Son of a…! Damn it!” The woman roared.

The Prince chuckled at the crazy sounds that resonated throughout the small shop. He couldn’t help but be amused by Bulma’s antics, always fascinated by her each and every move, whether it was seeing her small but curvy body bent over as she was fixing one of the planet’s many space pods or simply wiping off the sweat from her creamy forehead with the back of her hand…

“Hey, Vegeta! What’s up?” She said cheerfully, leaning on the counter with one hand and taking a large gulp from a cold drink with the other, offering him a fantastic glimpse of her generous cleavage at the same time.

He cleared his throat awkwardly, inwardly cursing himself for his complete and utter inability to talk like a regular person whenever the Earth woman was around. Ever since they’d met, about four months earlier, when he’d brought her one of his broken scouters, he’d found himself fabricating excuse after excuse in order to be able to run into her, his body constantly begging him to spend time with the stunning woman. Her bright blue eyes and matching long wavy hair were the first thing that had caught his attention, together with her extremely evident intelligence and vivid personality. She was funny, as cute as a button and yet, at times, she possessed a tongue and temper that could put any Saiyan to shame.  

“Are you alright?” Bulma softly asked, frowning in concern. “Are you here to pick up your scouter?”

Vegeta nodded gracelessly, feeling his rough hands tensely clutch the border of the chipped wooden counter.

“Alright…” She continued, still feeling like there was something wrong with him today. “Let me go get it!”

She turned around, getting back inside the back room with a pair of very starving Saiyan eyes fixed on her graceful movements. As soon as she left the room, Vegeta banged his fist on the counter, squeezing his eyes shut in frustration.

‘What the Hell was wrong with him? Since when did a puny, insignificant female have this effect on him? She should be the one feeling nervous! No! Grateful! That’s right! She should be feeling fucking grateful that an extraordinary warrior such as himself had chosen her as a future mate…’

Today was supposed to be the day.

He’d been planning it for days, ever since he’d abandoned the planet to go on his last mission two weeks ago. It had turned out to be one of the most dangerous tasks Frieza had assigned him and his comrades to do. Before he parted, he’d picked up his newly repaired armor from Bulma’s shop and, later, he’d had to battle the bastards from the planet he’d been ordered to purge while he carried her sweet, unmistakable scent all over him. It had been both intoxicating and maddening, and he’d finally had the courage to acknowledge to himself what he’d been afraid had happened ever since he’d first laid eyes on the woman: he’d fallen in love with her.

He’d fallen for this weak, fragile creature whose planet, and most of her entire race, had been destroyed by his evil Master no more than six months ago. And yet, her brave spirit and exuberant personality had remained untouched, luring him like a moth to a flame.

No other woman would do.

He was supposed to leave on a mission in less than twenty-four hours, and he couldn’t leave without a promise: her promise that she would be his and his alone, and that she’d be waiting for him when he’d return from his latest duty.

“There you go!” She said proudly, sitting casually on top of the counter, right next to him, and handing him the scouter.

He took it, making a phenomenal effort not to let his hands shake at his uneasiness.

“Thank you,” he finally managed to reply in a low, uncomfortable voice.

“Um, you’re welcome…”

Bulma could see him fidgeting with the small device, something unusual in a man that had always been so strong, proud and confident, and she couldn’t shake off the feeling that something was bothering him.

They both shared an uncomfortable silence for a minute before Bulma attempted to break the ice a little.

“It’s strange, you know?”

“What’s strange?” He answered immediately, secretly grateful for the woman’s natural chattiness.

“Well… Your scouter… It wasn’t really, you know… It wasn’t really broken.”


“It wasn’t?”

“Nope. It worked well, the only thing wrong with it were a couple of pieces missing. It was as if someone had just removed them…”

He knew it, the woman was too damn smart for her own good and, of course, that’s why he’d fallen so hard for her.

“I temporarily lent it to one of my comrades,” he lied.

