also this is a modern au

Netflix and Thrill


I invited a bunch of people over to watch a horror movie and you’re the only one that showed up and it’s kind of cute that you hide behind my back every time you hear creepy music

Pairing: Credence Barebone x Reader

Word Count: 1.6k

A/n: this is in modern!AU and also confident!Credence AU (as in he’s still shy and awkward but he’s a lot less fragile)

Tonight was supposed to be the night Credence would finally watch his first horror movie. He just simply couldn’t bear the agonizing build up, or frightening jumpscares by himself. And since it was his first Halloween knowing his now bigger group of friends, he wanted to share this first scary experience with people he trusted. It was also an opportunity to see them all, since everyone was so busy lately.

Too busy, it seemed, as he received the third letter of the night. A sigh escaped his lips as he plucked the note from its deliverer’s beak, a sorry RSVP from Newt. Earlier, he had gotten two more, one from Tina and another from Queenie, speaking on behalf of herself and Jacob. He was glad his friends were so happily engrossed in their work, but couldn’t help but feel disappointed at the failure of his planning.

He was now wondering when your Black-Banded owl would arrive, carrying the final apology for the night. Instead, he received a knock at the door.

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Yes, Professor? - natdashg - Voltron: Legendary Defender [Archive of Our Own]
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Relationships: Lance/Shiro (Voltron)
Characters: Lance (Voltron), Shiro (Voltron)
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, shance, Fluff, Teacher-Student Relationship, Alternate Universe - Student/Teacher, Alternate Universe - College/University, Other Additional Tags to Be Added, Eventual Smut, probably, all characters 18+, Professor Lance AU

Professor Lance AU

Lance is a first year Spanish teacher at the university that Shiro - a former military soldier who lost his arm in battle and wants to go back to college and get a degree - is attending. Madness ensues when they both realize they have feelings for someone they’re technically not allowed to have. Yet.

paper towns au

i’m in geography rn and i really want to write a one shot (maybe more) surrounding the modern day losers club going on a road trip. bUT I ALSO WANT TO WRITE A PAPER TOWNS AU BECAUSE,, AYE

one character would be left out though?? shit

the ships would bE Benverly, reddie and stenbrough+mike. mike would be an extra new character AND I WILL MAKE HIM A WHOLE ASS PLOTLINE BECAUSE I LOVE HIM GUYS.

would you guys want this???

So I’m expecting this post to go completely half-noticed but, I figured I’d like to ask it anyways! 

I haven’t been that active on Tumblr lately. But I wanted to do something again for my fellow Witcher fans in the fandom, and I’ve been interested in writing a modern Witcher AU. 

I just wanted to know if anyone would be interested in reading it and wanted to give me some requests or suggestions? I thought I could post it on AO or 

I’d like to create a story based on our modern society, and add our characters, where I’d feel they’d fit in best, but also actually create a genuine storyline for this fanfiction, with a goal, plot twists and purpose. Not just “ciri met avallach in the corridors. they banged”. im thinking more quality stuff tbh

lj-laufeypevensieweasley  asked:

Jacob for the spelling thing? Xx

J: What’s their sense of humor like?

Dry and witty but also lighthearted at times

A: What are/were their best subjects at school?

In a modern AU, he would’ve excelled in physical education and drama class

C: Can they swim well?

Considering he could swim in the Thames after a number of Templar boats and make it out alive, it’s safe to say that Jacob can swim quite well

O: What would it take to break them, inside and out?

Force him to live through the Autumn of Terror while watching his former student murder his sister and friends

B: Do they have any allergies?

Probably a few, but they either went away as he got older or he just hid them exceptionally well

FE Fates modern Nohrians AU

While talking about a modern Leo design that appeared to me in a dream (I might just make the design happen for real some day, we’ll see),  me and @oinanibakamite got a bit carried away with thinking up a modern Fates AU. This is a LONG post, beware. Stay tuned for possible Hoshidan and 2nd-gen follow-ups

- Leo grows tomatoes on the balcony of the apartment he’s living in, right in the middle of the city, courtesy of a prosperous family business. Each of the tomato plants is a different, unusual variety, and each one has a name. There’s also a neat and plentiful row of herbs on the window sill
- Leo has bribed some of the local corvids into an alliance with leftover snacks tossed their way on his way home, to the point where he eventually keeps a bag of nuts on his person just for the few birds that don’t shy away when he approaches
- Some of them occasionally sit on the railing of the balcony and listen to him indignantly huff and mutter at something he’s reading on the balcony
- He (somewhat disinterestedly) studies law because it’s the Family Way he was gently informed he would be following (or else). 

