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Why 'The Walking Dead' Was Wrong To Stick With The Comics This Time
The Walking Dead ended up staying true to the comics in its season seven premiere, but if there was one time they should have changed things up, this was it. We lost one character that wasn't just important for The Walking Dead, but all of TV in general.
By Paul Tassi

While it should not be all that significant that an Asian actor plays a prominent role in a smash-hit show that isn’t a quirky best friend, or martial artist, or math genius, the fact is, it is significant. We simply do not have any other Glenns on TV, at least none as high profile as Steven Yeun. I obviously don’t follow every show on TV (and I can think of a few great Asian characters from SHIELD‘s Melinda May to Master of None‘s Dev) , but characters like Glenn are few and far between, if they exist at all. And now, suddenly, Glenn doesn’t exist either.

So, it’s a two-pronged wish here. Part of me wishes that Glenn was spared because I genuinely think it would have been interesting to see where the character would go in the future, free of his comic book fate. But I also mourn the loss of what was the most significant Asian role on TV. I get that everyone has to be “fair game” on The Walking Dead for the show to work. But again, I would make the argument that this death could have easily been given to Daryl. Daryl, the one who almost singlehandedly declared war on Negan. Daryl, the one who actually hit Negan and would have been the perfect object lesson. Daryl, the character who has been built up for  years for this traumatic moment, free of a comics-based fate. But AMC was too scared to pull that trigger, to kill that ultimate fan favorite. So the comics remained the blueprint, and Glenn died.

I’m sorry, but we have enough Daryls. Grizzled, white, loner, badasses that seem to lead every other action-based show on TV. But we do not have enough Glenns. We hardly have any, in fact. I’m not saying his race alone should have saved him, but I think Steven Yeun’s Glenn grew in importance far beyond his comic counterpart, so if the show was going to break from the comics, which it often does, this would have been a great moment to do so.

Guys, I encourage you to watch Arin & Danny’s playthrough of Everything. The first episode is really silly and they goof around a lot, but episodes 2-4 are suddenly really super deep. 

(However, if you have really serious existential worries, I suggest maybe you skip those? Though it’s one of those situations where the game might help you with that, but it also might not, if you get what I mean.)

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If u dnt mind may I req again? How about Zen that suddenly can come to the real world and search for MC? But yea MC isn't the one like she's in messenger (MC looks like ourselves reader), so MC the first one see him and recognize, ends up fluff? ❤Ty!

Of course, you can request again, as along as requests are open feel free to request. I like this idea, I also like the idea of MC being in control of their world, I’m just a sucker for fantasy things. I’ve decided to go for the idea that Mystic Messenger isn’t a game, it’s an alternate dimension, and it’s not seen as a game. 

Also, I haven’t played the April Fools route, but I’ve heard Zen mentions being in different dimensions? I’m not sure, but it won’t be based off that. Sorry if that’s what you wanted, but I hope you still like my version!

Oh, there’s also a very cool post about Cheritz previous games and how MM fits into the world, and why Seven breaks the fourth wall all the time, you can find it here. I suggest you read it, it’s very interesting! 

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I met a friend of the family at a concert I attended this evening. She asked me what I wanted to do in the future, if I was gonna work or continue my education. I was like, “yeah I’m gonna apply a bunch of jobs- wait I can keep studying?”
I went over this a bit in my mind; because even though I’ve been geared to jump straight into work all this time, I always wanted to learn animation in Denmark. I kinda forgot about this desire in all the uni work but now that it came up, I’m suddenly filled with that want again.

I suppose I always disregarded it because taking up student loans is expensive, even with low interest and other benefits. I never thought I could afford studying two places, and when asking mom she said that it’s possible. After all, if it benefits my skill set it will also benefit any future work to be had. I never thought of it this way. Animation has close ties to gaming, and having bachelors in both might open up more lines of work for me.

