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Never Take Advice from your Brother’s Dating Manuel

A gift for @beckyshecky because their Kustard art gives me life. Seriously I get so many feels from their art, and I don’t even ship Kustard that much, I just love it. 

Also, this is my entry for @bonelynomore‘s fanfiction contest! This wasn’t going to be my original fic that I was going to submit, but my original turned out to be a couple…thousand words over the word limit, so I scrapped this up, a week before the deadline. 

Beta read by: @letshexforlove, @sesrins-symphony, @dtk-imagines, @crappyartforyou. Thank you for taking a look guys! 

Word count: 3,463
Tags: Fluff
Pairing: UT Sans x UF Sans
Summary: Red can’t stop staring at the cute skeleton across the cafeteria. Classic can’t stop daydreaming about the bad boy who lived down the street from him. Both believe that neither of them had a chance with the other. It’s going to take some intervention to get these lovesick idiots just to go out on a date.  

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i believed the saying (the cure for pain was love)

Summary: Peter approaches the concept of the end of the world selfishly, desperately, like a man whose everything could be ripped away from him. Gamora does, too.

hello dear friends it’s time for. sadness. im supposed to be working on the next chapter of the highschool au and i SWEAR thats halfway done but i havent had the time to write in literally a month and writers block is awful so i really just. clung to the first half-clear concept that entered my head yesterday. its very indulgent and very painful & its been,,,, a rough week, so i ask that u forgive me for this. some of the plot allusions at the end are tangentially based on the infinity gauntlet comics and also – the titles from supertramp’s “hide in your shell”, which is rly in my humblest of opinions the only song worth calling “a starmora song”. [peace sign emoji] pls enjoy 

Peter swears they’ve had this argument a hundred times before.

“ – course it’s broken,” she’s saying, halfway through re-assembling one of their older handguns and pacing across the length of the common room. “Because this happens every single time, you say you’ll fix it –”

“I did fix it!”

“– and you buy spare parts for cheap from some back-alley junker –”

“Okay, hang on –”

“– instead of investing in high quality stabilizers like I have told you to do thousands of times –”

“They’re not cheap,” Peter cuts in, shoving his own weapons back into his belt now that they have been cleaned and checked to a standard of satisfaction and crossing his arms over his chest. “They’re inexpensive, and I’m saving us units, I don’t get what’s so difficult to understand about –”

“They’re cheap and every time they collapse again we have to shell out units for new ones and in the long-term you are actually spending more on the suspension systems than you would have if you just invested in the higher quality parts.”

She turns, finally, slamming the handgun down onto the nearest flat surface and planting her hands and feet on her hips and the ground, respectively. It’s been a long enough goddamn time that Gamora looking like she’s going to stab something isn’t enough to make him take a wary step back anymore, but Peter has to take a minute and acknowledge that objectively, if she was looking like that at some poor schmuck on the street, he wouldn’t blame them for pissing their pants.

“Which are more expensive,” he says.

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Took a little break on the Magical AU to doodle some bitch ass goth Lance and Pastel goth Allura with some Basketcase Keith

Sue me, Goth Bitch Lance is my asthetic. But I would assume he’ll go soft one he experiences how endearing Keith can be.
Also, Allura and Lance have that BFF bond in which they got each others back and will cut peoples throat with their pedicure nails if they mess with their circle of friends

Allura loves her huge nerd Pidge and Hun is just as big a nerd the little gremlin
Shiro and Matt are your lovable jocks and Lotor is that one hot asshole

Allura, Lance, Keith (later), Pidge, Hunk, Shiro and Matt have the voltron symbol tattooed on both their shoulders with their colors

