also this concert happened in tampa

what was your favorite ride at universal

can you believe harry walked up to louis with the biggest smile on his face, put his hand on his shoulder, pulled him back to WHISPER in his ear ‘you were mine’??

and then you know what was even worse?

look at louis’ face - look at his reaction - and then look at harry 


Why 'Clean' is so important

During my concert, Tampa, when Taylor was singing Clean, I was bawling my eyes out and getting weird looks from people. So I’m gonna explain why this song makes me so emotional.

To me, the message of that song is leaving an unhealthy relationship/friendship and trying to forget about it and live normally. Its also about leaving people who hurt you repeatedly no matter how much you be friends with them.

When I first listened to it,I didnt really get it because nothing like that had ever happened to me.
But then the summer came and thats when it all started.

I met new people that summer and spent a long time with them because we had to work together. We became really good friends, or at least I thought we did. When the summer ended and we left each other, I tried to contact them. Turns out that many of them hated me the whole time. It took me a while to realize it but when I did, I erased them completely from my life. It hurt a lot because that summer was really fun and I really wanted to be friends with them.

Also, when I started 3rd year of high school, my friends put me in a group chat with them and other people that I didnt really know. At first itnwas really fun cuz we made food puns and we joked around. Then one day, someone asked “whats up?” so I answered then someone else came in and was like “nobody cares.” At first, I didnt really care about that. Then other people started joining in, so I just left the group chat. Luckily, I didnt have any classes witht them so I never talked to them again.

Finally, I started talking to this guy guy that Id known for a while but we never really talked,and we became pretty good friends. I didnt noticed at first but he was pretty rude sometimes. I just shook it off and kept talking. But it kept happening and one day, I just deleted his number and stopped talking to him.

Now, Im half way done with my junior year, I’m surrounded with people who make me happy. I listen to Clean all the time and cried again when I saw it on the 1989 World Tour Live. I’m so thankful for @taylorswift and my amazing friends @wanderingswiftie @cecelivesin1989 @bigeyesswift @jtmaster13 @frenchlovestaylor @untouchablelikewonderland
And the rest of the people who always make me smile.
Thank you for everything.