I wasn’t prepared for this possibility. I’ll have to think it over some more. That being said, the idea of studying at my dream school in Denmark makes me feel happy and excited. It might be the right thing.

okay i’m making a separate post because i don’t want to derail the other one but i also want to talk about this lmao 

by “the other one” i mean the post about how black characters in video games are always “coincidentally” the ones that get the most hate in fandoms (this post here

which is 100% true, hence why i didn’t want to add this to that post and derail the conversation (esp since im white)

but it brought to mind the other characters (as far as bioware goes, i haven’t played fallout) that i see getting a lot of hate- autistic characters

the only examples i really have off the top of my head are sera from dragon age inquisition and peebee from mass effect andromeda, but i’m sure i could find more examples floating around if i had the energy for it lmao (and this isn’t even talking about bioware’s writing of canonically autistic characters… that’s another thing altogether) 

but look, these two characters just so happen to be autistic coded, and not only are they some of the most complained about characters in their games, the reasons people tend to give for disliking them are directly linked to autistic traits and it’s really tiring ?? 

first up is sera- and i’m way less invested in dragon age than i am in mass effect, but i still got a lot of feelings about the way the fandom treats sera. i played through less than 1 full playthrough of inquisition and didn’t buy trespasser and i played as a qunari so i didn’t get the elf dialogue that a lot of people are uncomfortable with, so i’m not talking about that; from what i do know, that seems like valid reasons to be upset (though i would argue it’s less a reflection of her character than her writing) 

but the rest of the hate i see from her is related to two things: her being a lesbian, and her being “weird” and “quirky” (and by this i mean autistic) 

this is not about lesbophobia so i’m not going to get into that too much here even though it does contribute to how the fandom treats her. that’s a conversation for another time and a lesbian would be a better person to talk about that anyway (i’m panromantic/asexual) 

but like i said, the MAJORITY of the hate i see about sera is directly related to the fact that she’s autistic/displays autistic traits. of course no one is outright saying “i hate sera because she’s autistic!” but the things that they point out and dislike/hate/mock her for ARE traits associated with autism 

her “weird” social quirks- “rude”/crude language, inappropriate (but blunt and honest) observations about others, not understanding others’ feelings, speech patterns that are slightly off or different, lack of understanding of social cues/conventions… this is all off the top of my head, and most of the hate for her is directly related to this. she’s “rude” or “mean” or “stupid”; she’s “self-absorbed” or “petty” or “disinterested”… she doesn’t fit in and doesn’t feel like others that she is supposed to be like (her issues with her heritage is a lot of internalized hatred, it’s because she knows she’s not what she’s “supposed” to be and it’s HARD to feel completely different). 

and then we move on to peebee, who i’ve already seen called “sera in space” (and… not in a good way lmao) but yeah, they do share a lot of similarities, now don’t they? it’s not a coincidence that the hate i see towards both of them tends to be pretty similar, too. 

“peebee should be NICER” is what i see a lot. which is? kinda absurd to me? like… i don’t remember a single time where she’s outwardly mean or hostile to ryder. she’s guarded and, like sera, she’s blunt and to the point. she doesn’t immediately trust ryder. but she was never mean

and, like sera, she’s “quirky” and “weird”, and the way she talks is a bit “off” or different. she gesticulates a lot and her inflections sometimes seem out of place,  she talks quickly, she doesn’t do a lot of standing still (literally or figuratively), she intentionally keeps people out, and guards herself. she has poor communication skills that cause other characters- and the fandom- to assume the worst. 

and people not calling her space sera are calling her liara 2.0, despite her personality being vastly different from liara’s. they don’t have similar personalities at all. (i could probably argue for liara being on the spectrum, too, but that’s a convo for another time). what they have in common is that they both had a specific special interest- liara had the protheans, and peebee has the remnant. (and i will be the first to say that it felt like peebee’s interests/goals were the same as liara’s at first, but as the game goes on it becomes clear that they really aren’t at all) 

this is, as you may have guessed, another common trait of autistic people; special interests that they research and want to know everything about, sometimes they overshare or forget to focus on anything else, not wanting to talk about most things but then when you talk to them about The Thing suddenly they can’t shut up… sounds familiar. 

