also this is a modern au

modern soc au


  • loves to dance !!! esp ballet but she can dance to whatever tbfh, she’s that good 
  • likes to wear caps, esp backwards. really loves bomber jackets too. 
  • has a couple, small tattoos dedicated to her saints 
  • is that one kid who loves to do parkour (both ironically and unironically) for instance is really good at it but sometimes just yells PARKOUR and steps over a rock
  • usually found eating lunch with her pals on the roof of the school 
  • is amazing at hide and seek like holy fuck ????? hid for 2 hours once and wasn’t found, came back the next day and was like “y'all losers SUCK" 
  • loves to study other people’s cultures, as well as history and is great as p.e (never has gotten a bad grade in the flexibility tests) 
  • likes to read poem books 
  • has a black cat as a pet named “saint" 
  • pronounced meme as "mehmeh” the first time she read it 
  • only has snapchat and instagram. is that kid who ALWAYS posts the sunset every day, esp from weird/high places and the comments are always “HOW THE FUCK DID YOU GET UP THERE" 
  • cried the most during fox and the hound 
  • always braiding nina’s hair. Knows how to do all the super advanced onces as well
  • "I don’t know, CAN YOU?" 
  •  the best one at pushing people on the swings 
  • "sorry I ran out of fucks to give try again later maybe?" 
  • gives the nicest presents. always knows what a person wants for christmas/their birthday 
  • the one who’s really into photography and is always taking aesthetic™ pics of Nina for her social media accounts 
  • Prefers tea over coffee


  • bullied for not being able to read (at least up until high school), so is super shy 
  • loves drawing. the artistic™ one who takes anatomy to be able to draw people better 
  • MASTER FLUTE MUSICIAN. On the school band. Jams hard af when he plays it 
  • is in gem math and AP chem with kuwei. 
  • loves sweet. addicted to blue jolly ranchers. his tongue is always blue 
  • constantly pushing up his thick rimmed glasses (even if they ain’t on, which causes him to poke his eye)
  • looooves all the superhero shows on the CW 
  • V neck sweaters. always
  • always has his trusty satchel
  • only has tumblr. has like 10k followers because of his artwork. 
  • ”‘illuminati’ ? is that a band?“ 
  • cat person even though he’s allergic to cat fur. absolutely adores inej’s cat. settles for owning a horned lizard named "shrek" 
  • secretly a huge fan of memes 
  • really gay for tom holland and ed sheeran (calls him "ginger Jesus”) 
  • gamer with jesper. they always play overwatch together, wylans better tho. a genji and Ana main 
  • cried the most during big hero six 
  • wylan, with blank eyes: “I like my coffee how I like my men” // jesper: *spits out his drink* 


  • sports fan obv. On the schools hockey team bc his fav is hockey. is extremely competitive when he plays it. Is constantly checking but never gets penalties (aka slamming the other players against the walls)
  • played basketball against jesper and surprisingly lost. jesper won’t let it go 
  • dog person. owns a pet pomsky (Pomeranian-husky) with nina who’s name is “bub" 
  • “long hair don’t care”draws inspiration from Harry styles 
  • really philosophical. takes all the philosophy/ethics classes available 
  • kind of sounds like Thor (thick and deep accent) 
  • a good™
  • "you’re all horrible trash”
  • “do we really have to be doing this now? I have to finish my homework" 
  • loves baking. bakes everything for the love of his life 
  • grey sweatshirts and adidas shoes 
  • wears contacts Because he hates how glasses look on him. only wears them when he’s home 
  • oblivious to all the women in love with him
  • real 👍🏻🤘🏻👌🏻life🤰🏻👼🏻🌱student📚✂️✏️athelete🏃🏼🥇🏆🥅🏒
  • has Facebook and Twitter only
  • cried the most during bambi and dumbo 
  • little spoon™ 
  • has a couple tattoos with very deep meanings


