also this is big click on them

My Jensen-Misha photo from jibcon8 this morning. I posted this already from the @fandomnatural account I was livetweeting from but thought I would stick it here too. As soon as I can scan a high res version I will do that too.

Background: All I said was, mostly speaking to Jensen, “Given the events of the finale, could you [JA] just give this guy [MC] a hug?” I added to clarify “Like you just got your best friend back.” I didn’t say anything about expressions or how to stand. I actually had been picturing more just a big ol’ happy smooshy hug w both of them smiling, but what they actually did blew me away. What was interesting was seeing them both silently settle on the pose & expression in almost slow motion, like they were both thinking about it. Jensen kept adjusting his face & head angle. That tragic sad frown appeared kinda like he clicked it on, and he then literally adjusted it twice, like “This frown? This one? No, this one,” and his head also started dropping down, and meanwhile Misha was like slowly tilting his head against Jensen’s (which I also had not asked for) and arranging his face into that incredibly touching mournful/resigned look. Misha kept looking at the camera but in Jensen’s final adjustment he dropped his eyes. (Good lord these guys are pros.)

So every nuance of expression & pose is from Jensen & Misha. I think this is Jensen’s real take on how Dean would look if he got to grab onto Cas again. (and I ended up with this weird certainty in my gut that Jensen had just given me a preview of S13)


Ok, I figured I’d put all of these in one post. If you caught the big @officialah unboxing live stream, these are all of the posters that i sent in to them. These were incredibly fun to make and I really hope they enjoyed them. Anyways, each photo is captioned so if you click on them you’ll be able to see which one was inspired by who. Also as a side note, when I first started on this project I don’t think Mica was full-time The Know yet but hey, she definitely deserved one. Hopefully she got hers as well. So, enjoy!

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tbh I find it interesting how different people interpret the 'you're like a brother to me' line? like to some people, it's just a declaration of how much Shiro means to him, while others see it as a hurdle Keith needs to overcome to recognise his romantic feelings. and then there's those who think it sinks sh3ith entirely. what's ur take on the scene?

ha i feel like ive talked about this so much it would be hard to word it better than i already have, but ill try! 

ok so. thing is, this isn’t the only reference to family we see. keith says they’re all made of the same cosmic star stuff, that they’re “all related.” in episode 2 hunk claims the paladins are all “brothers” and allura tells keith she comes to think of voltron as her new family. so first off, i dont think the brother line automatically disqualifies it as a ship (as you wouldn’t be able to pair up any of the paladins or allura with each other if that was the case). i also think its important to note that while fake shiro keeps pressing this idea that all of team voltron is a family, keith’s focus is entirely on shiro. ive seen plenty of people put lance into this scene, so theres also the fact that, however you feel about the brother line or shiro and keith aside, lots of people can still interpret the situation itself–someone dying on the floor suddenly seeing their greatest hopes and dreams manifest in the form of someone they desperately want to see, someone whom they can’t bear to be abandoned by–as romantic. and again, whether you think its platonic or romantic, bom makes it clear keith still loves shiro.

but real quick, here’s something about it i wrote in one of my other meta, which i think kinda explains it better:

the thing is, shiro is the one who mentions family first. he tells keith “we’re your family” and we get the brother line in response to it. But, shiro said “we.” as in, all the paladins. and we know keith thinks of them all as a family, know that he said “we’re all related” at the end of the olkari episode. (hunk also says all the paladins are brothers, and later allura mentions them all being a family. team voltron is pretty Big on family.) So he could have definitely said, yeah, we’re all a family. But no, he puts all the focus on shiro, and goes “ you‘re like a brother to me.” That one exchange shows keith thinks of his relationship with shiro as being on a whole other level from the rest of team voltron—all of whom he’s already expressed a platonic, familial kind of love for.

