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part 1/3 of the cagefight headcanon @lionmettled, @greymichaela, and I have been bouncing around for the past couple of days. hit them up for deets, I got homework

guardian of the whills training includes a branch to mastering wing chun, pass it on

On the topic of philosophy in Eva, I really enjoy how Evangelion uses the AT Field in the original show. You honestly think that with a name like AT Field, that its use is similar to (if not the same) as force fields in science fiction. The AT Field is a huge metaphor for boundaries, how people utilize said boundaries, + gives us insight to who the characters are in Evangelion.

The AT Field also goes under the Hedgehog’s Dilemma, if you think about it.

(More metaphorical nerding out under the cut)

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can us adults respect minors for fucking once. holy shit stop harassing them because of their interest or their hobbies or how they spend. they’re minors and we’re adults. don’t be the reason why adults cannot be trusted

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Anon from before :). As someone who works in performing inc TV it's so frustrating when you see people who don't seem to have any idea the level of work and dedication that goes into things. Also the pressure the creators are under - they have people to answer to as well. I LOVE that people get invested in shows, that they connect. But I wish they'd learn he difference between respectful criticism and mindless abuse. PS Your Mycroft GIFs are making my evening. Mycroft = fav. Thanks again xx

Yeah, like see Reetu’s tweet from this evening after the director of TFP deleted his twitter account earlier today.


doodle from my twitter but if mystic messenger aint gonna let me whisper sweet nothings to yoosung im taking matters in 2 my own hands

Voyager: The Emotional Journey Vol. 1

This post is about a key plot point (which also happens to be a huge part of why this is my favorite book in the series) so it’s very spoiler-y for anyone who hasn’t read the book so far so under the cut it goes. It was also getting a bit long, so I’ve broken my subject down further and will be posting it in chunks. 

Don’t worry. It’s nowhere near as dark or difficult a subject as my Claire’s Ordeal in A Breath of Snow and Ashes post.

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Under the cut are [ 120 ] 245x140 GIFs of Nathan Stewart-Jarrett in ‘ Misfits ’. All GIFs were made by me, so please reblog/like if using. Don’t include in GIF hunts, crackship gifs or otherwise unless permission is given.

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okay so here’s a better version of mine and @pecanpiedean‘s stupid-ass cockles op from seacon. we wanted to show this as a reference image, but we of course didn’t have our phones with us:

chandra had another cockles op right before this one, and she had a [not so great experience] and therefore started walking away. i had to shout at her to come back, which was awkward because jensen and misha were standing there staring at me waiting for me to tell them what the fuck to do.

now, chandra was supposed to explain the pose because i had literally no voice (i got drunk at karaoke and shouted “QUEEEEEEN” at ruthie connell all night and therefore lost my voice for the entire weekend) but since chandra was all frazzled, i ended up explaining it. i said, “she and i are gonna take a nice picture, and you guys are gonna cluelessly walk through it and photobomb it. make ‘yikes’ faces.”

at that point, jensen disappeared behind us, and i honestly had no idea if he understood what we wanted. misha then stood next to me and i was like “no, dude, get in front of us!” i had to direct him exactly where to go, but he was a champ about it.

tl;dr this entire experience was a fucking disaster but somehow the picture ended up looking exactly how we wanted it.

(i don’t think anyone will want to edit this, but in the off chance that you do, don’t bother giving credit to me or chandra. neither of us give a shit lmao.)


向日葵 - Himawari : Plant that head towards the sun

紫陽花 - Ajisai : Flower that glows violet

Sunflower and Hydrangea

Sunflower is a flower that grow towards the sunshine, while hydrangea is a flower that dubbed as ‘look beautiful in rain’. Both is flower of summer, but beautiful on their own way!

Note:  陽 in Ajisai kanji can means as light/sun/apperance/positive so I kinda took the translation in my own perception. It might also have meaning of violet flower that goes under sun because it does grow on summer. Do correct me if I’m wrong!

Here is the top I’m currently working on :) also there is a nip slip situation going on currently (i photoshopped it out), which I’ll have to fix hehh. I’m also thinking about making the top a bit longer, so it goes under most skirts/pants. not sure yet.

