also this drawing has a purpose: I really wanted to see them holding hands after death


Pairing: Jason Todd/Reader

Category: Angst & Fluff

Words: 1692

Warnings: Talks of Jason’s death and just all the general depressing things about him and his life

Prompts: “You want to cuddle… with me?”

Summary: Jason finally gets the chance to be soft with someone.

A/N’s: I finally posted!!! I really hope that this is worth the wait and hopefully this will be the end of my writers block.

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Jason Todd is not someone who you would typically call soft. He has always come off as all sharp edges and rough exterior. Growing up on the street had forced him to become tough, to push down his feelings and focus on survival before anything else. He had been able to become much happier, gentler even when he was safe and at home with Bruce but once that was ripped away from him, his sharp edges had only gotten sharper. When he had come back from the dead, he had lost all of the trust and vulnerability that he developed while being Robin. He became violent and impulsive and jaded. He had been close to losing himself fully when he had met you. You with your kind smile and bright eyes. You had been able to bring light back into his world and eventually he found himself starting to feel better around you. Like he had a purpose other than revenge.

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Coffee taste (m)

Characters: Min Yoongi & You

Genre: fluff, smut (just a prolonged foreplay though)

Summary:  As in what happens when you disturb your boyfriend late at night in his studio uninvited and try to lure him home.

Warnings: mild dirty talk and light sexual content

Words: 2963

I blame my late night conversation with @taetaeby about sweets, coffee and Yoongi.

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Welp, here we go. First of all, I owe a great thanks to Neon for her beautiful art and vivid imagination. This AU has made me write something, first time in four years, and that means a lot to me. So, if I may, I offer this little thing. I can’t bring myself to write anything long and deep yet, so it’s just some Croix’s reflections on her past and present, scattered and incomplete. Half the time I tried to make it look like ponderings of a troubled mind, the other half it just had its own way. I need to apologize in advance, since English is not my mother tongue, so there’s probably lots of mistakes. And yeah, so many “yet"s and “though"s.

This text won’t be appearing in any other places, it’s just here, for your consideration. Maybe it will prove good enough. Maybe you’ll just be disgusted.

Anyways, hope you’ll like it. From Russia with love, your silent fan w/o any social media links, Haymaker.

OH MY GOODNESS! WHAT A BEAUTIFUL FANFICTION! You did SUCH  a wonderful job on this, you got a lot of the events down to a point, and it brings joy to my little heart. You did a wonderful job! Thank you so so so much! And you did a wonderful job with your grammar!! Kudos to you!

And you even cameo’d Aquila in this :’) 

I put this under a read more if that’s ok! 

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(I’ve talked about this briefly before, but it came more forcibly to mind when I was putting together this post)

So, in terms of Slytherin me-and-mine loyalties: there’s Narcissa betraying Voldemort for the off-chance of finding Draco, Bellatrix’s intensely personal devotion to Voldemort, everything Snape chooses to be, Regulus and Kreacher, Draco with Goyle, Slughorn capitulating to Lily’s memory—

But there’s someone very conspicuously missing from that trend, who is pretty much regarded as the epitome of all things Slytherin.

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anonymous asked:

I'm from Egypt where it's normal for men to hold hands. It's a sign of friendship and brotherhood and it doesn't mean that they’re gay. When you see the same in western counties, they will most likely think you're gay, which is why a bond as close as Naruto and Sasuke's will be precieved the same way, while their bond is nothing out of the ordinary here. Nobody I know thinks they’re gay. I don't know why it's so hard for some people to understand that the western culture and values is not the no

→ Naruto and Sasuke are not just friends. 
Like I explained in my post [link], Naruto and Sasuke scrapped the notion through unreliable narration. In the beginning, Naruto says that their bond is similar to a brotherhood. Later on, he corrects this and says that their bond is similar to a friendship. Especially Sasuke wants to know why Naruto is so determined to help him when they finally find the time to talk after all these years. Towards the end, Sasuke asks him the same question and wants to know what Naruto meant when he said they are friends. Suddenly, Naruto isn’t sure anymore how to answer his question because the feelings he has for Sasuke are too great and deep. We, as the readers, can notice subtle changes. Are they brothers? Friends? Lovers? They aren’t brothers, Naruto denied this. And it can’t be a normal friendship, Sasuke questioned this, i.e. there is nothing wrong with assuming that their bond is romantic.

Furthermore, I would like to point out that I wrote an essay about this [link]. I suspect you’ve read it already. This is the first argument I counter in my post. Detailed while I provide evidence and several sources. Now, let me ask you a question. What is there not to understand?