“Really? Which one?”


“Nappa… That’s the bald one, right?”


“I see…” She replied unconvinced. “Well… I’d say your comrade must have been the one to take those missing pieces…”

She jumped from the counter, landing on the floor and walking towards a small sink in the corner of the room. She grabbed a small white cloth, dampening it and wringing out the excess water as she proceeded to remove several grease stains from her smooth ivory skin.

“Where’s the human male?” He finally asked, almost hypnotized by her elegant actions.

“Uh?” Bulma replied distractedly. “You mean Yamcha?”

The Prince grunted.

“Oh, he doesn’t work here anymore. He’s too… You know… I guess ‘clumsy’ would be the right word,” she snickered, shaking her head. “Now he’s a cook in a restaurant downtown.”

Vegeta couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow at that. “A cook?”

Bulma laughed.

“Well… That’s what he says… To tell you the truth, I’m sure he’s more like a kitchen helper, or even a dishwasher. You know Yamcha, almost everything he says is a lie or some kind of exaggeration…”

“So, you’re not mates anymore?” Vegeta asked cautiously, the question making Bulma raise her head in shock.

“Mates?” She asked wide-eyed.

“Yes, mates… You know, like…”

“Like a boyfriend?”

“Is that how it’s called in your planet?”

“I guess… You mean like a partner, right? Like a couple?”

“That is correct.”

“Gods, no! Ugh! No!” She replied, horrified. “I mean, I thought he was cute when I met him, and it was nice to find a few people from my home planet in here but… No… He’s just not for me…”

The Prince walked towards her, standing by her side as she kept grooming herself, and thinking that this could finally be his window of opportunity.

“I see… And why is that?” He asked casually.

Bulma looked at him for an instant, blinking a few times and tilting her head to the side thoughtfully.

“I don’t know… Well, obviously, he lies a lot, so he’s not very trustworthy, which is a huge turn off in a guy. But he’s also, kind of… I guess the right word is soft.”


“Yeah…” She shrugged, going back to her task and languidly rubbing the cloth across her neck.

Vegeta smirked triumphantly.

Oh yeah, he knew just what kind of a man this little female needed…

“So, what you’re saying is, you are looking for a man who is strong.”

“Um, I guess? I mean, I’m not even really looking for a…”

“Like a Saiyan Prince,” he declared solemnly.

His words made Bulma instantly drop her cloth and look at him in complete shock. One look at him told her he was dead serious.


“Ve-Vegeta, I…” Before she could find the right words to reject his proposal, the warrior gently held her pale hand between his much larger ones.

“Bulma,” he said with an intensity she had never witnessed in any man before. “If you take me as your mate I swear, on my Saiyan honor, to protect and cherish you, fighting your battles by your side, for all Eternity.”

Bulma felt her legs tremble, her pulse racing while this man, the most attractive man she’d ever known, basically asked her to marry him.

‘Why? And, why today, of all days?’

She wanted to say yes, more than anything she’d ever wanted in her entire life, but she couldn’t, not when she was so damn close…

Tonight was the night she was about to escape the planet in search of the mythical magic Dragon Balls that would allow her, if the legends turned out to be true, to wish her home planet and its inhabitants back to life once again.

She couldn’t do it.

She couldn’t give up on her biggest dream for man, especially not for a ruthless warrior that possibly had no real concept of what love truly was and would probably end up breaking her poor little heart eventually anyway.

“Vegeta,” she sighed. “I… I really appreciate your proposal and… It’s, it’s very, very tempting but… I just can’t accept,” she finally replied, kindly removing her now very sweaty hand from his own. If she kept feeling his warm touch much longer, she didn’t trust herself.

The Saiyan let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding.

Well, he hadn’t seen this one coming…

He cleared his throat and raised his chin proudly in a pathetic attempt to hide his humiliation.

