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Galaxia’s Seduction: Haruka and Michiru Edition


What we have left to talk about is the climax of the episode: Haruka and Michiru’s betrayal, and the deaths of Hotaru and Pluto at their hands. I’ve already talked some about this during the liveblog. I’d most recommend this post about Haruka and Michiru getting rattled by their ineffectiveness and reaching for each other in their own special way, and this post where Haruka is preparing to join Galaxia but needs Michiru’s buy-in first. I’ll be referring back to those events, as they’re highly relevant.

In this post, what I want to go through is what’s brought Haruka and Michiru to this place, their goals and their feelings, and what it means for them.

Before we start! I can already tell from some of the commentary I’ve gotten that Haruka and Michiru’s actions are a bit divisive. I UNDERSTAND WHY. Still, I thought it worth putting up front what you will and won’t see in this post, so that you can choose for yourself if you think you’ll find it frustrating or aggravating and can skip.

I’m not upset with Haruka and Michiru. I’m not angry at them, you won’t find me screaming or condemning them. What you WILL find is me going through their thought process, focusing on their reasoning, and empathizing with the consequences of their decision.

Related, I’m not saying I APPROVE. “Cool motive, still murder”, as the kids like to say. It’s possible to understand the reasoning, and to see why it’s perfectly in-character for them to get there, without giving those actions a big thumbs up. Understanding and approval aren’t the same things.

That’s my prelude. Read on if you’d like to dig into Haruka and Michiru’s thoughts, feelings, and motivations for killing their own.

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Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven - Localization Blog #3

Hey, everyone!

It’s Brittany again, Production Coordinator at XSEED and lead editor for Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven. I was asked to write a new blog approximately yesterday, and since I have an entire novel’s worth of stuff I could talk about, I was ready for the challenge! I’ll be covering each of the main playable characters, their elemental affinities, their fighting styles, and throwing in some localization notes as well, including a few anecdotes about each character’s English voice actor.

In the game, there are five major elements: Flame, Frost, Heaven, and Earth, as well as one nullified “element,” Void. These elements can make or break the fight at times, so it’s important to get to know each character’s respective elemental affinity.

Since there are a whopping total of eight playable characters in the game and only four major elements, most characters share elements but mix them up with different playstyles. In case you’re still undecided on which party members you’d like to try out, here’s some helpful info to make your decision easier:

Luchs – Void
Voiced by: Robbie Daymond
Luchs isn’t the most physical combatant, which makes sense in context since he’s a simple innkeeper with no combat experience whatsoever. He does have the Lachryma bracelet, however, and that gives him excellent support skills to heal and enhance the girls’ stats in battle. He’s also not without his fair share of surprises, so try as many of his skills as possible and see what works best for you. He has no particular strengths or weaknesses thanks to being closely associated with the Void element.

The Lachryma is what gives Luchs his unique skills, and thankfully, giving them English names was about the easiest thing in the world since they were basically just status buffs that I’d already named followed by the word “Light.” Fortify Light, Remedy Light, Heal Light… I’d certainly had a hell of a time naming the buffs themselves, but it made naming Luchs’ skills afterwards a fairly smooth task.

It was hard for me to pinpoint a good English voice for him at first since he was voiced by a woman in the Japanese version, which doesn’t always work quite as well for adult males in English. In terms of voice direction, Robbie was suggested to us by the studio. He was the first person we recorded for LoM, so it ended up being the first recording session I ever took lead on – and he did a fantastic job with Luchs! I’d interpreted his voice while playing the Japanese as being a little hesitant, but far from shy, and I think Robbie balanced that feeling perfectly.

Charlotte – Flame
Voiced By: Claudia Lenz
It’s no surprise that someone with such a fiery affinity would be among the strongest physical fighters in the party. Lottie’s longsword, Flawless, is close-range but has a wide reach, so she’s the perfect choice for clearing the field of fiends and racking up combos. Outside of when the story demanded it, Lottie never left my party during my initial Japanese playthrough.

Lottie’s unique skills were also among the simplest things to name in English, thankfully. In fact, our translator’s interpretations were so perfect that most of the names pretty much stayed unchanged even from the raw translation. Names like Flower Storm and Wreathed in Ash were both cool and cute at the same time, and I couldn’t bear to change them!