peebee also shows overwhelm and sensory overload- it’s less blatant, but she shuts down or lashes out when she gets too overwhelmed by something. she sleeps away from the rest of the crew so she can have her own space. when she gets really overwhelmed she literally retreats to a sensory deprivation tank aka the zero g scene. she became overwhelmed and to stop that panic she literally, literally, sought out a vastly different sensory stimulation. this scene was really important to me because sensory issues are one of my biggest challenges as an autistic, and it really sealed the deal for me in regards to her being autistic, too. and before anyone tries to argue that she just wanted zero g sex- literally don’t. sex was clearly an idea she had while they were floating- after they had been floating for a while already. her first priority was to reach a safe space. once she was calmed down, she sought out sex. i also really love that peebee (and sera too) is autistic but still shown as sexual, just because most of the autistic characters i see are ace and/or aro. And like, as an ace autistic i’m not saying this is bad, i’m just pointing it out because of the stereotypes regarding disabled people as innately less/non-sexual 

so yeah long story short fandom is always targeting any characters that show signs of not being “normal” or that marginalized people can relate to, and i don’t see people talking about autistic-coded characters and how fandom treats them much at all 

if you have any questions about autism and my headcanons for these characters or something else related, my ask box is open! also to other autistics feel free to discuss with me of course. 

debate/discussion is fine but if you reblog and try to attack me or start drama i’m gonna block you.

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I do think the Shepard/Vega thing was made cringey on purpose, perhaps not to the extent we got but I sensed some annoyance directed at the fanbase. At that point we had all the love interests from the first two games plus two and a half new ones for the third and people decided to bitch about not being able to bang the one squadmate that outright said he's not into you, repeatedly. Having him change his mind suddenly would be out of character so disappointment was the only way -timemonkey

That’s possible…but Samara also had a similar development in 2 (with saying she won’t romance Shepard) and she also got a romance scene in the Citadel DLC but it wasn’t questionable like Vega’s was:

DM's Law #37: Vital Hit Points
  • Dr. Dungeon Master: You know how annoying it is when a Boss has 1 HP and he goes down with a single magic missile? That's dumb, the final strike should be more... STRIKING!
  • Dr. DM: that's why I use Vital Hit Points in certain cases. When a boss gets low in HP, enough to be killed in 1 hit, I set the VHP to a minimal amount of damage the players have to deal in a single hit before this boss goes down! I usually set it to 1 full hit dice + Con Modifier. This way, if the players only get licks on the boss, he's still kicking and it requires something bigger to knock him down!
  • Dr. DM: this is great for bosses who you don't want to get wasted, or when you want players to really earn that killing blow! You can also set it that the Vital Strike can only be done with a certain item or spell (creating importance to one character or story item).
  • Dr. DM: You could also substitute VHP for situations where the target isn't prepared for combat. If your Rogue is assassinating a sleeping nobleman in his bedchambers, take away his normal AC and HP because he wouldn't be prepared for the killing blow! This could make backstabbing games more interesting if players suddenly turn against an NPC ally. It's also great to remember for the next time the party sleeps in the forest without setting up a watch for the night ;)
  • Dr. DM: When normal HP and combat takes away from the excitement of an encounter, spice it up by raising the stakes and lowering the bar!
subplot 1: the girls

Hello! This is Iza and Ces!

We’ve been endlessly playing the game and mulling over ideas regarding the subplots, and decided to post it on here for fun. Otherwise we’d obsess over it, so we might as well write them down!

disclaimer; opinions are subjective; we’re not trying to put this as canon, only trying to piece together the beauty and mystery that is Pocket Mirrorthis post is long and will contain spoilers. the attached CGs/quotes belong to the game!

Feel free to share your own opinions/theories too! It’ll be fun to discuss it! :D

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re: blue apron and foodieverse, are there blogs/youtubes/podcasts you recommend for the kind of clueless and inept millennial stereotype who briefly did blue apron but couldn't devote that much time and money to learning to feed themselves? <3

It’s tough to say, because if you’re not willing to put in the time cooking the meal itself, watching food TV in the hopes of learning to cook might not be helpful either. I mean, not everyone has to cook beyond basic feeding themselves. Some people just don’t like cooking and that’s okay.