OUATVAN 2017 - GOLD EXCLUSIVE PANEL with Colin O’Donoghue & Jennifer Morrison




  • Colin broke his foot on the last day of the musical episode (x)
  • Girl giving Colin juggling balls and he’s juggling (x)
  • Jen loved working with Hugh Laurie, she also loved working with LinMM. She’d like to work with cate Blanchett (x)
  • Colin liked to work with Anthony Hopkins and would like to work with Daniel Lewis (x)
  • The most challenkng character Colin had to play was the priest but he thinks Hook is challenging too (x)
  • Jen found playing “bringing Ashley home” very challenging (x)
  • Jen says Adam and Eddy take the complexity of families into the show (x)
  • Jen likes that Emma and snow faced their pastors and they’re bonded in a way that can never be broken. (x)
  • Emma admires snow and wants to live up to smoky values (x)
  • Hook respects snow and charming and hook is a complex character who tries to be a good person (x)
  • Jen said to keep watching cause there will be interruption happening to CS proposal (x)
  • Colin was a weird kid. (Said it himself) and he was into blues music (x)
  • Jen was raised on Disney movies so Cinderella or other things meant a lot to her. (x)
  • Jen has a beautiful singing voice, she just sang something (x)
  • Jen feels as is a combination of both, dark Emma and wish realm emma (x)
  • Jen says she’s a princess at heart (x)
  • Jen loves to do the princess stuff but the dark one challenges her bc she had to search for parts of herself that are like that (x)
  • Jen would take mists of Avalon, the Bible and east of eden to a deserted island (x)
  • When hook and jack sparrow would meet theyd drink a lot of rum and do a lot of mischief. (x)
  • Emma’s closet changed bc they were thinking about what emma has access to in SB. So the clothes got a vintage touch.  (x)
  • Emma is letting her walls down and that’s why she’s also changing her wardrobe. She’s softer as is her clothing (x)
  • New memories and experiences influence Emma’s clothes (x)
  • Colin gets a new leather jacket tomorrow (x)
  • Colin accidentally hurt someone with the hook while filming the beanstock ep in season 2 but he never hurt himself (x)
  • Jen would like to do checkov and Ipsen plays. She played Eliza Doolittle in Highschool. Colin would like to do Les Mis (x)
  • Jen: I think Colin just wants to be directed by me.
    • Colin: I pretty much am. (x)
  • Jen loves acting and it’s been a cool one transitioning into directing and she loves that too. (x)
  • Colin would like to start directing and get more into the BTS stuff (x)
  • Jen thinks emotional scenes are  hard to do because you have to sustain the crying. Emma breaking the curse in S1 was intense (x)
  • An upcoming scene was very emotional for her to film  (x)
  • Colin found the scene where Emma kills hook a very hard scene to film (x)

me @me: no more anatomy pls stop there are other subjects that need your attention bones are overrated anyway
also me: yasss anatomy 24/7 lets draw everything out there is neVER ENOUGH ANATOMY

This year my little sister is starting high school (year 7 in Australia). To help her out I decided to write a quick post with the advice I wish I’d been given when I was her age. I hope that it will make her transition easier, and hope that it will do the same for other students starting year 7. I don’t feel like writing a rambly intro today, so let’s get right into it:

Advice On School Supplies

There are some items on an average school-issued supplies list that will probably never be used, and other items not on the list that can be useful to have. These are some items I’ve found to be useful (and not so useful) over my four years at high school.

Useful (PURCHASE):

  • Good gel or fine liner pens: Most school lists tell you to get the most basic supermarket ballpoint pens available. In my experience, these just don’t cut it for the amount of writing you need to do in high school. My suggestion? A gel pen or fine liner with small nib and heavy ink flow. A grip can add extra comfort, but personally, I don’t find one necessary. Brand wise, I love Muji 0.35/0.5 gels, Staedtler Triplus fine liners, and Arline 400 fine liners.
  • Plastic document folders: These are so, so useful! Last year I had one of these for each subject (a different colour for each!) and used them to store a notebook and any handouts that I needed for the class. They protected my papers from damage and also helped me stay organised by keeping everything from the subject in one spot and letting me just grab one folder before class rather than multiple items.
  • White out tape: So much better than the liquid stuff. For one it doesn’t require drying time, and it also doesn’t run the risk of bursting and ruining your pencil case/school bag/notebook/uniform/etc.

