also this can be seen as shippy and not shippy too

That radio scene is a lot

That radio scene would be significant anyway but what really makes my hair stand on end is that not only is it decidedly shippy, but it is the last thing we see this season. The last scene/shot of the season works as a kind of launchpad for the season to come – setting up both the big bad and giving a general indication of our heroes’ character/relationship trajectiory.

The last scene of season we’re left with is Clarke, missing Bellamy, calling out into the void and hoping he’ll come back. It’s Clarke trying to reconnect with a Bellamy she no longer knows, tethering herself to his memory to keep herself sane. And Bellamy is the great unknown.  He’s unknown to her after 6 years, and perhaps to us too. We don’t know where he’s been or what he’s done, but she’s still there, irrevocably changed herself, and waiting in hope that he will return.

If that’s not shippy then I don’t know what is.

I probably need to calm down and manage my expectations but apparently learning from mistakes is a thing only other people do so let’s have a look at the final shots of the past seasons and see how they relate to the following season.

Season 3

The last scene of the season is Octavia killing Pike, and walking out the door. As she leaves, the camera pans to Bellamy and Clarke.  Clarke is angsting about Praimfaya but is watching Bellamy, her face filled with concern. But Bellamy is not looking at her, his eyes are following Octavia’s back as she marches out the room.

That for me, really sums up Bellarke in s4.  Clarke, watching Bellamy from a distance as she worries about his emotional state and tries to save the world.  And Bellamy, not really looking at Clarke at all, instead focussed entirely on Octavia and her breakdown, with Praimfaya a secondary concern.

I wish I had something to say about how Octavia killing Pike related to season 4 but I don’t and you can take from that what you will.

Season 2

The last scene in s2 is Jaha meeting ALIE, which is obviously a platform for s3. From Jaha’s POV, she’s scary but enticing, but the previous scene – in which Murphy watches one of Becca’s partners kill himself – shows us that she really is to be feared. The scene ends with Jaha staring wonderingly at the nuclear tech ALIE has pilfered as a show of power, while in the bunker we know Murphy is sitting witnessing the truth about her. And as promised, Jaha is the sincere purveyor of ALIE’s lies in s3, while Murphy the cynic is the unexpected sage.

It’s probably noteworthy that Bellamy and Clarke, the show’s backbone, were off-stage-right for these final scenes, considering what came to pass in s3a.  Both of them deferred to others in those early eps, and it took some time for their agency to return. ALIE was the big bad, and Jaha and Murphy the protagonists and antagonists respectively of that story before the others weaved into it.

And because I can’t resist talking about Bellarke and the s2/3 bridge: For those who need reminding the final Bellarke scene of s2 is basically a Raign-fuelled cryfest in which Clarke bids farewell to her friends, culminating in an emotional goodbye with Bellamy. After he pleads with her to stay, he pulls himself together, pushes down his feelings and lets her go, before turning his back on her to walk back inside. The scene ends with Clarke walking away with her back to him and Arkadia.

And s3 Bellarke launched like this: Clarke, back turned in her self-imposed isolation, trying to find peace away from her people and refusing to draw on Bellamy’s strength or her friends’ support, while Bellamy bottled up his angst and tried to pretend that everything was fine, absolutely fine.

Season 1

The last scene of season 1 was Clarke waking up in Mount Weather, uneasy at the cleanliness and the tech, before looking out of her window realising she’s trapped.  Then, she sees Monty across the hall, also trapped. And so it continued in season 2 – Mount Weather is the big bad, Clarke trapped, but separate from her friends, who are also trapped. Clarke trying to save herself and to rescue her friends. The sound editing on that scene is awesome, all we hear at the end is Clarke’s panicked breathing, letting us into her headspace and feel her fear. Season 2 was such a great Clarke POV season.


Season 4 ends with Clarke putting down the radio to welcome the newcomers and wake up Madi, before having that hope replaced with fear.  The final shot is of Clarke sending Madi to safety and half crouching, ready to fight but unsure if she needs to. So if I were to wildly speculate, then the sequence of that s4 scene – hoping for Bellamy’s return, followed by fear for her and Madi’s safety, sets up the Eligius Corporation is the big bad obviously, but it also sets up the framework for this new Clarke and her new priorities. S5 Clarke has taken on board the lessons of her time before Praimfaya and she is now very much a head AND a heart person. What’s more, that heart is populated by someone new, someone who Clarke wants to protect. But it also establishes that Bellamy still lives in her heart.  Her friends still live in her heart. But Bellamy is…where?  With whom? Doing what?  Was she right to hope? Was it a fatal error to invest her faith and hope in someone she hasn’t seen for 6 years?  Could that come at the cost of the survival of the person right in front of her?