  • dancer with inej. dances like those ppl who look like robots ??? the ones who look like they freeze parts of their body while the others move. AMAZING at it 
  • loves jazz but also dubstep/edm and rap/r&b. Beyoncé is MOM/QUEEN. 
  • sometimes djs parties 
  • again, huge gamer with wylan. he’s a lucio and junkrat main for overwatch. loves like every video game ever 
  • loves all the marvel movies, in love with black panther (was team cap) 
  • dresses like a hipster but also sometimes a fuck boy (tank tops and shorts with a backwards cap style) 
  • favorite subject is business and debate. great negotiator 
  • cried the most during the lion king 
  • A+ cosplayer (especially his lucio cosplay) 
  • big supporter of human rights (LGBTA+, feminist, black lives matter, poc representation). Will LITERALLY get into fights over anyone who thinks otherwise. Fist fights, always supported by Kaz and Matthias. Got suspended for 3 days for breaking a kids nose who thought LGBTA+ people should **** ** ****) 
  • that one kid who has 50 fidget spinners and can do cool tricks with them. also manages to sell all of them 
  • skateboard pro™ 
  • always sends the blinking face meme, even if it’s out of context 
  • all the social medias. 
  • one tattoo only of a gun with a ‘bang’ flag coming out of it 


  • Speaking of YouTube, she always does cute videos. Baking/cooking tutorial videos featuring Matthias, 'i do my boyfriends makeup’, 'my boyfriend does my makeup’, 'my boyfriend buys my makeup’, does make up tutorials obviously, challenges with her best friend inej like the 'whisper challenge’. everyone loves her and says her and Matthias are their otp 
  • loves fashion design, takes that class. 
  • loves horror movies/creepy things but also Disney 
  • great at roller skating 
  • always wins the best dressed awards ad school 
  • also huge fan of ed sheeran. loves little mix more than 5h. 
  • cried the most during 'up' 
  • Can speak like 4 languages (English, french, Latin and spanish) 
  • loves traveling and learning about new cultures too 
  • dancer!inej’s biggest fan and hockey!matthias’ biggest fan 
  • always breaks snapchat streaks 
  • likes to (friendly) debate with jesper, especially over stupid things 
  • amazing with kids. babysits all the time. calls “bub” (the dog) her and matthias’ baby 
  • big spoon™ 
  • notes are so fucking pretty. buys the most expensive stationary and notebooks 
  • also huge supporter of human rights. runs the feminist club. (Jesper is the Vice President) stresses loving yourself and your body, and makes sure to design comfortable yet GORGEOUS clothes for “"plus sized people”“ 
  • wins 'dynamic duo’ award with inej 
  • always eating lollipops 
  • has a few very small tatos of cute things like roses and crowns. has one quote written in cursive on her rib


  • prefers black coffee as well 
  • loves crime shows, whether they’re real or fake. for instance loves both 'Dateline’ and 'Criminal Minds’ also loves 'House’
  •  favorite class is psychology, learning how a person thinks and acts and feels
  • has the dregs tattoo on his arm * edge lord 9000™ * such a drama queen and diva like damn 
  • *deep sigh* "I think I’d rather go take a nap” *gets up and leaves* 
  • also loves computer science. knows how to hack shit like a pro 
  • always rough housing with jesper. broke a table once 
  • does walk with a cane. likes to slap matthias’ ass with it 
  • “bow down you fucking peasants" 
  • only types in lower case with 0 emojis and no punctuation marks. CONSTANTLY leaves people on read 
  • only has Twitter and snapchat. His posts on snapchat never have captions, yet somehow has a 200 day streak with Jesper and a 250 day streak with inej 
  • loves watching horror movies with nina 
  •  *in a fight* "oh I’ll sHOW YOU SOME DIRTY HANDS” *swings* 
  • gets second place for best dressed award 
  • always sending memes with no context in their group chat, as well as vines 
  • indie and alternative rock fan 
  • “does it look like I care because I’m sorry if it does I didn’t mean to give you that impression" 
  • head over heels for inej Ghafa like wow 
  • likes to read a lot of mystery books and non fiction books 
  • cried the most during finding dory 
  • can solve a Rubik’s cube under a minute and won’t let you forget it 
  • The one asshole who picks either Kirby or metaknight in super smash brothers brawl
  •  hates seeing the notification bubble so he always has all chats muted and notifications turned off for apps 
  • kiss ass to all the teachers to get them A’s