Not Useful (GO WITHOUT):

  • Binders: These are so clunky! If you have one per subject then they take up too much space in your bag, and if you have one for everything then you have to carry all your materials to every class. Unless you just keep loose leaf paper in a slim binder (rather than notebooks), then I suggest using plastic folders instead.
  • Binder books: Just get normal notebooks. As mentioned above, binders are clunky and unnecessary. I find it better to use non-punched books, as they don’t have holes that get in the way of your writing. Or alternatively, just fill a slim binder with loose leaf and use that instead of multiple notebooks.

Advice On Class Schedules

One of the things I struggled with most when starting high school was remembering what class I had when and what room I needed to be in. The best way to stay on top of your schedule is to write it down. However I suggest using a digital program rather than pen and paper - your schedule is likely enough to change that you want to be able to make adjustments easily. You can write it in a word processing program, but I find it most useful to use an app. With a program such as iStudiez or My Study Life on your phone/tablet, you can easily schedule your classes and also add in homework due dates. Download one of these (or a similar program), and you won’t have any problems managing your timetable.

Advice On Staying Organised

The single most useful organisational tool I’ve found in four years of searching is a program called Trello. Available as both a desktop site and a mobile app, Trello has been a saviour when it comes to staying on top of tasks. The best thing about it, and what stands it apart from other organisational tools, is its great user interface. Trello, like many other programs, allows you to set lists of tasks to be completed. Like other programs, it allows you to categorise tasks and add sub-tasks. What makes it different from other programs is the way it allows you to organise and prioritise tasks. It has a simple drag and drop interface which lets you move tasks between lists with ease, and you can do the same to re-order tasks within a single list. This is super useful when it comes to sorting tasks by priority or setting up a running-order of tasks for the day. If you want to know exactly how I use Trello, just shoot me and ask and we can set up a screenshare to explain.

Advice On Taking Notes

The best advice I can give you on taking notes is just to make sure you keep them detailed and up-to-date. A good, complete set of notes is so useful when it comes to studying for tests, and you really don’t want to leave note-taking to right before one. At year 7-9 level I found taking notes in class and from class slideshows to be adequate, but in year 10 it became important to take notes from textbooks too. This will vary school-to-school, but you can use these year levels as loose guidelines.

Advice On Studying  

Spread. It. Out. I’m serious. You’re tempted to procrastinate? You’re tempted to study in one big block the weekend before the test? Don’t. Please. Trust me when I say it’s not nice to spend six hours in a day studying for the one test. Instead, study in short bursts, but study regularly. For a 7th-10th grader, I think it’s enough if your regular study regime is to simply summarise your notes at the end of each week, make flashcards, and give them a once-over study. When it comes near test time, you’ll only need a short study session to prepare. In this session I suggest you do the following:

  • Chuck the flashcards you know you’ve already memorised. Study the rest until they stick (<30 minutes).
  • Do a practice test or some practice exercises (I suggest Khan Academy for maths practice), focusing on the skills/question types you have the most trouble with (~1 hour).
  • Get together with some friends and use Kahoot to have a competitive, time-restricted quiz on the test content. You can find a pre-made quiz, or create your own for more focused study. For me, this is a really fun way to study and also the best way to make information stick long-term (~30 minutes).

Spread these activities out over the week before the test, and you are way less likely to feel overloaded than if you leave everything to the last minute.    

Advice On Homework

Repeat after me: Do it before you have to. As much as it’s tempting to procrastinate, you’ll feel much less stressed if you don’t leave work to the last minute. Rather than completing only what you have to on any given day, I suggest you work until one of the following occurs:

  1. You run out of set work to do.
  2. It becomes too late to study (please stop studying at least an hour before bed and spend some time giving yourself a little TLC instead).
  3. You become too tired out and feel you can’t work productively anymore (if you don’t have anything left due tomorrow then leave the work to another day, but if you still need to complete things then take a break or nap before getting back to it).   

