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Where Richie teasingly calls Eddie princess but Eddie secretly loves it

This is my first HC list, go easy on me!! I usually write in paragraphs

-Eddie Kaspbrak is not fucking gay. He’s kissed like, 3 girls in his 18 years of living. That’s pretty straight, he thinks.

-But then fucking Richie Tozier is walking into his life the beginning of his senior year.

-He’s a new kid, and Eddie learns that he also lives down the street from him.

-Richie sees him in the hallway one day and he’s just like, “hey princess, are you gonna be the one to show me around or will I have to find everything myself?”

-Eddie immediately flushes a dark shade of red. He wants to punch him. But Eddie is a nice person. So he shows him around.

-After that, Richie quickly eases into a friendship with Eddie and his group.

-He likes everyone but Richie secretly likes Eddie the best.

-(It’s not a secret)

-Eddie is studying for his midterms one night

-And it’s like the middle of winter

-Richie is knocking on his window in the dead night and eddie is immediately pulling him inside and is like “what the fuck are you doing, you could have like fallen off of my roof”

-And richie is like “well you would have saved me, right, princess?”

-Eddie almost faints

-“Yeah of course I would, stupid. You’re not dying on my watch”

-Richie pretends to fall, clutching his chest in an over dramatically motion and eddie fights rolling his eyes

-“I think I’m.. dying.. eddie, you have to save me” Richie reaches out to him and suppresses a giggle

-“No you’re not, stop it” Eddie is on the floor from laughing so hard

-“No I’m really dying.. you have to give me like, mouth to mouth or something. I don’t know. Sorry I don’t make the rules”

-“Richie, I am not giving you mouth to mouth. God knows where your trashmouth has been”

-“Yeah not on yours” and richie goes right back to over dramatically pretending to die. “Listen eds, I will hold my breath for as long as I can until you save me”

-Eddie doesn’t believe him

-But then richie is turning red and eddie panics because what the fuck!!!

-Eddie scoots over with a scowl and tilts his head back, placing his mouth onto the other boy’s, breathing the air into his lungs

-When he pulls back, Richie has the biggest smirk on his face

-“Oh fuck off you asshole, you were turning red!”

-“Are you telling me that you don’t wanna kiss me?”

-Eddie stammers on his words and richie is pulling him down, faces inches apart

-“Cmon princess, I know you want to kiss me, just as much as I want to kiss you”

-And that’s all eddie really needs to hear before he’s attacking Richie’s lips with his own

-So, he has kissed 3 girls and 1 boy in his life but he swears he can’t be any more gayer

I am everything I am in spite of this thing constantly holding me back

I spent countless hours drawing this between classes at uni and am finally happy with the end result. I started drawing it as soon as he posted it, and 9 days is probably a new record for me ^.^ Also it’s the 1 year anniversary of this drawing! Thanks for supporting my art over the past year :D

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I want a Star Wars AU just so I can hear Damen say "You were my brother, Kastor, I loved you!!" jaja anyway art school Lamen have lots of movie nights where Damen tries his best not to rip each film a new one and Laurent can't just enjoy movies anymore thanks film major fuckery

Listen you say Star Wars AU and now I’m gonna spiral in to days of obsession again. But yes. HE WAS HIS BROTHER. also, if Laurent were a Jedi he’d be all about the dramatic robe drop.

AND IM TRIGGERED OK. My roommate was a film major for a while and LET ME TELL YOU. she’d always be like “you haven’t seen this??!??!!” And so we watch it and she watches me and makes sure I’m not on my phone and I’m like LET ME LIVE. so basically make that Damen and Laurent and Damen’s like “ok mr. Can’t walk in to a modern art exhibit without having and aneurysm” and Laurent is like “” it was just ROPE nailed to a WALL” (true story/experience) (me when I see ‘modern art tbh I am Laurent)

me no sad hoovy

i actually am excited for today’s TF2 update, don’t take my fan art as me saying otherwise! I was also on team Heavy, but the new weapons for Pyro and maps look really really fun so I’m happy with the outcome eitherway

I’m just glad this game still has life in it and actual support from Valve again

Heavy will get his update, I just hope we don’t have to wait another 450+ days for it …..

friendship tag!!

hey so the infitnitely amazing @mostawesomepineapple tagged me in this, so I’m going to do my own to spread positivity! thanks mishel (I hope I spelled that right…), you’re amazing!

