also this is from 2010 2011 season so

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During Blake's last radio interview he said he was cutting back on concert dates like 35 a year I am curious what his schedule was like 3 or 4 years ago while he was also in two seasons of The Voice a year. Still sounds like a lot to me.

He sounded like HE thought it was a lot when he was reading the dates out too, lol. We’ll go from 2010 onwards, because that’ll give us a pre-Voice comparison too. It also does include all the festival gigs and a few other misc things (like the Opry, some award shows), I believe. Sorry for errors; using Setlism.FM and don’t have time to go through the list properly…

2010: 73
2011: 35
2012: 41
2013: 38
2014: 37
2015: 25
2016: 35

So honestly, it’s been PRETTY consistent since The Voice began. No major drop-off that I can see.