→ Kishimoto is Japanese—he is not Egyptian.
Why is that important? Well, the manga/anime is based on Japanese culture. That means you can’t compare it to your country because the sociocultural background is different. I will give you a few examples to back up my claims:

  1. When Sasuke is about to leave Konoha, Sakura confesses her love to him. Sasuke appears behind her, thanks her, and knocks her out. That was an implication for a rejection. It’s especially important to observe this cultural subtext since the series itself is heavily based on Japanese culture and tradition. It’s rude in Japan to refuse something directly. While non-Japanese people might not get it, Japanese people would clearly observe this subtext.
  2. Karin keeps the umbilical cord. You could interpret this as cultural subtext. A non-Japanese person wouldn’t get this, but Japanese people know that this is a traditional rite done by mothers. They clean the umbilical cord for you and put it in a special box to secure a healthy filial-maternal bond for the future. The box is called “Kotobuki Bako.” “Kotobuki” meaning the celebration of marriage, new birth, and longevity, while “Bako” means box. It is said that the custom was invented by a woman who desired a special object for preserving memories.
  3. Just about everything an Uchiha does is based on some sort of Japanese deity. Izanami no Mikoto is the wife and sister of Izanagi no Mikoto. She gave birth to the Japanese islands. Izanagi begat three children. Amaterasu, the sun goddess, from her left eye. Tsukuyomi, the moon god, from her right eye. And Susano’o, the god of storms, from her nose.

Western Countries are shaped by a heteronormative view.
It doesn’t make sense to say all of us assume instantly a person is gay because he/she acts in an intimate way with another person. Exactly the opposite is accurate. To quote myself [source], “(…) People tend to describe them as ‘friends’ for the very reason that homosexual subtext is often ignored and dismissed—precisely because people assume knowingly or unknowingly heteronormativity is the norm. Moments, some fans would observe as romantic if one of them was a girl, are completely rejected—or simply derided. (…)”

I would like to point out—again—that I wrote an essay about this [link]. The explanation is right there. Besides, it’s suspicious that you resort to sophistical tactics to undermine my authority. You indirectly accuse me of being influenced by my environment; therefore, nobody should take me seriously because I’m not able to draw an objective conclusion. Are such statements really necessary? Or do they only serve the purpose to put me in a bad light? :-)

→ They never held hands. 
Naruto and Sasuke didn’t touch each other in suggestive ways, and they never held hands. I rely on the fact that they acted in a way that has a romantic connotation. Quoting  @blue-analytic [source], “(…) The moment when Naruto said to Sasuke ‘If you attack the Hidden Leaf, I’ll have no choice; I will fight you, don’t doubt that… Until that day, save your hatred. Then you can throw all of it right at me. I’m the only one who can handle all that hate! Do you understand? I’m the only one who can fulfill that duty, so I’ll bear the burden of your hatred, and I’ll die with you! Because you’re my friend!’, strengthened again how important Sasuke was to Naruto. The moment stressed their bond. Thus fulfilling the definition above. So we have clearly homosexual subtext. Now, let me quote this:

‘Also, when Naruto said he wanted to die with Sasuke, people tend to forget that what he meant by that was that if he couldn’t convince and come to an understanding with Sasuke while alive, he would still try in death, where no label and no heritage would be in the way. No more Uchiha or Jinchuuriki. Just Naruto and Sasuke.

Now… Do you know what Juliet said to Romeo? She told him to forsake his name. In this case, their family/blood was coming in the way of their love. Naruto pulled something straight out of one of the greatest love story of all time.’

And if these examples are not enough, then let me show you the following link that lists all homosexual subtext between Naruto and Sasuke in the manga and in the anime: (…)”

Quoting myself, “(…) I would like to point out—again—that I wrote an essay about this [link]. The explanation is right there in the beginning. (…)”

→ I live in a country where various cultures meet. 
Two adults would most likely shake their hands in a friendly way; however, the younger generation tends to greet each other in a different way. A quick kiss on the right and left cheek is the norm, and it doesn’t matter if you’re male or female. Nobody calls you gay for it, mind yourself with your accusations.

→ The fallacy of composition. 
And lastly, stop using logical fallacies to manipulate our conversation. The fallacy of composition arises when a conclusion is drawn about a whole based on the features of its constituents. For instance: “Atoms are colourless. This rose is made of atoms. That concludes the rose is colourless.” Even if the premise of the statement refers to the whole element of an entirety, the conclusion is often false.

Well, you tried.

Bang Bang Tells the Stories Behind His Favorite Celebrity Tattoos

Bang Bang and Rihanna (Photo: Instagram)

If you don’t recognize Bang Bang by name, you’re most certainly familiar with his work. These days you can’t swing a hair extension on a red carpet without hitting one of Bang Bang’s tattoos. Bang Bang — who gets his name from the gun tattoos on either side of his neck — has inked everyone from Rihanna to Katy Perry to LeBron James. In celebration of the release of his book, Bang Bang: My Life in Ink, Yahoo Celebrity sat down with the tattoo artist to the stars to get the backstories behind some of the world’s most famous tattoos.


Bang Bang and Adele (Facebook)

In June 2013, just after the birth of her son, Adele got three tattoos from Bang Bang: her son’s name “Angelo” on her right hand, “paradise” on her left, and a third on her ring finger.

“She got the number five on the inside of one of her fingers, and I’m not sure if pop culture has picked up on that one yet. She got three that day,” reveals Bang Bang. “When we did the tattoo we only photographed ‘paradise’ because nobody knew her son’s name yet, so that was just a cool day. She also tattooed me that day. I tattoo a ton of amazing, talented people, but not often do I tattoo someone you can say makes timeless art. Obviously, I tattoo so many pop icons and they’re making music for now and they’re great at it — of course, I’m not knocking anybody — but Adele… I just felt like, Oh my gosh I’m tattooing, like, the modern-day Frank Sinatra. It was really cool.

