also this is my best coloring ever


uhhhh anyways mary’s the only character i can draw and i love her

hey guys! i’ve noticed lately that a lot of gifsets/edits of moana, especially pastel ones, have been whitewashing her skin, and i know that this isn’t just a problem in moana gifs, so i thought it might be a good idea to make a comprehensive guide on how to avoid whitewashing poc/color poc in general. this guide will be split into three parts: vibrant gifs, pastel gifs, and dark gifs (any of the tips i give for gifs can be applied to edits as well – it’s even easier to avoid whitewashing poc in edits, because you can color it normally and then erase the lightening layers over the person’s skin).

so, without any further ado, here we go!

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Alec Appreciation Weeks ♡ Week 2
   ➸ Favourite Malec Moment(s)

An Escort’s Favorite Products and Their Hoe Uses

For those that have asked about my self-care regimen, here are my favorite products and their uses! I’ll definitely update this as I get more escorting experience and my product selection grows. 


I have sensitive, weird skin. I’m allergic to almost all BBW products. Here are the things I love! 

  • Aloe Vera Baby Oil - Shaving the cooch
  • Tend Skin - Prevents razor burn after shaving the cooch
  • Neutrogena Body Clear Scrub - Exfoliates and gets rid of random bumps
  • Aveeno Therapeutic Shave Gel - For a soft, super close shave on your legs
  • Lollia Perfumed Shower Gel - All of their scents smell amazing and they leave behind a muted scent. Plus, it’s very thick so a little bit goes a long way. Seriously, a quarter sized dollop is enough to get foamy suds over your entire body!
  • Lollia Hand Creme - Will give you the smoothest, softest hands ever. Especially important for touching wieners. 
  • Intimore Intimate Wash - My favorite wash for cleaning the vag. ALL of their varieties are safe for sensitive skin and they have great uses. The Therapeutic wash is great if you’ve been fucked raw. Very soothing!
  • Lush Sugar Scrub - Great for exfoliating, it leaves your skin very bright and radiant and it is supposed to reduce the appearance of cellulite!
  • Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Extreme Pads - I use these to get rid of weird bumps or razor burn on my legs after shaving. Will literally clear up those weird clear bumps that aren’t quite whiteheads or pimples. 
  • Kiehl’s Soy Milk & Honey Whipped Body Butter - Will leave your entire body smoother than a baby’s butt and the scent is very light. Super hydrating. I use this every night after a hot bath. I also use this to moisturize my cooch. YES, YOU CAN AND SHOULD MOISTURIZE YOUR COOCH. It’s okay! Try it!
  • Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs - It’s like foundation for your legs! It comes in either a squeeze bottle or mist. I use the squeeze bottle more because the mist WILL STAIN your bathroom tile or toilet, if you prop your leg on it to spray. 
  • St. Tropez Express Bronzing Mousse with Mitt - I used this for the first time last night because my spray tan was wearing off. It gives a really natural tan and you only have to leave it on 1-3 hours, depending on how dark you want to go, before rinsing! I left mine on for a little less than two hours and I have a nice, NATURAL looking tan glow! 


I’m a light ashy blonde with frizzy, unmanageable hair. Here are my top picks for products. 