And just… radios are about connecting. It’s about Bellamy and Clarke, the backbone of the show, reconnecting, literally and figuratively, when the frame of reference for their relationship has changed.

Someone throw a bucket of water over me.

Aside: St Eligius btw, is the patron saint of metalworkers. And horses. Hmmm.

atratum replied to your post “flint: *tells silver about thomas* silver: before today, I knew of…”

i will be super interested to read your silver/flint thoughts! i really dislike it and it’s hard to put my finger on why.

I don’t dislike it, exactly–I can see the pull of it–but it’s one of the rare pieces of friction that I’m feeling between fandom and canon impulses in the show so far? 

Like, the relationships in Black Sails are fandom-style relationships, almost universally. Like, they’re the kind of relationships you see all the time in fic, but almost never in canon–or at least almost never textually in canon. I’m a multishipper with a weak spot for dysfunctional romantic threesomes, and most of my favorite dysfunctional threesome ships are born out of canon relationships clearly textually intended to be read as boring heterosexual love triangles. Black Sails has two textual dysfunctional romantic threesomes–and the way both relationships develop is something I’m more familiar with from fandom than from published media. Because fandom is often taking up a presumed-heterosexual world and peeling back a layer to reveal the underlying queerness, a lot of fanfic ot3 plots start out with a heterosexual couple and then adds in a third. (A lot of the threesomes I’ve seen in published media, by comparison, either signal their queerness early on, or homophobically treat the threesome as primarily sexual and not romantic.) 

Fandom is also used to reading in bisexual subtext to characters who are clearly romantically and sexually involved with opposite-sex partners but who have deep emotional relationships with same-sex characters (see: Steve Rogers), but Black Sails made that canon, too: there are two canon bisexual protagonists in Flint and Eleanor, both romantically as well as sexually involved with same-sex partners.

Even in a lot of the “straight” relationships, though, there’s something fandom-y about the development, I am pretty sure? I’ve read the Vane/Eleanor fic before (albeit with a different ending.) Jack and Anne’s mututal pining for each other, even absent a third person in their relationship, feels fanficcy to me. 

Basically this is all to say that I think Black Sails is unusual in that most of its canon relationships operate via rules and dynamics I’m most familiar with from fandom (Anne isn’t jealous of Max, she wants Max. Jack has only ever wanted Anne to be happy, and is jealous of her emotional closeness with Max, not their sexual relationship. Miranda isn’t just seducing James for herself, and their terrible sex isn’t just about guilt, the way we’re led to think it is, but about loss. Eleanor isn’t just using Charles, she really does love him, and vice versa, etc.) 

Pretty much the only outlier, as far as I can see, is John Silver. 

John Silver screams fandom favorite. He comes dressed in like fifty prepackaged fandom tropes, and unlike literally everybody else, these are the old tropes, the subtext-dependent tropes. He’s the amoral rogue with a secret heart of gold (but can you really trust him??? who can tell!), he’s pretty heavily weighted with the mythos/characterization of Stevenson’s Long John Silver, probably the most famous pirate in the show, despite being one of the only ones to be entirely fictional. So he’s laden with our associations with that John Silver, as well as our associations with Jack Sparrow, because Jack Sparrow is probably Long John Silver’s most famous direct descendent, and that’s a LOT of associations to lace around a character’s neck. His relationship with Flint is pretty damn shippy–using the same dynamics that made me say “oh, yeah, Will Turner/Jack Sparrow is pretty shippy” back in 2003, when I was thirteen years old. Stevenson’s Long John Silver’s main narrative thing is convincing us that he really does have feelings, and he really is emotionally attached to Jim Hawkins, despite also being ruthless and willing to do whatever it takes to win. His whole deal is being beloved while also fucking everybody over, or maybe at the last minute NOT fucking everybody over because of the aforementioned Heart Of Gold, and fandom has historically eaten that deal up with a spoon. 