Advice On Time Management

In lower high school, you’ll probably find that it is unnecessary to strictly manage your time, as long as you don’t waste it. By this I mean you will rarely feel you don’t have time to complete required work, as long as you don’t waste your time on pseudo-productive tasks like creating ultra-pretty presentations or copying your notes out. Just stick to the tasks that are actually required of you.

Advice On Making Friends

JOIN CLUBS! Clubs are a great way to have fun, get involved, and also meet people with the same interests as you. They provide a semi-structured environment in which to initiate conversation, rather than you having to randomly approach new people (which, if you are like me, is SCARY!), and also keep you meeting with your new pals on a regular basis. Once you getting chatting with someone you like, just invite them to sit with you at lunch and you’re off to a great start.

Don't make my girlfriend cry.

(warning: long story)

Okay, so this was a good few years ago, back when I was in high school.

In case my username didn’t give it away, I am happily and openly gay af, and I came out at about 14, around year 9 in highschool (I’m British). And from that second on, I was even more of a target.

I was already the preferred bullying target. The school was aware of it, they were also aware that my family didn’t take kindly to this (in my previous school, my Mum had brought the police into school on the day where the younger kids were coming to see if they wanted to go there, because they weren’t doing anything about me being bullied) so pulled a big huff and puff smoke screen to try and make it seem like they were fixing the issue, though they never did anything.

I had plenty of small ‘regular’ or 'petty’ revenges throughout my years. Getting people kicked out of classes, forced into counselling, etc etc. But this is the big one.

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maybe breaking the Laws of anime here but… if she’s naked and if I remember she undressed you… im pretty sure there is no need to hide your dick as she has already seen it. also, no real need of freaking out use her as a body pillow or something. the logic of MC’s never ceases to amaze me… 

The Top 20 YoonMin Stories with the most Kudos

I got an ask from an anon.  Asking for the most kudoed YoonMin stories, so here a list.

There’s not an official list, but here are the top twenty most kudos YoonMin fics on AO3

1. The Songbird and the Sea by MissterMaia

In a world where dominance of the sea is an endless battle between pirates and mariners, Park Jimin is content living in his little village on a small, uninteresting island by the eastern mainland. He wants nothing to do with the bloodshed of good and evil, the heartless killing of both innocents and condemned, the constant establishment and disruption of order. What he wants is peace, to live his life in the same town he was born in, to spend his days in the beautiful forest, and to use the powers of his Blessed Rune to nurture the home he loves so dearly.

But when his island is attacked by pirates, Jimin will have no other choice than to do as they command and leave all thoughts of peace behind in favor of boarding the Agust, a pirate ship captained by the infamous Min Yoongi, Black Fox of the East. (Rated: M,This fic deservs to be at the top.  It is so good.)

2.  trying to behave (but you know that we never learned how) by christmasyoongi

It’s been years since Yoongi’s last seen him and the younger boy is a shell of his former self in a way that makes his heart twist in his chest. And yet, after all this time and countless days of convincing himself to let him go, he’s still unconditionally, head over heels in love with Park Jimin.

(Jimin and Yoongi grow up together.) (Rated:M, Still haven’t read this one.)

3.  when you’re in love all the lines get blurred by jflawless

Jimin isn’t sure what possessed him to lie to his mother and tell her that he had a boyfriend, but now that he’s opened the position, he has no choice but to fill it. Yoongi is, apparently, his only option.  *A Classic.)

4. A tale of selcas by Sharleena

sunshinemin: YALL
sunshinemin: I’VE BEEN EXPOSED

TaeTaeflower: tell me u did not like an old pic of Yoongi-hyung

sunshinemin: …

In which Jimin is head over heels for underground rapper Min Yoongi, Instagram is the enemy and Jungkook thinks he’s straight. *Funny, funny, funny)

5.  Conflicting Arrangement by PrettyBoyKiller

“Absolutely not,” Yoongi deadpanned. “Namjoon-ah. I value you as a friend, and I think I’d even go as far as to say that you’re my best friend, but absolutely fucking not.”

