also this is a 5 am drawing can you tell


I draw Mishima when I’m stressed (because he calms me) so you can..probably tell my emotional state these past two weeks HAHA Here are all my twitter Mishima sketches

I headcanon that Mishima doesn’t wear the school jacket because they don’t have his size and he’s self-conscious about it… so he chooses not to wear it and instead rolls up his turtleneck sleeves so you can’t really tell it’s a size too big on him LOL


Icon pixels: (50x50 / 100x100 ): $5

  • Couple icons: $8

150x150: $8


Page dolls: (around 250x250): $25

  • Additional Character: $10
  • Background: $5

Please message me or send me an ask! Please also have a ref* for me :3

*Note: If you don’t have a drawing of something like an oc or its something from a video game/show you can pull images off google, tell me the name of the character to help me out!

(If for what ever reason I am not comfortable doing your commission I will say so to you)

Link to this on my blog!




Transparent/Solid Color/(One Color) Simple Patterned or Artsy backgrounds are FREE~!

•Backgrounds other than the ones mentioned above costs a minimum of an additional 5$ and may vary depending on the detail requested.


•Commissons are for the client’s personal use only.

•I personally draw a lot of Voltron lately but I CAN ALSO DRAW Gravity Falls, Harry Potter, certain anime shows, and as well as, OCs.

•I CAN ALSO DRAW cartoonized/anime versions or semi-realistic potraits (+5$) of the client (given a reference of course).

•Drawing certain ships can be discussed but I do prefer some than others (my feed will tell you which). I am flexible though and I also don’t discriminate ships so feel free to discuss it with me first.

•I will NOT DRAW hateful content.

•I CANNOT DRAW NSFW (unfortunately).

•I CANNOT DRAW explicit gore (I can only draw blood and basic outer wounds).

♡ If you’re interested, you may contact me through IM in my tumblr account ( or through my email:

♡ If you’re not interested or if you won’t be able to order yourself, a reblog is always appreciated~ ♡♡♡ Thank you for your time!


He wouldn’t remember when we first met.

I was a second year and Ryuji was a first year and had just gotten back from the hospital after what happened with Kamoshida.

It was…quite an experience.

It feels strange knowing someone for so long and yet it took much longer to us to become closer. I also wouldn’t call it love at first sight, however…

((There’s a story behind this lol but…i just might rather type it than draw everything. I might if people ask for it but for now have this <3))


Hey everyone for the first time ever I am opening up commissions!

All commissions are full color! I can do either watercolor or digital illustrations

Full body character- 20$ , 10$ for each additional character, 5$ for a simple background

Full Illustration- 40$ and up, we can discuss the prices based on what you want

Gif- 30$ and up, this is also on a case by case basis

PRO BIRDS RIGHTS SPECIAL!- Do you or someone you know really really love those birds, well now for just 15$ I can draw you a custom bird image. Just tell me what it should be doing (keep it reasonable) and what it should say!

PM me or email me at for more info!

youko-fairy  asked:

Hello, I never done a match up before so bear with me please, I'm a female with autism that's 5"6 tall. ENFP-T. I believe I am straight. I am bubbly and hardworking but laid back. Sweet and nurturing. Loves to work with kids at a daycare and enjoys hobbies such as reading,baking, basketball and drawing. I am always open to trying new things that I have never tried before even likes to learn a new hobby whenever I can . :-) Have a good day!!

Originally posted by 1nerdygurl

Matched with: Koenma

I think you two would get along well! Though he has his serious side, Koenma is also an expert at relaxing (and sometimes being lazy but don’t tell anyone that). He’ll be your personal taste tester for all your baked goods and will be terrible at lying if it’s not as good as he expects so he won’t hurt your feelings. He can have a hectic life as the prince of Spirit World so you being adaptable to change and new things will be good! He also sees a lot of suffering from his big chair in the sky, you are a breath of fresh air with your kind and motherly nature :)

~ Admin Ryoko

marauderskeeper  asked:

Ok so.... I LOVE PT 12!!!!! Omg dude I feel like I’ve been waiting for that moment my whole life 😂💗 The rain, the kiss, all of it, the whole series is just, it’s frickin FANTASTIC. Your an amazing writer and you never cease to amaze me!!! Can’t wait for more!! 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

Hello love ♥ Thank you for your reblogging! I appreciate your feedback and you constantly popping up in my notifications! I am happy you liked the recent chapter x

I would also like to use this opportunity to do the tag you mentioned me in! Thanks for that. Here are 5 things that make me happy.

  • Cats
  • Books.
  • Warm clothes and blankets
  • Food!
  • Drawing and painting with water color 

P.S: If that’s you in the icon, I just wanted to tell you that you’re very pretty!

**Updated Commission Info**

Okay guys, *insert quote about how I’m broke as shit here*.  

I’m hoping to take a couple of commissions, if anyone is interested. I’ll be moving to a new apartment hopefully soon and need a little money to buy a few things (like a bed, for one, so I won’t be sleeping on the couch anymore haha)

Also, *whispers* I’ll just quietly mention that my birthday is in a couple weeks, so if you wanna commission me it’d be a nice birthday gift. ^_^

So here are my prices again, if anyone needs a refresher. And an update on content policy.

Doodle pages; quick and sketchy/un-inked, but can be sketched in color pencil if you like, $12


B&W/Tan&White/Minimal Color are $15 (set price for up to three characters, $2 for each additional character) (no detailed background)

Example of B&W:

Examples of Tan & White (with or without ink):

Example of minimal color:

Comic style is $9 per page (I usually draw my comics from right to left just out of old habit, but if you’d prefer for yours to read from left to right, you certainly have that option!)