Flint and Silver: 
-start out as enemies, but Silver says almost immediately that maybe in the future they’ll be friends
-become friends, but Silver says almost immediately after they’ve acknowledged their friendship that maybe in the future they’ll be enemies
-have a lot of that ‘unlikely allies bantering’ thing 
-silver spends a LOT of time interrogating flint’s emotions, flint’s emotions about him, and his own emotions about flint, all for plausibly Scheme-y Reasons
-silver directly compares himself to flint’s past lovers, again for plausibly schemey reasons 
-flint tells silver things like “I need you” for plot reasons
-grudging trust and mutual respect grows between them, etc 

these are the pieces of subtext I’m used to reading in straight texts–most usually attached to a Long John Silver archetype character, who draws this kind of subtext to himself because again, his whole thing is wondering how much of his feelings are genuine, and suspecting some of his feelings of Transgressing, and emotional language and Scheming language being the same thing. Flint/Silver is a classic slash ship born out of a straight text. 


Black Sails is queer as fuck. Where are the straight relationships in this show? The ones where nobody is a confirmed bi???? I’m coming up with three, and that’s Silver/Madi, Mr. Scott/The Queen, and That One Red Bearded Pirate Turned Cravat Wearing Guy/Adele. Every major romantic relationship in the show is queer. 

the fact that Silver is a classic Subtext Queer is scraping up against the unavoidable truth that Flint is a Post-Subtext Queer, and he’s involved in a totally different queer romance. Flint/Silver is a slash ship straight out of 2007. Flint/Thomas/(Miranda) is a queer tragic slowburn romance that could only exist in canon in 2017. 

Now, I’m a multishipper, and I have a lot of real love for the John Silver archetype and a lot of nostalgic love for this particular kind of subtextual reading against the grain slash ship. I see the appeal of Flint/Silver, and I can dig it and Flint/Thomas/(Miranda) at the same time. But it also feels WEIRD to feel that while immersed in the show, because going against the grain of Black Sails isn’t like going against the grain of Pirates of the Caribbean–with this show it feels like the friction is scraping away stuff I value about the show, juicy stuff, intriguing character stuff, stuff I love. That, I think, is where the weirdness lies for me. 

*goes to start season four, where all of this will undoubtedly be jossed* 

titty-now-titty-later  asked:

hey bruh it's been a while since you've been on!! :O I don't wanna be the Annoying One™ so like feel free to ignore/correct me or w/e but like is everything going alright? idk u just seem a lil bit under the weather. idk what we'll all do if our favourite meme loses the will to meme. heaven will fall and satan will rise from the pit bro. anything could happen ;--;

It okie friendo!!! Thank you so much for the concern <3 <3 <3
I had to prepare for med exams so that’s like 90% of my soul gone lmao
I’m super duper okie :’) the memes are infinite not to worry ᕙ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ᕗ

Also I was procrastinating with a personal project

(Disclaimer: This is a completely self-indulgent personal project and since I’m using copyrighted official art edits I’m not gonna be releasing this at all unless I suddenly have the time to draw out every single character instead. And the course I’m doing is pretty much one with the least amount of free time possible _(:3」∠)_ . Well, the second busiest at least. I haven’t seen my architecture friends since forever lmao)


Okay I debated I replying to this for a bit, but… here goes.

First and foremost I greatly appreciate all of your translation work for the fandom and I have for months.

That being said, I find the last paragraph of this necessary and also unfair. To accuse the other translators of ‘mistranslating’ the line when you outright admit that akashi can legitimately be translated as proof is a bit much, don’t you think? I get that you believe your translation is more correct, but as I’m sure you and the other translators are aware, language is not something all translators are going to unanimously agree on. Other translators work hard on their work, and essentially, saying that they’re mistranslating to forward a fanon agenda is unnecessary and uncalled for, in my opinion. There’s nothing to support that especially since even you’ve acknowledged their word choice is not incorrect.

Accusing their work of being fanon (especially when Victuuri, which is canon, is not remotely fanon) and yours of being canon is a further dig, I feel.

Regarding the destined from a previous life thing, I think most of fandom is not serious about that. When people are making comments about their soulmate AUs being canon, they’re well aware that Kubo is not literally saying “your fanfiction where Victor and Yuuri can’t see color until they meet their soulmate aka each other is now canon”. They’re just having fun.

We know what she actually means by soulmate.  It’s still a HUGE DEAL. And yes, there is a sense of destiny to the word soulmate, in both languages, even if it’s not on some ‘cosmic’ level, a certain ‘meant to be’, and that’s powerful. And yeah, that’s making fandom very excited and I think… there’s not really a need to sort of rain on that? People know their AUs aren’t really suddenly canon.

It’s not as if your translation of the line makes it much less shippy anyway.

Lastly the ‘Japanese word for soulmate’? I was under the impression, unless she uses it at another point in the article, that she doesn’t use a Japanese word anyway, but instead the katakana ソウルメイト (sorumeito/soulmate).

Hello! Thank you for your message and for voicing your opinion in what I think is the normal way when discussing about something. I will take this occasion to make one final last post about this whole matter to try and address what apparently wasn’t clear in my other posts. I will also explain in detail why I wrote that in my opinion “proof” is not a correct translation. It’s a bit long because I don’t want to come back to this topic again, so I’m trying to make sure that I’m covering everything that could help clarifying my point.

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tsukkiwglasses replied to your post “That scene in the shack after they rescue Shiro, when Shiro asks Keith…”

Im trying to write a Keith based fic right now and this was so inspiring and I think I might take this into account now. Especially the fact that Shiro doesnt even consider how important all of this searching is to Keith

Shiro has no time for that haha

I think it’s significance tho really depends on why Keith was feeling lost, and why he got kicked out of the Garrison. Because if it was in any way because of Shiro, then you could easily tell how finding Shiro at the seeming end of his search means a whole lot to Keith. 

But we dunno what happened yet. (But ofcourse we all assume that it was because of Shiro cuz he’s Keith’s impulse control and every time he’s not around Keith does something stupid and gets in trouble haha)

And like, you feel there’s alot of feeling in what Keith says, but you can’t really explain why, and when you watch it the first time you won’t pick up on these things because you dunno yet what kind of influence Shiro has on Keith and how he changes him, you see it later in further episodes when we get to know Keith a bit more. 

And then when you watch it the second time, you might assume Keith is just trying to figure out what Shiro has to do with what the cave drawings were telling him, because you already know that he can sense the lions then.

But if you kinda step back a bit and think about it a bit more, and take into consideration what we’ve seen in season one and how important Shiro seems to be to Keith. It kinda maybe gets a different meaning.

Because we see Keith is opening up there a bit, we haven’t seen him really talk about himself or his feelings in this way other than in that scene. And Keith is a caring person and is very expressive of his emotions, but it’s never like this.. He just seems so open and sincere and his expression and voice are so soft and so different from how he usually is.

So to me at least it doesn’t seem like he’s just trying to explain Shiro what happened and how he knew to come for him, but that there’s a bit of a hidden layer to that, that Shiro just doesn’t pick up on. (or well, purposely ignores I dunno haha)

And there’s The Pause.

Keith talks about feeling lost and then he says “ It’s like something, some energy was telling me to search”. 

But he doesn’t continue explaining.

He just stop and looks at Shiro for a moment, like Shiro is somehow supposed to understand what Keith is talking about just from that. And only when Shiro is like “For what?” he continues.

It’s kinda funny to me. Specially Shiro’s face at that moment. 

And ok, we all know that Keith was sensing the blue lion. But at this point Keith doesn’t know it, and is probably just confused about why this wall led him to Shiro out of all things.

So I dunno, maybe MAYBE Keith is questioning what exactly that “something” he was feeling was or maybe he wants to know how he and Shiro might be connected, (for just a bit tho, because he learns it was the blue lion right after this and Shiro falling from the sky on the day he was so anticipating for was just a coincidence apparently..) 

and Shiro’s reaction to all this is so funny cause it just:

(yeah I was holding my head there too, Hunk)

I wonder if in those few moments before Hunk speaks and it all falls into place for him, Keith was a liiiittle bit upset haha.

Cuz why is Shiro thanking those guys??? They didn’t do shit! it was Keith who was preparing for this for months! Who got the explosives from somewhere! Who beat up the doctors! They just showed up and really didn’t do anything besides being in the way and putting Keith and Shiro in more danger than necessary. And now Shiro is thanking them without even really acknowledging Keith’s efforts and “feelings” there in any way whatsoever…

Like he doesn't even say thank you to Keith! And it was Keith who rescued him!!

