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Dutch puns & jokes

I don’t know how funny they are, since I have to explain them, but I hope you enjoy it :)

🔹Ik zie soms dubbel, maar dat kan mij niets schelen.

Translation: sometimes I see double, but I don’t care.

Explanation: “dat kan mij niets schelen” is an expression that means “I don’t care”, but the word “schelen” is similar to “schele” or “scheel”, which means cross-eyed.

🔹Ken je de mop van de mummie? ingewikkeld hè?

Translation: Have you ever heard of the joke about the mummy? Complicated isn’t it?

Explanation: The word “ingewikkeld"means complicated, but it can also means “wrapped” or “swaddled”.

🔹Waarom gooit jantje een emmer water over zijn computer?
Antwoord: hij wil over het internet surfen.

Why does Jantje throw a bucket of water on his computer?
Answer: he wants to surf the web.

Explanation: I think this one doesn’t need any explanation.

🔹Waarom kan een ei niet bevriezen? Antwoord: er zit een dooier in.

Why can’t an egg freeze?
Answer: there’s an egg yolk inside of it. 

Explanation: “dooier” means yolk, but a word similar to it “dooien” means to defrost or thaw.

🔹Hoe maakt een skelet een deur open?
Antwoord: met zijn sleutelbeen

How does a skeleton open a door?
Answer: with his collar bone.

Explanation: “sleutel” means key 

🔹Word bokser, meer kans op slagen

Translation: Become a boxer, the success rate is higher.

Explanation: “slagen” means to succeed, but another meaning is to get hit.

🔹3 BH’s voor een tientje. Daar laat je ze toch niet voor hangen?

Translation: 3 bra’s for 10 dollars. You don’t let them hang for that. 

Explanation: The second phrase has a double meaning. On the one hand it’s says you don’t let your boobs hang low, but it also says you don’t let the bra’s hang on the rack for such a small price.

🔹De chirurg is erg gehecht aan zijn patiënt.

Translation: The surgeon is very attached to his patient.

Explanation: “gehecht” translates to attached or stitched.

The weak get thrown to the dogs (Damian Wayne imagine)

Requested: Yes
Request: Can you please write about Taila kidnapping Damian’s pregnant s/o but Talia doesn’t know that the reader is pregnant and brainwashes Damian to kill her and once Damian sees what he’s done he turns the sword on himself? Btw I love your writing!!!
Summary: After killing his pregnant wife while brainwashed, Damian turns his sword on himself.
Word count: 786
Warning(s): Angst, death, suicide

You had just walked out of the huge hospital building. A sonogram of your unborn child in your coat pocket, you make your way home to tell your husband this amazing news. 

You were no more than seven minutes away from the hospital, walking on a narrow street with no people on it, when you suddenly fall unconscious from a blow to the side of the head. You knew the risks of being with the man you loved, and the occasional kidnapping was nothing out of the ordinary, so when you found yourself in a gloomy basement like room you did your best to keep calm.

Like Damian always taught you, show no fear, take note of your surroundings, everything can be used as a weapon. Your head hurt, blood was dripping onto your clothes, you were scared, but not for yourself, but for yourself but for your child.

You were just trying to get your attention away from your aching head and ringing ear when the heavy looking metal door opens, bringing light to the dimly lit room. Before you stand’s Talia with Damian in tow. He looked less focused than usual, his bright green eyes now dark and furious. He was holding a sword in his hands behind his back. He wasn’t trying to hide it, maybe just trying to refrain himself.

Damian, what do we do with the unworthy?” Talia asks Damian, a smirk on her face. 

We eliminate them, mother.” He knowingly answers. 

What happens to the weak?” She asks diabolically. 

They get thrown to the dogs.” He answers, drawing his sword.

You know what to do, son.” Talia says simply, exiting the room, leaving you two alone together.

W-what are you doing,” you question, tears cascading down my face, mixing with the streaks of blood, the lump in your throat becoming hard to swallow. 

TT, I’m fixing my mistakes.” He answers arrogantly and bluntly.

Wh- What ever Talia has told y-you, this isn’t you, you’re a kind man, you don’t want this.” you try my best to reason with him, knowing full well that when he has his mind set on something, there’s no turning back.