Yes, he’s known shiro much longer, but i also think whatever happened back at the garrison, he managed to really click with shiro in a way that’s never quite happened before. Without their backstory, it’s kind of hard to tell. But shiro  must have made one hell of an impression on keith if he ended up being the only one this poor guy opened up to prekerberos. I mean, kollivan tells shiro that keith is desperate to have him at his side. I don’t typically see This Person “desperately wants to see you” used to describe siblings, that definitely has more of an unrequited love vibe to me. If it was strictly familial, i feel like they would have used a term that implies a More Mutual, healthy relationship rather than having this connotation of the person being in agony over their desire.

also, one of keith’s worst fears is apparently confronting his own feelings, something evidenced time and again by how he pushes others away and isolates himself during the whole galra thing

and after how much he’s been hurt and left behind over the years, i think its easy to understand why keith would be so guarded about what he feels and who he strays too close to. If at this point he has romantic feelings for anyone, i think he needs to sort out his fears of abandonment and intimacy first before he even dares to consider being vocal about those feelings. because the way he is now? he’s going to stay silent and just keep throwing up walls to protect himself. 

going back to the brother line in particular, im bi. and i can honestly tell you that saying “youre like a brother/sister to me” when youre scared of how someone of the same gender would react to feeling anything deeper is something people actually do. its a way to kind of backpedal out of the situation and avoid being hurt. its something ive done. so i can see keith throwing it out there as a kind of “safe” way to express how much shiro means to him without being worried that shiro won’t reciprocate his feelings or worse, risk irreparably damaging their friendship over it. especially since his goal here is to try and make shiro stop walking away, to do anything to make him stay. 

i mean honestly everything at this point is still up for interpretation, but thats just how i see it. also, if the staff was so deadset on shiro and keith being brotherly, i dont think they’d support sheith anywhere near as much as they do

Power Play (Trixya x Alaska)- Squeaky Stella
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Ex-school girl Trixie finds herself a pawn between two powerful queens.

(AN: We’re addicted to one shots, but there might be a couple more shots fired in this fic than that. Dark!Alaska VS Badass!Katya. 10k. READ ALL TAGS)

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i saw someone point out that jounouchi’s flame swordsman was a fusion monster and ever since ive wondered if he actually ever reads the cards,,


Cover Versions

Once more, it’s time to get TWATD. In our slightly-amended format, Tim + Alex will be taking it in turns for their usual pontification and pondering after each issue drops, plus probably an extra sixth one for symmetry purposes. 

With Issue #30 still warm from the printing presses, the hot blogtato passes to Mr Timothy Maytom, diving into the cover design for Imperial Phase and what it all means.

Tim: The front covers of The Wicked and The Divine have always told a story. Whether it’s the first two arcs, a ten-issue build up to a blood-spattered punchline, or the gradually darkening backgrounds of the trades, taking us from pure white to stygian black as our cast of characters grows more tangled in darkness, deceit and despair, Jamie McKelvie and Matt Wilson have done an astonishing job blending iconic designs inspired by high-end fashion magazines with the narrative demands of the comic.

For Imperial Phase (Part I), we had yet another shift in design, with each cover featuring a medium shot of a god, positioned in the bottom left corner and taking up roughly half the page. Meanwhile, the top right quadrant is dominated by the book’s title, framed in a rectangle that represents the god’s powers and domain, from Baal’s lightning to Baphomet’s fire to the Norns’ interweaving threads.

As we enter the second part of Imperial Phase, that design has persisted, but the powers of the gods have started to stray beyond the strict borders of the rectangle. On issue #29’s cover, the fiery cat of Sakhmet begins to stray over the edges, like a returning feline pushing its head through the cat flap. With #30, the rectangle becomes a window, with The Morrigan’s ravens flying through, invading the cover. The solicitations for #31 and #32 show this pattern continuing, with the white space that has served as a background for this arc’s covers almost completely gone by issue #32, and the power starting to envelop not just the backdrop, but the god too.

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Don’t say that NCT didn’t work as hard as the others

Don’t put down Pentagon

Don’t call SF9 ugly and untalented to make your faves look better

Don’t ignore Astro’s hard work

Don’t forget that we all knew as soon as it dropped that KNK’s Knock was a bop

Putting down other groups does NOT make your group look any better. 