“You owe me,” Namjoon pleaded. “Come on, Yoongi, it’s not a big deal.”

“Your boyfriend’s best friend’s best friend needs a fake boyfriend to come out to his family this Chuseok, all the way in fucking Busan.” Yoongi repeated drily without pause, making Namjoon wince. He flipped a page of his textbook, picking up his highlighter. “Not a big deal, Namjoon. Amazing.” (So Good)

6.  The 100-Day Love Challenge by jeosheo

For a variety show challenge, Jimin must tell Yoongi every day for 100 days that he loves him.

Let’s get this shit started. (So cute)

7.  Nyctophile by yururin

“Like I said, monsters aren’t real, Taehyung.”

Jimin quickly pulled the closet doors open.

At the bottom of the closet, sitting on the floor and leaning heavily against the walls, was a man with dark pink hair clad in dark clothes, bleeding and injured and looking positively close to death.

Jimin didn’t know what to do. (Rated: M, Monster and Romance)

8.  Side Dishes by Elemir

Yoongi is Korea’s most famous actor. He’s kissed so many pretty girls that he doesn’t know what love is supposed to feel like anymore.

And then he meets rookie actor Park Jimin. (Rated:M, Classic)

9.  Neko Atsume by snailieshell

Jimin accidentally on purpose collects a cat hybrid named Suga. (Rated:M, reading this right now.)

10.The Adventures of BTS (Barely Trained Superheroes) by blurrylines

Super Heroes Academy AU. Seven different boys each possess a unique Power, to be trained and controlled within the classrooms of the Academy. In a surprising turn of events, the unlikely group of boys must work together to overcome the greatest threat to their Academy and all they believe in. (Rated: M, I enjoyed reading this.)

11. Love at First Sigh by Elemir

Yoongi and Jimin fall in love with sounds.

AU where Yoongi and Jimin have apartments next to each other, and their showers share a wall. (Rated: M, Classic)

12. Black Cat by suddenly_yoongi

“Jimin, they’re your soulmate. They’ll love you regardless. They’re not going to care about your Min Yoongi obsession. I promise.”

(AU in which the last of you turns eighteen and you switch bodies with your soulmate until you find them again) (Rated: M, Soulmate AU)

13. Crazy Is Most Definitely Genetic by CaliCocoa

family!au where Jimin’s just trying to survive high school, Taehyung keeps weirding everyone out, Namjoon is an embarrassing dad, Jin is supermom, and Jungkookie’s just along for the ride.

(now translated into spanish) (Cute and Funny)

14. Out of My System by xxdevilishxx

Yoongi likes one night stands and he understands how they work. What he doesn’t understand, however, is how he ended up in bed with a probably-not-legal kid crying in his arms about his broken heart, because he’s pretty sure (and correct him if he’s wrong) that a babysitting job was not what he was looking for when he went to the opening of his friend’s new club.  (Rated: M, LOVE, CLASSIC)

15. A pack’s price by EmpatheticShipper

Kim Seokjin is an omega that was casted out of his pack after bringing home the scent of alpha’s belonging to another pack. Wounded and alone, he meets two omegas who eagerly take him back to their den. He quickly realizes the rest of the pack members are all alphas and they take him in generously. But his old pack will not forget his betrayal so easily. With him being a target of both his old pack and a rival pack seeking new omegas, will Namjoon and the rest of the alphas be able to protect them?  (Rated:m, ABO Au)

16. where the heart is by 10cm

She hadn’t been ready to be a mother and Yoongi hadn’t been ready to be a father, but where she had turned tail and run, Yoongi had vowed never to do the same.  *Rated: M, Classic, LOVE, Single Parent AU)

17. tear the moon from the stars tonight by euphoriae

“Remember what I told you. You are mine now and I take care of my things.”