He pulls his weapon against your arm, creating a deep laceration, blood starting to spill rapidly. you scream in agony, trying to loosen the bonds that are refraining me to the chair. 

You don’t know anything about me nor what I want.” He seethes.

 Moments of heavy panting later, your still trying to calm your heart rate to lessen the blood flow. “Any last words?” He questions, raising his sword to the side of your neck.

I-I love you,” You manage to get out, before your life flashes before your eyes. A sharp nanosecond of pain flows through you, before there’s nothing. No pain, no worry, no happiness, no bliss, no nothing.

Damian watches your head hit the ground, the blood spattering over the walls and sealing. Only now he realizes the full extent of his actions, the pain he had caused not only himself, but everyone that ever knew you. He falls to the ground, on his knees in front of your lifeless body, the clanking of the sword echoing in the room. He screams, before starting to sob uncontrollably. He had killed many times before, but never had it had an effect such as this.

He moves to untie you from the chair, pulling your headless body on to his lap, crying while rocking back and forth. He feels as if an entire eternity had passed, when in reality it had only been meer minutes. A glint of something glossy catches his eye in you pocket, a paper?

Carefully, with shaking hands he reaches for it, taking it out, leaving bloody prints all over it. Turning it in his hands he sees the sonogram, dated for today, a small blob of what your child was supposed to be looking back at him. He was distraught, he didn’t want to live this life no more, with the blood of not only his beloved on his hands, but also the blood of an unborn child.

Talia burst into the room just as Damian was grabbing for his weapon once more. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING,” She screams. 

Joining my family, wherever they may be. I betrayed them in life, but I won’t do it in death.” He says grimly, taking the last look at you, and the picture before slamming the sharp point of his sword straight into his still beating heart.

Leaving behind a broken promise of a family and a childless mother. Losing a sister, a brother, a child, a mother, but reuniting the promise in death. To have and to hold, forever. 


With love,


Pairing: Sherlock x reader

Description: Sherlock tries to hide his feelings about (y/n), knowing that if he let them show it would be like suicide. He tries to remain heartless and distant because he knew that loving her would consume him. Based of the song Suicide by James Arthur

Warnings: Angst (please listen to the song. It will make more sense, i also changed some of the lyrics to make it fit better)

Originally posted by elennemigo

You stood before him nonchalant but beautiful in all of your glory. Your hair was pulled back lazily and small sections you missed dragged across your skin. You shuffled through a police file on the case Sherlock had just picked up on. On your way over to Baker Street you picked up the paperwork from Lestrade. While he researched online Sherlock couldnt stop himself from glancing at you, standing a meer ten feet away unknowing to his silent affection.

“I don’t understand it.” You said finally, tucking loose hairs behind your ears and looking towards the detective. “There’s no evidence, at all. Not a witness, not a murder weapon, we don’t even have a bloody motive.” You sighed in frustration throwing the folder on the coffee table. After circling the small apartment multiple times you walked into the kitchen. Sherlock refrained from following you with his eyes, knowing he wouldn’t be able to look away.

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💐 💐  these are for you, thank you for being such a beautiful soul. 

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anonymous asked:

I need more Red Paladin Lance stuff from you.... More of him boiling over because it just heats him up causing him to explode. Anything. Please. (You're amazing by the way)


(also thank you lmao :’D)

tbh, i think that we already kinda got a taste of Lance’s insecurities boiling over in this scene here

i know i keep coming back to this scene, but honestly it’s such an interesting, tense moment for Lance. he was yelling, got up in Shiro’s face, and practically glared daggers at him for picking Keith over him instead. 

so i think? i can see this happening a lot when he first becomes the red paladin. i can see something similar to an outburst like this happening at the meer thought of having to split up with the Blue lion just to be Keith’s replacement. (lmao i actually wrote an example of this in the first chapter of my fic Heaven’s Got a Plan for You, if you wanna take a look)

i’m actually not really sure what else to talk about lmao. i guess, if you wanna send me specific red paladin lance hc requests i’ll try to answer them?? (sorry my mind is blanking rn on what to talk about orz)

probablyunnecessary  asked:

Congrats on the milestone :D How about Sam/Darcy & Ridiculously sentence themed #8? Please? <3

@probablyunnecessary you got it!! pls enjoy <3 <3 <3

Prompt: Ridiculous Sentence Themed, #8, “I understand the whole sleep talking thing but what I don’t understand is the princess dragon dream and why I’m in it.”