- Father’s always traveling or too busy, and her de facto custodian Xander too, so rather than go to the rest of the family’s even loftier, usually empty apartment, Elise often comes by after school to chill and use her nerdy-ass big bro as an endless supply of homework help
- Leo thought they wouldn’t get along since she’s going to be way too childish, but to both of their surprise it’s always nice. Elise honestly looks up to Leo and acts way more mature, at least when it’s just them. Leo is secretly grateful for the self-worth boost from her admiration, and repays in kind, never dumbing down or simplifying whatever answers she’s looking for, but instead taking the time to teach her properly

- No one really knows where Camilla lives these days, but she’s often found in Leo’s kitchen, because he’s got a state-of-the-art, recently renovated flat and, by extension, kitchen, not to mention the amply supply the best tomatoes and herbs in the city. She’s been giving Leo all kinds of cooking apparatuses for Christmases and birthdays and for any excuse really, on the sole intention of getting to use them herself. Leo is more than happy to be kept well fed.
- Camilla is slowly finishing her business studies, ever more slowly since she ended up being the PR face and serial pop-up store creator for a fashion webshop start-up that’s on an aggressive hockeystick rise
- Camilla, Selena and Beruka became BFFs in school and are all involved in the same business, and often get tipsy and judge other people together
- When the two can’t find Camilla, Leo’s place is the first place they come knocking (pre-partying more like) because she’ll always eventually turn up there. “You’ve lost her again? Good luck” -Leo

- Xander, dutiful to the family business, finished his Master’s degree, a mix of industry management and finance, in record time and is currently employed by a high-end management consulting company, working on projects all over the world. He’s knows he’s expected to and is fully prepared to take over the family business as CEO eventually.
- He meets the rest of the family less often than they do each other, but he’s there for them whenever they need something. Restaurant or theatre reservation? He knows someone who can get you in. Someone knows someone who needs a job? Xander knows who’s hiring.
- Once when Xander had fallen asleep on his desk, Elise snuck in. The next morning, he wakes up with a pillow beneath his head, a blanket over his shoulders, an aching back, and his iPhone newly decorated with a glittery smiley. He stopped his habit of upgrading the phone every few months after that.

- Leo’s subletting (for next to nothing really, since his expenses are all paid for) the (way too big for him) apartment to two somewhat eccentric but good friends of his, Niles and Odin
- Monday nights are movie nights at the Leo Trio house, and that’s final. No one is allowed to have any other plans. They take turns hosting in their respective rooms.
- If someone falls asleep during the evening, then that’s where they’re staying, no one dares wake him up. Even if he’s leaning on someone else, then they’re both staying.
- Leo and Odin usually just sit on the couch, and Niles p much always comes in last and throws himself horizontal over the other two in a “draw me like one of your french girls” pose
- Niles sits up staight and civilized when they need to make room for Elise, who refuses to sit anywhere except on one of their laps
- Each of the three in a completely no-homo way, secretly, glance at whoever’s dressing up or coming from the shower
(- OK maybe 10% homo (except for Niles who’s 200% pan))
(- Niles needs to be sure he’s still the best-looking of them all, Odin’s insecure and can’t help comparing himself to the others, Leo’s just a bit envious of how fit the other two are)
- “Dude when’s the last time you left the house come on we’re all going for a run right now” -Niles to Leo, pretty often
- Niles takes as much time in the bathroom as the other two combined. Luckily, he usually works at the weirdest hours, so morning rush hour isn’t much of a thing at Leo Trio’s
- Whenever Niles is coming home from work* at the same time one of the other two is leaving for work/lectures in the morning, their way of saying ‘good morning’ is an automatic reflex high-five when passing each other at the door
- Niles sometimes doesn’t stop his hand after contact with the other one’s, but follows up on the other one’s butt. He was equal parts shocked and proud the first time Leo did it to him quicker than he could
- No but really it’s just Leo and Niles who do that, since Odin insists on a secret handshake

