also this is not the time to be seducing tessa

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But Carmen and Roxanne are very different characters. They shouldn't be played the same. It's the difference that's key to making the connection to the second half believable. Hopefully that's something she works on during the season.

After rewatching both programs multiple times, I have to disagree. Of course there’s some similarities in the interpretation cause the main emotion in both programs is angst. Also, both characters are chased by Scott’s characters, who’s madly in love but can’t seem to get the girl. 

But Tessa’s Carmen is angry. She seduces Scott just like Roxanne, but with the goal of driving him mad and when he slips away she brings him back with seems like the intention of hurting him. 

Meanwhile Tessa’s Roxanne is playful and sensual, wanting Scott’s character as much as he wants her. There’s a vulnerability in Tessa’s interpretation of Satine/Roxanne that isn’t necessarily there in Carmen, cause Roxanne/Satine craves his love as much he craves hers.