Adele tattoos “21″ on Bang Bang’s left leg. (Photo: Courtesy Bang Bang)

“[I got] an email from her record label, ‘Adele’s interested in being tattooed.’ So when we got the call, I think I tattooed her the next day. … She knew each tattoo that she wanted, but there was a process in picking font, style, how delicate we’re going to make it, how big, how dark, stuff like that. So we sat at the computer and did all that stuff together.”


Rihanna’s hand tattoo was inspired by henna. (Photo: Getty Images)

Bang Bang has been tattooing Rihanna for more than a decade, ever since she wandered into Whatever Tattoo, where he was working at the time. Two years ago, Rihanna flew him to the Dominican Republic to cover up a traditional Maori tattoo she’d gotten on her hand that she wasn’t thrilled with.

“The challenge in that was it [was] a cover-up. She had that Maori tribal and it didn’t work very well for her. It didn’t look great, it wasn’t complimenting of her shape, it wasn’t … it just wasn’t all the things that I try to design tattoos for and that’s to decorate somebody’s body, not to overwhelm it. To compliment their shape, their beauty, and to be perfect,” Bang Bang explains. “She had her hand completely tattooed, every single finger, every knuckle, top of her hand, top of her wrist; it was completely tattooed. So how do I cover just a portion of this [tattoo] and save some of the things that are good about it, and leave some skin gaps, and find balance in it, and make it feel like a piece of jewelry on her, give it unique shape? How do I cover the knuckles without covering her whole hand or her whole finger? So it was challenging.

“I drew on her for hours and hours and, I mean, in the end she was falling asleep while I’m drawing on her. She wakes up, we’re looking at it, wasn’t really there, wash it off, keep going, you know. And then we did it, and then it wasn’t enough. She wanted to go [on her wrist] too and so we jumped up, we left a gap and worked on her wrist and later we did a piece on the inside. It kind of grew off the part that bothered her the most and that was her knuckles.

Before and after (Photo: Instagram)

“Not that it took a long time to tattoo, probably only two hours or so because it’s just lines, but designing it around a preexisting, nonsymmetrical attempt at symmetry was tough. Once it was drawn on there several times, I was confident.

“She told me the original one she got on her hand was so incredibly painful, that the one I did on her didn’t feel like anything. She was just made out of stone after getting that thing tapped in her hand with bone. She said it was like death so what I did to her, she was like, ‘This is easy.’ She’s a thug.”

Justin Bieber

Bang Bang tattoos Justin Bieber on his private jet. (Photo: Instagram)

More than a couple of Justin Bieber’s tattoos are Bang Bang originals; the two have a relationship that he describes as like brothers. For Bang Bang, the most memorable tattoo he did on Bieber wasn’t necessarily the most artistic, but the location makes it one hell of a memory.

“Just the experience of tattooing him on an airplane was my favorite. I did the ‘forgive’ tattoo on him, it’s my favorite from an experience standpoint. From a visual standpoint, doing a pair of roses on him was really cool and I love doing things in a realistic style so that was fun,” Bang Bang says. “He’s such a clown, he’s so fun to be around, it’s always a good time. Early in his career he got quite a bad rep, but when I met him I didn’t have any bad experiences with him. He kind of seems like your little brother you want to beat up all the time because he’s so incredibly talented and funny and cool. He’s just a really cool kid. Tattooing him on an airplane though was … it was always a dream for me to tattoo on an airplane so being able to do that was special. I can’t wait to tattoo in space.”

Justin Bieber shows off his “forgive” and Tupac Cross, both by Bang Bang. (Photo: Courtesy Bang Bang)

Bang Bang did Bieber’s “forgive” tattoo on the same trip to Panama where he tattooed the cross on Bieber’s chest.

“The cross that Bieber has on his chest is actually the same formatted cross that Tupac had on his back. Literally, tattoo artists call it the Tupac Cross, because it became famous from Tupac having it. I have the same tattoo on my leg. It’s a really, really classic cross, but the difference that I did with it is it’s cracked into pieces if you look at it. And the reason that I did that is because I didn’t think he would sit very well, so instead of doing long, straight, parallel lines, I broke them up on purpose. And I also cut the ink with water so that it’s not so dominant. You can look at it in a photo of him with his shirt off, the tattoos on his arms are much darker than his chest and that’s on purpose. I don’t want to steal from his image, his face; I don’t want it too aggressive, you know? So I make little decisions like that for people, sometimes with them, sometimes without them.”

Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne’s lion tattoo. (Photo: Instagram)

“Cara Delevingne’s lion tattoo on her finger … she had originally asked me to tattoo the word ‘lion’ down her finger and I was just like, ‘Well, why?’” recalls Bang Bang. “And she’s like, ‘Well, I’m a Leo and I want something for my zodiac.’ And I was like, ‘How about we do something like this, we put an image of a lion on you.’ And now, keep in mind, I didn’t know who she was when I met her or who she was when I made this recommendation, I just knew what’s going to look great so I’m the same for every person. [Now] that’s probably the most iconic tattoo in the history of tattooing. I’ve never seen a tattoo in a Tag Heuer ad, I’ve never seen a tattoo on the side of Harrods in England, or a Burberry advertisement. You see her on the cover of magazines and she’s showing her tattoo!