I learned to cook primarily from two sources, my mother and Alton Brown. I recommend seeing if you can find some old episodes of Good Eats on youtube – they haven’t aged well but the content in them is still exceptional, because Alton Brown cooks like a scientist: he tests theories of food, he understands why you do the things you do as a cook, and he expands that knowledge into how to cook better. So I don’t oil my pasta water, for example, because Alton found out it doesn’t help – it sits on top of the water and keeps it from bubbling over, but it also reduces the amount of sauce that sticks to the pasta, since it coats the pasta when you pour it out (in defiance of Alton, I also don’t salt my pasta, because I can’t detect a difference so why bother). I always fry my fried food in very hot oil with a high smoke point, because it absorbs less oil and comes out crispier and less greasy, which is something he also tested on his show. These are small things I can point out – the big things are so unconscious I’m not sure I could describe them at this point, but it comes down to a “Why does it do the do” attitude. I created a recipe for vegan brownies and a muffin recipe once using “why does X cause Y in a recipe” research.  

But Good Eats is a bit dated and it’s rather longer than most youtube food episodes will be, so. Honestly, I know I talk about this show all the time, but Cooking With Dog is a fun show and Chef demonstrates a wide diversity of recipes, but she also always includes tips and tricks like “You gotta do it this way because otherwise that happens” and that’s invaluable information. You don’t even need to make the recipes – just watch for fun and absorb what she says. Eventually you’ll start realizing where you can apply the lessons you’re learning in your own cooking. (But her recipes are great so also make them if you think they look good.)

Also, Serious Eats is a great website that does a lot of food science, even if they get a little over the top sometimes (I have ground my own meat for hamburgers but I have never managed to acquire an oxtail to add to my meat blend). You don’t even really need to read or do the recipes, just skim through the articles and read whatever looks interesting. 

And if you want a break and some humor, check out You Suck At Cooking. My personal favorite is the Corn episode. Watch it all the way to the end, even through the ad in the middle, because the song at the end is awesome. 

Part of my education was also self-directed because I, like you, don’t necessarily want to expend a lot of effort in the kitchen. I like cooking but I don’t necessarily like complicated recipes. My mum was a big fan of Emeril Lagasse when I was a kid, and I was too – Emeril Live was a really fun cooking show. But his recipes are super complicated and contain a lot of ingredients, which a lot of the time are unnecessary. I haven’t actually seen any Blue Apron recipes but I suspect they too might have some frills I wouldn’t normally bother with. 

(Emeril used to finish cooking a dish, hand it to the front row of the audience, and say “Here – make friends” and sometimes my mum still says that when she gives me a dish to put on the table.) 

Anyway a lot of the time I would see a recipe somewhere and think, I bet I could make that easier, and go venturing online to see what I could find, or what I could alter because I don’t want to add broccoli or buy half-and-half or whatnot. And by swapping out ingredients (I do a lot of “Substitutes for X in cooking” google searches) you learn what will and won’t work, what does and doesn’t go together.

And it involves a lot of failure. Sometimes food just doesn’t work, or you burn the rice, or you add basil when you should have added sage, or you discover that unlike most other dairy, you cannot freeze sour cream. 

I used to get angry about failing a recipe, because it was a waste of food, so after a while I had to adjust my attitude: yes, food is meant to be eaten, but cooking can also be like art or sewing or model trains. It’s a hobby that you spend money on and sometimes fail at. You don’t generally get pissed at the waste of pencil lead when a drawing doesn’t come out the way you want it; why would you get angry that you have to buy more macaroni because your macaroni salad sucked? (Speaking from experience.) When you approach food as if it were like art or music or video games, something you have to fuck up a bunch before you get really good and will still fuck up sometimes, just in more interesting ways, suddenly it gets easier. Then it’s okay to “waste” time and energy on it, because it’s something you’re doing for fun. 

But dude, you know what, I’ve made peace with the fact that I will never be a painter or a gamer. I don’t enjoy them enough to put in the time, for a start, but also they’re not things I have an inherent sense for the way I do cooking. And if that’s the case with cooking for you, that’s okay. You need to know enough to feed yourself, but beyond that, you don’t have to be a Great Chef. Spend your time on shit you love doing and order a pizza instead. :D 

Shameless Promotion

So with everything going on I completely missed that my game time was almost up. And suddenly I have the awkward “Oh, there’s only one day left”. 

So, I am going to shamelessly promote art in return for a game card.