Pairing: Sam x Darcy

Rating: G

Notes: Fake marriage/undercover, spoilers for season 5 of Game of Thrones

She was wearing a giant, floppy straw hat.

Darcy Lewis was also sporting enormous Jackie O sunglasses and a bright pink halter top that – yeah, he wasn’t going to continue that thought because they were supposed to be professional and undercover and –

“Well, hellooo, husband!” Darcy called out, and some people in the terminal turned to stare and smile.

Sam made his way over to where she was seated on the airport terminal seat and casually leaned down to peck a kiss onto her offered cheek.

“Hey, sweetness,” he smiled. Then, once he was seated on the airport bench, tilted his head closer to hers.

“Whatever happened to incognito?” he asked, keeping his voice quiet and tugging at the brim of her giant hat for emphasis.

“Hmpf. You mean a baseball cap and sunglasses?” Darcy snarked, smiling. Still, she took the hat off and shook out her wavy hair. “Besides, we’re newlyweds and the new Mrs. Denise Louis Waters is like, super stoked to be married finally after years of being strung along by her commitment-phobe BF.”

“Darcy – “

Denise,” she corrected, in a tone that was pure mischief.

Denise. We’re not supposed to be drawing attention to ourselves.”

Darcy shrugged and continued to flip through her US Weekly. “Chill, dude. The guy you’re looking for is holed up at the Four Seasons in Maui, not here at the lovely and glamorous LaGuardia Gate D11. Hey.” She turned to him and waggled her eyebrows playfully, red lips curled into a smile.

He tried not to gulp.

“Wanna get Cinnabon?”

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Dutch songs

@polyglotinthemaking asked me if I could recommend any Dutch songs, so I thought I’d make a post so other people who study Dutch can also listen to the music! I’m going to give you some artists and my favorite songs.

Originally posted by couplenotes

As you know, I’m Belgian, so I’m also going to include Flemish songs for those who are interested in that!

Belgian artists


Bazart is a band that only started a few years ago, and it’s one of the best known artists of our own country here in Belgium (or at least in Flanders). Their music is very popular and almost daily on the radio. Personally, I’m a very big fan of their songs! My favorite song: Goud (gold)


If you’re Dutch isn’t very good, I would recommend listening to songs of K3. K3 is a group of three girls who sing songs for children. So with other words: the lyrics are less difficult. They are known in both Belgium and the Netherlands (one of the members is even from the Netherlands), so I think if you have trouble understanding Flemish people, you shouldn’t really have a problem with this group. My favorite song: Tele Romeo (doesn’t really have a translation)

Gene Thomas

Gene Thomas isn’t as known as Bazart and K3, and mostly older people know him. The youth doesn’t really know him - most of us don’t even know his name. Of course it’s difficult for me to judge, but I think it also shouldn’t be hard to understand him, even though he’s Flemish. (If I’m wrong, sorry!). My favorite song: zwart (black)

Niels Destadsbader

Niels is very popular in Flanders because 1) his music is very loved here and 2) he’s hot (I’m lucky, he lives in my city 😋). He does what is very difficult: singing Dutch songs that are actually beautiful (most of the people here hate Dutch songs…) A few months ago, he covered some songs that are popular all over the world in Dutch, I would strongly recommend those songs! (but watch out, one of those (Skwon Meiske) is in a dialect and I’m telling you: you won’t understand that one! You can listen to it but please don’t try to translate it, 95% of the Dutch speaking world can’t even do it). My favorite song: Speeltijd (time to play) (this isn’t one of the covers)

Laura Omloop

Maybe, there is a small chance that you have ever seen this girl already: she went to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2009 and gave Belgium it’s best result. Since then, she didn’t stop making music. A lot of music for children, but also an album that is more ‘adult-ish’ (how do you say this?) If you don’t feel like listening to regular Dutch music yet, you can always listen to her songs from when she was a teenager, songs that were more for children. My favorite song: Meer (more) 


Clouseau is a group of two brothers who are also very popular in Flanders, especially older people (40 and older) like them. They have some songs that I also like, but there aren’t a lot of young people who listen to them. But I think, for people who learn Dutch, their songs can be very helpful! My favorite song: Zin om te bewegen (I feel like moving)

Dutch artists

(I don’t know as much about Dutch artists, so it will be shorter, sorry!)