Cara Delevingne’s Tag Heuer ad. (Instagram)

“In the Tag Heuer ad she’s not wearing a watch, she’s just holding up her tattoo. She’s selling watches and she doesn’t have a f***ing watch on her wrist! It’s pretty amazing to think about it, here’s this incredibly famous model and this tattoo is … I think it’s more iconic than any tattoo I could ever name on any person ever and that’s hard to believe that that happened, but I’m grateful. … That was just in Rihanna’s hotel room.”

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez and Bang Bang (Instagram)

“[Selena] is so genuine and kind and sweet, and she is just awesome. I’m such a fan of her as a person,” praises Bang Bang. “Her tattoos are all really delicate and beautiful and I think my favorite is probably — I did some writing, not on her rib cage but just [below her shoulder blade]. … The funny part about that is: I didn’t have a store at the time so she came to my house in Brooklyn and, like, brought beer and here’s Selena Gomez walking down my hallway to come and drink beer in my s*****y little apartment and get tattooed.

Selena Gomez’s ‘love yourself first’ tattoo. (Getty Images)

“It says ‘love yourself first’ and so, I don’t really know pop culture a lot, so I didn’t actually ask why ‘love yourself first,’ but from that you can draw any meaning you want. The world adores her; I know from my own experience what that would mean to me is, like, focus on yourself and who you look at in the mirror and how do you feel about that person in the mirror.

“I have all these celebrities do these kisses on paper for me, they kiss a piece of paper and sign it and I frame them. And she did a test one on my mirror and my mirror had this kiss with this dirty halo around it because I just never cleaned the kiss off my mirror. I cleaned my whole mirror but not that chunk. That lasted until I moved out and even after I moved out, the person who moved in I’m sure cleaned it right off and had no idea they just wiped Selena Gomez’s kiss right off a mirror.”

LeBron James

LeBron James and Bang Bang (Instagram)

“I grew up and basketball was everything I did every day. I loved to play basketball and I still do play basketball five times a week. Michael Jordan was my hero, I can’t even express… it’s ineffable how much of a hero. So just meeting this generation’s greatest athlete and tattooing him and just clicking with him and being cool and, you know, clowning around and goofing, laughing, that’s just an experience I’ll never forget,” says Bang Bang. “Sitting down and eating dinner with him and his kids, you know what I mean? My kids and my grandkids will have that ball that says, ‘To Bang Bang, the greatest, LeBron James.’ And LeBron James calling me the greatest … get the f*** out of here!

Bang Bang tattoos LeBron James. (Photo: Courtesy Bang Bang)

“I met him after a game, said, ‘What’s up?’ and he says to me, ‘Man, those hands are magic.’ And I said, ‘Bro, that feeling is mutual.’ I tattooed a portrait of his daughter and nobody had even seen what she looked like. His mom told me, ‘LeBron is the greatest at what he does and you’re the greatest at what you do.’ I was like, man, I’ll never forget that, that’s a really special thing. I don’t think a lot about my career and these experiences that I’ve had, but the moments I do I’m really appreciative of them, and those are the ones I hold dear.”

This interview has been edited and condensed.


This will be our year (took a long time to come)


A/N: A tiny little new years well-wishing from me to all of you, as you were definitely good parts of my 2016


Some canonish New Years fluff



She has absolutely no idea where she is.

Well, at least she is fairly certain that she’s still in Storybrooke, with a winter chill prickling at her ears and her nose. Emma thinks she lost her sense of direction about five minutes after they left the festive hubbub of the main street; all familiar sounds faded save for the scuff of Killian’s shoes and the tread of hers after his. And up she’d stumbled a few minutes after that, through a creaky sounding door, up a creakier set of stairs, round one corner, round a few more —

With Killian’s hand tugging firmly on hers —

And an old scarf of his tied to shield her eyes.

“Seriously, is this necessary?” Emma’s voice is much louder than she was expecting, carrying far and wide, bouncing off the walls of what sounds like a cluttered warehouse and wondering if she should be worried about trespassing.

Her nose is cold, but her fingers are colder and she can picture the exact chair she left her gloves on at Granny’s when an eager Killian, grinning from one pointy ear to the other, had pulled her up, and out, and away. And though she gripes, though she still keeps tripping over things after he’s warned her to beware of her step, it doesn’t even occur to her to cheat his charade, to peek through the blindfold. She doesn’t scratch at her nose, doesn’t attempt to fiddle with the cloth to make a peephole.

But she does decide, as they barge through another door, a blast of cold air hitting her face, that she needs two hands to hold onto his one. If only to feel the warmth of him against her tingling fingers.

(If only, and very simply, to hold his hand.)

“It’s a surprise, love.”

“Not really all that fond of surprises.”