Full color is $25, subject to change depending on level of detail, etc. (set price for up to three characters, $3 for each additional character)


(with inked line work) 

(without inked line work)

And then $5 for shipping

*Some rules to keep in mind*

1) I don’t care what you ship! I’m willing to draw whatever floats your boat, so long as it doesn’t involve incest, bestiality, exploitation of minors, etc. (see #5) And, yes, I can draw things besides Frozen.

2) I do stylized/cartoon/comic drawings. I do not do photorealism/realistic portraits. I don’t like doing it, and I’m really not that good at it anyway. There are plenty of those types of artists out there, and I am just not one of them! 

3) I can draw animals. I’m willing to try my hand at furries if you ask, but I have little experience with them.  I do not draw mecha.

4) As you can probably also tell I’m not a big background person, so unless you’ve specified with a colored image, I will most likely do a solid colored background. If you have something else in mind I am willing to do it for you, but if the level of detail on the background is great, then the set price may be subject to change.

5) I am okay with drawing adult themes such as artistic nudity, mild sensuality, and violence; however I am no longer able to draw explicit sexual content. If you have an idea in mind and you’re unsure as to whether it classifies as “sensuality or “explicit sexual content,” please feel free to shoot me a message/email. *If* you ask me to draw something I am uncomfortable with, I reserve the right to refuse drawing it. I will not draw anything that eludes to depictions of rape, incest, or bestiality! 

6) I accept payment via Paypal. I do prefer payment in full before I begin work, but if you’re unable to pay the full amount all at once, I’m sure we can work something out. 

7) Once I’ve received payment I will provide sketches (unless you’ve ordered a doodle page) for you to approve before I ink/color/add the finishing touches.

8) I will try to finish your order in the most timely manner possible (it’s usually no longer than 1 ½-2 weeks), but please keep in mind that I do work a full time job, and my time for artwork can sometimes be limited. I try to get your initial sketches done as quickly as possible, and I do draw fairly quickly, but the final product can take longer than some of my usual work because I like to take my time and make sure I’m not making mistakes, etc. You paid for it and I don’t want to rush it!

9) Sorry, but U.S. and Canada customers only, please!

10) Sorry again, but 18+ customers only, please!

And that’s all I can think of! If you are interested in ordering a commission or can think of any unanswered questions, please email me at 

I try to respond as promptly as possible! Thanks guys!

Emergency Commissions!

My general situation hasn’t been the best for a few month now.
My family (or more like my parents) have a lot of bills to pay. We had to sell our house a while ago and we are TECHNICALLY not allowed to live there anymore, we didn’t have any hot water for two month now and it gets harder to pay for food (We had only about 100€ this month, which is simply not enough for four people)
My mom is only working as a cashier and my father is currently not able to work, because of his mental health and I am still going to school and have to attend an unpaid internship, because of that, which leaves no time to get a proper job. My younger brother is only 14 and isn’t even allowed to work yet.
We also have to pay my dads psychologist somehow and if we find a new place to live at soon we will barely have enough money to pay for it.
Plus I haven’t been feeling mentally well either, since the whole situation leaves me incredible anxious and worried.

So I decided to FINALLY open commissions to help my family out at least a bit.
I might take a while to finish requests depending on how complicted the characters are or how expierienced I am in drawing certain things, but this is the general pricing:

Face: 5€
Face-Sketches: 2-4€
Waist: 10€
Waist-Sketches: 5-7€
Fullbody: 20€
Fullbody-Sketches: 10-15€

(No Lineart only, sorry. Only full colored stuff or sketches)

Kinda Realistic-Face-Sketches: 20€
(I’m not too good at those yet, but they take a lot of work and time. Also they are not colored and just black/white)

You can also tell me if there’s any of my art-styles you prefer, but I can’T promise anything

I only add simple backgrounds and adding a second character depends on how complicated it’s going to be (of course that also affects the price)

Things I will draw:
- OCs (References needed.)
- Characters from every show/movie/games/etc
- AUs with Characters from every show/movies/games/etc

Things I won’t draw:

For more examples of how I draw you can go into my art-tag

If you are interested you can contact me here on tumblr via message or you write me an e-mail to

And even if you are not interested, I’d appreciate if you’d reblog this post anyway!


hey guys!! i figure i needed to update my commission post because my style has been changing a lot lately

but here are my new prices and stuff!!

i am willing to draw:

  • people
  • animal crossing villagers
  • furries (don’t have any real examples tho,,,)
  • pretty much whatever, even porn

i won’t do:

  • anything i find offensive
  • anything i’m not comfy with

i can also do anything above in pixel art if you would like that instead. price is the same. transparent/basic bgs are free, if you want a more complicated one tell me and we can discuss it


i’m taking 5 at a time!! here’s the status






if there is an open spot it means you can ask for a commission!!!

contact info

you can always reach me on my blog, but also you can email me at if you want

please reblog even if you can’t commission me to spread the word ;v; i’d really appreciate it

thank you for considering my art!! 

anonymous asked:

Hmm im not sure what to do with myself bc i cannot stand my own personality... Im v quiet and shy and empty and boring. I am the worst at talking to people and i never have anything interesting to say. How do u learn to love urself even with a flaw that is so deeply rooted within u? ( i cant change no matter how hard i try)

you know, i’m not sure how to answer this. but i don’t think personalities are concrete, i know people evolve and change a lot, depending on your experiences and surroundings. perhaps you feel you do not have much to express, but over time and experiences accrued, this will change! some people are also listeners, you may be one of them. it takes so many different people to make a world and life has a way of shaking us up every so often! i can tell u i am very different from who i was 5 months ago, and this will probably change as the year progresses. relax, watch films, read, draw inspiration from people you love and admire and after a while, i think you will find you have things to say, love to give!