also this is my favorite picture so

A Shit Post Of Songs I would Like Covered by Niall and Harry


  1. Dirty Diana by Michael Jackson- Just picture Mitch absolutely shredding it on guitar mixed with Harry’s vocals, yes sign me up
  2. Heroes by David Bowie - Harry wearing a custom Gucci suit that resembles the night sky. (Added bonus- Lou does a full face of Bowie inspired make up on him)
  3. Dear Theodosia Cover (WITH LIN MANUEL MIRANDA) - Just two guys belting out show tunes
  4. God Only Knows by The Beach Boys - mostly because this is my favorite beach boys song but also imagine Harry singing this by the piano??
  5. Love Reign O'er Me - This song is so intense and filled with so much emotion and I can just see Harry absolutely killing it.
  6. Oh Daddy by Fleetwood Mac - Do I really need to explain this one?
  7. TNT by AC/DC - Just a total rock jam that Harry could completely rock out to (obviously fireworks would be included as well)
  8. Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd - Harry could cover any Pink Floyd song and make it sound amazing. I just personally love this song so much.
  9. Waterloo by ABBA - An overall fun song and disco rules
  10. Going To California by Led Zeppelin - I love acoustic Harry okay


  1. Behind Blue Eyes by The Who - Again, for obvious reasons
  2. No Surrender by Bruce Springsteen- Niall and Bruce have completely different voice ranges and I personally think it would be cool to hear what Niall’s vocals sound like with this song.
  3. The Avett Brothers - literally any song written by them. They are a folky/blue grass band and I think Niall would be a huge fan of them
  4. Never Going Back Again- just picture Niall singing this with his friends in an intimate setting with the sun setting behind him.

Feel free to add onto this list! I am going to keep adding on as time goes by!

Today is officially the start of autumn here! Finally my favorite season is back <3

So…I had to draw the kyun in his current best clothes wondering who is calling for him in such a cool autumn morning~ 

I wish Kuro would have worn similiar clothes.. because I just love scarfs and relaxing shirts along with hoodies….. BUT

Bro goals. My life got completed. It was also one of the main reasons why I flipped tables over Tsubaki’s clothing.

I’d bury myself if Tanaka-Sensei could draw those two outfits on them in one picture ;;;;;;;;; 

I just really really really love those outfits on Tsupapi and Kurohubby.

anonymous asked:

I was wondering if you have any favorite pictures or depictions of Jesus? Also if you know of any sapphic women throughout Christian history or theology? Thank you so much!

Hi, what a fun question!

I love the DK Illustrated Family Bible’s depictions of Jesus, because in it he’s actually a person of color, plus they put the tassels on his robe that a Jewish man of his time would have worn, according to the instruction of Numbers 15:38. It’s a good visual reminder that he was Jewish, and a person of color. That Bible had some of my earliest images of Jesus (along with white guy Jesus in my church’s stained glass windows), and so it was definitely formative in how I envision him. 

Then there’s the Jesus icons of Brother Robert Lentz, whose art is so life-giving.

I also love to see images of Jesus from around the world, especially non-European ones since they often aren’t given as much value among white Christians like myself. You can see some such images on this wiki page. I particularly love the below one by Father John Giuliani.

And for the infant Jesus, I love this image of Mary.

And for the second half of your questions, there are lots of sapphic Saints / Saints I believe resonate in a special way with us sapphic people :D

These include Felicity and Perpetua, and Brigid and Darlughdach. Scroll through the LGBTA Patron Saints tag and you’ll find images and more. 

For sapphic women in theology, I love Pamela Lightsey, and I hope to look into the work of Marcella Althaus-Reid soon.

Does anyone else want to share favorite depictions of Christ or favorite sapphic theologians? 


Outfit Swap meme!

the top one is from @thedosian-cabbage characters, Mordred and Meadwyn. Theon is so pissed for having to wear this commander armor again. ‘Why this kid gotta be so correct when it comes to armors.’ Also that outfit you selected for Meadwyn was my favorite to draw! I mean look at this, Mea has some strong sense of style here.

the second one has outfits designed by @fleshwerks and respectively belong to Lea and Spiridon. Honestly, this Spiridon scouting armor is so cool! I had a blast drawing both. In the end Senros got lucky in his clothes swapping.