“I see. May I ask why?” He enquired in the most neutral voice he could project.

“Well, uh… I’m leaving tonight, you see? My boss gave me a couple of weeks off and I’m going on a trip,” she lied.

She was going on a trip, alright, but her boss didn’t even know he’d never see her again after today, not that he’d notice anyway until she was long gone, since he barely spent any time in the small repair shop.

“A trip?”



“Um, uh, it’s this small planet called Namek. I’ve heard it’s really nice, and very similar to Earth…”

Vegeta squinted his eyes suspiciously, but chose to say nothing more. He’d had enough humiliation for a day anyway, so he walked towards the counter and grabbed his white gloves.

“How much do I owe you?” He asked, still avoiding her gaze, unable to stand her pity.

“Uh, you know what? This one’s on the house!” She replied.

She tried to appear joyful, but deep down she felt heartbroken, not just for him, but for herself as well. It was hard to believe but, suddenly she felt the strong urge to throw caution to the wind and say yes to this enigmatic, handsome Saiyan warrior.

“I’m afraid I can’t accept that. Here,” he said, offering her a small black card. “You’ll need funds for your trip I suppose.”

Bulma just took the card, unwilling to start an argument with the man.

He nodded, his dark eyes penetrating her very soul, and he turned around, exiting the shop and walking away from her life.

“Woman,” he declared, still giving her his back. “You will never find a man more suited to be your mate.”

The earthling swallowed heavily.

“I don’t doubt it, Vegeta,” she whispered in all honesty.

He grunted in confirmation and disappeared into the crowd, leaving a very confused Bulma sitting heavily on a small chair and on the verge of tears.

‘What just happened?’

A few hours later, a mortified Saiyan Prince was still trying to bury his shame in alcohol.

“Pour me another! And leave the fucking bottle!” He yelled.

“Motherfucker…” Vegeta mumbled to himself while Nappa and Raditz kept staring in surprise, never having seen their Prince in such a poor state.

“That filthy fucking lizard motherfucker… I’m sick of this shit!” He yelled, slamming the glass against the table.

“Okay, I have to ask. Did something happen today, Vegeta?” Nappa finally enquired.

“Mind your own fucking business, baldy…”

“Come on, buddy, don’t be like that! We just got a sweet deal, you know?” The bigger man said, leaning a little into Vegeta. “Raditz just brought me the details of our next mission. We’re leaving tonight, and it looks like child’s play. Look… It’s this small planet called Namek, and apparently the inhabitants are really weak. There’s a bonus involved, and all we have to do is retrieve some…”

“The fuck did you just say?” Vegeta asked him in inebriated shock.

“A-About what?”

“The planet… What’s it called?”

“Um, Namek?”

“Sonofabitch…” The Prince slurred, smiling lazily.

‘Oh… This was so damn sweet it had to be fattening…’

He stood from his chair all of a sudden, drunkenly walking towards the exit door.

“Vegeta? What the fuck is going on?” Raditz asked in bewilderment at the sudden change of attitude in his Prince.

“Just pay for the drinks and let’s get the Hell out of this planet, asshole!”

Vegeta got out of the bar, silently allowing the cold, crisp air of the night to clear up his mind.

He was going to need it.

The next time he faced the woman, he wouldn’t fail.

He’d make her his, showing her in whatever way possible that they were made for each other, whatever the cost, even if he had to slaughter that despicable lizard bastard himself in order to keep her safe forever.

Vegeta didn’t know that, in that very moment, a blue haired woman was sitting on her small bed, her few belongings all packed up as she waited in the dark for the three earthlings that would join her in her new adventure: a bald monk, a dirty perverted old man that possessed a surprisingly great talent for martial arts and Yamcha.

In her trembling hands, she held a small object: the black card a certain Saiyan Prince had given her just hours earlier.

She’d finally checked the contents of it.

Ten million credits.

A small fortune, enough to purchase even a small planet if she wished.