NCT promoted as SMROOKIES for 3 years, gathering a lot of fans in that time, also getting promoted on shows like exo 90:2014 and mickey mouse club. They were not just handed their fame, most of them have trained for years for this. Ignoring their talent just because they’re under SM is dumb, SM picked them all for a reason, some of them even giving up on some school to become a trainee. So many people aren’t even acknowledging that Mark debuted 3 times and he’s only 17. He probably still gets good grades in school too. Truly amazing.

Pentagon has been through so much. They have a fairly big fandom at the moment, even though they just debuted. Their survival show made you clench your heart, especially when the babies got eliminated. All of them, especially the ones that were eliminated on Pentagon Maker, have been working extremely hard to be as best as they can. E’Dawn even got to promote with Hyuna last year for Roll Deep while Ilhoon was busy.

SF9 has also been through a lot. We started with 11 members and had to face the fact that Alex and Jinkyu didn’t make it into the lineup. From then on, we got to watch Click Your Heart and D.O.B. D.O.B was their survival show where they battled against the band team to see who would debut. This was really good news, actually, because for a long time we had been told all 9 members wouldn’t be able to debut. SF9 made the choreography for their dance covers on D.O.B and really proved their talents. They ended up winning D.O.B and debuting on October 5th with the bop known as Fanfare and will be continuing promotions with K.O soon! (also sf9 and astro are gonna be promoting at the same time i hope moonbin and chanhee meet again)

Astro, where do I even start. I’ve been a fan of Astro since mid-2015 so I’ve really seen them grow. From doing performances at Lotte World to performing in different countries, they’ve really made it big. To Be Continued and OK Ready were super iconic, both becoming pretty popular. They debuted with Hide and Seek, getting lots of attention and new fans. Seeing them grow up and becoming these popular idols has really been amazing.

KNK have not released a bad song yet. Knock was a bop, Back Again was a bop, and I’m anticipating their new song to be a bop also. I only found out about KNK when Knock was released but immediately I knew they were special, their heights are not everything. They have all worked hard, especially coming from a pretty small company, to get their popularity and I am so proud they got nominated for MAMAs. 

Please don’t put down any of these groups. They’ve all worked extremely hard to get where they are now

Beyan Loobes

So! Keeping it short; a small Lance drabble with a speck of Shance and a special guest for @madam-blue !!! Happy late birthday!!! <33 

Btw, you can have an idea of Bloob by looking at Blue’s icon. ANYWAYS! I hope I did alright! Excuse the typos and bad grammar and blablabla. I tried.

Ps. Don’t ask me about the title, idk. BTW. Headcanon that Lance his mama’s eyes. That’s it. bye. i’m done. 

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me and neither does Bloob. 

It was just a poke.

So, okay, alright, okay, Lance will be the first one to admit that maybe his idea of exploring the Royal Garden of an alien planet was not the best idea ever considering the wild amount of unknown flora around him.

That big spiky plant that looks like a rose hanging from the walls? Yeah, that one spat out red acid at his shoes just an fifteen minutes ago and he noped the heck out of that side of the Garden.

If Lance was being honest, though, he preferred the low-key deadly garden than staying a tick more inside that boring meeting with the planet’s queen.

Was the treaty necessary? Well, yeah, of course.

He still doesn’t regret how he slipped out of the meeting room when Coran was charming the Queen with a twist of his moustache. The planet’s habitants were quite amazed with hair, alright, seeing as they were mostly smooth skin with no hair whatsoever.

Lance had tried, honest to God, he did, but he seems to be Trouble’s favorite toy because even though Lance had kept his distance with most of the flora around him, it was that damn small bush with tiny circles resembling berries that were his downfall.

They could not blame him, okay? It was a goddamn orange bush full of white berries with the size of an apple.

He has always been a curious child. He was the kind of child who will eat play dough, taste sand, and poke the shell of a crab, just for the sake of it.

So yes, technically speaking? Lance is totally justified on why he’s currently leaning down, almost kneeling in front of the orange bush and poking at one of the berries.

