also this is my favourite bit of dance ever



This is my personal favourite top 10 best dance steps of Sniper. This is like the coolest dance they ever make. They have bunch of cool dance but this is so on point and I like every single part of it. Also, you can only see a tiny bit of repeated step so every single part is special and exclusive :)

After three weeks finally I have some time to do this and also to get the best capture. I’m not really satisfied with some camera work of the music shows because they kinda miss some nice points. The hardest part to capture is Eric’s. They love to zoom him in but but it’s a big mistake because you need the whole stage of his part to get the real feeling. I love if camera only zoom him in since he has so little part but his dance will be better if you can capture it widely with all the members and dancers.

So, this is from my pov, maybe different from yours but here we go.