also this is from 2010 2011 season so

as a longtime fan it’s a little amusing to me how so many people are like, wow nathan’s like a whole different skater this season! i mean, in a way he is, because his programs show a new side of him, but the general implication is more like, wow i didn’t know nathan could do anything besides quads!

the whole quad machine image is kind of a new development for him tbh. nathan was so impressive as a novice and junior because he was already a good performer and high-quality skater in many areas. he had a bunch of good programs with detailed choreography and range of expression when he was younger. his skating did become noticeably more jump-focused in the last couple of seasons, but i’m so glad that his new programs allow his innate talents to shine through. he didn’t suddenly become an “artist” overnight, the potential was always there, and now everyone can see what older fans saw in him years ago. i don’t see his improvement this season as a completely new development, more like a return to form, except even better. the kid is so talented, i hope he sticks around in skating for a long time.

anyways, if anyone’s interested in watching some of nathan’s earlier programs, here are some of my favorites from over the years: