also this concert happened in tampa

what was your favorite ride at universal

can you believe harry walked up to louis with the biggest smile on his face, put his hand on his shoulder, pulled him back to WHISPER in his ear ‘you were mine’??

and then you know what was even worse?

look at louis’ face - look at his reaction - and then look at harry 


i might have lost him, but the more i think about it, the more i feel like life’s taking a turn for the better lately. you never know what’s right around the corner, and i love it that way. i never in a million years thought i’d lose him the way i did. it all happened so fast. it hurt so much that for over a month i couldn’t even think straight. but i also didn’t know that two months later i’d have a job that i love, and now I’m making friends, i’m getting a car soon, i’m starting college in august, and i have taylor’s concert on halloween which IM STOKED for. i’m just going to take it slow and see what happens, and focus on myself. i just wonder who’ll be my mystery date to the tampa show. maybe it’ll be the guy i like, who i’m waiting to ask me out. or maybe it’ll be a new best friend, that’s even better. all i know is i’m just so excited, i can’t even handle it. 

see you in Tampa, Taylor!!!!!! I love you so much!!!!