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you can’t get friendly (with a crocodile)

2nd snippet in the you’ve got mail au (the 1st is here). + Part 3

She goes into the shop thoughtlessly, being dragged forward by the impetuous hands of a wilful three-year-old. It is Saturday and Regina has fearlessly accepted the mission of taking her sister’s kid, as well as her own son, for a day out. 

The store is on their way back home, it’s story time, and it’s the only place of its kind in close vicinity (not for long), so.

In retrospect, Regina will think that it was a careless mistake.

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shirokaneki  asked:

Hey, so I was reading your meta about Banjou and Eto's book, and it got me thinking: I wonder why Eto is trying to "inspire" Kaneki to be OEK and doesn't do it herself? I mean, she's already a leader, and she has her foot in the human world and the ghoul world, so it seems like something she'd be qualified for, right?

Hey! This is actually a question I’ve been thinking about a lot (and I’m sure we’re not the only ones who’ve wondered this) because it’s really a big hole in the story at the moment- why does Eto need someone else to do the job? And I’ve been thinking that maybe it has something to do with all those red herrings and deception that Eto was the OEK.

From my own interpretation, the OEK isn’t a single person who is considered ‘royalty’ among ghouls or someone who declares themself a King, but a title given to a one-eyed ghoul who causes a revolution. The OEK from 100 years ago brought about such a big change in the balance between ghouls and humans that the latter were forced to form the CCG as a counterbalance. That previous King earned the title. And that means that no one is the OEK at present- the title is up for grabs by whoever becomes the next revolutionary.

Even though Eto has stated she is not the King, there was too much misinformation going around for me to think that was entirely correct. The Bin Brothers loyalty to the King’s cause, Tatara saying the ‘King is passing’ during the Anteiku Raid, Nico say the little girl in bandages ‘might’ be the OEK, the fact that Eto actually needed to tell Aogiri she wasn’t their King, Kaiko asking Furuta and Arima if they think its possible Takatsuki is the King and them being unsure- it all points towards them being led to think that on purpose.

Eto was right though, she wasn’t the King because she didn’t bring about a revolution big enough to gain that title. But I think she used the guise of the OEK myth and the power behind it to make Aogiri. She used that title and the ghouls idealisation of that idea to gather them together. Ghouls usually don’t live together in large numbers- there’s too much competition for territory, for food, even their kagune were specialised for fighting each other. So it had to be something big that could bring so many together to create Aogiri- like the promise of protection, of a better world for ghouls, the OEK’s goal.

I think once upon a time, it’s possible Eto thought that she would one day be the OEK. She has Ukina’s journal that seems like it holds all the secrets about V and the Washuus- Ukina herself was clearly trying to expose them and uncover the truth. I can imagine young Eto reading about how wrong the world is in her Mother’s diary and fancying that one day she would carry on that ideal and finish her Mother’s work. To “smoke out the liars” and create a world where someone like her had a place to fit in.

But of course, it didn’t quite work out. First Eto suffered defeat when she was 14. After that, she realised she couldn’t do it by herself and formed Aogiri. But then where did that get her? It’s been about 14 years since then and they were no closer to bringing about a change. The CCG are now stronger than ever and have pushed Aogiri into a corner, wiping out a good portion of their bases throughout the Wards. Everything that Eto worked towards was failing and I think that’s why she looked so tired before her Aogiri speech:

She even says herself that Aogiri’s goal of ‘a world in which ghouls can live openly and freely’ and her own aim to ‘eradicate the warped root that lurks behind it all’ is as distant as ever. I think she might’ve realised a long time ago that violence wasn’t going to work- that her way of going about things was wrong. That she’s the wrong person for the OEK job. But she’s taken it too far now to turn back and there’s no way to undo all that- without Aogiri drawing all the attention of the Doves, other ghouls really would be in trouble.

Which is why I it looks like she’s been planning for a long time now to groom someone else as the King. A one eyed ghoul who doesn’t have the same blood on their hands as Eto. Someone better suited for the job. And that’s where Kaneki comes in. He really is the perfect candidate- someone who believes in people born for love and revolution. Someone who has lived as both a human and a ghoul, unlike Eto who was brought up only in the ghoul world. Someone who has friends and loved ones in both worlds. And I think that role actually suits Eto better. She’s never outwardly been a true leader, she’s always been pulling the strings from backstage- it’s what she does best. She enjoys manipulating others. And I guess that’s what could be happening now with all this setting up for the future. Haise was too scared to embrace his ghoul side so Eto had to intervene and push him hard enough that he cracked. Just in time for her to finish her book and turn herself in. The timing is way too perfect.

There’s another side to it too though. So far, it seems like Eto wants to take down the Washuus and V. But standing in the way are the CCG Investigators under the Washuus, who have all pretty much been conditioned to think of ghouls as mindless animals. I don’t see any way Eto could be the one to change their minds- she’s killed too many of them, both herself and by creating Aogiri. But Kaneki on the other hand? He’s fought along side them, become their comrade. And sure, there’s still a LOT of distrust towards him but there are also others who consider him a friend, a teacher, a mentor… (or at least did before the Tsukiyama Raid). But I wonder if some of those Investigators might understand him a little better if they read Eto’s book too.