B-Brave makes music that is more for teenagers, and even in Belgium some of his songs are known with the youth. My favorite song: One Night Stand

André Hazes

I don’t really know him, to be honest with you, but I ask one of my friends from The Netherlands for Dutch artists and she said his name. This is his latest single: Wie Kan Mij Vertellen (Who can tell me)

Maaike Ouboter

Maaike participated in a show where people had to write their own song and sing it, and the best one (both the song and the vocals) won. Maaike had written a very emotional song about the dead of her parents, and it immediately got extremely popular in Belgium and the Netherlands. Sadly enough, she lost the final. My favorite song: Dat ik je mis (That I miss you) (the song about the death of her parents)

Jan Smit

This is also an artists that got recommended by my Dutch friend. I listened to this song, and I have to say that I really like it! 

Lil Kleine

Here in Belgium, some people like his music and some people hate it. I’m not such a big fan of it, there’s only one song I quiet like. My favorite song: Alleen (alone)

I’m sorry this is more about Flemish people, but since I’m Flemish I know more of them, and personally I prefer Flemish songs over Dutch ones… I hope it was useful anyways! 


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Woordeskat 011: Basiese 200 Woorde - Basic 200 Words (using funwithlanguages’s system)


  1. be - om te wees (present: is, past: was)
  2. there is - x (present: daar is, past: daar was)
  3. have - om te hê, gehad (present: het)
  4. do - om te doen, gedoen
  5. create (aka “make”) - om te maak, gemaak / om te skep, geskep
  6. cause (aka “make”) - om te maak, gemaak / om te veroorsaak, veroorsaak
  7. go - om te gaan, gegaan
  8. say - om te sê, gesê
  9. speak - om te praat, gepraat
  10. know - om te weet, geweet (facts) / om te ken, geken (people)
  11. think - om te dink, gedink
  12. want - om te wil, gewil (past: wou)
  13. like - om te hou van, gehou van
  14. can - om te kan (past: kon)
  15. need - om te moet (past: moes)
  16. should - sou
  17. try - om te probeer, geprobeer
  18. feel - om te voel, gevoel
  19. work (also as a noun) - om te werk, gewerk / die werk, werke
  20. learn - om te leer, geleer
  21. get (meaning “obtain”) - om te kry, gekry
  22. use - om te gebruik, gebruik
  23. start - om te begin, begin
  24. eat - om te eet, geëet
  25. see - om te sien, gesien
  26. write - om te skryf, geskryf
  27. give - om te gee, gegee
  28. sleep - om te slaap, geslaap


  1. hello - hallo / goeie dag (formal) / haai (informal)
  2. goodbye - totsiens
  3. “Nice to meet you.” - Lekker om jou te ontmoet. (informal) / Bly te kenne. (formal) / Aangename kennis. (formal)
  4. yes - ja
  5. no - nee
  6. okay - oukei
  7. please - asseblief
  8. thank you - dankie
  9. you’re welcome - dis ‘n plesier
  10. sorry - jammer
  11. excuse me (to catch someone’s attention) - verskoon my
  12. well (as in “Well, I think that…”) - wel


  1. that (as in “I think that…” or “the woman that…”) - dat
  2. and - en
  3. or - of
  4. but - maar
  5. though - hoewel
  6. because - omdat
  7. therefore - dus
  8. if - as


  1. before (also as a conjunction) - voor
    after (also as a conjunction) - na
  2. of - van
  3. from - uit / van
    to - na
  4. in - in
  5. at (place) - by
  6. at (time) - by
  7. with - met
  8. about - oor
  9. like (meaning “similar to”) - soos
  10. for (warning, this one has several meanings that you need to take care of) - vir