Poke. Just a small gentle soft poke.

He did not expect to get eyes: grey, big and owlishly looking eyes afterwards.

He also did not expect it to blink at him, the grey color in them turning a pale green before taking a sharper deep blue color in them. Lance can only stare in shock as the small berry ends up getting covered on a shade lighter than its eyes all over its round body in less than a tick.

Here’s the weirdest part: Lance takes a small familiar comfort as soon as his brain clicks on the color in the berry, but Lance doesn’t have time to think about it because suddenly, the small berry jumps.

It fucking jumps and something is rubbing against his cheek.

Oh, oh no. A berry is going to eat him alive. Great, yeah, that will look amazing in his section of the future history books: ‘Blue Paladin of Voltron, Lance McClain, found dead in Royal Garden after being half eaten by an alien berry.’

Amazing headline right there.

Lance’s is half way through narrating his own life inside the imaginary history book that it takes him around five ticks to realize that he’s still breathing and there’s a soft gentle purr near his ear.

He dares to look, turning his face slowly to the side to meet the berry’s blue eyes. The berry blinks at him one more time, eyes big and so damn familiar, before it offers him a soft smile and a soft gurgle.

Well, he would be damned but Lance is totally okay if he was going to be eaten by a cute berry like this one. He’s alright with his fate.

Except it doesn’t eat him. It just coos and nuzzles closer to Lance’s face, purring in appreciation when Lance let’s out a shaky laugh.

“Hey, hey, now! Slow it down, buddy,” Lance laughs, cupping his hands around the small alien carefully before pulling it slightly away to look at it in the eye, “Holy crow, you’re so wobbly. You are like a bubble, a wobbly bubble.”

“Who is a wobbly bubble?” Lance jumps startled at the sudden voice behind him and turns around, hands still cupping the small alien. His eyes light up at the sight of his boyfriend, followed close behind by Allura and the Queen herself.

“This tiny fella: I’m not sure where they came from, but here they are.”

Shiro blinks in curiosity at the small ball in Lance’s hands, leaning down to get a closer look. The small berry-like alien stares right back at him in silence before it coos and bumps its face against Shiro’s nose.

“They like you.” The Queen muses from behind, a serene and soft expression in her face as she watches the display in front of her, “Young Blue Paladin, the Beyan Loobes are one of the most excotic and precious plants in our flora. They are some of the most valuable companions, since they forge a strong bond with whoever awakens them. A trusty friend and ally for all livings.”

“They are quite extraordinary.” Allura whispers in awe, her hands hovering over the Beyan in hesitating, looking up at Lance in question.

The brunet smiles reassuringly at her and pulls his friend higher. The princess smiles when the small Beyan nuzzles against her palm.

“I have to say, though, it’s extremely unusual for them to wake up out of season, and for them to leave the planet itself but at the sudden events…” The Queen trails off, her pale violet eyes lingering a second too long on the small Beyan before they turn to look at Lance, her features turning a shade more serious, “Young Blue Paladin, I know your talents and your capability as a warrior, but as this Beyan’s Queen and you, as their chosen bond companion, I must ask of you: do you accept the bond they have entrusted on you?”

Lance blinks, shifting his gaze from the Queen’s eyes to look down at the Beyan in his hands, how it sinks deeper into the warm around his hands provide, and suddenly there’s no hesitation.

“Your Highness,” Lance calls, strong and unwavering, “I pledge to you my word as a Paladin, as a man, and as human, that I accept their bond and I will do everything in my power to be a worthy companion of the small treasure you have offered me.”

The Queen eyes him carefully, her eyes never leaving his, before she nods satisfied, a small relieved smile on her face.

“I thank you greatly, Young Blue Paladin.”

Lance shakes his head softly. “It’s me who is grateful, Your Highness.”

“Now, come, the royal feast for your departure is about to start, we cannot be late.” Allura nods besides the Queen before meeting both Shiro and Lance’s eyes. Both Paladins nods at her and then they are left behind in the garden.