The Bileygyr King book has been a long time in the making, going back at least 4 years if not longer. With it, we see Eto has changed tact- she’s using her biggest asset, her way with words, to change people’s minds instead of the violence she’s used in the past. As I said in the post about her book [x]- humans are a much better target audience than ghouls as they can protest and push for change without fearing the CCG. Ghouls are more than ready to be able to live in a world where their existence isn’t a death sentence, it’s the humans that need to accept them. And it’s working. In the space of a couple of weeks (?), she’s already changed more than 14 years of Aogiri ever did. There are crowds of humans protesting outside CCG buildings. On the ghoul side, Aogiri just lost their main leader and the Tsukiyama Empire, which employed probably more ghouls than we know, has fallen. I guess both sides need someone to gather behind, someone to be the figure head of this movement (because Ogura Hisashi is definitely not the right person). They need a Nameless like the character from Eto’s book *cough*Haise*cough*.

There’s probably much more to it and it’s almost a guarantee that some bombshell will be dropped that none of us predicted but this is what I’ve been thinking with all we know so far! There are also a lot of other questions that don’t make sense and kind of hint that there might be something different going on behind it. Like why are Eto and Kanou continuing the half-ghoul experiments? Is it in case Kaneki fails? Is it because the more OEG’s to join in the better? Who knows, maybe Eto really is making a bid for the OEK title by coming public as Takatsuki? Maybe there already is a OEK that Eto is referring to? Ok I’m going to stop now before I write a novel, you can probably tell I’m a little overexcited about this upcoming arc!

a/n: oh look canonverse!

kiss the girl goodbye

They move back to Arkadia because it makes the most sense.

It feels weird, moving back into her room, since she only really stayed here for a few days before Mount Weather. She runs her fingers across the drawings on the walls, the ones she did in the middle of the night while everyone else slept but her mind wouldn’t turn off. Rolling hills and starry skies, oceans she had only ever seen in books or her dreams.

There’s a knock on her door barely fifteen minutes after they get back and she knows who it is before they even speak.

“Come in,” she calls instead of getting out of bed because she’s exhausted and she knows Bellamy will understand.

Sure enough it’s him that pushes through the door, his hair too long and falling over his eyes as he closes it quietly behind him.

“How are you doing?” He stands awkwardly in front of her door, his arms crossed over his chest, and Clarke chuckles and pats the bed next to her feet. She can practically see the wheels in his mind turning before he rolls his eyes at himself a little and comes over to sit on her bed.

“I’m okay,” she says after a minute. “Feels sort of bizarre being back here, doesn’t it?”

Bellamy doesn’t look at her when he says, “I was here for months, remember?” He must notice her cringing because he looks at her with apologetic eyes. “That’s not what I meant…”

“No, its okay,” she says. “You’re right. I’m the odd man out here.”

“Clarke,” he starts but then he pauses like he’s changing his mind on what to say. “It’s going to get better.”

She nods and pulls her feet up so she can rest her chin on her knees. “I know. What about you? How are you?”

Octavia came back with them but Clarke knows that she hasn’t spoken to Bellamy since Polis. Clarke also knows that it’s probably killing him.

“I don’t know what to do about O,” he admits, his eyes a little glassy as he stares at the wall. “She’s like an entirely different person.”

Clarke reaches over and puts her hand on his where it’s sitting between them on the bed. “We’ll figure it out.”

Bellamy doesn’t say anything, just brushes his thumb against the underside of her wrist in a silent thank you that Clarke knows he’s probably too shy to say out loud.

He’s there when she falls asleep but when she wakes up a few hours later he’s gone and the throw blanket from the end of the bed is covering her.

It smells like him a little, warm and spicy and comforting, so she wraps herself up tighter and falls back asleep.

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#96 + Kabby!!

I brought you an umbrella. 

Abby is the most intelligent, most talented, and cleverest person he’s ever met who somehow can’t quite understand the concept of weather. 

It’s something new to get used to, he understands. Their time on the Ark was a climate controlled environment, a sameness which meant that you could wear basically the same thing every day, from birth until death. Still, even after months on the ground and the obvious changes in temperature, he still feels like he spends half the winter reminding her to button up her jacket or fishing her forgotten gloves out from his back pocket. 

He doesn’t mind, really; he always makes it a point to reach out and grab her frigid hand in his and rub the warmth back into them briefly, tsking at her thoughtlessness before slipping her gloves over them. Sometimes her hands are too clumsy or too cold to button up the jacket on her own, which gives him the excuse to step in close and do it for her. 

Part of him wonders if she doesn’t do it on purpose - some hidden desire of closeness and intimacy coloring her usually sharp memory. He mostly tries to shake off that conspiratorial part of his brain, consigning it to his own deep desires. (Still, he doesn’t think he imagines the flush to her cheeks or the deeply satisfied smile on her face any time that it happens.)

Once the weather clears and signs of Spring begin to pop up through the quickly thawing ground, he becomes aware of another bit of weather that Abby seems intent on ignoring: rain. 