Adjectives and adverbs

  1. a lot - ‘n baie
    a little - ‘n bietjie
  2. good / well - goed, goeie, comparative: beter, superlative: beste
    bad / badly - sleg, slegte
  3. more (know how to say “more … than”) - meer (…as) / comparative form
  4. most - mees / superlative form
  5. enough - genoeg, genoeg
  6. even - selfs


  1. the, a (technically articles) - die - ‘n
  2. this (also as a noun) - hierdie / dié
    that (also as a noun) - daardie / dié
  3. all - al, alle
    some - sommige, sommige
    no - geen…nie, geen…nie
  4. other - ander, ander
  5. any - enig, enige
  6. easy - maklik, maklike
    hard - moeilik, moeilike
  7. early - vroeg, vroeë, comparative: vroeër
    late - laat, late, comparative: later
  8. important - belangrik, belangrike
  9. cool (as in “that’s cool”) - fantasties, fantastiese
  10. different - verskillend, verskillende
  11. beautiful - pragtig, pragtige


  1. very - baie
  2. too (as in “too much”) - te
  3. also - ook
  4. only - enigste
  5. now - nou
  6. here - hier
  7. maybe - miskien
  8. always - altyd
    sometimes - soms
  9. today (also as a noun) - vandag
    yesterday - gister
    tomorrow - môre
  10. almost - amper
  11. still - nog
  12. quickly - vinnig, vinnige


  1. thing - die ding, dinge
  2. person - die persoon, persone
  3. place - die plek, plekke
  4. everything - alles
    something - iets
    nothing - niks
  5. time (as in “a long time”) - die tyd, tye
  6. time (as in “I did it 3 times”) - die keer, kere
  7. friend - die vriend, vriende
  8. mother, father, parent - die moeder, moeders - die vader, vaders - die ouer, ouers
  9. daughter, son, child - die dogter, dogters - die seun, seuns - die kind, kinders
  10. wife, husband - die vrou, vroue - die man, mans
  11. girlfriend, boyfriend - die vriendin, vriendinne - die kêrel, kêrels
  12. breakfast - die ontbyt, ontbyte
  13. lunch - die middagete, middagetes
  14. dinner - die aandete, aandetes
  15. money - die geld, geld
  16. day - die dag, dae
  17. year - die jaar, jare
  18. hour - die uur, ure
  19. week - die week, weke
  20. house - die huis, huise
  21. office - die kantoor, kantore
  22. language - die taal, tale
  23. name - die naam, name
  24. word - die woord, woorde
  25. company - die maatskappy, maatskappye
  26. Internet - die Internet, x

Question Words

  1. who - wie
  2. what - wat
  3. where - waar
  4. when - wanneer
  5. why - waarom
  6. how - hoe
  7. how much - hoeveel


  1. I - ek
  2. you - jy
  3. she, he - sy - hy
  4. it - dit
  5. we - ons
  6. you (plural) - julle
  7. they - hulle


anonymous asked:

I'm from Finland (My English is bad, but my Finnish spelling is even worse), and I live in The Netherlands and today I was out shopping in Den Haag and while I was going through some clothes I looked up and saw in big bold letters "Paskamer" which means changing room (Pas means change and Kamer means room) but all I could think of was "more crap" because in dutch 'Meer' means more and in Finnish paska means shit. And it doesn't makes sense but I was laughing.

Oh my goodie that’s so funny, I undertand very well how languages are mixable like that! Also, I laughed a bit since if you add an “i” after “Paskamer”, it turns into “Paskameri” and it means “Shit sea”. I read it like that first and was like “wait what really”

culmaer  asked:

hallo ! zou je het gebruik van 't voornaamwoord "gij" kunnen verduidelijken ajb ?

Hey! Bedankt voor je vraag, ik ga in het Engels antwoorden zodat iedereen het kan begrijpen :)

Question: “Hello! Could you please explain the pronoun ‘gij’?”

‘Gij’ or ‘ge’ is an informal, dialect form of ‘jij, je’. It is used just the same as “jij, je” but only in very informal context, such as conversations with friends. In text messages, we often prefer “gij” over “jij, je” and it’s also used in the Bible to address God. In this case, it’s used as a very formal pronoun. Note that in the Netherlands, it’s mainly perceived as very formal, while in Flanders, it’s informal. It’s only used in Flanders, Brabant and Limburg!