[ skirt: x ]

Pokemon Gen7 Wishlist

(This is based on the assumption that the rumors are legit.)

1. Region based on England or Spain. Kalos (based on France) has a train that goes west seemingly into the ocean, but France and England are actually attached by a train system that goes under the English Channel. Kalos also has a bit of empty space to the south that could lead to Spain. I’m leaning more toward England only because of the Stonehenge connection to the cosmos. ;)

2. INVOKE GOLD/SILVER PLEASE. Not only the link to Kalos as aftergame (because of the Zygarde forms and to appease the fans who want a third Gen6 game because muh patterns), but a sense of continuation. Doesn’t have to be Team Flare again. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if it ended up being Team Gear or a medieval/steampunk-inspired group from Azoth in connection to Magearna from the movie.

3. Trainer customization. No one will buy that clothing is just the ‘gimmick’ of Kalos because France and fashion. Otherwise this will become the new secret base issue where we all want it in other games and never get it.

4. Amiibo cards. Don’t make it necessary for gameplay, but let them add something for those who have the New 3DS. Say you use the Gary card. Boom. Gary is now a trainer circulating in your Battle Tower, his clothing is now available in your shops, and/or his secret base is now in your game. Or they add side quests, like you use the Bill card and go on a trip to fix the box system while learning tidbits about him and the history of box stuff.

5. Rise of the Clefairy. Their time is now.

6. New starter inspiration. Deer, goats, turtles, bats, snakes, bears, wolves, lynxes are native to Spain. Water snake, grass bear, fire wolf?

7. Day/Night importance. Certain pokemon have moves/abilities that heal or do more damage at specific times of day. Return of pokemon only showing up at night. Fairy types only showing up during the witching hour.

8. Megas. If those are still a thing in Gen7. Lunatone, Solrock, Dunsparce, Girafarig, Jynx, Flygon, who knows.

The Definitive Guide To My Baes

It’s a baelist…. Like a playlist? Geddit?

I’ll show myself out.



Meatball bae aka Chris Evans

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Disney-singing left-boob-grabbing dork. Chris, stop grabbing your boob and start grabbing mine. Also, as someone who has anxiety, every time he speaks out about it I just want to hug him. 10/10 would let him take me to a frat party and do things to me under the beer pong table.

Also goes by: Mr United States bae.

Daddy AF bae aka Idris Elba

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*Fans self*  Newly discovered bae. I kid you not, when I see his steely glare I get “Take Me To Church’ by Sinead O’Connor (”ohhhh, take me to church, I’ve done so many bad things…”) stuck in my head. Tall and wide and delicious. 10/10 would let him unlock my gate.

Also goes by: gatekeeper bae.

British bae aka Tom Hiddleston

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Smol man. Pale blue eyes and soft curls. Then there’s this gif. Oh lawd. Boy, you’ll have someone’s eye out with that. Take me to church, I need Jesus. 10/10 would invite him over to my parents’  house for tea. I’m British so I can say that. It’s not racist.

Also goes by: put that thing away bae.

Manchild bae aka Robert Downey, Jr.

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“You can’t spell ‘subtext’ without ‘buttsex’” are actual words which he has said. Tony Stark AF. Smouldering brown eyes. I sort of want to slap him and tell him to get his act together, then he does the lip-bite thing and I forget how to words. 10/10 would ksnffs;dnfs;jnergneprgjsafmkdlmasdlad.

Also goes by: bite me bae; buttsex bae.

Actual superhero bae aka Mark Ruffalo

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Distinguished-looking older gentleman. Probably sips pinot noir by a roaring fire and doesn’t even make a “peen-oh” joke. Likes early nights and curling up in an armchair to read. Highkey feminist. 10/10 would get wine-drunk with him while having a rousing discussion about women’s issues which would hopefully end in us making out.

Also goes by: ruff-me-up-good bae.

Sassmouth bae Anthony Mackie 

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Sassy, funny, pouty man. Looks like he’s into boobs. Hard to separate from Chris Evans and/or Sebastian Stan, which is 100% NOT A PROBLEM. Would probably chug beers with me. Dance moves for days. 10/10 would take him to a wedding as my +1.

Also goes by: birdman bae.