- Odin’s doing drama school on his off time, someday hoping to become a professional actor. Most of his days, he’s working at a kindergarten, since that’s what he originally trained for (in another life once upon a time, he says, with his signature way-too-dramatic and mysterious flair)
(- Keaton and Kaden also work at the kindergarten, as well as being the only goddamned professional fursuit-mascots for TV commercials and kids’ shows in the entire city. “I get to take naps for a living I’m in heaven” -Kaden)
- He’s practically always wearing a flashy t-shirt of a band no one’s heard of and the logo of which is in a font/style no one can read
- If Leo’s not there or he’s too busy, Odin is always willing to play with Elise, and holy crap does he have an imagination to rival hers. 

- Niles dropped out from uni, deciding that at least for the foreseeable future, he’s perfectly happy doing shifts at two jobs, some days at a local BDSM-specialized sex shop and some nights as a bartender at a nearby old-fashioned invitation-only bar-slash-club
- “But sir, the spotlights are on and it’s a full house, it gets warm” -Niles when accosted for keeping an unregulatory number of top buttons (two) on his barkeep uniform’s shirt undone. He’s chosen all the parts of his uniform in sizes slightly too small so that they hug the skin just right
- No one knows whether Camilla and Niles have something going on or not. Either they’re together or they’re both just made of 120% flirt and innuendo, which they are. No one has dared ask, either.
- *: Sometimes Niles comes home with Camilla. No explanations.

- Elise and Effie both know Elise doesn’t need a babysitter anymore. They’ve agreed to never let Xander know. In exchange for Elise asking Xander to call her favourite regular babysitter/au pair -style general help whenever he’s away, Effie coaches Elise in self-defense and martial arts (and  gets access to the ridiculously high-end in-house gym)
- Arthur is the head of security at the apartment tower building, the penthouse of which houses the mostly absent Garon, head of the Nohr family, his eldest son, and the younger daughter. Arthur’s an ex-cop, retired due to an injury received via an unbelievable accident. He likes telling extravagant stories to young Miss Elise, who also loves hearing them. Xander is convinced that approximately 90% of the stories are made-up, no one could have so many weird and unfortunate things happen to them. Arthur has never lied to Miss Elise.

- Azura is a semi-distant cousin in a boarding school, who rarely comes to town. Whenever she’s in, she’s the vocalist for the jazz-y house band at the bar/club where Niles works
- Whenever she puts socks in a washing machine, not all of them come back. Once she put in half a dozen pairs, and out came half a pair of tights. No one can explain in. It happens where- and whenever she tries.

- Garon is the CEO of the family corporation, who’s grooming Xander to take over eventually. When his latest wife passed away not long after Elise was born, he became more distant, effectively leaving the family in Xander’s care. A few years later, he’s head over heels for and marrying a family friend. She’s got a teenager daughter, Corrin, from a previous marriage, so the Nohr family’s youngest generation know her, but not that well. They’re slowly getting to know their new half-sibling better. 

Untie My Silhouette (6/?)

Emma Swan feels like she’s in a rut and after spending the last day of December alone and in self-pity, she decides she needs some changes in her life. A New Year’s resolution list might do the trick and she intends to keep to every item she scribbled down.

Killian Jones thinks Emma’s just as perfect as she is, so when he gets his hands on her list it seems like a good idea to propose a bet to her. Especially when in turn, he gets to spend more time with her.

But the stakes aren’t low, they’ll use everything in order to win - and for the other to lose. (Modern AU)

Rating: M for language (and for future happenings *wink)

Words: ~4.7k

Also on: and AO3

Previous parts:

[Chapter 1] [Chapter 2] [Chapter 3] [Chapter 4] [Chapter 5

A/N: Hi guys! Thank you so much for the likes, reblogs!! I hope it means you’re enjoying this story and maybe stick with me through the end. Let me know what you think! :)

Chapter 6

Emma feels like a kitten who has just eaten its fill as she stretches on the bed, practically purring in delight as she does so. She has no idea when the last time was that she slept so well. She doesn’t even know if she’s ever slept this good. She feels calm, without an ounce of tension in her body. The snippets of her dreams slowly fade away from under her eyelids, and she tries to cling to them for a little longer but they stubbornly flutter away. She can barely recall them now but she knows they were peaceful and amazing.