“This is an unusual souvenir.” Shiro chuckles nudging the brunet playfully with his shoulder, making him laugh.

“I’m not one to complain.” Lance shrugs, bringing Beyan close to his face, eyes shining with emotion, “Are you ready to be part of our Paladin adventure, Mr. Berry?”

Shiro snorts besides him. “Mr. Berry, Lance?”

Lance pouts and shots him a mocking glare. “They looked like a berry, but fine! Mr. I’m Too Picky With Names, how about….”


Lance blinks, arching a confused eyebrow at his boyfriend. “Bloob…” he repeats slowly, and his mouth twitches in amusement when Shiro nods happily.

“Yeah, B for Beyan and Loob for Loobes: Bloob!”

Lance giggles, covering his mouth with his free hand to keep his laughter in check. “Oh my god, you dork, you actually just said ‘bloob’.”

There’s a chirp and both Paladins look down to catch the Beyan’s eyes. They coo at the sight of it gently jumping with excitement and happiness and Shiro shots Lance a victory grin.

“I think Bloob just decided for you.”

Lance purses his lips in mock indignation and sticks his tongue out to his boyfriend. “Get your own Bloob, mi rey.”  

Shiro laughs and raises both of his hands in surrender before holding his flesh one out towards the brunet.

Lance smiles, intertwining his free hand immediately with Shiro’s. The couple heads towards the exit in silence before Lance stops short, breath hitching, and looks down at Bloob.

“My mama’s eyes,” Lance gasps, a small excited smile creeping over his mouth, “That’s why you looked familiar. You have my mama’s eyes.”

Bloob doesn’t answers. They limit themselves to settle down further down in Lance’s hand before closing their eyes for a quick nap.

Lance’s smile stays on for the rest of the day.

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I wanted to say your character designs for taz are really great and I was wondering if you had any head canons for the 7 red robes?

Thanks I’m glad you like them! And yeah I have a few things mostly for Lup, Taako and Barry so far:

- Lup and Taako bug the daylights out of Barry at first. Like I’m talking merciless cool kid nerd harassment.
-Barry withstands it all with (most of )his dignity intact. He genuinely likes them both and admires their skills. Barry probably just wishes they wouldn’t make fun of his passion for discovering new things as much.
-Barry has a lot of confidence issues but if you ask the right questions he could talk for hours 
-Lup is probably the one who does a lot of the teasing. He’s a great big nerd and she just has to rag on someone.
-Lup is also the one who eventually decides to lay off when it clicks that Barry doesn’t necessarily have as thick skin as they do.
-They all bond over learning to speak the animal language together.

While searching for any Yuri on ice Doujinshi event in Tokyo i found out that there’s an Otayuri centric Yuri on Ice doujin event on August. The venue is not that big compared to the general Yuri on Ice doujinshi event but i’m still happy that there’s a doujin event just for them. Guess the Otayuri fandom is strong in Japan╰(*´︶`*)╯♡ (And I should also start saving soon because I’ll definitely buy a lot of Otayuri Goods.)

If anyone is interested in the event and image source, You can check the doujin event web page (the website is in Japanese only) by clicking the link in the Source below (since i cannot link any external links in the text because i just recently learned that Tumblr’s currently blocking/hiding any post with external links and i don’t know how to bypass it T^T)

The illustrator of the image is Saaya/Lionni. You can buy her Otayuri doujin in Toranoana if you’re in Japan and if you’re overseas, you can use international forwarding services like Tenso though i haven’t tried using it since i’m currently living in Tokyo

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Everyday casual outfit headcanons for the characters, like what they wear

these are my favorites thank you

• he doesn’t care too much and focuses on his hair much more than his outfits
- old hand me down sweaters and jackets from soda
- jeans (which always have some kind of stain which annoys the hell outta darry) or old sweats
• he keeps wearing these worn sneakers that are just not okay anymore even though he has other shoes
• his outfits match decently for the most part though