Thanks for lending to my characters these clothes!


will i ever stop making fanart for this fic????????? 

more gifts for @adreamingsongbird!! just think of this as me stuffing love letters in your shoe locker like in the animes 


All I wanna be
Is somebody to you

Happy birthday @hchano! I tried to make a short lyric comic with kind of civilian Ladrien (AU?maybe?). I took shots of the video cause i dont know how to fashion ^^’ 

Also i noticed very late that in this video appeared Laura Marano…who sings the English dub of the Miraculous intro song hehe. So like…a funny coincidence there.

Hope you like it!

this look like a cheap flash animation but whatever

animation redraw of one of my favorite moments of Wonder Woman! I went to see it yesterday and i loved it!

also, this is a gift for @marinette-buginette birthday!(i know im late, freaking timezones).

It’s in my twitter already!


He knows that a sea of people will always walk forwards, but he can choose to move with them or against them. Where do his self-interests lie? To learn to be fake or to learn to be real.

He holds this powerful understanding that pushes his carriage outward, pulls his shoulders back, lifts his head to greater heights. And he says,

Walk backwards.

Ok so here is all the information about Force of Destiny I’ve compiled:

  • The core characters are Leia, Rey, Jyn, Sabine, Padme, and Ahsoka
  • There will be 16. The 1st 8 coming in July and the last 8 in the fall
  • There will be a short about Hera and Han Solo. Like. Together
  • Matt Lanter is comin back so theres probs gonna be a short with Anakin and Ahsoka (Siege of Mandalore??????)
  • There is concept are of Ahsoka with her white lightsabers (so we’re probs gonna get some 20-something year old Ahsoka doin Fulcrum stuff) and there is ALSO a picture of Ahsoka in a short with her green/yellow lightsabers and TCW outfit
  • Leia has an Ewok friend named Wicket
  • Sabine’s got her season 2 haircut (which is my favorite tbh)
  • There is going to be a short about Ketsu and Sabine
  • Shelby Young will be voicing Leia
  • Ahsoka’s gonna be awesome

Hi, guys! I recently received an ask from @sunny-bunnies about my handwriting and headers! I thought my headers were more interesting (I’ll probably do a handwriting tag eventually haha), and I have a lot that I use so this post would get way long if I did both :)

Anyway, I’m going to go through all of the headers that I use regularly! they’re pictured above with and without shadows as a tl;dr.

monoline: this style is pretty popular right now and is also my current favorite! basically, it’s cursive, but uneven- whenever a letter ends in a downstroke, I extend it a little below where it would usually be and also vary the line on which the letters “sit.” The most important tip for this style is to keep stroke width and letter size the same, so that the unevenness looks intentional and not sloppy.

lowercase: I like to use this one as a subheading! it looks much better in the shadow version but basically you write in lowercase print as neatly as you can and hope for the best.

uppercase: This one can be used virtually anywhere! It’s pretty much writing in all caps; I prefer to stretch it vertically! (If you do this, make sure your letters are vertically centered in the same place! ex. the middle line on the E can go high, low, or in the middle, but it should also match where the bump of a P ends.)

faux calligraphy: (forgive me running out of space on this one oops) sort of like monoline (you can do the cursive evenly, like above, or unevenly), but after you write, go back in and thicken the downstrokes. This is much easier than regular calligraphy if you a. don’t feel confident with your calligraphy or b. don’t own brush pens!

serif 1: this one’s cute and kinda typewriter-ish! just print your letters and add serifs (little mini dashes) to the ends of lines. boom! you’re done. I like to look up a typewriter font to have a reference for the serif length and placement, but tbh it looks pretty good even if you wing it.

serif 2: serif 1 but adding to vertical strokes (note that these are not the same as the downstrokes used in faux calligraphy!) I based this style off of times new roman if you need a reference. A warning about serifs: shadows are a pain to do so if you choose to do a shadow + serif, make sure your header is 10 or fewer letters (you’ll thank me later.)