(like ok, I don’t think Keith minds, he’s just happy to have him back.. besides It’s kinda something that is said without words between people who know eachother well.. But, no Shiro, its not YOU ALL! It’s Keith! Keith got you out! They had the intention but they didn't do shit! And I cant believe those assholes standing there like “Yeah we got you out, Shiro. Keith could have never carried your heavy ass out on his own and ride the bike with you, that’s why we needed Pidge to hold you! What non essential weight? ahahaha”)

And I get why Shiro might react like this, like his mind is still scrambled, he’s all "I’ve been abducted by aliens, my arm is missing, I can’t remember anyhting, aliens are on their way here, I really dun have time to try and figure out all this Keith bullshit right now and why he’s looking at me like this

since I got here.”

And another thing I find funny, is that we know Lance makes fun of Keith for all that “sensing the blue lion” thing at some point. And like why would he actually make fun of him for sensing it? Unless you kno, for awhile he just thought Keith was insane and that wall doesn’t mean anything.

So maybe Lance was making fun of him in the same way we kinda do. Like “ooohh a mysterious feeeling was telling me to search for you for a whole year Shiro, look at all these clues! what can this possibly mean??”  (just think how it all looked to them from the side at first)

(and now I’m just imagining Lance complaining the entire way to the cave like why do they need to be out here in the desert heat looking for caves because of Keith’s stupid wall of nonsense that means absolutely nothing besides “Shiro, I literally go crazy without you” and just being upset at Hunk for encouraging this madness. But then they find the blue lion and hes like “oh.”)

I also think it fits very well with the rest of the season and what we’ve seen with Keith and Shiro so far, cuz I think you can describe Keith’s feelings for Shiro in season one with something similar to “I’m lost without you” (not necessary in a shippy way. I dun really mean any of this in a shippy way actually, since it doesn’t have to be.)

Shiro is what directs Keith in the right path, and I think Keith is aware of this and is a bit scared of where he might end up (or already ended up) when Shiro is not around. (like that seems to be Keith’s issue, because he is a very independent person and doesn’t always listens to Shiro, so seems like he just needs him to calm him down and not really because he needs him to tell him what to do all the time because he thinks that Shiro knows better. Which I think is very interesting.. What is it about Shiro that calms Keith down like that? hmm)

And Shiro seems to be all “ You can do this Keith! You’re great on your own and you dun need me, because you’re great, buddy!” 

Maybe he doesn’t really get how much he means to Keith or doesn’t get why exactly Keith is so dependent on him. And because it’s something that’s kinda hard to miss, he’s either really really REALLY dense, or he knows, and just doesn’t think it’s something worth encouraging, so he ignores it.

I really wanna see what’s gonna happen with this in season 2.

26th & 28th/29th December Show Reports

Okay, I’m going to have to come clean at the start. This is another recap of two performances. One was with the full original cast (which I’ll talk less about, but I will cover the mistakes in it which were plentiful and glorious), which I will refer to as the Boxing Day show when I mention it, and the other was with James Howard as Draco and Morag Cross as McGonagall. The latter is the one for which I was sitting near the front of the stalls, and that’s the one I’ll focus on, because it was better and more interesting. 

(You’ll all be pleased to know I wrote over 2000 words less in this recap than I did my last one. It’s still almost long enough to be a dissertation though so… Sorry about that! I hope you enjoy.)

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anonymous asked:

In the books Bran and Meera have a thing or something? Because In the show they have such a chemistry and the way that they hugged each other, for me it doesn't seemed friendship

In the books, Bran is younger than he is on the show, but he does have a crush on Meera, a childish sort of crush. At one point, Bran even contemplates what Meera would think if he told her he loved her. So it’s a given that he does love her but he’s too young to really fully understand what that means. I think if a relationship happens between them on the show, it would be a nice way to incorporate that aspect of Bran’s storyline from the books. Show Bran really needs a humanizing, personal aspect to his storyline. I’m tired of him being used for other characters’ storylines and as a vehicle for exposition. I want to see him have feelings, I want to know what he’s thinking, I want to know his mindset, etc.

I agree with you, anon, regarding Bran and Meera in the show. I find they have a lot of chemistry too, and many of their scenes together in Season Six had very shippy undertones in my opinion, the hug being one of those of course.

