also this is my thousandth post

at the haus, playing spin the bottle
  • Holster: okay nursey your turn to spin
  • Nursey, drunk off his ass: haha okay okay fine, i'll kiss dex
  • Holster: ....nursey, you're supposed to spin the bottle first
  • Nursey: i can't believe it's dex again, fourth time tonight...
  • Holster: ...nursey, the bottle
  • Nursey: haha me and dex
  • Holster: ....nursey....
  • Nursey: *moves bottle and points it at dex*
  • Holster:
  • Nursey:
  • Holster:
  • Nursey: dex
  • Bonus...
  • Dex: ...are you fucking kidding me...
  • Also Dex: *has three hickeys, is already halfway into nursey's lap, plans on using tongue*

(art credit)

Right!! So, around the beginning of the year I hit five hundred followers (which is an insane amount, because I’ve never been anything close to quality and I’m a bit of a lame person), but I was too lazy to make a proper follow forever. However, I wanted to do something special for my ten thousandth post (and to celebrate a whopping 537 followers), so there’s this!! And I’m really sorry for how long this ended up being, but I follow about 230 indie blogs (so I’m sorry if I missed you!!)

Rays of Sunshine !! People I love more than anything else

rcmours - Ronni is absolutely wonderful and always finds a way to make my day. Last time I checked we had like seven or eight threads going and we somehow manage to keep them updated and everything?? but yeah really rad person right here and also one of Jessie’s number one fans which is really awesome because I love when people care about my muses.

holxcenes - Leah is super rad and I love all her muses and her threads and I shamelessly stalk her blog from time to time. Elton & Jessie are adorable beyond words and they make me insanely happy and the entire blog makes me insanely happy.

ofstolenkisses - Aliyah is an amazing writer and an amazing person and that’s the truth!! Really though Malachy and Shiloh are wonderful and painful and I love them and I love Aliyah. Also, this wonderful person allowed me to use her name for my Shay Mitchell face claim (which is very fitting for such a lovely person.

makeyoubleeds - Lox’s writing is to die for and if you’re not following her I don’t know what you’re doing but you’re not doing it right. Aspen is incredible and each of his alters are beautifully designed and it’s just incredible beyond words.

jcgged - Shay is brilliant, okay? Not only is she, like, the queen of coding and icons, but her muses are fantastic. Jessie and Zaid break my heart and I love it because it’s an emotional roller coaster ride and it’s beautiful. I love Shay and her muses and everything.

oftornblossoms - Let me tell you something about this amazing person right here. She is a wonderful writer and a wonderful person and allows me to follow her around from blog to blog. We also have like four ships and it makes me very very happy (even if Shiloh only lives to torment Zaire with killer whales)

afirclove / peterpxnx / dxydreamcr - Marie is pretty chill and all our ships are insanely wonderful if you ask me

Special Little Flowers !! People I really admire and/or would 
love to plot or have a thread with

arcanedivision / blondiesandbrunes, ipsychewan / wegetcoldergxvemelxve, liightthemoon, esxterics, backkdrifts, eternalkinetic, astrales, caxght, lcadedgun, whctelines, enkelten, teahitimata. zaddyjpg, disorderlyaction, pctticoats, angelicisms, disastrousflowers, flawsncos, zealousprinces, birdsabove, hlucinate, devcid, empircs, marlbcro, faultyteens, gclddigger, roscpetals, sm0kescreens, motoshock, shemovesslowly, mutxntfamily, eigengrav, wxstedwaves, ncmadic, darlingiisms, bisexualiisms, strxssin, lxvetoomuch, fvlgent, tvmmykisses, flipscide, lexprinces, drunkenisms, ncfarious, ncstclgia, clickingbomb, wondcrlvnd, lusterbones, louqor, contagicn, spxechless, wintxrfells, teenxgedrtbxg, cliffordistics

Pretty Little Wildflowers !! People who I don't really talk to 
but really brighten up my dash and should come be my friend

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