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2 months ago, i finally made the jump     &     created a multi-muse, due to restricted free time     &     a dear need for better organization. it took me so long to take that decision, as, as you all know, multi-muse, though now more popular     &     accepted, often have a harder time fitting in – or so i thought     !     but boi was i wrong. in all honesty, i have never had such a good time rping as i do right now. creating a multi has given me the opportunity to rp in fandoms i probably would’ve never thought of joining,     &     write characters that i’ve always been dying to write, but was always too scared to make. i am so grateful for the response this blog has gotten & the support you guys have given me. it has given me the chance to forge beautiful friendships,     &     write with so many beautifully talented people. i’m just          so incredibly emotional, you guys have no idea how much your love     &     support means to me. it allowed me to truly enjoy rping again. so thank you thank you thank you. for bearing with my constant shitposting, for sending memes, for showing interest in my portrayals. you’re all so dear to me, i hope you know. 

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“if you’re nothing without this suit, then you shouldn’t have it” is fucking me up so much?? tony is giving his superson life tips based on his own experiences oh my god i love this so much,,if there’s absolutely nothing else going on in your life that you’re invested in and there’s nothing else you feel like you can define yourself as outside of this highly specific potentially life-threatening thing that can and will become an obsession and Fuck Up Your Situation then you’re in dangerous territory,,,big man in a suit of armour,,take that off, what are you?


Don’t act like loving me is such a bad thing
No matter what ya say
Won’t let you run away

As much as I love Ed and Os and the Nygmobblepot dynamic, honestly I am here for the whole prequel Batman thing before anything else. If I wanted a romance story I wouldn’t be watching Gotham (because nobody gets happy ever after in this city).

This is another peek at that story I mentioned a while back! Edit: the author, @myqueenmarceline, wanted me to mention her. Honestly, she is great. Check out her blog guys!

“My beautiful boy. You’re so good for me.” she said, running her hand through his hair. She smiled at how he leaned into her hand, tugging against the ropes. She moved to straddle his chest, feeling his heartbeat race under her fingers.

He smiled and flushed, unintelligible noises coming through the gag. She sighed, leaning back and tracing his hips. For a moment, two slipped down to his thighs, checking that the ropes weren’t getting too tight.

Satisfied, she moved back a little farther, thighs clenching a little as she straddled his pudgy hips. She cast a glance over her shoulder, smirking as she saw how hard he was. She’d been teasing him for the better part of an hour, but her patience was starting to run thin. Still, he’d already come close to the edge twice, and seeing him like that was always worth it… He definitely would’ve cum if she hadn’t put the cock ring on him.

She looked back at him, noticing that he was trying to say something again. For the past five minutes, he seemed to be repeating the same phrase. Curious, she leaned over him, pressing their chests together as she unclipped the gag. “I’m sorry, i didn’t quite catch that. What did you say, sweetheart?”

“Please mistress, d-ooooh my go-” he trailed off into a moan, bucking his hips up as she finally took mercy on him. She moved back upright, grinding down against his cock. He whimpered, biting his lip as she moaned quietly.

“Please what?” she asked innocently, feeling his balls with one hand, the other one coming in front to play with her clit.

“Please let me cum.” he begged, melting into her soft touch as she sped up, gently rocking her hips back and forth.

“Oh, I’m not even close to done with you yet.” she said, chuckling breathlessly as he twisted in the ropes, rubbing up against her.

Sorry but Ed and Oswald are both ruthless killers who both hurt each other probably in the worst way possible, so if you’re looking for healthy lgbt+ representation in this show/fandom you aren’t going to get it here.