also this is for sally and our rp * *

SPECIAL SNOWFLAKESI wanna thank all my past, present and future roleplay partners. No matter if we’re close or not, you give me the best spectrum of emotions in the whole world. Thanks for all the time I smiled at our convos, when I was sad or cried over feels-just for everything, I love you all and your characters and the way you play them.

quinnevans17 - Hannah, I was gonna stop applying for new rps right before I wrote you and since that day there weren’t a day I regretted about it. Our kyder is my most active and I love your Ryder both as Kitty and Viv, every little moments you bring into him like “b” thumbs up smile, mega-can’t list of mega-stud make me smile a lot and thanks you for dealing with me daily and give me all the feels. Also your sims and manips are killing me in a good way

mothscry ♥ wildechildkitten - Eliza and Kristen, since our skype is 1x1x1, I decided to write you two together here too. You’re the closest roleplay partners to me (as Viv), you’re not only give me a chance to play plots I love(Eliza this part is for you) and give me slowest replies ever (yes Kristen this part is for you), but help me and support me ooc. I LOVE YOU BOTH.

wilderoleplays - Beth, I’m so out of your league that it’s not even funny. I don’t know how did I become so lucky that you decided that you want to play with me. I love the plot and I already love our 1x1 although it only starts. You’re awesome.

♥ becctobin - Kaitlyn, you’re the only person who I’d agree to start new rp and especially try out someone as Puck. I love your Kitty and I love your Quinn and our daily posts make me smile and give me feels and I enjoy talking to you ooc just as much although we don’t do it often (but we totally should)

rytinarps - Nicole, I stalked you from afar but never expected that we end up playing together. You’re amazing at playing Ryder and it’s the beginning of something really cool and special (which our story will be)

thelovelyfrittersrps- Amanda, thanks for the amazing brotp, I joined for ship, but ended up with Finn to my Ryder, who supported me both ic and ooc during crazy time in that rp.

♥porcelainkh ♥redpandarps ♥ tcchelpsblandersongs evandersonrpsElle,B,Sally,Marit,Zoe - McKinley gang, I don’t tag here all the people I play with, but can’t go without mention you all and our little family. There’s no other roleplay I call “my home” rp and B you’re just amazing for creating this and 6months is only the beginning.

BOMB.COM: In different time of my life you all were inspiration for my inner muse and I think you’re the best at playing your character. Also you bright up my dash, so we should talk more.

Kitty ♥

kittysrp - Dee, finding you in tags was the best thing that could happen to me as Kitty player.You’re making insanely awesome gif-s, you’re playing amazing characters and you understand Kitty like no one else. I agree that you’re the best Kitty in the internet, because there’s a lot of people who’s capturing Kitty’s character but you also capture the way she talks, the way she’s insulting people and acts to others. I see Kitty in everything you do, from theme colors choice to jesus quotes, from teasing Puck to everything she did for Unique and Marley. You’re also very nice ooc, so stay flawless

wilderoleplays - I said everything already, but you’re totally should be in top list<3

wildebrayrps - Michelle, you’re killing my favorite characters, but I love your Kitty. You and Bree playing together create sort of magic and you’re both amazing writers, so it always cool to read you. Keep being amazing.

tobintitrps - I don’t have much to say, Kitty from loveactually is amazing and your writing skills are insane just as your editing themes ones. 

Ryder ♥

ryderps, snowqueenelsarps - your Ryders are flawless and dorky and kind and you’re one of the few best players out there. You capture Ryder, his interests, his desire to support anyone, but not making him weak with it and your writing skills are just incredible

breeroleplays - Bree, your Ryder is the most romantic I’ve ever seen, I love reading you and sending you memes and talking to you too. I always hate people with music player on their page, but you have an amazing music taste, so I forgive you:)

rytinarps you’re already in the first list, but you’re totally should be in top-Ryder list because you’re one of the top for sure.

syderleyrps - Fow, lots of people call themselves multishippers, but you’re the first actual one I’ve met because I think you ship everything. I love sending you memes, because I like your answers and I like that you don’t afraid to put something new in character making them deep.

chuckbassrps - Ursula,I’m pretty sure the only people who loves heights Ryder more than me is you and your Kitty. Your starters are killing me (about naked animals and mile high club) and he’s just a masterpiece. Keep having awesome tastes, being a nice person and have such an incredible writing energy (is it 60paras already or not yet?) 

hilaryduffrps - Marissa, you’re last but not the least (just because of your url changing I remember about you in the last moment). You’re not only the nicest person ooc, you’re the most flawless Ryder in the history of ever, your 2x2 was just amazing and I just hope that one day rp fate will make us start something amazing.


rp-puckerman - Although I don’t consider myself as Puck player (although I play Puck), you’re definitely the best Puck in the rp world. not sure if it’s because Kelly is female form of Puck or because of your deep love to Mark, but every person I know knows that best Puck is Kelly. Your capture every single side of him, his feelings and fears and just keep being awesome and make puckitty with Dee already.

I DON’T KNOW WHAT BRINGS YOU HERE: to all my followers, thank you for pressing that follow button, you are all amazing and I thank every single one of you. 

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