Bulma stood by the window, her watery eyes lost in the starry sky. Now, more than ever, she was fully determined to find the Dragon Balls and make her wishes come true.

One of those wishes now included the promise of getting to see her perfect man one more time.

Somehow, somewhere, she knew they’d meet again, and when they did, she would never let him go…

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For those of you who are a little confused, a bit about Harry and RBB.

Last year (around 16 december 2015) the rbb/sbb twitter account posted this:

14 december 2016, we got this tweet and photo:

as far as I know, we were mostly joking about this and laughing at his “Can you help me find a job?” comment. Then, a few days later (20 december 2016), Harry showed up in a beary warm coat:

hence a flood of RBB jokes, because ha.

Two days later, Harry shows up at The Bear’s Head Inn:

At this point we were all joking about “nut tree”, a thing that happened at an otra show in Dublin on october 17th 2015, where rbb and sbb were absent, but this was there:

 AND TODAY, the 23rd of december, 2016, Harry Rbb Styles shows up here:

Fucking Walnut Tree. Right. (I’m probably missing stuff and then there’s also the bonus of rbb showing up with military gear, and hey, guess who turns out to be starring in a war movie…but yes)  either way, WHAT A COINCIDENCES

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Hi hi! I love your writing so much! Can you do one when you're dating Jaebum and being best friends with the rest of got7? (Like one of those list things) Thank you!!

Ngl I got a little emotional writing this….

  • all of them are shocked when Jaebum introduces you to them
  • all of them are also highkey proud of their leader bc wow you are actually perfect????
  • Jaebum regrets bringing you to the dorm almost 10 seconds after the two of you walk into the room
  • “Jackson, close your fucking mouth. Youngjae, why are you blushing? Stop laughing Jinyoung!”
  • he’s lowkey having a mental breakdown
  • Jinyoung pulling himself together finally and introducing himself and all of the other members follow his lead
  • BamBam flirting with you just to annoy Jaebum
  • you and Mark sitting slumped on the couch as you wait for Jaebum to finish getting ready for your date and showing each other stupid memes on your phones
  • yo okay but Jaebum would do literally anything for you like he’d donate both of his lungs to you is you asked him to
  • and so Yugyeom especially teases him about being so in love with you and Jaebum’s not even denying it but he gets super shy and does the thing where he looks down with that gummy smile on his face oml
  • the boys calling you “mom 2” or sometimes just “mom” whether you’re older than them or not
  • Jaebum just smiles when they do
  • okay but maknae line would somehow rope you into pranking the other members, even Jaebum
  • and he gets so mad that he doesn’t speak to you for like seven hours
  • he finally talks to you again after you agree to help him prank the other members with him
  • ngl Youngjae’s walked in on the two of you in very compromising positions before
  • and he always is a blushing and stuttering mess which attracts the other members
  • Jackson loves to laugh at the two of you for being couple-y
  • Jaebum getting jealous when another member gets too touchy or you spend more time with another member than with him
  • watching got7’s dance practices and watching only Jaebum
  • which of course prompts teasing from the other members
  • “you know Y/N, Yugyeom won Hit the Stage, maybe you should watch him too…”
  • Jaebum skyping you while got7’s on tour and his call turns into a group call because all of the others have to say hello to you too and tell you how much they miss you
  • the other members getting hold of Jaebum’s phone and texting you stupid things until he finds out then they run lmao but you know they’re  as good as dead
  • honestly they love you so much but Jaebum loves you the most and at the end of every day he’s glad he introduced you to them and that you all get along so well because he doesn’t know what he’d do without you

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Who are people you ship Lee Jordan? What headcanons do you have for them?

lemme tell ya about how much i love Fred x Lee my sweet sweet anon:

- so Fred George met Lee clearly on their first day of hogwarts. 