• he likes being comfortable, so casual outfits are his favorite, he hates having to dress up nicely with a passion
- flannels? flannels.
-likes t shirts since they’re functional
- always wears jeans but they’re super washed out and the majority of them have tears so
• Soda loves his chuck taylor’s but he’ll go with good ol sneakers too
• he’s actually not too big of a fan of leather/jean jackets, he finds them restricting
• like pony he cares about his hair more, but also keeping up with his daily skin routine is more important than dressing

• his outfits are the least of his concern
- old hoodies, long sleeve shirts, and jackets are his go to
• johnny literally only has jeans and nothing else for pants
- but it’s alright since he manages to keep them fairly in tact and he washes his clothes himself
• hates boots, absolutely hates them, he find the clicking really annoying so he just does chucks and sneakers

• probably cares the most out of everyone
• obviously doesn’t have the time or money for something really nice but he’d appreciate it
- tries to match his shirts with his shoes if he can either color or style wise
- mainly does t shirts
- he likes wearing his dad’s old button ups when he has to go to conferences for pony at school
• always wears his dad’s old silver bracelet

• he lounges around in wife beaters
- or no shirt meh
- likes his jean jacket but he rarely cleans it
-he digs leather jackets too though
• his jeans are awful though he picks at the holes when days are slow at the DX he does not own one pair of jeans that are in tact

Two Bit:
• such a flop
- he just never matches and does not care for his casual outfits
- just grabs whatever he sees first and throws it on and leaves the house
• but his cologne smells very nice so it’s okay

• wears the same thing everyday
- bc this man has absolutely no money
- white t shirt (or a tank) with his leather jacket, jeans, and his obnoxious lil boots
• actually worse than two bit
• darry has to beg dal to let him wash his clothes
• he wears rings and his dog tag from ny


so uhhh following up on this thing i thought abt stranger thingsxmob psycho… older lady Eleven and Mob’s big day out. (click the pics for captions!!!!!!!!!)


A realization occurred to me like two weeks ago from thinking about some of my ships: It seems I’m a sucker for Parent figure ships with ridiculous height differences. Bonus points if one or both in the ship are beings with amazing amounts of power(s) and/or have secrets they’re burden with. (You see where I’m getting at??) 

Made them wear each others’ clothing also for fun and I loved every minute doodling these as well. (Click those two for captions!)

Kiddie games for Forevers

Jumping/click games:

Nom cat

- feed cats yummy gish and avoid flying bombs! Kinda like fruit ninja but with cats!!

Big Bear

- You play as a bear who wants to go get some yummy fish - but ohno! Some bigger bears want to fight you! You’re not gonna let them win are you? ( It also has a funny feature where you can take a picture of your friend or enemy and the picture will appear on the face of the boss bear at the end of every level!)

Ice cream jump

- A yummy scoop of ice cream with a silly face jumps through various levels and stages. How far can you get?

Jumping Fox

- A tiny fox is jumping ever so quickly through the trees! Watch out that you don’t miss a step!

Collecting/Puzzle/ games

Hamster life

- collect different types of hamsters and dress them up, name them, and expand your collection. It also includes a matching game which is how you make money for upgrades!

Cat life

- If hamsters aren’t your thing here is a game similar to hamster life but with cats instead!

My Tiny Bear

-  create a cute little bear character which you can feed and evolve into at least 20 different bears.

Pululu Cute Pet

- an adorable game where you take care of a little pet who also appears on the side of your screen! (A personal fav of mine as the character has a cute appearance and voice but beware as this will eat up your RAM and upgrading your pet only works if you link your account to your facebook) // this game also comes with several mini games that also function as lock savers for your phone however it requires that you also download the appropriate home design app

My Little Pony

- A very cute game based off the cartoon! You play through all kinds of different puzzles to advance through stages.

Littlest pet shop

- Collect your favorite pets and watch them come to life! This game is especially cute because you can actually scan some of the physical pets you can buy at stores which is just adorable!