  • SCIENCE NERD. ALWAYS singing the bill nye theme song. Loves ASAPScience on YouTube. Master at chemistry and biology 
  • "hey did u know bill nye is, like, my dad" 
  • nina treats him like a baby 
  • loves everything to do with Star Wars while wylan loves star trek more. Fighting ensues. 
  • has a pet Siamese cat name sparky 
  • Used to have a huge crush on jesper and everyone knew it except jesper. 
  • knows the intro to the bee movie ("according to all known laws of aviation-”)
  •  jesper in the group chat: “gonna go shower be right back” // kuwei: “without me ;)?” // wylan: “KUWEI SWEAR TO FUCK” // kaz: “watch your fucking language wylan" 
  • obsessed with Pokémon go even if it died out (chose team instinct) 
  • "fight me on this" 
  • has Twitter, snapchat and instagram 
  • Always drinking ginger ale 
  • master at bop it 
  • the one kid who always forgets to pay you back for stuff 
  • is also into the CW super hero shows, so him and wylan are constantly talking about it 
  • loves cartoons and anime 
  • speaks fluent fuckboy 
  • God awful at comebacks 
  • "let’s take a selfie guys !!!” // “kuwei no-” // *snapshot sound* 
  • talks !!! Like !! This !!!! for,,, some reason ???????? 
  • huge nerd for other things too like lord of the rings and Harry Potter and game of thrones 
  • cried the most during inside out
  •  "do you think planes are scared of heights?“ // "for fucks same kuwei it’s 4am”
My Heart For A Minute

Nine years after Jake’s tragic but heroic death, Clarke and Abby have finally gotten their lives back on track thanks to the unconditional love and support of family matriarch, Lillian Walters. As unfortunate as it seems for Clarke, she soon finds herself on the business end of her grandmother’s meddling when the aging woman adds a pre-death condition to her living will: Clarke will be gifted enough money to buy her own art gallery when she gets married to one Miss Alexandria Abigail Woods, the one girl in the world whom Clarke actually legitimately cannot stand.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY @chariotdunord 

The family computer is finally free so here’s your belated (ish?) present, hope you enjoy it! ^_^ 

Summary: Instinct is: 1-a natural or intuitive way of acting or thinking. 2- a natural propensity or skill of a specified kind. 3- The reason why Akko meet Diana. (Photographer!Akko, Modern Au)

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Here’s my heavily self inserted drabble to kick off the Disney prompts, ha. If you end up reading it, hope you enjoy it. Also note, I’ll literally never be used to writing my own name in anything unless someone else writes it so I still used third person and (Y/N), but I did use my cousins names. This is also heavily wishful thinking and hoping, so any actual prayers or just vibes that I can make this happen one day would be more than exponentially appreciated. 

Modern AU Kylo +  “No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true.”

The enthusiasm before you was enough to have you smiling from ear to ear as you sat on the hard cement in between Kylo’s legs. It had been around you for the past few days but you still couldn’t get over just how contagious it was. Smiles and all, your cousins enthusiasm wasn’t something you just saw, you felt it.

Excitedly Atheel gestured with his hands as he practically exclaimed in Arabic.

“And then the cars went ZOOMing! Like a real race car and we won the race!”

You nodded with a smile as you responded, “I remember! Was that your favorite?”

He nodded excitedly as he turned on the plastic Lightning McQueen toy in his hands. Rama turned herself towards you, her Minnie ears still perfectly placed atop her head. 

“My favorite was when we went spinning in the tea cups!”

“It was? I thought your favorite was meeting Cinderella.”

She shrugged with a smile as she scooted closer to you with her plush doll, “That too. I can’t pick one.”

“Fair enough, neither can I. Ok guys let’s sit down, the fireworks are gonna start.”

They both nodded as they came closer to you and Kylo, opting to sit closer to you during the show rather than their parents. To your surprise despite Kylo’s brooding demeanor your cousins seemed to warm up to him almost instantly. Insisting time after time that he come with them on rides or go find their favorite characters. To say the least, it was a grand relief to you as you weren’t sure how your family was going to feel about him on this trip.

Carefully the two sat before you, turning and talking to each other about their shared bag of candy. Looking at them excitedly debating over what to eat next you felt your heart swell. Almost as instantly as it did however, you felt tears just barely pushing their way forward. Mentally you cursed yourself, this was the last thing you were supposed to be doing in a moment like this. 

Almost instinctively, you swore it was his sixth sense, Kylo wrapped his arms around your torso and pulled you into his lap. Carefully he rested his arms around you as he spoke softly to you.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong I’m just…emotional.”

Kylo gently kissed the side of your head, “In a good way?”

You shrugged, “…Yeah.”

“You hesitated.”

“…This almost didn’t happen…and not because of plane tickets.”

Kylo’s grip on you tightened slightly as he shifted in place, bringing you even closer to his chest.

“Hey…it’s ok. They’re here, they’re ok. It’s happening.”

A single tear escaped your eye as you sighed just faintly, “I know…I’m just…in really happy disbelief that it is.”