- at the Gryffindor table right after the sorting Fred and George come and sit on either side of lee and introduce themselves with identical grins and then start with the witty banter (and making fun of percy)

- Lee is sitting there laughing the whole time (and feeling really special that these two larger than life non-stop people have decided that he is gonna be their friend)

- on the first night at Hogwarts they are all super buzzed cause W o W there is a whole freaking castle to explore and because of that there must be a heck load of mischief to get up to

- in their first class they bust in late all three of them: Fred with an (apparently) apologetic grin, George with a terribly repressed smirk and Lee with a crooked smile 

- (this is one of the only times they get away with it because ‘we are so sorry sir we got lost’ can actually be believable when it hasn’t been used every day of the week before) 

- within the week Lee can tell the twins apart (finally there was to be no more “haha we gotcha i’m actually Fred”) 

- basically their friendship keeps growing and growing as friendships do 

- then one day someone asks Lee how he’s so good at telling the twins apart and he stops and thinks for a second cause really he can’t quite put his finger on it

- he tries to explain the subtle differences in appearance to the person inquiring but he’s distracted by how they both ‘feel’ different 

- George was like squinted eyes of concentration,and burst of laughter, and being always prepared to either hug you or kill someone for you 

- and Fred was (wow) Fred was just completely different he was fast and passionate talk (that would always make butterflies erupt in Lee’s stomach), and prideful ‘dare me to’ eyes (that always made Lee’s heart lurch), and utter faithfulness, the kind of person you would trust with your life (which Lee obviously would without hesitation) 

- and shit was Lee in love with his best friend? (one of them anyway)

- then later that week in the common room Fred is sitting there staring at Lee’s hands (cause gosh they are gorgeous) and he decides it’s about time that he talks about this mega crush cause it’s eating him alive and cause it’s the Fred Weasley thing to dive head first into everything he says “hey Georgie, mate, ever think you might have a semi-thing for Lee? cause ya know I’d relate.” 

- George doesn’t even look up from what he’s doing to respond “mate, I don’t but I freaking know you do” completely chill about it (even though inside he is screaming ‘FINALLY’ and is super happy cause he knew all of last’s weeks talks about Lee’s love life and offering to find him a quality love interest the week before had perhaps kicked Fred’s sorry ass into a realisation about his feelings) 

- at first Fred is all like ‘why didn’t you say something?’ and then ‘wait.. George do you think he likes me back?’

- and George sighs the biggest sigh and gives Fred the most deadpan, tired look and says “of freaking course he does and in fact i’m getting bloody sick of the two of you pretending like you’re not utterly head over heels for each other so please, brother dear for the sake of, what’s left of, my sanity - piss off and do something about it.” 

- Fred just stares for a moment at George, then summons his courage (cause if he’s gonna ask out Lee it’s gonna be smooth), and walks over to Lee who is trying to actually do his transfiguration homework (and because of that he has to be located a strategic few feet away from the twins) 

- Lee sees Fred coming out of the corner of his eye and his stomach erupts (as usual) and he thinks okay today I’m gonna tell him cause I’m damned sick of all of this, he properly looks up from his essay when Fred sits down on the couch beside him and is met with a pointed smirk from the red-head

-”hey Lee, do you think I’m cute?” and Lee is like well this is not what I was expecting (and of course I think you are cute are you crazy?), but frick how do I respond to this, and then he catches a glimpse at George doing frantic miming that seemed to heavily involve a heart shape and kissy faces and Lee thinks what the hell (sure as hell hoping George doesn’t think that it’s some kind of joke)

- “Actually Fred I’ve always thought of you as some one who was more.. unbelievably sexy.” 

- Fred almost blows his smooth demeanor with a mixture of laughter and shock (and also sheer giddiness cause - Lee thinks he’s sexy!?) 

- “Wow… um, good, so since we got that cleared up, did you want to maybe go out on a date sometime?” 