Her lids are heavy as lead but she manages to open them. For a fleeting moment, she doesn’t recognize where she is, then suddenly the events of yesterday flood her mind like a rainfall. Her momentary inner peace instantly evaporates. She shuts her eyes, takes a deep breath, and squints towards her left side.

Killian is sound asleep on his back – well, not quite on his back, more like in a half-seated position, which is very odd. Is it really comfortable? He will surely get a serious crick in his neck and back. Maybe she should wake him up…

No, that’s out of the question.

She won’t be able to look him in the eye, not yet, at least not for a little while. She needs to get her act together first. Everything that happened yesterday…it’s too confusing. The fact that Killian had such an effect on her scares the shit out of her.

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anonymous asked:

I'm going nuts! There's this College AU fic where Killian is at a party and he stumbles into Emma's room. I think he was going to have sex with Emma's roommate, but he went to the wrong room? Something like that. They become friends after. I think it's also from a movie or something, or maybe I completely imagined this fic. I can't find it anywhere!

well, look who knows exactly the fic you’re talking about!

Every Piece of Me That Wants You and part 2 by @captainstudmuffin . best friends au inspired by the movie Made of Honor

*Liz, i know i say that about everything you write, but i really wouldn’t mind at all if you write more of this

aogg + anne/gilbert fic recs

@incognitajones said: might you have a link to said fluff? I could use some cheerful distraction atm

happily! here are some of the anne/gilbert fics I read last night :)

i carry my old delicious burdens (wherever i go) by thylionheart (gen, anxiety cw, canon era)

after a nasty anxiety attack, anne confides in gilbert.

this fic is an absolute treasure. the prose is lovely, the handling of the trigger and attack appropriate, and all your anne + diana + gilbert emotions will overflow. also, what adorable goobers.

bliss by scrivensabre (gen, modern au)

modern au, anne and gil at redmond college. anne really has to make it to class, but one curly-haired brown boy in her bed is making it very difficult for her. 

FLUFF MONSTER ALERT. it’s a morning after fic, and anne is late for class - but has a very tempting reason to miss it altogether. tagged with: anne and gilbert are smitten with each other. accurate af, tbh.

your name on my wrist by phillipa_gordon (gen, modern soulmate au)

gilbert knows anne’s name will appear on his wrist. he doesn’t want to see it.

FOLKS I READ A SOULMATE FIC. fluff, angst, tooth-achingly happy ending. there are many kinds of soulmate marks, and gilbert is sure his soulmate will be unrequited. little does he know, he’s in a fluff-ridden fanfic :D

the birthday of our happiness by thenspokethethunder (gen, modern au)

anne and gilbert are together and gilbert is too happy to think straight. tagged with: honestly this is revolting, fluff, almost kisses, awkward flirting. absolutely adorable and fluff-ridden and :D :D :D

the courage of endurance by brittathebest (teen, canon era)

anne gets her foot stuck at low tide, and must try to free herself before the sea comes back in.

not technically anne/gilbert but still a great piece and very very very anne shirley-cuthbert. only a little bit of angst, more hurt/comfort, and in a very AOGG way.


“His fingers touched the strings, and all my thoughts were displaced. The sound was pure and sweet as water, bright as lemons. It was like no music I had ever heard before. It had warmth as a fire does, a texture and weight like polished ivory. It buoyed and soothed at once.”

- Madeline Miller, The Song of Achilles, page 34


Pride and Prejudice as a modern tale of music & love.

Elizabeth Bennet (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) is an aspiring songwriter. She spends most of her days writing songs, much to her sisters’ amusement. Jane (Lupita Nyong’o) is happy being a quiet accountant, but Lydia (Jessica Sula) dreams of stardom, of singing the songs her sister only wants to write. 

One day, the Bennet sisters are invited to an exhibition for aspiring musicians, attended by some of music’s elite. Most notably is Fitzwilliam Darcy (Oscar Isaac), the intense singer-songwriter who criticizes one of Elizabeth’s songs without realizing she’s behind him. Jane meets Bingley (Ruth Negga), Darcy’s beautiful and kind agent. The sisters also meet George Wickham (Scott Michael Foster), the infamous pop star.