He and Abby are sitting outside one cool Spring night, enjoying the setting sun as they eat their dinner, when droplets of water begin to fall gently from the sky. It’s soft - a sprinkle, really, rather than a downpour - but he can tell that they’ll be damp from it before long. He picks up his food and turns to head inside, is almost halfway to the door when he turns back and realizes that Abby is still sitting at the table. He furrows his brow as she smiles up at him, tilting her head back and closing her eyes against the softly falling rain. The crystalline droplets cling to her eyelashes and slowly wind their way down to the ends of her hair in a way that he can only describe as entrancing. 

He watches her for as long as he can without it being too obvious that he’s staring before he clears his throat and rests a hand on her shoulder. 

“We should head inside before it starts coming down heavier. Don’t want to get sick just as the weather’s warming up.” 

She sighs and nods, briefly rests her head against his hand as she begins to speak. 

“There’s something relaxing about it, you know? The smell of the rain. The sound of it out here.” She smiles and stands up, close enough that her shoulder brushes up against his. “It just doesn’t sound the same once we’re inside.” 

He smiles back at her and nods, walks quietly back into the halls of Arkadia as he thinks about what she’s just said. 

A week later, he sees her sitting outside at a table just as he’s returning from a trading post. From the look of the sky, he’s just barely beaten a rainstorm that’s sure to hit their makeshift town at any moment. 

He’s proven right just as he gets to the table she’s sitting at and tiny raindrops begin to fall from the sky. They’re small, but falling quickly; he can tell that their clothes will be soaked through in a matter of minutes if they stay out here. 

Abby, of course, has made no movement to get up despite this. Instead, she leans back with her eyes closed and a calm look on her face, taking in the sound of the rain. 

He smiles as he walks up to her and in one smooth moment, takes the item from his backpack and spreads it out above her. 

She opens her eyes and blinks up at him when she feels the rain stop abruptly, tilts her head at the contraption above her. 

He widens his smile and steps closer to her. 

“I know you like being out here when it rains, but I also like you like not being sick, so,” he pauses as he shifts his hand slightly above her, “I brought you an umbrella.” 

She looks between him and the umbrella and laughs, a tinkling sound that mixes with the steady sound of the rain overhead. 

“Thank you, Marcus,” she says softly, then furrows her brow thoughtfully. “Just one thing.” 

He raises his eyebrow at her. 

She smiles and stands, moves closer to him and grabs the hand that’s holding the umbrella over her and positioning it so that it easily covers them both. She hesitates for a brief moment before wrapping her arm around his waist and drawing herself next to him. 

It’s an awkward position for him - his arm holding the umbrella acting as a bar between them. He shifts the umbrella to his other hand and steps in closer to her, draping his arm around her shoulder and pulling her flush with him. 

He hears her sigh contentedly before she drops her head to rest it on his shoulder. 

He smiles and squeezes her arm. 


He feels her smile against him as she nods. 



A little bit of post-finale CS angst for gusenitsaa, because she totally asked for it, and if she tells you otherwise, she’s lying.  Also includes some Captain Charming, because it’s Friday, and on Fridays we BroTP.

He would give himself one night.

               He knew that he probably wouldn’t be keeping the dagger for long – didn’t really want to keep the dagger, only clutching to it still because it was the only physical proof he had that Emma was okay.  As long as he could see her name on that dagger, it meant she was alive.

               And it taunted him – 200 years, and here you hold the key to the Dark One’s death… and it’s Emma.

               So he sat in her chair in the tiny Sheriff’s office, curled in on himself and the dagger, hating it with every inhale, thanking it for proof that Emma lived with every exhale, and swigging rum from his flask in between.

               He didn’t want to be here, drinking himself into a stupor and staring at the damn magic box Emma used for filing and research. Killian had never been one for wallowing, not if there was an action to be taken, and right now Emma needed to be found.  But Regina had declared that nothing could be done tonight, not when they were all exhausted and still recovering from their adventures in the alternate story.  So she had taken Robin and Henry off with her, and the Charmings had headed back to the apartment and their son, Dave giving Killian an offer of companionship that he had turned down.

               He didn’t want to look into Snow White’s eyes and see her daughter reflecting back.  He didn’t want to talk to Dave and think that his damnable courage was just like Swan’s, making them both recklessly foolish.

               Why did you have to be so recklessly foolish?

               The thought is a bitter one, the thought of the jaded Captain Hook, not the Killian Jones he’s been slowly regaining with Emma’s influence.  He pushed it away, but it’s not a thought that wants to go away easily, so instead he broods.  Because he is angry.  He knows that it’s Emma’s way, to sacrifice herself for the entire world… but could part of her not have thought of him?  He hates himself for even thinking such a selfish thought, but there it is.

               He has lost a woman he loved before.  Lost her and lost himself with her.  It took two hundred years and meeting Emma Swan for him to recover, and Killian isn’t foolish enough to believe that he has another two hundred years to recover from this.

               Or that there is another Emma Swan to save him again.

               He takes another swig from the flask, but his depth perception has gone skewed, and he curses when rum sloshes onto the collar of his leather jacket.  He closes the flask and growls under his breath as he reaches for the filing cabinet, searching for something to wipe the alcohol away.

               His hand hits cloth, but when he sees what it is he’s found, he freezes.

               The scarf from the beanstalk.