Joseon Era AU: Jimin, a low born, catches the attention of nobleboy Min Yoongi. (Rated: M)

18. The Pink Envelope by zoeeemin

to a prompt I received on tumblr
“Oh shit, sorry I got the wrong locker” When Jimin is sending love letters to his crush via locker but fails because it is Yoongi’s locker.

au where 6 of them are highschool students (Jin has already graduated)… and Jungkook is also in highschool with the rest of them (please don’t ask me why I just want him to be there hahahaha) (Classic, FAVE)

19. in your eyes (it’s where i wanna be) by bonnia

Jimin pauses with his marker inches away from the cup, because — is he really going to do this? Isn’t it a bit old-fashioned to write something flirty on a coffee cup? But no matter what his churning gut says about danger and what the hell are you doing do you want to die, this guy is — with no better way to put it — totally Jimin’s Type with a capital T.

(Or: Jimin accidentally starts a nickname war with the cute blonde who likes his coffee way too bitter.) (Cute coffee shop au)

20. Look My Way by sunkissedyoongi

It all started when Yoongi read his own name and the word ‘cute’ written in the same sentence on the wall of the boys’ bathroom.

But he kind of liked the way his name looked in the stranger’s handwriting. (So CUTE!)

So here are the top 20 YoonMin fics with the most kudos.  Enjoy reading.

Now that im totally rested i want to thank everyone who visited me at my stand in the artist alley to say hi, get some hugs, buy stickers, charms, prints and commissions ;0; It surprised me how many people knew me and wanted to meet me in person, i was really nervous but you all made my day!, a bit tiring experience because conventions that last more than a day are exhausting in general but it was nice!

i want to highlight this ow highschool au commission i had to do! It makes me really happy to know that people enjoy my stuff 😭❤

also im out of stock of almost everything! but soon i will start with the online re-stock so you guys can get all the stuff i showed you days ago

Tips for Working Students!

As a full time student who also works multiple jobs, I know that it can be difficult to find balance between the two while not breaking down and/or failing at one or both. This post is meant to help other students like me who are working as well as going to school and are looking for advice for how to deal with it. Since I am in university right now, most of the post is geared toward that, however it should still be helpful to people in highschool. Also, a lot of this is based around my experience or experience of friends of mine and obviously will not work for everyone. Take what you will from this and just do what ever works best in your context. 

Cue long ass post –

1. Time management!!!

Obviously this can go for all students, but if you’re working a lot at the same time time management is twice as important. I highly advise you to use a calendar!! Input your class schedule, your work schedule, and any other important dates in there like appointments, due dates, extracurriculers, ect. Take one day at the beginning of the school year to go through your calander and book off any days you know you’ll need off from work like for classes, study time, and projects you already know the dates off. 

Make sure that there’s no over lap between classes and school. Studyblr has some really good printables you can use to fill in your weekly schedule so you can visually see when everything is (here’s my printables tag). Set a default availability at work if you can so that you always have a general idea of when you’re working and don’t forget to book off days for any alternating classes (i.e. like labs you might only have once a month or lectures that alternate weeks). 

Also, make sure you have set time scheduled in your week to study and finish assignments. Make sure there is a specific time allotment in your week JUST for studying. Even if you can only manage a day or half a day, make sure you have study time scheduled because it’s really easy to over schedule your self and start falling behind at school. I usually keep an extra day booked off to use as my study/catch up day. If you come to a time where you don’t have a lot of school work, you can always ask for an extra shift.

Throughout the rest the rest of the year, take a day every month (or more or less frequently, whatever works for you) to go over you schedule and make sure everything is booked correctly. Make sure you make any changes at the beginning of a new semester, too. You don’t want to accidentally get scheduled at work because you forgot to change your availability!