My strong suit tends to be portraits. 

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Finished every non-bugged quest, completed the final mission, and my verdict on MEA is: Ehhhhhhh

I was reminded a lot of DA2, not because the games are similar, but because I found myself thinking a lot of the same things while I was playing: “Wish they had been given more time to polish this”, “Wasted opportunity right there”, “Why bother having the PC’s family in the game if you’re just going to chuck them all aside”. It also had the very DAI-esque problem of a lot of build up that led to… the highest, driest fart noise you’ve ever heard. The final boss was underwhelming. The ending was underwhelming. There were also problems with pacing. For instance, you can spend a loooot of time flirting with Vetra (and wondering if you’re just annoying her since she seems only vaguely interested) then bam! They’ll suddenly cram as many scenes into one small span as they can so Vetra goes from being vaguely interested to proclaiming her love in no time at all. These scenes really needed to be spaced out better. Annnnnd… I think the main story was way, way too short. The game relied too much on filler.

There were also too few planets to explore and way too many gigantic maps. The game is supposed to be about discovery, but there are only five planets and one asteroid you can discover and explore (you’re also not the first to visit most of these planets so….???) And you never return to Habitat 7? That floored me. I would’ve preferred more planets with smaller maps and a few planets that no one had actually discovered/charted before you. Also would have preferred the Nomad not be mandatory for 95% of the exploring. Driving from one objective to the next occasionally listening to your squadmates talk was boring as hell.

Combat? I’ve never given fucks about combat. I didn’t like the removal of the power wheel (especially since squad AI is shit) nor the button assignments for using powers, but I never felt like the combat was hindering me. I could blow through it and get back to the story so… yeah. Combat was tolerable… (practically glowing praise, coming from me.)

Visuals? Mostly gorgeous. The scenery looked way better than the people, but the patches are helping with that. Addison no longer looking like a haunted ragdoll is a huge improvement, lol. Visually, my fav planets were Kadara and Jakku Elaaden.

The highlight of MEA is (most of) your crew. That was another DA2-reminiscent thought I had: “Gonna play again… for the characters.” Jaal, Vetra, Liam, Drack, Suvi, and Kallo were some of my favorites. The loyalty missions were another highlight. I was a little disappointed that they were all “go there, shoot that” but they were still something that I enjoyed.

Something I wish was included more in the HP books was how Muggle technology/lifestyle was incorporated into everyday life at Hogwarts. What, so all the Muggleborn kids suddenly lost interest in tv and video games the moment they found out they were witches/wizards? I don’t think so. I like to think they have movie nights, Super Smash Bros. tournaments, etc. in their common rooms. They also figured out how to bewitch their cell phones, laptops, etc. so they always have a full battery and Wi-Fi.

(Edit: Okay, so apparently Muggle technology doesn’t actually work in Hogwarts. MY BAD.)

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Sukea x Sakura headcanon, jealous Kakashi (I ship kakasaku so hard >.<)

- it started out as a fun idea to mess with his students, but what kakashi hadn’t expected was for the shadow clone ‘Sukea’ to fall head over heals for his pink haired student. And he also hadn’t intended to feel jealous of himself.

- The clone clung to her side the entire day, and the young woman seemed to not mind at all, even flushing prettily at something his clone had said while Naruto fumed in the background before distracting himself with a plan to see Kakashi’s face.

- So yes, Kakashi had been jealous of his own clone, and that may have been what prompted him to swap places with it in their little game. But he just couldn’t bring himself to care how much the damned thing pouted as they swapped roles.

- as such, ‘Sukea’ was suddenly a lot more interested in taking the pinkette out for dinner after their scheme than he was with messing with them.

- He made sure to have a long and embarrassing take with the girl the next day about not seducing poor photojournalists. She had no idea what he was talking about.

- and to this day poor Kakashi had always had one clone who apparently decided it was better to hang back and flirt with his student than it was to contribute to the fight or training session. The damn thing would be the end of him one day.

Miraculous Ladybug Characters Playing Pokemon Go

Marinette says she doesn’t have much time for it, but Ladybug is flattered that her statue is a gym, and may or may not have asked that a few of her favorite spots in the city get the pokestop treatment. Names all her pokemon nice things and loves them, even her pidgyes. 