               He can vaguely remember seeing it in here before, when he retrieved his hook, but at the time he had been caught up in thoughts of revenge, and had been very determined to not think about Emma Swan.  Now he lets the scarf unroll, and runs it between his fingers.  Though she would deny it, his Swan is the sentimental type; her box of girlhood memories is proof of that.  

               This scarf… she wouldn’t have kept it, not without a purpose.  It’s a reminder to him now, that even at his darkest and most villainous, that she had been there and seen something, something that meant she gave him a chance, even if it hadn’t been easy.

               Later, he’ll blame it on the rum, but at the moment it seems a perfectly reasonable thing, to lift the cloth and wind it about his neck.  It doesn’t fit at all with his modern wear, but just having it around his neck, it makes him feel more settled than he has since I love you, and then she was gone.  He closes his eyes for a moment and clutches the cloth, uses it to center himself.

               He hears the thunk of the prince’s walk, his gait recognizable to Hook after so much time spent together.  He opens his eyes in time to see Dave walk into the office.

               “I know you said you wanted some time alone… but we were worried,” he says, taking a seat in the uncomfortable plastic chair across the desk.

               “Your wife needs you more than I, mate,” Killian replies, though he’ll admit that he’s a bit touched, that the prince would seek him out.

               “Ruby is with her,” Dave replies, leaning back with crossed arms.  “She was the one that told me to come.  I think my worrying was driving her insane.”

               “We’re all worried,” Killian replies, and for a second he’s back on the street, Emma pressing their foreheads together – I love you – and she’s disappearing again.  

               “Hey,” Dave’s voice breaks through his musings, drawing his gaze back.  “You okay?”

               “No,” Killian replies honestly, too exhausted to try giving one of his usual charming remarks.  And Dave would see through it now, when Killian is still so raw from everything that’s happened.  “I’m not sure that I will be until we’ve found her.”

               They lapse into silence, Killian staring at the flask in his hand, Dave staring at Killian.  Finally, the pirate gets to his feet.

               “Is your offer for company still on the table? I’ll not take you from your wife any longer… but I think I would…”

               He trails off, not quite sure how to say that he’d like to feel as though he’s closer to Emma, even if it means simply being in the place she calls home.  But Dave doesn’t need the words.  He gives a short nod and gets to his feet.

               “Of course.  Mary Margaret will feel better anyway, if she knows where we all are. It’s…”

               It’s Dave’s turn to trial off, but Killian nods his understanding.  Snow White has lost her daughter again and again, and it’s beginning to wear even on her generous spirit.  No more explanations are needed, and the two men head for the exit, shoulder to shoulder.

               “Interesting accessory,” Dave says, nodding at Killian scarf, and his hand comes up to clutch it again, this reminder that there’s always been something between pirate and Swan, even when said something should have been impossible.

               “I think it suits me.”

               It’s a sad attempt at a comeback, and the smile Killian gives is strained and just as sad… but it makes Dave chuckle and pat his shoulder.

               “Whatever you say, Pirate.”

               They exit the station and head for Dave’s truck. The prince pauses at the front, and Killian looks at him with raised brows.

               “We’ll find her, you know,” he says at last.  “Finding each other… it’s what our family does.”

               Our family, and Killian doesn’t know when he became family, but the world doesn’t seem as bleak with those words.  A reminder that while he loves Emma, he’s not the only one.  This won’t be another 200 year quest for vengeance spent alone because no one else cared.

               Emma has an entire family that loves her.

               Killian has a family, for the first time since Liam.

               And Dave is right.  They will find her.

               They will always find her.

Scream Theories

Ok, so I have a few theories on who the killer is on this second season of MTV’s Scream. I have 3 suspects and a few reasons why I think they might be the killer or involved with the killings somehow. I was just thinking about this and decided to write it down, so I might not have as many evidence as I would like to, but it’s enough to make me wanna put it out there. Mind you this is just me trying to piece things together and, mostly, just having fun with the plot elements we were given this season. I’m not saying I know everything and I’m 100% right. So here it goes:

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The Persistent Litter Bug

The first CS fic prompt that lyriumrebel and I got finished for our fic weekend bonanza. Thanks to because-you-want-me for sending it! jscoutfinch also requested this one. I hope you enjoy it! (It may be very loosely inspired by one scene in Brooklyn Nine-Nine)

Also on AO3

It’s the fifth time she’s been taken to the sheriff station for littering, of all things, and she still hasn’t managed to catch Sheriff Graham’s attention. Instead, she’s been sent to the same deputy, the one who seems permanently stuck doing paperwork, and once again, he’s just inhaled the pins he keeps in a mug beside him instead of drinking his coffee.

At least this time, he doesn’t need her to perform the Heimlich maneuver.

He coughs and splutters and then tries to act cool, as though he intended to perform such a stunt, which Emma has to admit she finds slightly endearing.

“Another littering fine, lass?” He asks, tapping out her name and details without even asking for them because apparently five trips to the station is enough for him to remember the answers she’s given each time. “I might start to think you’re trying to get my attention.”

“Sorry but no.” Emma tells him with an apologetic shrug, knocking his hand away as he reaches for the wrong mug yet again. “And you need to figure out a new storage system, because this is just going to end with you dying.”

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