also this counts as a drawing


hohoho i finally did it after saying i was going to forever

since this is my first time doing commissions this will probably end up being modified later on after i figure stuff out more

fetish art also counts as nsfw

if you commission me to draw a rowlet the price will probably be lower than the normal colored price but i’m not entirely sure about how much it’ll be yet

i’ll be giving myself up to two weeks to finish any single commission just to reduce stress, but for the most part they shouldn’t take nearly that long

ill take payment beforehand and refund if i’m unable to complete the drawing

if you have any other questions either email me or send me an ask on @kundroid so i don’t spam this blog too much

for the time being ill just have 5 slots open because i’m not sure how this’ll go and i don’t wanna get overwhelmed

i’ll reblog the post and say so when there are no more slots left




  • Anybody can enter once you’re following me! New followers always welcome, but please don’t just follow for a prize then unfollow after you win >.> You must be following either @asha77art ( Art blog) OR this blog, I will check.
  • 1 reblog counts as two entries, and 1 like counts as an entry too, so there’s a total of three entries per person. Winners will be chosen from a generator. 
  • I will count the entries on March the second.
  • I will also pick three runners up, they will receive a pixel drawing.

What I will draw: 

  • Partial nudity / NSFW
  • Furries
  • OC’s ( with reference )
  • Pairings 
  • Fandoms I am comfortable with

What I won’t draw: 

  • Heavy NSFW 
  • Mecha 
  • Anything I’m uncomfortable with

Thank you again for following, and good luck!

List of my fandoms

Just in case. By these I don’t mean things I just ‘like’, but I also don’t mean only these which I am obsessed with daily. It’s more like the list of fandoms I am actively in love with and might draw something for them and just generally keep them in my head, even if I don’t blog/talk about them all that much.

1. Rick and Morty, counting comics and the game
2. Super Paper Mario
3. All the Kirby stuff, manga and anime count too
4. Steven Universe
5. Portal
6. The Stanley Parable
7. Over the Garden Wall
8. Yandere Simulator
9. Heathers
10. Gravity Falls
11. The Book of Mormon
12. Touhou Project
13. AKB0048
14. Pani Poni Dash
15. Sayonara, Zetsubou sensei
16. Back to the Future
17. Yuru Yuri
18. Miraculous Ladybug (BET YOU WEREN’T EXPECTING)
19. South Park

If my attention span allows I will yet pay more attention to these lovely things but yeah. These are things that stuck in my head long after I saw and liked them

anonymous asked:

How does Natsu act towards Lucy when he's drunk?

I’d like to think that Natsu’s a clingy drunk .+:。(ノ・ω・)ノ゙

I was gonna redraw this sketch but I kept that ask long enough, so I went with the old one after all ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

what’s most likely to happen next:


Fun fact: I had actually coloured this gif before putting an orange layer over it.


Anyway! I used to do little scenery speed paints last year ♥ I also used to paint lots of backgrounds before when I had a lot of time [x] [x] [x]

I don’t really draw animals (i did draw a lot of neopets when i was 13 years old let me know if you guys want to see those ancient stuff) but I did draw Pokemon recently so idk if those count! [x] [x]


this ridiculously long post was inspired by @septicnomey! they had the brilliant idea of taking this song and making it about @therealjacksepticeye

this was really fun to do, and i put my blood, sweat, and tears into it (… or at least sweat… does soy sauce count as blood and/or tears?) also, i’m not trying to purposely leave anyone out of the last panel, but there was only so many people that i could draw…

Okay so I know Apriltello Day was over like two hours ago but I had this idea in my head and I just had to draw it. It’s so messy and I painted the background WAY too quickly but oh well…

I just really wanted to draw April and Donnie in a scene from my favorite romantic movie “When Harry Met Sally” (Drawing April in Meg Ryan’s 80s clothing was so much fun!)

Also I’m setting this in @theherocomplex’s “High as the Moon” AU verse where the Hamato Clan has become accepted by humanity and April and Donnie end up meeting in college. Because that AU is the best and everyone should read her fanfic about it!

So yeah, classes are over for the day so April and Donnie decided to get coffee and take a stroll through central park. Oh and I couldn’t resist sneaking in an argyle pattern on Donnie’s sweater vest ;)


I gayed redrew a screenshot

im a firm believer of the sports Elves have pointy ears thing so that’s what you get and stuff. also elves are cute (unless theyre that other guy) so why not. let me be gay

anyway this was gonna have a speedpaint but unfortunately I saved in the wrong format so I can go screw myself apparently. i might try and mess with it WHEN IT AINT 4 AM I have a dentist app tomorrow. end me


Star Wars worlds : Dathomir 
Dathomir was a remote, neutral planet in the Quelli sector and the home of the Nightsisters. The planet, lit red by its central star, had numerous continents that were overrun with vegetation, forests, and swamplands. The Nightsisters, also known as the Dathomir witches, made their home in the swamps, and wielded magicks fueled by Dathomir’s own power. Dathomir was also home to the Nightbrothers, Zabraks who were ruled by the Nightsisters. During the Clone Wars, Dathomir would come under attack multiple times due to the machinations of Mother Talzin and her rival Darth Sidious, leading to the destruction of most of the inhabitants and settlements on the planet by the Confederacy of Independent Systems after conquering it. Asajj Ventress, a Nightsister trained by Count Dooku, returned to Mother Talzin after her master betrayed her, drawing Dathomir to Dooku’s attention and concluding in a battle where all the Nightsisters but Ventress and Mother Talzin were killed.

Surprise! I’m your secret skk valentine, @soukoku-writes!!
I suppose this can also count as my gift to you for uploading your first fic~
Guys, please check out Bob’s amazing writing. Here’s her ao3. 
Also, thank you to everyone who participated in the skk valentines exchange!!
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Balding Victor VictuuriWeek Comic #8

Day 8: Happy Valentine’s Day! (Does this count) 

Hahaha AND YOU THOUGHT I WAS DONE. So did I. But I couldn’t finish the actual Valentine’s Day Victuuri post in time so I gave you a substitute. Had this one floating around in my head for a week, but it didn’t fit any of the themes (and I really wanted to do the hat one) so I decided to draw this real quick for Valentine’s Day before it’s over. Even though it technically has nothing to do with Valentine’s Day. But it’s Victuuri and it’s on Valentine’s Day AND IN MY HEAD THAT’S WHAT COUNTS? Will post the -actual- thing tomorrow!

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