Alya has Ladybug’s gym on lock with a scizor named Lois Lane. She probably has a first degree burn on her pointer finger from the strain, but WORTH IT. Has tracked down Ladybug’s ‘Pokestops, Please’ list and is trying to triangulate it to figure out where Ladybug might live. (Not realizing that chat contributed a few). At least she’s got a lot of exp wandering possible neighborhoods. 

Nino loves meeting new people and making his pokemon names memes. May or may not have a contest running with Kim to see who can make the funniest one. 

ADRIEN IS GONNA BE THE VERY BEST/LIKE NO ONE EVER WAS. Seriously though, the game gives him something to do while at/driving to and from photo shoots. Knows exactly have many pidgeys he has because he numbered them from the start, because who bothers to name their pidgeys? Also, has nearly run out of pun names and has started hitting up Kim and Nino for them. Probably leader of the 'Expand to second gen’ crusade. Reason: ladyba is #165. 

Chloe refuses to be seen playing the nerd game, but has dragged Sabrina on a million 'shopping sprees’ and has suddenly become very interested in the historical sites of her great city. 

 Gaberial and Adrien’s phones are connected, so he gets whatever apps Adrein downloads. Opened the app and accidently caught something trying to close it. “Adrien, what is this 'pokemon go’ thing you downloaded?”

 "Uh, it’s a game.“ 

"Do you play as a 'pick a chu’?" 

"You…you have a pikachu?" 


And Adrien and his father did not speak for a week.


Three Graces: The Daughters of Nicholas I of Russia.

Imperial Russia, circa 1840s. Below are descriptions of the sisters from the book Alexandra Feodorovna, Empress of Russia.

The grand duchess Maria was extremely lively, of quick perceptions, condescending, winning all by her goodness of heart, full of life and energy, and free from all petty forms and prejudices. Her presence never checked the most easy or unreserved conversation; she was courteous to those whom she liked, and loving to her friends; her father’s dignity was reflected in her regular features, while the heart and freshness and energy of her mother invested her whole being with a singular charm." 

The majestic mien of the grand duchess Olga evinced more calm repose; hers was a finished beauty, more remarkable for stateliness, never in intercourse with other for a moment forgetting that she was of regal birth, and concealing her real goodness of heart by a certain degree of reserve. Her perceptive faculties were not so quick as those of her elder sister, but her studies more profound; her disposition led her thoroughly to investigate every subject and every question, and to persevere with industry and patience in all that she undertook.“ 

The two eldest daughters most resembled their father, but the youngest, Alexandra, bore a greater likeness to their mother, and indeed to Queen Louise also. Until the age of 13, she gave no promise of equaling her sisters in beauty or talent; she showed very little inclination for serious matters, and cared more for childish games; but suddenly a change took place that astonished her mother, and a few months seemed to have done the work of years. This change occurred in Alexandra in her 13th year; her charming figure was developed, her pretty features refined, an eager interest in her studies ensued, and unexpected talents were displayed. From this time, she showed a love for music, and for singing in particular; and occupied herself much about nature.“

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Chrobin is soooo bad omfg.... First of all chroms boring as hell with his "I'm an angry prince bwaagh". You fall in love with eachother after he sees you naked. That's it where's the rest of his character? Another thing is you have to deal with LUCINA as your daughter I mean she's even more boring "I'm here from the future (I love u dad) to save my fu-(I love you dad)-ture".

WAIT IS THIS- wow. You, sent me, ship hate? I don’t get why people have to dump their woes on chrobin shippers. I get it, chrobin isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and it doesn’t have to be. 

First things first, I’m gonna touch down on F!Robin and Chrom’s supports. I totally agree with you. That support, while hilarious, was a bad troupe and not at all a good example of how relationships should work out. However, it’s clear that they share a strong bond in any other conversation they have together that isn’t the support related. I would have loved to see a support similar to M!Robin’s with F!Robin and Chrom but the cookie crumbled that way and I was fine with that. 