He gently kissed the top of your head, holding it there for a moment before he spoke.

“They made it out, and they’re ok.”

You nodded as you released a deep breath, suddenly feeling Kylo’s hands attempting to soothe you with slow motions. Just as he placed another kiss to the top of your head you suddenly noticed Rama turn towards you with an ecstatically beaming smile.

“(Y/N), can we come back here?”

You smiled and gave her a nod, “We can come as many times as you want habibti.”

She faintly gasped in excitement, “We can?!”

You nodded and held out your pinky, “Once a year at the least I’ll bring you and Athooli, ok?”

She nodded as she took your pinky into yours before she pulled it towards herself and kissed it. The gesture alone was going to send your tears flowing the second she turned away.


You gave her a smile as she turned back around only to feel the tears instantly slipping down your cheeks. Kylo attempted to soothe you, now beginning to rock you ever so slightly.

“Ssh, don’t cry.”

“Can’t help it.”

After a few moments of rocking you Kylo spoke again.

“…Can I lighten the mood?”

You snorted, “You? Lighten the mood?”

“Today’s full of surprises.”


“You reminded me of a quote.”

You sniffled, “What quote?”

“Don’t judge me for memorizing it.”

Your brows furrowed for a moment before you felt his hot breath over the top of your head as he released a sigh.

“No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true.”

“…You know quotes from Cinderella?”

“From the amount of times you make me watch the movies I figured I should start paying attention.”

You smiled, “Why did I remind you of that?”

“It suits you. You believed something good would happen, even when I watched you sob over the news and after phone calls, and now look at you. Look at them.”

Your heart swelled in your chest as you could feel more tears pry their way forward. Placing a kiss to your cheek Kylo craddled you close.

“Your wish came true.”

You sniffled as you watched your cousins excitedly bounce in place as the announcement for the fireworks went off. Scooting closer together they excitedly turned to you and their parents and jubilantly pointed to the castle. For once in their lives, they got to just be normal kids. A small smile tugged at the corners of your mouth as you watched them.

“It did.”

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anonymous asked:

What job ani and padme will do if they were in a modern au

the sky’s the limit my friend!! generally for padme i tend to gravitate towards some sort of political/government job (obviously) but in my own fics i’ve also had her be a lawyer and a teacher. i could also see her as a doctor too or just generally any sort of job that involves public service/helping people

anakin’s a little trickier because “jedi” doesn’t correlate quite as nicely to a real world job but i think police or military would be the closest equivalent. i’ve had him be a teacher too (i feel like anakin would be good with little kids whereas maybe padme would teach high school or college so she can have intellectual discussions with her students lmao) however canon anakin also has this whole other aspect of him where he loves droids and starships n shit so i could see him as a mechanic or an engineer, maybe some sort of pilot tho that’s not particularly conducive to fic writing in a modern au imo since he’d be flying around all the time and not staying put conveniently in one place long enough to get him together with padme ayyy

vexingcosmos  asked:

I read that there will be AUs, and I just want to know how many. This is a great project, but I just personally dislike capri AUs. Thanks!

Hi! I hope you don’t mind me answering this publicly- I think some other people might benefit from this.

There are 2 modern AUs, 1 AU within canon that’s not exactly in canon either… (it’s pretty awesome though), and also 2 canon divergent AUs. That’s 5 out of 10. Hope it won’t deter you from purchasing the book!


“His fingers touched the strings, and all my thoughts were displaced. The sound was pure and sweet as water, bright as lemons. It was like no music I had ever heard before. It had warmth as a fire does, a texture and weight like polished ivory. It buoyed and soothed at once.”

- Madeline Miller, The Song of Achilles, page 34

If there’s a reason I’m by her side

psa for the yoi fandom: russian names & how to use them

Russian guides: masterpost | patronyms | terms of affection | answered asks

I’m going to start by swearing this isn’t me just complaining but a general resource for the Yuri on Ice fandom because I’ve noticed some mistakes in the naming conventions used among the fandom and want to help correct them. Especially in how the fandom treats diminutives. I absolutely love seeing the huge amount of interest in Russian diminutives, etc. in fanart and fics and hopefully this breakdown will help continue that trend and interest and even spur some more ideas in fandom content.

So let’s go through some important details below the cut!

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Yuri and Otabek for the Modern Witch - Pagan AU I’m cooking up 

btw Yuri is 110% the most fashionable witch you’ll ever meet


[insert here some really gay thing]