I can’t watch that hug scene and see anything but romantic love starting to blossom between these two characters even if they don’t realize it yet. I mean, you have Meera affectionately holding Bran’s head in her hands, caressing his hair, staring down at him. Then Bran wakes up, he’s in a bit of a daze and he tells Meera, “They found us,” and his eyes never leave her face. Meera hugs him right after, and you can see her hand in his hair cupping the back of his head, then they show Bran’s face again, and his content expression in that moment when Meera is hugging him is really interesting to me. His expression made me think of someone in love or feeling love. You can see his eyes partly closing, his head turning slightly toward Meera’s and he even places his hand in her hair (I loved this bit in particular because it showed the two of them mutually comforting each other in a moment that they both thought would be their last on earth).

Viewers in the general audience, such as those who aren’t into ships and shipping, those who don’t approach scenes with shipper goggles, and those who just don’t care about that stuff also have noticed these shippy undertones regarding Bran and Meera, and that’s a definite positive.

My mother is one of those viewers. I’d never even spoken to her at all about Bran and Meera, and then one day while we were watching episode 6x06 together she brought them up and told me, “They should get together, they’d make a good couple.” I’ve also seen many references to Bran and Meera on various GoT forums, just general discussion forums, nothing even related to shipping. I’ve seen comments on Reddit, on youtube, you name it.

Whether the shippy undertones were intentional on the part of the writers and directors, caused by Isaac Hempstead Wright and Ellie Kendrick’s natural chemistry or a combination of both, I don’t know for certain, but I feel it’s both.

On a show like Game of Thrones, the writers and directors write and direct everything just so. While I may not agree with everything that has happened on the show or with some of the decisions that have been made as far as writing and directing go, I do think great attention has been given to detail and foreshadowing. In my opinion, it isn’t a coincidence that Bran and Meera’s scenes in Season Six have been written and directed with shippy undertones (and I could go on and on about their scenes, all the moments of eye contact, the increase in physical contact between them, every last little detail). I really feel like a Bran and Meera relationship is being set up, and I’ll be very surprised if it doesn’t happen.

anonymous asked:

What are your views on ishihime?Do you think that they have any chance of becoming canon?? Also, I just wanted to say that I really love your posts! I'm so glad you are a Ichiruki shipper:)

Thank you, anon! :D

Well, to be honest, IshiHime’s chances of canon is directly proportional to IchiRuki’s (this is why there’s an unspoken alliance in both fandoms). So, you can say that it’s pretty high.

Orihime needs a resolution by the end of the manga and Ishida already shows a lot of hints towards Orihime. Not to mention, Kubo Tite seems to enjoy pairing these two together.

While this doesn’t indicate canon, an author’s artworks represent which tandems he enjoys making together.

Especially when this spread is about “hearts” and “connections” (shippy sense are tingling), you can say that this spread has romantic undertone. And Kubo Tite just gave this spread (with shippy words at that) to these two pairings.

Not to mention, Kubo Tite already mentioned how he likes Ishida stealing glances towards Orihime. His interviews shows that he’s leaning towards IshiHime (though he’s mainly towards IR).

So if IchiRuki happens and Orihime moved on, chances are IshiHime will happen.

Also, Ishida is Ichigo’s human/quincy rival, I think Ishida has every right to have a canon pairing like Ichigo.

Which is kinda sad for ChadHime supporters. Though I don’t really ship anything aside from IchiRuki. I have preference ChadHime. Not out of spite, but because I found those two supportive. I feel like Chad is the only one (along with Rukia) who at least respect Orihime as a combat healer. Almost everyone else just shoves Orihime to the back and treats her as just a healer. I mean, really, no one gives Orihime a chance to fight. This is how she turned into such a passive character now (I’m planning to write an essay about this if I have time, might not be able to though). At least Chad who acknowledges her and supports Orihime’s confidence in fighting in the front lines.

However, that’s merely my own personal taste (out of my soft side towards Chad at that).

Ishida is actually a better partner for Orihime. Yes, he is also one of those who push Orihime behind and sidelines her. But at least he have good reason for doing so. He acknowledges and respect Orihime’s strength and will. The only reason why he doesn’t want her in the front lines because that’s not her “personality”. She’s not the kind of person who wants to hurts others and that’s not good for a fighter. He simply wants to protect her because he knew that her “personality” won’t protect herself.