two-tone: take your faux calligraphy (this works better if you have thicker strokes), draw an imaginary line down the middle, and use a darker color to color over the top or bottom (I favor the bottom but it’s a matter of personal preference!) Layering colors (as opposed to just making each half the letter one color) has 2 benefits: 1. no guesswork in trying to match up halves, and 2. the colors look more cohesive! You can also try to blend the colors together to make a gradient (lay down more of the darker color and blend it upward with the lighter one!)

big & small: uppercase, but instead of adding shadows, add mini cursive letters to the centers of the colored letters. Make sure to connect it all together!

highlighted caps: A classic and perfect if you’re in a rush or doing subheaders. just write in all caps and highlight over it. voilá!

color shadow: I would definitely recommend doing this in a larger space than the one I left myself (check out this post to see it done less sloppily) but the idea is to do faux calligraphy with the black pen and the shadow with your colored pen or highlighter! (here I would generally recommend a gel pen or felt, fine-tipped marker but obviously I didn’t follow either of my own tips so make of that what you will)

a note on shadows: So I’ve mentioned shadows a couple times. Unless you want to make your life hard, do the shadows after the main body of the letter. There are just 3 basic rules I follow here! 1. pick 2 adjacent directions to do the shadows in (above, I picked down and right but you can also pick down and left or, if you’re feeling creative, up and left or right.) 2. For every line, one side should be in shadow. this isn’t a hard-and-fast rule but it’s pretty good to follow in general. 3. Choose a primary and secondary direction! For example, I picked down and right, correct? But if I have a capital A (see “uppercase”) I need to pick between a down/left shadow and an up/right shadow. Since I picked right as my primary direction, I choose the up/right side! This is basically an extension of rule 2 but it took me a while to figure out so I thought it should be included.

Sorry! this post went a lot longer than I had intended, but hopefully it was informative! P.S. if you like my posts, maybe you’d also like my new studygram!

Happy Pride month <3 I don’t get to go to the parade this year because of work (again) so I drew my favorite gay aliens as my personal celebration. Maybe one day I will figure out how to shade. Maybe.

I didn’t want to watermark each picture so please be respectful by not reposting my stuff and crediting me if you choose to use it. I also have individual and clean versions if anyone wants those.

this is my favorite yoi screenshot

i mean there are so many things about it i love

minami is so happy that his hot piece of ass senpai noticed him (and a little more than noticed him)

yuuri is determined but you can still see a hint of the squish we got in episode one

these bystanders are just so confused as to what they do and the guy on the left is looking like “wow maybe i should’ve taken a picture”

and the best one of all and also my favorite anime character

his profile is the straightest thing in this anime


Blue Bi Bros™

Lance, Korra, Sokka

In celebration of Voltron Season 2 (and the blessing that is more Lance content), I decided to post my first art piece on tumblr! I just really want them all to hang out and bicker and shit (tbh I mostly just wanted a reason to draw my favorites all together so)

(also Lance has freckles in this picture they’re just so hard to see but I swear)

And I know all three of these dorks are competitive as all hell so thought I’d throw in some lowkey Klance, Korrasami, and Sokka/Suki (maybe I’ll make another one of Keith, Asami, and Suki being even more competitive bc honestly all of them would

(Oh yeah and Lance’s shirt is based off of one I own that I designed myself!)

ft. Danny Vasquez (and you just know his Bi shirt would say “Up Yours” because it’s Danny and he has class)

Feel free to repost as long as you credit me!

Happy Season 2 everyone!


🌟 Bath Magic 🌟!

Let’s talk about one of my favorite ways to practice magic! There’s nothing more rejuvenating to me than a long hot bath. I definitely gravitate towards using water in my practice, and magical baths are my favorite way to incorporate this. For my baths, I usually put together a standard mix for overall cleansing and good vibes, and then customize it from there depending on what kind of energy im trying to attract!