Elizabeth finally finds a hit song when she writes the song “Proud” about the interaction with Darcy, which becomes a YouTube sensation when Lydia performs it for her vlog. As their lives become more intertwined, Darcy becomes suspicious of Jane’s affections for his agent. As Jane and Bingley fall apart, his interest in Elizabeth grows. He writes a song for Elizabeth called “Ardently”, which confesses his attraction for her at the same time as belittling her station as an amateur, her stardom-seeking sister, and his own reservations about her. 

Elizabeth is not amused.

The two continue to circle each other as Elizabeth is signed as a songwriter by his label, Pemberley, and they begin to work on writing songs together. Things are interrupted, however, when they discover that Wickham has been manipulating Lydia with promises of the spotlight.

ast-rd-b612  asked:

Hey! I love ur art (LIKE I CAN SEE ALL MY FANDOMS) May I see some Lancelot?(Lance x Lotor)

Thank you so much !! C:

You know I am not really a Lancelot shipper… BUT I LOVE THEM. Like I love them as best bros. That Lotor is like the other dude Lance hangs out beside Hunk. Or that Lotor is always flirting with Lance and Lance is: “Noooooo”

So sorry.
But here you have them as best bros chilling and having sleep overs xD


Anon, I wanna thank you cause I agree with like all of this!!! 

In fact here’s a good list to expand on more of this:

( Train AU Beginnings )

The Train AU takes place in a town much like the ones you would find in southern Ireland. I have family over there and the scenery is so beautiful, the train rides I took to visit all my cousins were some of the most peaceful trips I’ve had. I want you guys to imagine a place with wide open fields and close-knit neighbors. But also cobblestoned city streets with more places to walk than drive. I want you guys to picture warm nature and stone fences. 

Altea Academy is a private institution located in the modern downtown district of Finch (a made up town based on Dublin). The high school caters to talented and wealthy students and offers them a college preparatory education. Most of its students are child prodigies and scholarshiped athletes. The school itself is very reminiscent of Trinity University in Dublin. Due to its prominent nature, the school is known for being uptight, but its students are known for being quite troublesome. But since their students are regarded as the “best” the school rarely punishes them. If they did the child’s important angry parents would be breathing down the principal’s neck. The school’s football team is known locally and statewide, they have always dominated the competition.

Students of Altea:

  • Takashi Shirogane - Team captain and quarterback of Altea’s Black Lions. Shiro is seen by teachers as a straight-A senior and perfect student. But his friends and fellow students see him as tired soul. He stays up late to do homework and runs on nothing but willpower and energy drinks. He is constantly making bad decisions when his friends are not with him. Bad decisions include: Random piercings his current hairstyle, and regrettable tattoos. He is a huge space nut and can talk to you all day about the stars, their constellations, and their meanings. His affinity for stars has earned him the nickname Space Dad. He’s an Instagram legend thanks to his friend Matt and is sought after by every guy and girl in the district. 
  • Katie Holt - A computer science prodigy, Katie was able to skip three grades and at age 14 she sits with her brother in the senior class. Due to the strict dress code, Katie was forbidden from wearing the men’s uniform and is constantly writing emails to the faculty about how unfair it is to deny her pants. She may look like she is diligently typing notes but Katie sits in the back of the class for a reason. She’s either hacking the school’s internet and database or playing video games, yet whenever called she can answer the question correctly. Unlike Shiro, the school knows Katie is not as sweet as she looks. Along with her brother, Keith, and secretly Shiro, she has pulled off countless school pranks. 
  • Matt Holt - An angel in the eyes of teachers and best friends with Shiro. He pretends to scold his sister for her troublesome pranks when called to the office, but it’s all an act. Computer science and mathematics prodigy Matthew Holt is the face of several school adds along with Shiro. Due to his father’s strong government ties, the school can hardly punish his sister and thus could never touch him. Matt is Shiro’s lifeline making sure he studies, supplies him with Monster, and treats him to breakfast every once in a while. 
  • Keith Kogane - A reckless punk in the eyes of teachers and staff. But a school icon none the less. No matter how many classes he sleeps through he always aces them. He’s on the football team with Shiro and has scored most of the school record-breaking touchdowns. He’s a golden boy at everything and anything and the teachers can’t do anything about his reckless behavior without incurring the wrath of his uncle, CEO of Galra Industries and Sciences, Zarkon. Keith’s parents died when he was very young. His mother’s brother took him in and raised him alongside his own son Lotor. He loves Keith like his own son and bought him the house his parent’s lived in on the outskirts of the quiet town of Creek.