  • Batiste Dry Shampoo - Absolute BEST dry shampoo and it’s super affordable. Very fine powder. It comes in a bunch of varities, I like the sleek and shine the most. 
  • AG Hair Cosmetics Sterling Silver Shampoo - Great purple shampoo for blondes. 
  • Davines Alchemic Conditioner - They have different formulas for different hair colors. I use the purple conditioner for blondes and it’s a great purple mask that tones and deep conditions. 
  • Kerastase Shampoo & Conditioner - Comes in a ton of varities. I use the ones for damaged hair and frizzy hair. BEST shampoo and conditioners I have ever used. It doesn’t take much product and every product does what it says it will. 
  • Kerastase Fluidissime Blow Dry Spray - For frizzy or curly hair. It gives heat protection, shine and smoothness. I use this when I want my hair to be super straight or I want to style it after blow drying. 
  • Kerastase L’ncroyable Blow Dry - Most amazing blow dry lotion ever. Seriously. Now my most used product. 
  • Kerastase Ciment Thermique - Protecting blow dry lotion for damaged/colored hair. 
  • Davines Melu Serum - For disguising split ends. Also adds shine. 
  • Davines Minu Mask - Illuminating hair mask used to add back shine and dimension
  • Carol’s Daughter Monoi Mask - Great for softness and hydration. Smells amazing. Probably my favorite mask. 
  • Kerastase Masqueintense - Second favorite hair mask. It’s ultra smoothing and revitalizes your hair. 
  • Kerastase Elixir Ultime - Great hair oil! Lighter than Morrocanoil with the same benefits, though the smell isn’t as nice. 
  • Shu Uemura Straight Forward - Great blowdry spray oil. It really does cut down the amount of time it takes to blow out your hair. I use this with the Kerastase Incredible Blowdy. 

Skin Care

I have sensitive, combination skin. I used to get random hormonal acne. 

  • Glamglow ThirstyMud - Great for hydration and smells amazing. You can use it as rinse off or a sleeping mask.
  • Glamglow Flashmud - Brightening, revitalizing mask. I use this on my butt to help get rid of a few blemish scars. No, I am not joking. Yes, it is actually working. 
  • Glamglow Thirstycleanse - Amazing mud cleanser for whenever my skin is feeling a little dry or needs some nourishment. 
  • Glamglow Supercleanse - My favorite cleanser ever. It’s a mud-oil dual pump and it takes off every BIT of make up and keeps your skin super clear! Plus, it’s not drying!
  • Peter Thomas Roth BHA 2% Acne Wash - For if I feel a breakout coming on. One bottle will likely last you over a year. 
  • Peter Thomas Roth Blemish Buffing Beads - Great for body acne.
  • Glamglow Fizzy Lip - Great exfoliating lip scrub, plus you get twice as much product as most other lip scrubs. 
  • Glamglow Wet Lip - Intense softening lip treatment. You should definitely be using both of these to get seductive, soft, kissable lips! 
  • Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Oil - I use this at night before bed. It’s anti-aging, moisturizing, clarifying, fights wrinkles and reduces pore size. 
  • Sunday Riley Good Genes Serum - I use this in the morning and it makes my skin look superb. Best skin product I’ve ever had. It brightens, exfoliates, gives radiance and evens out hyperpigmentation. 
  • Clarins HydraQuench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase - I use this serum as my moisturizer and it keeps my skin super nourished! It doesn’t clog up your pores and hydrates your dry areas. Definitely the best moisturizer I’ve ever used.

When you’re minding your own business and then the Preciousmetal feelings hit HARD


Dear Merlin, I am telling you now, because I’m afraid that it might be too late one day if I don’t: This was the most fun I’ve ever had. You’re next to me in my life. You’re the best person in the world, and I wouldn’t change a thing. Please remember me, even when I’m not there anymore one day to pick on you, and laugh at you, and call you names. You said I made you feel special. Well, you are special. And I would spend centuries with you if I could. I fear that the universe would rip in half if we went further apart than this, but I don’t think we have a choice. It’s not fair, but none of it ever was. Whatever the future holds, though, I don’t want you to change. I want you to always be you. Let’s make it the best life we can. Love, Arthur. 

i get lots of questions about what kinds of pens i use, so i thought i’d make a post for convenience :’’) the x’s are links to posts where i’ve used the pen.