My standard bath mix:

Equal parts of:

💫Epsom Salt - This stuff is all over good for you! It eases any aches and pains and eliminates toxins in the body. I use this as a cleansing element in the bath mix

💫Himalayan Pink Salt - Similar to the epsom salt, this detoxifies your body as well as your energetic field. Pink salt is a powerful energetic healer and has a way of absorbing and dispersing negative energy, while also being awesome for the body because of all the trace minerals found in it!

💫Coconut oil - Magically useful for protection&  purification, so a lovely addition to the baths cleansing properties! Coconut oil is also a fantastic moisturizer & I love having some in the bath in order to lock moisture in my skin!

💫Rose Water - If I have any rose water on hand, I’ll add a little bit into my mix! Roses are commonly known to correspond with love and passion and a litle rose water is a great way to invite more love into your life. Roses & rose water are also associated with intuition, and dream magic.

💫Moon Water - I also include a splash of moon charged water in my bath! I usually work pretty closely with the moon, so this is a personal comfort! I love having the energy of a moonbeam with me while I’m cleansing from energetic build up or preforming a spell or ritual

💫Selenite Dust - Selenite is a fantastic cleansing mineral thats energy is very similar to the moon. This mineral dissolves in water, so be sure not to place your favorite piece in the bath! I have a bit of selenite that I use specifically for making dust.

💫Essential Oils - There are a variety of oils you could add depending on what your intentions are! I usually switch up which oils I add depending on the intention of the bath. My favorites right now are tea tree oil and rosemary!

From there, I sometimes will add teabags, herbs and flowers (pictured above are rose petals, honeysuckle and rosemary for luck and abundance!) put these in a muslin bag so that clean up is a little easier), and bring candles and crystals with me. My favorite things to add to my standard bath mix are a nice bath bomb that color-coordinates with my intentions (I really respond to magical color correspondences! ), and a face mask.

For me, these baths are almost always for a through energetic cleanse, and are useful before doing spell work or ritual work. They can also be so useful when I’m just going through a stressful time and need to relax! I use them to ground, center, cleanse, and meditate. Baths can also be a perfect quiet time to develop your intuition, or a safe space to practice spirit work. Of course you can also build a spell into a bath mix, or anything else you wish!

Baths can also be medicinal, and as with any medicinal practice make sure your health situation can mix with any herbal / holistic medicinal methods safely!


a few thoughts as I finish crooked kingdom:
  • they’re all like. seventeen. I’m seventeen.
  •  I’m still getting over the fact that kaz walked into a fight expecting to probably die but he won
  • also kaz pet a dog with his own hand!?!? I can’t even picture tgis omg
  • I really, really hate jan van eck
  • all my children deserved better
  • how are they all so eloquent and manipulative someone teach me
  • kaz my child stop repressing your feelings they’re not going to just go away if you don’t ever address them
  • what mATTHIAS NO
    • I will not get over this for a very long time leigh what have you done
  • kaz is so ruthless and brutal and awful but I really really like him?? why are my favorite characters always the morally questionable assholes  

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Why is Tyler Hoechlin so damn beautiful? Don't worry, I realize there is no real answer for this yet I every day I find myself wondering about it.

Right?! Same! So much same, nonnie! Honestly though, how dare he?!

We can start with this, probably my favorite picture of him, because why the fuck not you know? How fucking dare he? Look at all that beautiful. How?!

But he’s also this fucking ball of adorable happy you know?

That open mouthed smile kills me every fucking time, just look at this shit

What a fucking ray of sunshine. But then he does THIS?! And it’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen? 

Just look at that face. Jfc. So fucking beautiful. But I mean, he’s still beautiful even with a bunch of silicone on his face

And now he’s gone and gotten all beardy and soft and just…

…so fucking beautiful. What the fuck Tyler? And look at the hair in this one (and those insane kaleidoscope eyes, and the grey in his beard, and…)

But he’s just as beautiful clean shaven

He’s not really giving us much of a chance, is he? To catch our breath, to live. But it’s okay, nonnie, it’s okay. We’re gonna be okay. Right? Right? Please say we’ll be okay, I don’t know if I can take this much longer.