- and of course Lee says yes 

- and of course they celebrate with a kiss (which seriously was worth the wait but also at the same time not at all cause as Fred will often point out they had wasted a lot of time not-kissing when they were ‘just friends’) 

- and of course after they kiss Fred returns to his twin a little pink in the face with the widest grin and says “Hey Georgie. Just saying - Lee thinks I’m the better looking twin.”

(and I got fully carried away and could write another entire thing about how they are freaking adorable in a relationship but I shall stop (for now…))

Not Yours to Keep (John Wick x Reader)

Pairing; John x Reader

Warnings: Cursing and a weirdo who stalks you.


200. “Please pretend to be my girlfriend/boyfriend.”

Tags; @nostalgic-uncertainty


“Oh no, oh no. Shit, shit shit!” You cursed as you ran along the sidewalk, looking for some man, of course you did pass many men, but he had to be handsome and look like he could murder someone.

“(Y/N)! (Y/N) wait! I just want to talk, come on.” Well, your ‘ex’ boyfriend didn’t seem to respond to your running away and instead, he was chasing after you. It was… well, it was freaking you out because he was a stalker of sorts… and wouldn’t leave you alone, kept hounding you for the name of your boyfriend, he knew where your flat was. Yet he didn’t know the phone number to your phone because you had changed it.

Crap, this older looking man and his dog would have to do, you quickly latched onto the man’s arm, fear playing in your eyes as you whispered to him, “Please pretend to be my boyfriend.” The man, of course didn’t get a chance to respond, he was tense, however and looked rather upset as he glared down at you and then glared up at your ex that slid to a stop in front of you.

You were nervous, your heart was pounding, not just from the running, you were scared of your ex even though he appeared harmless, he could get angry in a split second.

“H-hey (Y/Ex/N).” you stuttered out his name a bit awkwardly as the man, this dude who still hadn’t said anything, or relaxed, shifted in his spot and puffed his chest out a bit.

Your ex looked from you, to the man you were clinging to, you wanted to start shaking but you didn’t you held completely still and tried to swallow your nerves, “Who is this?” He asked slowly, cautiously as he eyed the taller man.

The brown haired man looked down to you with cold eye and then looked back to the person you used to call your boyfriend, “I am John, (Y/N)’s… fiance.”

Of course, that came as a surprise to you when he said that because you wanted a boyfriend, not a man who was going to marry you, that was when John got down on one knee, “(Y/N), I can’t stand knowing you could be swept away by another man… I would have done this tonight, but I couldn’t wait any longer, would you marry me, (Y/N)?” He pulled out a plain, gold ring that clearly belonged to himself, then offered it to you.

Come on, you were a woman, what did anyone around you expect, you were crying. More or less from shock, but crying nonetheless as you had to keep this up in front of your ex, “Y-Yes, John, I will marry you.” Your voice was thick with a stutter as he put the ring on your finger and pulled himself up to peck your cheek and hug you.

You were still in a shock from this man, who was an incredible actor, but also a savior, and you were so glad that he had been here.

You ex boyfriend looked really pissed as well as shocked as he stared at the two of you, both looked like a very happy engaged couple.

“Wow, alright (Y/N), good luck with John.” The man sneered just slightly as he then turned and walked away with his hands clenched into fists as rage seeped from him. Yet once he was gone, you felt yourself grow a bit weak as you shook your head and laughed a bit.

“Holy shit, thank you, so much for that. You are an amazing actor.” You groaned and put your hand on his chest in relief that your ex was gone, but there was a nagging feeling that said he wasn’t gone for good, “Alright…”

“I need a place to stay.” He suddenly spoke up, taking a step away from you and taking his ring back, and you would be lying if you said you didn’t miss it.

“I can get you a hotel room-”

“Your house, I can protect you from that creep, he will be coming back.”

You swallowed nervously and crossed your arms, unsure about this man… but, he had a dog. And dogs knew the good people, so… you’d let the man stay the night… of course never knowing what would happen to you…

And yet… John knew he would be at fault for what was going to happen next.