Jelly Pet cute

- collect cute little pets! It’s a little like neko atsume in the sense that it’s not really much of a game but something you have to wait for. You have to wait minutes, hours, days for some of the pets to hatch but they’re pretty cute


- Similar to Jelly Pet Cute but with Alpacas instead  


- a puzzle game reminiscent of a a very old bunny game that involved you building a town that i cant remember the name of for the life of me. A litte bit like 2048 from what I can tell.

Sweet Garden

- collect and raise different kinds of plants and play minigames to provide music, water and interesting environments for your plant! Your plant can also appear on your android phone as a widget.

Bigger games/Simulation games:


- cute little word game where you collect bears. It’s kinda like a mix between scrabble and 2048!

Happy Chicken Game

- you run a tiny chicken kitchen and farm. As you level up you can open up a bigger store with more themed decorations, customizable farms and dishes.  

Happy Mall

- you run a little mall where you can choose to have various types of stores

Diner Dash

- There are various diner dash spin off games which are nostalgic from the original diner dash but I personally think you need a lot of patience to play it as you get to the higher levels bc it’s almost impossible to win some levels without buying the help packs for real money. But it’s fine when you’re just starting out!

Penguin Diner 2

- It’s a rip off of Diner Dash but it’s a little bit easier. Also penguins!

Disney Magical Dice

- It’s a monopoly-esque boardgame involving disney characters!

Written by TeddyBear ♡
Edited by Pea

teen choice awards

requested: “can you do one where shawn meets y/n backstage or something and shes like shy but interesting at first and occasionally he gets her to sing, she sings a whintey houston-ish song you know a big ballad and he’s blown away and wants to make her famous.”

also requested: “hi bb I love your writings!! Could you please write something where y/n is a famous singer and meets Shawn at the Teen Choice Awards and they hit it off/flirt/exchange numbers? Probably kinda weird but I would love it!!!! xoxo” authors note: i thought i would sorta combine these two and i hope y'all don’t mind. also, this imagine is rather long and it takes a bit of time to get to the point so i apologize. i was just trying to figure everything out and make sure it all made sense. idek.

“Please work.” You mumbled to yourself while messing around with the lens on you camera. For some reason it wouldn’t click right whenever you tried to put it on, and you were terrified at the fact that it could be broken. You worked as a photographer and tonight your job was to take pictures of the celebrities who performed at the Teen Choice Awards. You’ve been photographing moments for as long as you can remember but you’ve never had this big of an opportunity until now. You had already met several celebrities backstage and you were in awe at how humble some of them were, and also how rude some of them were. Everyone was different and it was interesting to see.

“Are you okay?” You heard a voice say and you quickly looked up, taking your glasses off and resting them on your head. You really only needed glasses to see things up close, but whenever you were talking to someone or doing anything else, you didn’t need them, and sometimes they’d give you a headache. Before you could respond, the voice spoke up again.

“Oh cool, what kind of camera is that?” It took you a minute to realize, but once you blinked hard a few times, you finally noticed that Shawn Mendes was talking to you. The Shawn Mendes from Vine, the kid you had a huge crush on when you first discovered him in Magcon.

“Canon 5d mark iii.” You said shyly trying hard to hide your flustered cheeks and pounding heart.

“Cool. My friend is a photographer and he’s actually here taking some pics. I assume that’s what you’re doing too? Oh sorry, I totally forgot to even introduce myself, I’m Shawn.” He smiled wide and stuck out his hand. You awkwardly put down your camera on the nearest table and stood up to shake his hand before saying, “I’m Y/N.”

“So is everything okay? I didn’t mean to eavesdrop but it sounded like you were having some trouble.” Shawn said politely. He was just as sweet as his fanbase always said he was.

“Oh yeah, I’m fine. I was just having trouble putting my lens on. But it’s okay.” You said laughing a little, trying to make things more casual. You always laughed whenever you got nervous. After a few extra minutes of small talk with Shawn, he eventually had to go on stage to perform and you had to be out there too, taking pictures. You got some good shots of several different celebrities so you were proud of yourself. As the evening went on, it got later and you got tired. Your photography instructor told you take however many pictures you wanted, and she didn’t give you any time frames, so you figured you would give yourself a small break, and sit backstage on one of the couches and listen to Ariana Grande’s performance. She sang her powerful song Dangerous Woman which you loved. Ariana’s voice was strong and beautiful and you always wished you could sing something like that. After you sang along to Ariana’s performance, you decided to sing the song again but by yourself since it seemed that no one was around to hear your mediocre singing voice.

