also this does match up i swear!!

anonymous asked:

Matchup please? I'm a 5'4 pansexual female who loves spreading positivity! I like making people smile and making sure people are okay, some people say I'm a healer. I am also a little vulgar and swear a good bit if I'm around people I'm close to. I really love spending time with the people i love. I get pretty attached and end up never wanting to leave. I'm a college student in school to become an art therapist for children who have depression or have been apart of a traumatic event! Thank you ❤

Your perfect match is Saeran Choi

Saeran needs someone who makes sure that he’s alright. He doesn’t mind that you cuss, hell, he does it himself. He has attachment issues, because he’s afraid that you’ll leave him too, but once you show him that he isn’t alone, and that you want to help children who have had a past like his, he’ll be very happy and will want to help in any way that he can.