And here you have it, folks

the costume and the dance that apparently caused enough Moral Panic to necessitate multiple calls to the studio owner from Concerned Citizens

*sigh* I would just like to point out that the costume was one I already owned, from when I danced at a different studio. It’s–it’s just a dance costume. 

Anyway, so after those wonderful conversations about my costume and dancing being ‘inappropriate for children’ I was pretty freaked out, obviously.

but I’d also like to point out that, during the night of the second performance, a whole bunch of kids came up to me separately to tell me that they’d liked my dance, and that they wanted to make sure they got to see it again tonight, and would I tell them what number it was?

and not, like, in a ‘tee-hee, I like something inappropriate’ kind of way, like kids will sometimes tell you that their favorite song is a one with a bunch of profanity, or that they’ve seen a movie with a sex scene in it.

just–they just thought the dance was fun.


(wore a leather jacket the second night, and danced it with less slink and more fuck-you attitude. also.)

The Less I Know The Better

Imagine: You and Newt are in an a newly blossomed relationship, however, once you see him getting extremely close to another girl you can’t help but feel slightly naive to have ever placed your trust in a man so quickly. 

Author’s Note: I just really enjoy writing angst, obviously. I mean what a way to break up an angsty fanfic with more angst? Right? Anyway, I hope you enjoy this. There is swearing in this ! Wow ! Shock ! Horror ! Tbh, I don’t think I’ve ever read a Newt fic with swearing so please, lap it up !!!! It’s also 3:35am, so soz for shitty writing :-)

Word Count: 2032

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Time Travelers Wife: The son

Genre: Fluff

Member: Jaebum

Word count: 1347

Every once in a while, you like to sit in a cozy café reading a book that caught your interest. While reading the book of the moment you would sip on your favorite flavor of tea or coffee, enjoying the time off from the world.

The new café you found recently had brown maroon theme walls, and random different size chairs all over. Everything was different from one another, but somehow it all worked together. The music was also soft and simplistic that let you focus on the book you were reading.

As you were getting into the interesting part of your book you hear someone take a seat in front of you, but the strange thing was you didn’t remember hearing the front door chime go off or anyone getting up. Even when distracted you were usually good with watching your surroundings.

You immediately look up to see the person who was sitting across from you, and it was a boy in his early twenties starring right at you. From some reason, the boy looked familiar to you like a person you should know, but you couldn’t place where you had met him.

“Hello?” You said cautiously to the boy as he smiled at you, and that’s when it clicks his eyes were the same as your husbands, Jaebum, when he smiles. Instead of responding the boy’s eyes traveled down to your ring finger, gazing at the ring that Jaebum gave you and then his face suddenly beamed with joy.

“Hello, mom.” The boy nervously said worried you would freak, but you didn’t of course. Knowing Jaebum since you were a kid nothing surprised you anymore. Your children having the same gift of time travel as Jaebum was to be expected. That didn’t mean you weren’t astonished.

“Hi… son?” You laughed at the strangeness of the situation which made him laugh with the same rhythm. You were almost shocked at how much the laugh was like yours, and as you watched him you noticed more of him. “How old are you? What time did you come from? Wow, you look so much like your father.” You said as you reached across the table to touch your son’s face noticing how not only did he have Jaebum’s eyes, but also nose, lips, and even the same placement of the mole on his eyelid.

The attributes he had of you was his hair color and eye color, which you sort of hoped would happen. In response, your son sits back in his chair in playful despair saying, “Thanks, I’m twenty. And can’t tell you that, you know that. Also, you tell me that a lot in the future.” He then looked out the window to see the pouring rain.

Having these encounters were exciting yet nerve-racking. Jaebum was lucky enough to travel with clothes, but he doesn’t have the choice where he goes and when. Getting hurt was a possibility and waking up one day with him gone forever, of course, scared you. You loved Jaebum all your life though, and you wouldn’t know what to do if he wasn’t in your life. “Is everything okay?” you asked at the sudden change of your son’s mood.