2. Get a small notebook that you can bring to work

Especially if you’re in a major that has a lot of writing or projects, you should get a small notepad you can bring to work to so you can write down any ideas that come your way. I work as a server, and so I just buy small notepads from the dollar store to keep in my apron incase I think of anything for a project/essay. On dead days, I even start writing essay outlines and paragraphs in it, then I can go home and just dumb it onto the computer and fix it up to be handed in. If you can’t get/don’t have one or if you’ve just forgotten your notebook, make use of whatevers available to you at work to start brainstorming assignments while your working. I’ve written entire essays on receipt paper before + stapled them to my final work as a draft  - gotta do watchu gotta do.  

3. Bring your readings to work

If you can, bring copies of your readings or notes to work so you can review when its not busy. Depending on your job and your management, this may not be possible, but if you have a lax job this is really helpful when you need it.

4. Using break times

Honestly, I advise not working on school stuff during your work break unless absolutely necessary (i.e. if youre assignment is due the next morning). Most breaks are only about a half hour long which is barely enough time to eat. Use your break to revitalize yourself and eat something, maybe talk to your friends at work. You need this time to chill to prevent burnouts and breakdowns! Remember to take care of yourself.

5. Make use of resources at work! 

Even a lot of part time jobs will have resources you can make use of for school. At most places you can swipe some pens and other stationary (particularly helpful for students on a budget - this is what I do when I’m particularly low on funds). A lot of companys will also have programs for tuition assitance and internships! Talk to your supervisors and also email or call HR to see if there’s any oppertunities you can use. 

6. Communitcate with your bosses and your teachers about your situation

Especially if you’re in a particularily tight situation and are having trouble balancing school and work. Most profs and TAs (or just teachers if you’re in highschool) will be completely understanding if you ask for an extension becaue of work. I’ve done this multiple times and they’re usually happy to give an extension as long as you give them enough warning - do not write them the day before an assignments due asking for an extension. Unless you’re really stuck, try to give them at min. a few days notice and preferably at least a weeks notice. What I often do is talk to my TAs at the beginning of the semester and explain to them my situation, that way they’re not caught off gaurd when something comes up. 

Same thing for your boss. If you tell them that you need a few days off for exams or study time, they’ll usually understand and help you out the best they can. Also, talk to your coworkers and see who’s willing to take shifts if you need it. Get the numbers/facebook of a handful of coworkers you can ask for a favour in a jam. Better yet, if your work place doesn’t have one already, create a facebook group and add everyone who works into it. whenever anyone needs a shift gone, they can post in the group so everyone knows they’re giving away. People can also post if their picking up shfits as well! It’s super helpful adn convienient for everyone honestly. 

Also. chances are there’s probably a few people at your work place who don’t go to school and are happy to take shifts off you. When I took a year off from school I took tons of shit from people who needed study time. The more you communicate with people, the more people you’ll find willing to help you out. 

anonymous asked:

Hi! Can you rec more highschool fics? I've already read everything in the tag, oops

yeah sure!!! (also can someone talk to me about reputation im in love) -Karri

high school tag

The Sleepover by Klance_Convert (1/1 | 2,084 | Explicit)

“What’s something embarrassing that your parents don’t know about you?”

This time there was no hesitation. “Masturbation,” Lance announced.

Keith choked, feeling his face go crimson. “Dude! You don’t just s-say that,” he stuttered.

In which Lance can’t sleep, and a game of Truth or Dare, goes way off course.

Thank God For Hometowns by merycula (1/1 | 6,579 | Teen And Up)

Lance tells his grandparents that he has a boyfriend to get them off his back, and is forced to ask his neighbor Keith to pretend to date him when they come with a visit.

Shades of Purple by star_moongi (19/19 | 32,504 | Teen And Up)

Lance McClain finds his safe haven and comfort online under the username blu97 on a messenger website called UniverseChat. There he meets a person under the username 1redrebel. Smart, charming, and having an amazing sense of humour, they pull Lance in immediately.

But what he doesn’t know is that the intriguing person behind the handle is someone that he could never imagine being with in a million years; Keith Kogane. An arrogant, impulsive, hot head at his school, who he doesn’t exactly like.