Forms are: 
Subject: gij, ge (e.g. Hebt ge gewerkt vandaag? Gij ziet mij niet meer graag!)
Not subject: u (e.g. Ik heb u dat gegeven.)
Reflexive pronoun: u (e.g. ge wast u)
Possessive pronoun: uw (e.g. uw bord is nog niet leeg.)

Conjugating with ‘gij,ge’ usually follow the second person singular. Exceptions in the present tense on this are ‘zijn’ and ‘mogen’: gij zijt, gij moogt.
In the past tense, you have to put a ‘t’ behind the present tense form BUT for weak verbs, this ‘t’ has become unused. Only exception on this is ‘zijn’: gij waart. 

Note: there is also a lesser used plural form: ‘gulle’, ‘gullie’, ‘gijlle’, ‘gijllie’. This pronoun follows the same conjugations as ‘gij, ge’.

sources: my brain and experiences,

Listen up flufflings!!! This precious bean was made by the one and only precious angel, @unfoundedrobotaccusations!!!

Whose fluffing idea was it to make such a pure lady who can make me smile in meer seconds?!!?!? She is a beautiful soul and I love her!!! She is my waifu!!!! E-even if I turn red like a cherry to say so!!!!


I love you, my lovely waifu, Vexy❤

Dutch: Als, wanneer and toen

The word ‘when’ can be translated three different ways in Dutch: als, wanneer and toen. These three are etymologically related to as, when and then in English, but don’t necessarily mean the same things as those. It can be a little confusing to decide which one to use in what circumstance, but this should explain things a bit!

- Als is used to refer to a specific point in the future, so to describe a future condition for another action: Als ik je zie, zal ik je je breinaalden teruggeven. “When I see you, I’ll give you your knitting needles back.”
- (Als also means if in conditional senses*: The above example could also be translated as “If I see you, I’ll give you your knitting needles back”. Another example: Als ik meer tijd had, zou ik alle talen leren. “If I had more time, I would learn every language”)

- Wanneer is simply a more literary synonym of als. Some dialects of Dutch may also use it more frequently. However, it is unusual (but not incorrect) to use wanneer to mean if. It can also be used in the nonspecific sense of whenever - Wanneer ik je zie could be translated as “When(ever) I (next) see you”
- (Wanneer is also the questioning word when: Wanneer ga je je fietsband laten plakken? “When are you going to get your bike tyre pumped?”

- Toen refers to events in the past only: Toen wij jonger waren, bestond Tumblr nog niet When we were younger, Tumblr didn’t exist yet” Toen ik “Fluent in 3 months” door Benny Lewis in de boekwinkel zag, heb ik het tegen de muur gegooid. “When I saw Benny Lewis’ “Fluent in 3 months” in the bookshop, I threw it at a wall”
- (Toen also means then in the past (so the past version of dan): Mijn trein kwam om 12uur in Amsterdam aan, toen wandelde ik langzaam naar het Van Gogh museum. “My train arrived in Amsterdam at 12pm, then I walked slowly to the Van Gogh museum” Note that with toen in this sense, the verb and subject invert rather than the verb moving to the end.)

Hope this helps! Corrections welcome!

(*note: when you use if to mean whether in constructions like “I wonder if it’s raining outside” or “She doesn’t know if she should go to Germany or France”, it is translated by of: Ik vraag me af of het regent buiten; Zij weet niet of ze naar Duitsland of Frankrijk moet gaan.)