Claudia was someone we’d worked with previously, and we already knew her to be an incredible actress, so I had no qualms about working with her again when it came to Charlotte. She always had just the right amount of bubbly energy that was needed—I’d specifically requested someone who had a voice which could make your heart melt at times, and my heart did indeed melt during recording. Charlotte’s voice was among my favorites in the Japanese version, so I wanted to do her justice for the English, and I feel like we succeeded.

Beatrix – Frost
Voiced by: Alexis Tipton
Trixie is cool-minded and poised, making the Frost affinity the most sensible choice for her. She possesses the longest range among the girls with her Bowgun, Selbstgemachte Armbrust (a.k.a. “Handmade/Custom-made Bowgun”), so she’s ideal if you’re into sneaky combat tactics from afar involving barrels that make awesome explosions (everyone loves exploding barrels, right?).

You may have noticed that her Bowgun’s name is in German—this pretty much applies to all of her unique skills as well. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know a single word of German, so I was a bit panicked when looking at the names of all of her attacks. By some amazing luck, however, Ken in our office keeps regular contact with an XSEED fan who lives in Germany, and the guy was generous enough to help me pick apart the German names from the Japanese version and suggest alternate meanings when he felt those names didn’t quite convey the right idea. Thank you, Sascha!

That being said, quite a few of her unique skill names have changed for the English version. One of the funniest changes was probably Schnepfe; it was intended to be “Snipe,” but Sascha said he “burst into treats” when he saw it, as it apparently doubles as a bird and as something you would call an annoying woman. After some advice, Schnepfe was renamed Volltreffer.

Beatrix is also the only girl among the main girls to have a slight alteration in her English name. In Japanese, she was “Beatrice.” After doing some research, I’d realized that Beatrice was more French and Italian, while Beatrix was more German. Since everything surrounding her seemed to scream German, I went forward with the change for the sake of consistency. Doesn’t hurt that I absolutely love a certain general named Beatrix from a certain popular RPG that came out back in the day, either.

I wasn’t sure I would be able to work with Alexis for the voice-acting because I didn’t know if she’d ever voice-acted in video games; I had specifically requested her for Beatrix after hearing her voice in an anime I was watching. I thought, “Yes, this is exactly the voice I want!” I was extremely lucky that the studio was able to book her, and she nailed every single line on the first try. During a break in recording, I’d turned to my co-worker and said, “I am so happy we got her, she’s so perfect, she’s absolutely everything I’d wanted for Beatrix,” and heard an emphatic, “THANK YOU!” from the recording booth which made me jump out of my seat. I had no idea she was still in the room! We joked about how awkward it would’ve been if I’d said the opposite while she was still around.

Elfriede – Earth
Voiced by: Kate Davis
One would think of a grounded person if they were related to the Earth element, but Frieda is a bit loopier than your average girl. She’s incredibly smart and a hard worker, but she’s vocal and has every bit the attention span you’d expect from the crazy inventor archetype. She uses a long-range machine gun which she herself invented, called OP4 Vulcan.

In Japanese, Frieda’s unique skills were things like: Operation ___, with the blank being a series of three numbers. Not wanting to have something lost in translation, I’d immediately asked the writer of the game if there was any special meaning behind the three numbers in each of her attacks. Thankfully, I was told that they just sounded very cool when said out loud in English and that there was no special meaning whatsoever (ha ha). I took this as a chance to make some of the attacks she shouts out loud into attacks that have special meaning to me:

Operation 777Operation Seventh Heaven when said out loud in English. I thought it very appropriate since there are seven girls and it ties in perfectly with the Maiden Heaven subtitle. This name is actually the same as the Japanese, but they just read the 7’s out loud if I recall correctly.

Operation 101 – 10/1 is the date in which another title from this same developer, Rune Factory 4, came out in North America. Rune Factory 4 has a very special place in my heart and I love Neverland’s works, so I wanted to include it as a special nod to the developers themselves.

Operation 214 – 2/14. Valentine’s Day! Felt apropos and I think the holiday is cute, so there you go.

Frieda speaks with a Kansai dialect in the Japanese, so I’d enlisted our Sascha’s help to pepper her speech with German since it felt like the right interpretation in a game that was French and German-inspired. Her voice actress, Kate, was someone I’d specifically requested. She had all the gusto of the Japanese and had a lot of fun with the German, so I was very pleased with the end result. I was given pronunciations beforehand, though I ended up double-checking them all with a co-worker throughout recording again and again just to make sure we nailed it. I hope I succeeded!