Your son looks back at you, “Nothing except… I don’t know I should be telling you this but…” he then leans up closer and you do the same. “He eventually starts to bald.” your son stared at your reaction for a bit before breaking into a laugh. You just give him an annoyed look as you shake your head, but at the same time giggling at his mischievousness, “Something tells me you’re a hand full.”

“Lots.” He responds back in between his laughter at your expense. Then you noticed he starts to go stiff, and you knew from experience with Jaebum it was time for him to leave. “Is there anything I should know?” you asked grabbing a pen out of your purse to write in your book just in case you forget. “Well I was told to never tell my name, but for future reference try to make it strong.Please, put me in some type of sport, and I’m also allergic to mangos. If I cause any trouble remember I’m your son and you love me. Also, with dads’ anger don’t let dad cut my hai-I have to go.” He frantically says as he gets up and proceeds to give you a quick kiss on the cheek. You watched your son runs out the café, trying not to jump through time at the cafe.

But you couldn’t just sit there so you got up to follow him outside, “Be safe!” You yelled at him as he ran down the street. “I can control my travels! We all do!” he yelled back as he turns the corner. You stood there in the rain soaking in everything that just happens, before realizing you just met your son.

What your son didn’t know was you and Jaebum were afraid of having children, because of the possibility of them traveling while you being pregnant. Even the thought of them time traveling as babies would be dangerous and scared the living life out of you just thinking about it. Now seeing your son perfectly healthy, and on top of all he could control his travels, made you feel more at ease.

This would also put Jaebum at ease since he been seeing a psychiatrist for a while to see if he could control his travel. So, knowing your encounter could change the whole idea of having children.

“I need to tell Jaebum.” You realized and ran back into the café to grab all your stuff and head home where Jaebum would be waiting for you. Once home you made sure not to waste any time, you hurriedly took off your shoes and called out, “Jaebum! Where are you!” you ran into the living room just to hear Jaebum answer, “In the kitchen. Wait weren’t you supposed to be at the café for a while?” He yells and you go to the kitchen just for the scent to hit you.

Jaebum’s back was to you, with all your emotion today hugged him from behind, “Jaebum I’m so happy.” You said burying your face into his shirt. Jaebum turned around to face you, “You’re all wet.” He realized as he quickly grabbed the paper towels next to him. “Jaebum we have a son.” You said causing Jaebum to freeze as he was dabbing your hair with the napkin.

“A son? We have a son? Did I tell you that?” he asked concerned trying to think what he could have said. “No… he tells me himself.” You said with joyful tears in your eyes. “He was in his early twenties, and Jaebum he looks so much like you. But man, he’s going to cause trouble.” You said still beaming.

You then started to tell him in detail about what happen when Jaebum interrupted you, “…can he? Can he control his traveling?” Jaebum says as tears fall down his cheek. “Yes… they all do.” You said smiling at the thought of your children, and before you knew it you were pulled into a tighter hug from Jaebum. As he cried into your shoulders, you couldn’t let go of your smile as you pat his back to calm him down.

It took him a while before he finally got himself to catch his breath saying “Should… we try soon?” as he looked at you with a grin. This, of course, made you burst out into laughter, “Now I’m seeing where he gets it from.” You said narrowing your eyes at him playfully. “I’m taking that as a yes.” He says as he starts walking forwards with you as you still in the hug. “Jaebum! Let go I need to take a shower.” You said as you try to let go of his grip but of course failing since your almost to your bedroom. “It’s okay the shower fits two.” He mentions once in, as he shuts the door behind him.

The gif doesn’t belong to me! :) Also, there will be other “Time Traveler Wife” scenarios for other members maybe not ALL unless I see said member being requested multiple times. Thank you!