Infrequently Used Words


alacrity      a-LACK-ra-tee      cheerful willingness and promptness
anathema       a-NATH-a-ma     a thing or person cursed, banned, or reviled
anodyne        AN-a-dine      not likely to cause offence or disagreement and somewhat dull//anything that sooths or comforts
aphorism       AFF-oar-ism      a short, witty saying or concise principle
apostate       ah-POSS-tate       (also:  apostasy)      person who has left the fold or deserted the faith.
arrogate       ARROW-gate      to make an unreasonable claim
atavistic      at-a-VIS-tic      reverting to a primitive type
avuncular      a-VUNC-you-lar      “like an uncle”; benevolent


bathos         BATH-ose      an anticlimax
bereft         ba-REFT      to be deprived of something valuable      “He was bereft of reason.”


calumny        KAL-um-knee      a slander or false accusation
canard         kan-ARD      a fabricated story (French=”duck”; morte canard=dead duck)
cant      kant      insincerity
chimera        ki-MEER-ah   (not: chim-er-ah)      Originally: a mythical beast; any unreal thing; foolish fancy      (adj=chimerical     ki-MEER-a-cal)
cloy      to grow sick from an abundance of something
comitatus      com-a-TAY-tus      loyalty to one’s band or group
concatenation       con-CAT-a-nation      things linked together or joined in a chain
copacetic      “going just right”
cosseted       KOS-a-ted     pampered
cupidity       que-PID-a-tee      greed; avarice

cynosure  SIGH-na-shore      (from the Greek: “dog’s tail”)      center of attention; point to which all eyes are drawn.
 (Really? From “dog’s tail”? Yes. The “dog’s tail” appears in a constellation, locating the North star, which rivets the attention of sailors at sea. Thus:     center of attention.) (see also: sinecure)


dilettante          DILL-ah-tent 

1. having superficial/amateurish interest in a branch of knowledge;

2. a connoisseur or lover of the fine arts

discursive          dis-KUR-seive      covering a wide field of subjects
docent         DOE-cent      a teacher, but not regular faculty; a museum tour guide


egregious      a-GREE-jous      conspicuously bad; flagrant; shocking
epigone        EP-a-goan      a second rate imitator or follower


fatuous        FAT-chew-us      foolish; stupid; silly
felicity       fa-LISS-a-tee      bliss; a pleasing aptness in speech and deportment; grace
furtive        FURR-tive      sly; shifty; secretive


gratuitous          gra-TOO-a-tus      given freely


haik           HIKE      a large piece of cloth worn as an outer garment by Arabs.
heuristic      HYOUR-is-tik   (noun)      an idea or speculation acting as a guide to an investigation
hubris         HUE-bris      arrogance from excessive pride or passion  (hubristic)


ignominy       IG-na-min-ee     (noun)       (also: ignoble)      signifying disgrace or dishonor        (ignominious)
incisive       in-SI-seive      displaying sharp mental perception; direct and effective
inimical       in-IM-a-cal      unfriendly; hostile
insipid        in-SIP-id      (adj.)      Lacking flavor, zest, or interest; dull
insuperable         in-SUPER-a-bul      not able to be overcome
inveigh        in-VAY      attack verbally
iterative      IT-ter-a-tive      something recurring or repeating      (“An iterative process”)

jeremiad       jer-a-MY-add      a series of doleful, dismal complaints


lagniappe      lan-yap        (noun) (a Creole word)      something given away as a gift for buying something else (such as an ashtray given for buying a full tank of gas)
leitmotif      LIGHT-moe-teef      a dominant or recurring theme or pattern
luddite        LUD-ite      a person who tries to halt progress by smashing machines


manque         mon-KAY      unfulfilled; frustrated (literally: maimed)      “He was an artist manque.”
maudlin        MAUDE-lin      easily emotional
mendacious          men-DAY-shous      (adj.)      untruthful.          (the noun is mendacity)
meretricious        mer-a-TRISH-ous      deceitful; tawdry  (Note that the two words above are pejorative, but if the meaning is not known, they “sound” meritorious.)
misanthrope         MISS-an-throwp     a person who dislikes the human race


nugatory       NEW-ga-tory      trifling; worthless; ineffective


obloquy        OB-la-key      a public reproach
opprobrium          ah-PROBE-re-um      disgrace arising from shameful conduct;  a reproach mingled with contempt “That word – a term of opprobrium – cut him like a knife.”