 I’ll be covering the other four heroines next week. I actually have them written up already since this blog was originally meant to cover all eight playable characters, but Ken told me his poor wittle eyes were hurting from reading too much text, so we decided that splitting the blog in two might be better.

 P.S. Don’t forget, Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven comes out June 2nd in North America! All first-run physical copies will be coming with the Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven 28-track soundtrack at no extra cost, too. Fancy!

List of Favourite Richie Interviews

anonymous asked:

what are some of your favorite Richard interviews?! trying to introduce him to my friend and I have a few but need more! :)

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Thank you so much for the question, anon!  I will give a sort of “Top Ten” list (in no particular order) of my go-to ones, and will put it under a “read more” so as not to take up too much space on the dash.


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Okay, okay, I got like four different people asking me to elaborate on why I absolutely hated YuriKuma, and after having some time to process it I think I can at least try to explain why.

The most obvious, glaring issue is that the entire concept revolves around the fetishizing and objectification of lesbians. Oh, I’m sorry, not lesbians – ‘yuris’. Every girl with an evident interest in girls is introduced with the subtitle of 'yuri’, which according to the show means not just same-gender attraction, but also the absolute, untouchable purity that comes with it. Lesbianism isn’t a thing in this universe, you see. If you’re in love with a girl, you can’t have an actual relationship, one that will survive out in the real world, and can involve real emotional complexity and – heavens forbid – sexual aspects. No. The entire concept of this show revolves around the love between two girls being the purest thing in this world.

From watching Utena, you’d think this is the sort of thing Ikuhara would break down and go against. But nope. Here this seems to be taken completely seriously. Needless to say, this is offensive as twenty kinds of fuck.

Then there’s the gross in-your-face fanservice which doesn’t really require any further elaboration. Naked girls sensually licking honey off a flower sprouting from third naked girl’s chest? More like please fuck off forever. The way they’re trying to simultaneously bank on the 'purity’ aspect of girls’ relationships while sexualizing them to hell and back is especially gag-worthy.

Then: the metaphors. God, fuck those metaphors. Do you remember watching Utena and being slammed in the face with visual metaphors left and right, about a fifth of which you could actually understand? One of the funnest, most fascinating fandom experiences I’ve had was looking up interpretations and analyses after my first watch. It really opened my mind, and made me realize what a truly complex, well-thought out work the series was.

In YuriKuma, you are slammed in the face with an equal amount of metaphors. The difference is that they are shit. They are obvious and spoon-fed, and don’t require rubbing two brain cells together to figure out. The result feels cheap and pretentious to the point of insulting the viewer’s intelligence, and you can practically feel Ikuhara getting off to his own ~amazingness~ every time a character mutters a nonsensical string of words such as 'THE TRANSPARENT STORM WILL DESTROY ALL THE LILIES!!!’. Dude, even if you repeat that phrase a thousand times it will not make me take your shit seriously. It is idiotic and inane.

Moving on: the writing is simply awful. First of all, the characters’ personalities are barely discernible, beyond oozing with moe. You have Kureha, who already has a tragic bear-related backstory, and then you give her a PURE BEAUTIFUL YURI relationship with a girl which literally has the emotional depth of a spoon (having them constantly go I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, I WON’T GIVE UP ON MY LOVE while showing no other aspect of their relationship will not make it believable, sorry), only to fridge the girl to give Kureha a… double bear-related tragic backstory? WHY. Literally why the fuck was that necessary.

Then you have the bear girls, which I get are supposed to be inhuman and inhumane, but the thing is, supposedly the show’s intention is to eventually make you care for them and their relationship with Kureha… which I have no idea how they’re planning to pull, given that those two are essentially sociopaths, have eaten Kureha’s girlfriend, and are looking to eat Kureha as well. And with how trite, terrible and cliche-wrought the writing has been in the first ep alone, I highly doubt they’ll be able to humanize those girls in a way that’s even half-believable. Odds are, the show will just keep throwing them at Kureha while uttering lines such as 'I want to eat you, my delicious meal!!’ in the hopes the audience will come to ship it. This is gross. I will not. Fuck you.

And then you have the attempts at 'quirkiness’ or whatever, with the bear girls’ usage of sound effects, and the three flamboyant men which literally have no reason to exist and completely fail at being funny on any level. The court scene was baffling, and not in the positive, engaging sort of way, but just in the 'why the hell is this happening and why am I watching it’ way. Which goes for the entirety of the show, actually.

TLDR version: Jesus fuck I can hardly even believe how awful this show is.