But what about Ichigo? Why is he protecting her? Simple. Because she can’t. Most likely, he deemed her weak enough (as a fighter). This is why he acts surprised when Orihime proves she can protect herself :P.  Ichigo will protect everyone, especially those who are weaker than him. But his greatest flaw is that he always fail to realize that his “over-protectiveness” is actually hurting his friend’s prides. For him, protecting is to make sure that they are out of “physical harm”. Which is true, but it’s this too simple-minded thinking of him that eventually lead him to…

  • Insult Chad’s pride…
  • Make Orihime lose confidence in herself (w/c leads to HM arc fiasco)
  • Make Rukia indignant about it

And no one (w/ special exception of Rukia) will scold him for it because people can see why. Chad is indeed to weak to fight, that’s why Ichigo took the battle for himself. Orihime is too passive and she really can’t fight. So really, it’s everyone’s instinct to protect Orihime because of her “demeanor”. She “looks” fragile (I don’t think she is btw). This is why Ichigo (and anyone else for the matter) is protective of her.

Anyways, if we look at Orihime shipper’s perspective of potential partners: Ishida, Chad, Ichigo (Imma not gonna count Ulquiorra cause he’s dead). The best partner would be Ishida, and the worst is Ichigo. Chad (my preference) is just in the middle.

The way they are portrayed, Ichigo is the kind of man any girls will dream of having for a boyfriend. However, the one who is actually the ideal kind of boyfriend is Ishida.

I mean really! He’s cool. He’s smart. He doesn’t jump ahead. He isn’t brash. He’s very sensitive to his other people’s emotions (every girl’s dream and demand from their partners). He’s a prodigy (a genius!). He’s classy. He has control. He’s level-headed. He can sew clothes! Uhh…I think you can chalk to him every single point girls want for their “ideal boyfriend”. [How come this guy is not on my list of faves!?]

Whoever dismiss him as just a “nice guy” never realizes that he really is a “nice” guy. And you can’t really say he’s boring either, he has many sides that is fun to explore. He’s a tsundere and is very easy to fluster. All haters branded to Ishida is actually more fitting to Chad. But of course no one will dare to hate the ChadHime ship since Chad is nice and all (TTvTT)

The only thing Ichigo has advantage from Ishida is that he got the “star factor”. Ishida is also a star in his own right (that’s why they are portrayed as rivals in the first place), but he’s not the “Hero”.  Ichigo is the Hero. And girls dream of having the “hero” for a boyfriend. But they fail to realize that Ichigo is not the kind of guy girls would appreciate for a romantic relationship.

Why? Two reasons.

  1. He won’t priority you. And from what I’ve known about girls, they always want to be the priority for their man. It proves that they are important to him and it makes them feel “special”. Ichigo isn’t the “romantic kind of guy” though. Sure, he will fight to protect and make sure people are happy and safe. But this guy is also hot headed and wouldn’t live properly without a battle in sight. He’s a warrior. And it’s his instinct to protect. And it’s this ability “to protect” that became his pride as a warrior. And from what I’ve seen so far, Orihime is second when it comes to Ichigo. She’s never the priority.
  2. He’ll dominate you. It’s because he’s such a strong character that he usually get things his way. If you’re not careful and too passive, you’ll realize that he will repress your character with his over-protectiveness.

For those who claim that IH ship is “toxic”. I won’t deny it, but one should realize that the “toxic” one here is not Orihime. It’s Ichigo. As in really, you can’t imagine him being paired up to anyone else without this crease in relationship. Orihime is actually a nice girl to have. This is why when Japanese people are asked  which girl they want if they are in Ichigo’s shoes, they will answer Orihime (base on previous interviews). She’s a nice girl to have not only because of looks but also personality. But when it comes to who fits Ichigo, the choice is completely different. 

Ichigo is the dream boyfriend. He’s The Hero, after all. But to have this “ideal dream man” takes an equally special kind of girl. Someone who can stand on the same grounds as him and won’t let him dominate her. Someone who can call out at his tendencies and put him in place when he is acting out of line. Someone who’ll “protect” him, instead of the other way around. What he needs is someone strong and equally capable woman who won’t depend on him (so he can’t dominate her). Only this kind of woman can be partnered up to Ichigo and have a mutual long lasting and beautiful relationship.

No matter how great Orihime is, her personality doesn’t match with Ichigo. And IH not happening leaves a load room for IshiHime to happen. They are next to IchiRuki when it comes to canon.

UNDERTALE... about aged-up Frisk

I have read this post and I couldn not help but writing this. Hugeass text under cut but I really needed to get this out of me. If you care for my opinions, click the cut.