“Makessss me feel like a dangerous wommannn.” You flipped through snapchat stories on your phone as you belted out the rest of her song. You sang the last line, and your heart jumped out of your chest when all of a sudden you heard someone clapping. You almost dropped your phone.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. But that was incredible Y/N!” It was Shawn. Shawn Mendes was talking to you again. You sat there wide eyed, with bright red cheeks feeling a bit embarrassed about the fact that he just heard you sing, but you also felt slightly confused about the fact that he said it was incredible. You never thought your voice was really any good. You sang in choirs before, and you sing in the shower and in the car, but you always looked at singing as a hobby. You wished for it to be something more, but that never seemed realistic to you.

“Uh, thank you!” You said with a small smile, and putting your phone in your back pocket.

“That voice of yours deserves to be on the radio or something, seriously. How long have you been singing?” Shawn walked over, and sat down next to you on the couch.

“I don’t know, for as long as I can remember?” You laughed shyly, and looked at him, still wondering why he even thought you sounded good. Was he messing with you? Were you being pranked?

“You shouldn’t be sitting on a couch backstage, you should be performing, on stage.” Shawn was sitting rather close to you, and his voice was soft. He sounded genuine. You were in shock. Shawn Mendes, someone you thought had the voice of an angel, was saying that you had a good voice. And you didn’t know what to say, so you just looked down and smiled, trying to remain as humble as possible.

Two years later

You played with the cord of the microphone as you tried to keep a straight face, while being interviewed backstage at the Teen Choice Awards. “You’ve gotten quite popular so quickly, do you ever miss when you weren’t famous?” The woman said to you with a smile on her face.

“Of course, but I love this job. I’m grateful either way.” You said simply. After a few more questions, you finally finished the interview. You sat backstage while people reapplied makeup, and you chatted with whoever else was getting their makeup done. Several people congratulated you on your new album that was just released, and you thanked them. Your life has drastically changed after your old friend Shawn Mendes had convinced you to post a over on YouTube. After you did, he shouted you out, causing you to gain thousands of followers and soon enough you were signed. But that was two years ago. You and Shawn talked as friends for maybe 6 months and then stopped. You don’t know why but it just happened. Both of your lives were busy, so you didn’t really let it bother you. Just as you were thinking of someone you haven’t spoken to for so long, Shawn walked into the room backstage. You pretended not to notice by looking at yourself in the mirror, fixing any mistakes your makeup artists made. You weren’t a makeup expert but sometimes your makeup artist didn’t know what looked good on you.

“Y/N?” You heard him. Shawn. You saw him now too. You saw him behind you in the reflection of the mirror and you quickly turned around.

“Shawn!” You said kindly giving him an awkward hug.

“It’s been so long. How are you? Congrats on your album by the way.” He scratched the back of his neck as he spoke.

“Thank you! And I’m great, how are you?”

You remembered very well when you met Shawn two years ago, at this exact place. It was crazy how you went from taking pictures of celebrities, to actually becoming a celebrity and now you watched people take pictures of you. You and Shawn talked for about 20 minutes or so. The awards show was technically over and you were supposed to be attending an afterparty but instead you were here talking with Shawn. You both caught up on each other’s lives and eventually you exchanged numbers. You had his number from two years ago, but apparently it was changed.

“I’m sorry for not talking to you for so long. I’m glad we caught up though, and I’d love to take this conversation further sometime, somewhere else.” Shawn’s cheeks were a pretty pink and it made you smile. Was he asking you on a date?

“Like.. Where?” You teased him and laughed, titling your head.

“You ever been to that coffee shop downtown?”

“I haven’t actually.” And so Shawn and you skipped the afterparty and went on a simple date to the coffee shop, and talked for the rest of the night.