@rachel-elizabeth-truth tam, you’re amazing and probably one of my number one supporters. you’ve introduced me to so many amazing people, and you’re so talented.

@agustinathe to quote twenty øne piløts’ ruby, you’re an angel fallen down. won’t you tell us of the clouds? basically, you’re incredible and always available for me to talk to, and can always help. I can’t even put into words how much I love you.

@mageofsoul oh, plant, where do I begin? ever since that fateful day last year when I shared my story with you, you’ve constantly been so helpful and supportive, helping me with new ideas. you also made sure I didn’t fail math last year, so, uh, thanks for that.

@kickthecall I don’t even know how to word this. you were the one who got me into my first fandom (with minimal help), got me onto the internet, got me into 97% of my fandoms, and you’re still getting me into them today. you’re a constant supply of honest advice and recommendations, and I’ve only began paying back the favor.

@lastnamepuns mel, mel, mel. you were my first follower and continue supporting me today, and you’re such an inspiration to me and many others. keep doing what you do, and keep drawing those trees, no matter what people say.

@tamararajaviforpresident how do I even begin? you were and still are on of my biggest inspirations and were on of the biggest motivators to get me on tumblr. even though I haven’t seen you around much recently, I will forever be grateful for what you’ve done for me.

@a-super-evil-cat-who-murders chris, you’ve been so supportive, even if we haven’t talked directly, you’ve still been a huge help on my blog, and also constantly bring adorable pictures and videos to my dash. thanks so much.

@ the entire magisterium fandom because you all are awesome and fantastic and all those other synonyms.

I have been almost ridiculously busy since Dura and I came to our decision. I spent almost two full days obsessively working on duplicating the substance Raja hired me to study, and I finally made a huge breakthrough with it. A bit of tweaking here and there, and it will be done.

I’ve met and talked to a few new people, some on the rather interesting side. I have spent a lot of time chatting with Akiira – she is an amazing cook and actually enjoys it, so I have benefited not only from her cooking but also by having her teach me a few things. Cooking is one of those things I never seemed to pick up. I can do basic things, of course, but nothing like what Akiira can do. I’ve also been spending time with Astre. The death of our commander on Argus, Vanderla, has hit her pretty hard. We will be attending her funeral later today in Stormwind. 

And then there is my druid friend, who has made a point of seeking me out, talking to me, spending time with me, feeding me, and bringing me to spend time with his family. At this point, we have talked about everything from our lost, beloved mates to places we have lived and what kind of food we like to eat. He is… very, very much like Naraan in some ways. He is so caring and sweet with me. He knows the loneliness I have suffered. Even when he is not around, a member of his large family usually is, and I am never at a loss for friends now thanks to that fact. 

It is clear that I am being courted. Since the scary story night in Duskwood, he has made no secret of the fact that he has feelings for me, that he wants me. Part of me hesitates to take a chance on this possible happiness, holding on to the dream of what might have been with another. But the sensible part of me understands that this was why we came to the agreement we did: so I could have the chance to find someone who wants to give me the life I have been dreaming of. I believe I have a chance at it here. Maybe. He is saying all the right things, giving me all the attention and care I could possibly want. And I am finding that I think of him at random points during the day, usually resulting in a smile on my face.

It would be stupid not to give this a chance. Not to see where it leads. I am afraid. I am afraid of the possibility of loving him, no matter how safe and loved he makes me feel. It is so soon, and I don’t know how much more loss my heart can take, should things not work out.

But the one thing I have learned is that when you find someone who makes you happy, you should grasp that chance at having joy in your life, because it can be taken away from you in an instant. I don’t regret a single moment I had with my husband, or a single moment I spent with Dura. Happiness is often in short supply, and I will not turn my back on the chance to have a bit more of it in my life.

Maybe this is my chance at happily ever after. But I won’t know that unless I am brave enough to take a risk. 

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