Just so you know, I ship all Chrobins. Male Chrobin, Female Chrobin. Het Chrobin, Genderfluid Robin Chrobin, and more, I ship it all. I don’t exclusively ship gay and straight Chrobin because in the end they’re both big nerds together and I love it.

Second things second. I’ll admit it, Chrom, while having some quirks, it the prince type you’d see in the animes/mangas. Handsome, kind, protective, passionate, ect. I’d get how some people would be sick of that type of character. However, I, as well as other people, see Chrom in some kind of different light. My reasons for liking him are different than some other peoples’ but that’s alright because we are all entitled to our opinions; though I would and will never send someone hate or reasons why to like or hate certain characters or pairings. That’s your opinion, post it publicly for all I care, just don’t make it personal. 

Also, on the whole angry prince thing, I think his grief is justified. People express sadness in many different ways and anger is one of them. He just watched his sister fall from like, 100 meters and splatter on the ground. All because of King TrashGan. He has the right to be mad or shocked or what not.

Lastly, I’ll say that Lucina does have a few qualities about her that make her similar to the “worship my parent” kind of kid but I would think that it’s a justified feeling. I lost one of my own parents at a young age, and while I didn’t suddenly go “I want to be just like my mother”, I did get that feeling that if I had the chance to go back in time I’d tell her how much I love her. I connect with Lucina on that. 

Also, Lucina also has little quirks. Princesses in the normal troupe are all pretty, or dainty, or very interested in fashion or manners. Of course, not all princesses because I’ve seen many kick ass princesses in my gaming experience, but Lucina has a bad taste in fashion and is clearly anything but dainty. She’s just a bit overwhelmed by the past, she never got to do certain things in the future so I can hardly blame her for trying to make the most of it by being with her father, making up the time she lost with him in the future.. 

Sure, she can sound a bit repetitive at times but I’m fine with that. 

In conclusion: I like Chrobin because I like it. It’s my opinion and no one has to share it with me. My opinion has in no way hurt anyone or made their lives harder for them. You sending me ship hate has not done it’s job and has not deterred me from liking the ship any less.

I suggest, that if you have negative things to say about something in the near future, that you send it to a confession blog and not to a 41 follower count Lon’qu RP/Ask Side Blog that posts mostly potato dishes and occasionally dank memes, like the one you are responding to in your very negative ask. 

It seems you missed my other dank meme on Chrobin, which you can view here. It will tell you everything you’ll ever want to know about my opinion on people who don’t ship chrobin. 

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Third Place Winner (A): Board Games Will Never be Boring Again

Submitted By: @mingyusnoona

Person A: I chose Jackson for you because he could bring out your crazy side! I think you’d have a lot of fun together and that you would balance each other out. I knew immediately after reading your description that board games had to be the focal point because I also get very competitive at them and other things that aren’t usually regarded as competitive! Really, we have a lot in common!

Summary: You and Jackson have a night in and in the power goes out. Netflix and chill turns into board games and chill.

Genre: Smut

Length: 1670

Warning: Truly this is mild but there is some bondage and a bit of dirty talk. I’ve read worse but *cue tv announcer voice* viewer discretion is advised.

Finally it was date night, what you had been looking forward to all week. Since he’s always busy and on the go, you and Jackson decided to have a relaxing night in together. Even though you loved the boys dearly, he came over to your apartment so you could have some alone time. You had planned to just order some food and Netflix and chill. This also gave you an excuse to wear your comfy pajama bottoms.

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Prompt: You, Bucky and Pietro are left behind in the Tower while the others leave for a few days for a mission. The three of you decide to have a game of strip poker for some fun and to pass the time. Bucky and Pietro start to get annoyed because you seem to be winning every hand. When they are only left with their underwear, you make them a deal, that if they win one hand you will take off everything. 

Warnings: Mention of nudity 

Pairing: Bucky x Reader, Pietro x Reader

This was actually really fun to write! 

Strip Poker 

The hours have been slowly passing by, both Bucky and Pietro are laying on the sofa, bored as ever. There is nothing to do, nothing exciting happening. It is really affecting all of your moods. Wishing you could go on the mission too. Bucky taps his metal fingers out of his boredom. Trying to think of something to do. That’s when a bright idea pops into your head. Which is fun and will pass the time by. 

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