(Lotor goes to another elite high school in Finch where the football team is co-ed. Lotor is the quarterback and captain and the girls he leads are hella strong. Their team is usually ranked third in the district and is constantly trying to one-up Altea. )

West Creek High is a local high school in the much calmer town of Creek, about a four-hour train ride from Finch. The school itself is a community high school, lots of local kids go here. It’s an old building with laxed old rules, and well-behaved students. The school’s pride is its football team, most kids go to West Creek just to make the team. They are ranked second in the county. In Creek, the streets are more for walking and less for driving. There is a local Somoan bakery that makes fresh pastries every morning and next to them is a cafe. The owners are good friends and together bring in business for both shops. 

Students of West Creek High

  • Hunk Garret- A lovable sweet boy with a heart of gold and the body of a god. Hunk is the school’s famed linebacker, he’s a hulking beast on the field and could break a normal high schooler in two. But Hunk couldn’t hurt a fly and only joined the team for the scholarship so he could save his mother money. He helps run the local Somoan bakery with her and is looking to take over the business when he graduates. He’s best friends with Lance and has been since pre K. They have matching wristbands, the one Hunk wears is Lance’s favorite color while the one Lance wears is Hunk’s favorite color. Sometimes he and Lance stay up hella late playing video games with their online friend Pidge. 
  • Allura - The resident hottest girl in school, Allura is rather down to earth and sweet once people get to know her. She runs a fashion blog and dominates Instagram with gorgeous selfies. Although her father is the CO-CEO to Galra, and she could have gone to any school she wanted, she chose West Creek out of all the fancy prep schools. She thought the homier the neighborhood the kinder the friends. She became friends with Hunk and Lance because she frequently eats at Hunk’ s bakery. Lance is her wingman and always lets her know if a guy at a party is trouble. She currently has a crush on this guy who keeps showing up on her insta feed.He’s got a fringe of bleached hair and piercings. His friend’s feed is filled with pictures of the said bleached boy doing hilarious stunts and sweaty football pics. It’s a blessing. 
  • Coran Smythe - Is the schools most eccentric and loved history professor. He somehow has a strange unheard historical fact for every era they cover in class and often judges the textbooks on getting certain events wrong or the author being completely off base. Not only is he a great teacher but he is also a great coach. He coaches the Creek Creatures football team. The mascot is some kind of cryptid, the current costume resembles Mothman.  
  • Lance Sanchez - A straight-A student and all around excitable guy. He wants to be an astronaut, or a fighter pilot, or something to do with the sky. Lance loves the idea of flying and wants to get his piloting license when he graduates. Lance lives on the outskirts of Creek where his family owns a farm with horses, cows, and lots or sheep. So his mom makes him take the train to make sure he gets to school on time. He’s always been a little bit of a daydreamer and is often caught zoning out in class.

The train ride from Creek to Finch is an hour and a half, the train consists of mostly leisure cars where you can sit at a table and be treated to a snack trolley. Otherwise, you can sit in the many standing cars with minimal seating and more standing room. 

If there’s a reason I’m by her side


XMFC Modern AU pt 6

(PS: A special shout out to endingthemes​ for writing this amazing fic inspired by these silly things <333)

taz modern college au headcanons where also they all live in seattle

(aka my extremely niche au that only appeals to me)

  • The Plot Here: the IPRE crew is a ragtag group of friends at college (probably UW? definitely UW)
  • John is an RA who’s trying to End All Campus Parties
  • The IPRE crew is constantly trying to throw epic parties and have a good time at them before John comes and shuts them down
  • The Light of Creation is one of these things
  • The crew and John are locked in a constant battle where John crashes their parties and steals it if they don’t hide it fast enough and then they have to sneak into his dorm to steal it back
  • Ango is also there he’s like a high schooler who got early acceptance into college
  • The crew adopts him accidentally
  • IPRE Robes = matching red snuggies that Barry made for the final project in that sewing class he took as an elective one year
  • garfield is a really weird weed dealer. what is he even majoring in?? does he even go here?? nobody knows but he has a weird little shop set up in a closet nobody uses anymore

more headcanons about everyone:

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