  • sakura pigma micron 01 (0.25mm) - i usually don’t like using pens with tips smaller than 0.5mm since i feel like i’m scratching the paper with them, but microns are felt tip so i can deal with it (heh). i like using this pen for when i have to cramp a lot of information in a small space. (x)
  • pilot precise v5 (0.5mm) - I LOVE THESE PENS!! A+ ink flow, crisp lines, and a v smooth writing experience. it takes a while for the ink to dry sometimes, so i use these mostly for when i’m rewriting notes instead of in-class notes. (x, x, x, x, x)
  • muji gel ink ballpoint (0.5mm) - i’m gonna be honest, i bought my first pack of muji pens about a month after i started my studyblr because everyone had them. but!! for all the hype they get, they are nice pens. v smooth & lots of color options!! my only qualms are that they run out of ink pretty fast and the ink tends to smear if you highlight over it. (x, x, x)
  • pentel rsvp fine (0.7mm) - my go-to pen for in-class notes! the ink doesn’t smear very much, which is excellent because i’m one of those people that writes everything down (oops). definitely not the best pen ever, but it does its job well. ALSO it has a grip which makes it v comfortable to write with!! (i started using it when i was making this review sheet, except it ran out of ink halfway through and i switched to using a bic cristal pen)
  • paper mate inkjoy 100 (1.0mm) - my other in-class notes pen! i use it less than the rsvp because it likes to transfer onto my hand more, but the ink is darker and it’s a wider pen. i’ll usually use it when i have to fill up more space and don’t want to write as much heh :^) (x, x)
  • uniball signo um-153 (1.0mm) - v nice if you’re looking for a pen that writes boldly and thickly!! i bought this pen not too long ago, so i haven’t written with it that much yet, but i’ll probably use it for headings or something like that (x)

FUN FACT these are all capped pens… i stay away from retractable pens because i’m one of those people that clicks them constantly if i have one in my hands (ㅠᴗㅠ)

“You’re the best teacher ever!”

Cheerilee is a massively underrated horse, she’s 2cute. Also she has the same pink as Sweetie’s mane and anything that shares anything with Sweetie is good in my book. Made it kinda tough to differentiate the characters colors though, ah well I did my best.

You’ll be able to find this design as a sticker for Trotcon and Bronycon!

I don’t need pants, I’m a mermaid 

Best quote ever, lol. What if, as a thank you gift for their saviour, the Queen changed Lance into a mermaid?! A dream come true and Lance is so pretty! But Keith is not amused.

Klance week 2017 - Day Six: Quote


Who’s That Vans Girl?: @sydlars10

When it comes to adventure, Sydney Larsen’s got it on lock. We first fell in love with Sydney’s killer style and lust-worthy travel photos when she popped up in our Twitter feed months ago— and we’ll admit, we’ve been stalking her ever since. Get to know the free-spirited Vans Girl and learn her tips for transitioning your Winter wardrobe into Spring.

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I saw Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 last friday and it was amazing!!!!! forever dying about all the colors and stupid jokes and overall ridiculousness that would never work in any other movie but looks stunning in GotG! I love Mantis she’s the #1 Bae and i can’t wait to see how she will be in Vol. 3 when Drax teaches her his weird second hand humor and sass!

Also look! i did an almost monochromatic color scheme! (first time ever??)


About this Sugar Sugar Rune AU...

  • Lance Mieux has The Best and Biggest Wardrobe. Like, ever. Every single outfit has been tailored by himself.
  • He never wears black for some reason.
  • Excepted when he’s been corrupted by the black hearts of the Galras, and turned into the Ice Prince.
  • He has a thing for Lanterns that Glow, diamond-shaped accessories and lace.
  • He stills owns a basic Witch outfit to assort to Keith’s.
  • His Collector Diamond switches from jewel to necklace to anything he comes up with.

  • Keith Meilleur owns twenty times the same outfit excepted each items has different colors.
  • Pink / Black / Gray / Red. Here we go.
  • Lance’s best model.
  • That kid who could wear anything but sticks to black.
  • He never wore white. Ever. It’s not a witch thing, according to him.
  • Candles. Fire needs to breath freely, Lance.
  • Gloves. More Gloves.Elbow-high gloves, fingerless gloves, black gloves, pink gloves. Gloves.

so here’s some character design advice if anyone wants it:

first of all, a character design is a visual symbol, or a collection of visual symbols. when you are representing a character visually their design needs to convey some information to the viewer.