paradigm       PEAR-ah-dime      “side by side”; a pattern or example. A “paradigm shift” is      usually used to signify a major change in thinking or acting, in the sense of employing new examples.
parvenue       PAR-ven-oou     an upstart; someone trying to rise above their proper place
pejorative     pa-JOUR-a-tive      tending to be worse; downgrading; disparaging
penury         PEN-your-ee      extreme poverty
peremptory     per-EM-tory      a command which may not be refused
perdition      per-DISH-un      future misery, such as in going to Hell
perfidy        PUR-fa-dee      treachery; falsehood     (perfidious is the adjective)
perfunctory         pur-FUNK-tory      done routinely, with little interest or care
peripatetic         PER-ee-pa-TET-ick      walking about; itinerant  (Often used to describe Aristotle)
philistine     PHIL-a-stine      a person lacking culture; narrow minded with common tastes
poignant       POIN-yent  An adjective with multiple flavors:

1: appealing to emotion 2: physically painful 3: sharp, pungent

4: piercing, incisive   5: astute, pertinent  6: neat, skillful

poltroon       pole-troon      a thoroughly cowardly person
polymath       polly-math      a person of great or (more usually) varied learning.     (poly=much          math=learning)
presentiment        pre-SENT-a-ment      a foreboding of misfortune
propitiate          pro-PISH-ee-ate      pacify
puerile        PURE-ill   (Fr.: “puer” – child)      juvenile, immature, childish
punctilio      punk-TILL-ee-oh    (noun)      a fine point of etiquette; precise observance of formalities or ceremony; precise to the letter


rancor         RANG-kur      vindictive malice
rapacity       ra-PASS-a-tee      act of seizing that which is coveted; greed
recondite      REK-in-dite      hard to understand; profound; obscure; concealed
regnant        REG-nant      reigning; predominant; widespread


samizdat       SAM-iz-dot      an underground newspaper
sanguine       SANG-win      cheerful, confident
sanguinary     SANG-win-airy      bloody     (note the huge difference in meaning between the above two  similarly sounding words)
saturnine      SAT-ter-nine      morose; gloomy
scurrilous          SKER-a-less      grossly offensive and vulgar
seriatim       sir-ee-AT-um      occurring one after another; in serial fashion
sinecure       SIN-a-cure      a job (usually politically appointed) requiring little or no work.   (See also: cynosure)
sobriquet      so-bric-KAY      a nickname or an assumed name (“Minnesota Fats”)
solecism       SOL-a-sys-um      an ungrammatical combination of words
specious       SPEE-shous      appearing to be right; deceptively good looking
spurious       SPYOUR-ee-ous      false
sycophant      SIGH-ko-phant      a flattering parasite


terse      short and to the point; pithy
turpitude      TUR-pa-toode      depravity
unctuous        UNK-shus      oily and persuasive


venal          VEE-nal      a sacrifice of honor for profit
veracity     ver-ASS-a-tee      truthfulness
voracity     vor-ASS-a-tee      greed  (the above two words are very close in spelling and pronunciation, but mean quite different things.)
verisimilitude      ver-ah-SIM-ah-la-tude      the quality of appearing to be true or real

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Hello! So, my friend is working on a project where we have fans of parx tell us why they love waterparks, put in a jar, and she is going to be giving it to them at her meer and greet. Please send some in. Just send an ask, or message me and it will be put in the jar. Also, add if you want your url to be put on the paper. It would be amazing if we had a lot in there.

guys, send this person some cute messages :-)


Alternative Names for Paul

ALRIGHT! So, all that’s canon is that his name is Paul. So, I decided, why not switch up the surname? (The only reason I’m not switching up the surnames for two of the main doods is that Tord and Matt had theirs confirmed. I’m totally going with Edd Gold and Tom Thompson. If it weren’t for Zombeh Attack 2, I’d totally go with Tord Larssin and Matt McHottie. Also, I’m changing up the names because the creators have stated they’d just really rather not have their names real names used in fanfic. While it pretty much applied to shipfic and this is most assuredly not shipfic, I’ll respect their wishes.)

So, I have here two lists of surnames that I could use for Paul and Patryck. I guess just vote on what you want or something.

PAUL (all Dutch surnames)

van der Boor


van der Meer


PATRYCK (all Polish surnames)





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i'm so happy i found your blog... softest gay vibes!! also i'm super happy to see another lesbian from the nl ahh i hope ur doing well! <3

oh i love you!!!! do u have ig whomever u are ik wil meer lesbians volgen