every part of the design needs to be there for a reason. “because it looks cool” is absolutely a valid reason, UNLESS it conflicts with some other aspect of the design or character. it has to make sense, or you have to find a way to make it make sense, otherwise it’s simply bulk with no substance.

you need to especially consider this if you’re trying to deliberately subvert a trope with a character design. If your character is a rugged-looking badass with fly outfits and a dope-ass weapon, but they’re actually an optimistic creampuff who likes baking and kittens, that discrepancy needs to be a part of their personality and their story, and in depictions of them you should try to contain hints of the character’s gentleness alongside their cool toughness.

otherwise you have a visual design built simply on random traits that you like that has nothing to do with who the character is. in that case, the design is communicating no information, or wrong information, to the viewer, and is therefore unsuccessful.

to kinda touch on that a little bit, here’s one i’m pretty proud of:

Y’all know Roadrunner, he’s one of my favorite things to draw. Here are some design decisions for this character, and this piece in particular, and why i chose them:

- Physique: This character is small and very fit because he is an acrobat. 
- Hair: the long hair is a cultural symbol, but also a deliberate choice for this character because he is very active, and it’s a great visual tool for showing movement and grace
- Crop top: This character is flirty and a little vain
- Shoes: this character is a freerunner
- FLY: This one’s kinda sneaky. Roadrunner has a circus arts background and is a “flyer” (in partner acrobatics, the smaller partner who does aerials, as opposed to a “catcher” or “base”). There’s also a recurring bird motif with this character (I mean, Roadrunner…) that I’ve used this to hint at as well.
- Floral print bomber jacket: I just think it looks cool, but it still fits in with this character and his style so it works with the design and ties the color scheme together.

Here’s another one where I think I did a good job conveying information about the characters.

not gonna go into a ton of detail about it since it’s not my best work ever, but i feel like you get a good sense of who they are, who they are to each other, and how they’re gonna kick your ass.

which is another thing. if your character does some kind of combat on the reg, that’s going to affect their morality and disposition. if your character is the best swordsman in all the land, they got that way by fighting, and killing people. with swords. unless they are practicing it specifically as a sport, in which case that will not translate to real life combat skills.

obviously there’s some room for leeway here – all fiction presents augmented reality, and therefore augmented morality. a D&D character might kill 10 random encounter bandits before breakfast. in a superhero universe, a city-destroying battle might not even make headlines.

but you do need to consider your setting, and what your character’s combat skills and experience mean in that setting. if your character is a hardened, seasoned warrior that means they have blood on their hands. probably a lot. you need to meaningfully consider what that means to them, and if and how they justify it.

i think this is something people forget a lot considering how many of the asks sent to @howtofightwrite are variations on “how can my character knock someone out without injuring/killing them” and how many of the answers are variations on “they can’t.”

anyway, sorry this is kinda rambly and nonsensical, just stuff i’m thinkin’ about after a healthy all-nighter! hope some people find this interesting or helpful.

What I Can’t Have~she (s.m.)

Part one of two (she and he) based on this lovely image. Hope y’all enjoy :)


Touring with Shawn Mendes had turned into so much more than strictly business. But for one night only. I knew that what had happened between us would never happen again. 

I had convinced myself Shawn felt the same.

It was no mistake. But it happened under terms neither of us could comprehend. We weren’t drunk, far from it. Right after a show, night one of two concerts in New York. His hotel room. No alcoholic drinks of fancy names and expensive costs shared between us in glistening flutes. Just two teenagers, standing in an unused hotel kitchen, staring at each other as though speaking words were the hardest task they had ever found themselves doing.

That was okay though. We did’t need to speak. But part of me wished we would. It would have helped us to understand better why we did what we did. If he didn’t press his lips to mine and I didn’t let him, I wouldn’t be laying in his bed the morning after, wondering….what was next? I hated him for this confusion he caused. But also, I yearned for more. Because this confusion was the damn near best thing that I had ever experienced in all my years on this earth. No award I had ever received, no crowd that had ever cheered my name would ever measure up to the feelings Shawn Mendes had evoked out of me.

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