There are things that are CLEARLY WRONG….and it is CLEARLY The RIGHT choice to REPORT them.
Without attacking, without sending death-threats.

All this UT Frisk thing is very very tricky - I am reacting to this post because
all this matter - it’s tricky to me too
and I have to admit that whatever Frisk(as the player and a character) and Sans have in-game there, I do like it.
(and I do not see it as sexual). I couldn’t help my self seeing it as bit of romantic, though - because
I am an adult woman with tons of mental scars and insecurities and playing a game like this,
meeting characters like Sans really did work as a little band-aid for me in many ways.
I ended up wishing to have met the cast in real life, have people like that by my side
when I was calling for help but nobody came (no pun intended).
I did fall in love with the whole cast of characters. I did fall in love with Sans the most
because he did give me inside the game what no male gave me in real life - the feeling of security.

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I’m gonna go ahead and have another probably unpopular opinion here. If you’re super shippy and that’s the reason you’re on tumblr, it’s highly probable that you don’t want to read this post. Just sayin’.

Look, I ship Caryl like it’s my job. I have shipped it since the moment Daryl handed Carol the pickaxe and stared in fascinated horror as she smashed the hell out of Ed’s brains. I do not ship Carol and Tobin. And wow, I’m exhausted by the number of comments I’ve gotten on various posts – comments that go something along the lines of, “Why would anyone who loves Carol want this relationship for her?” blah blah blah. Because I love her with my soul and I do not want that relationship for her. You can go back on my blog until the end of time and you will never find a single post that says Carol’s relationship with Tobin is healthy, intended to be long-term, or meant to indicate anything besides Carol’s deteriorating mental health and her unsuccessful attempts to save herself from the abyss.

I do not ship it. I just don’t.

However, I have seen some seriously disturbing posts floating about here and there over the last few weeks. I mean, the ones from Carol’s number one fandom hater honestly just make me laugh. We all know her terrifying, misogynist agenda and honestly I dismiss every word of her bs with a superior shrug, because it must truly suck to hate women that much.

But I’ve also seen several posts floating about in the tags and occasionally even on my dash, posts that lowkey (or even highkey, ugh) try to make Carol’s relationship with Tobin about Daryl, or even worse, try to suggest that Carol has done something “wrong” and Daryl has some sort of right to feel … well. What’s the word even? Judgy? Slighted? Angry? Jealous? Disappointed?

There’s just this unbelievably creepy thread of unspoken suggestion that Carol was supposed to be “saving” herself for him or something, and I find the entire conversation so upsetting.

The thing is, this isn’t Daryl’s story. It’s Carol’s. This story is about Carol. It’s about her finally smashing into the wall and discovering that she no longer has the ability to deal with everything she’s had to do since she killed Karen and David. It’s about her hitting rock bottom (good lord – hopefully) with nowhere to go but up.

The entire time that Carol’s been slowly coming apart, Daryl’s been doing his own thing, dealing with his own shit. I’m not faulting him for that – this post isn’t remotely a finger pointing post. (I can’t believe that every single member of Team Family isn’t constantly suffering from every last symptom of PTSD, tbh.)

But here’s my issue.

There is not one single moment in canon that suggests Carol “owes” Daryl a single thing in terms of romantic “fidelity.” They’re not a couple. They’re not dating. He’s never once expressed any romantic interest in her. The few times she’s flirted with him, he’s responded with embarrassment and deflection. This man has had five seasons (we’re gonna write off S1 because well, Ed just died and that’s rude) to make a move, and he hasn’t done so, despite what I see as clear signals from Carol that she’d be open to it.

Because I’m a shipper, of course I read all of this as nothing more than evidence of Daryl’s spectacular lack of knowledge regarding relationships, his probable belief that he’s not remotely good enough for her, his total lack of self confidence in this arena, and as I already mentioned, the fact that he’s dealing with many epic issues of his own. 

Personally, I can’t imagine that he doesn’t know about Carol and Tobin’s relationship. This is the man who’s supposed to be one of the most observant members of Team Family, by his own description of himself. How would he not notice Carol sitting on Tobin’s porch every morning, smoking cigarettes and looking sad af? How would he not notice that she’s sleeping at Tobin’s house at night? I mean, canon may prove me wrong as we go into S7 (we all know that I’m super hesitant to make predictions about anything, so I freely admit that this is speculation and nothing more than my opinion based on the history of the characters’ behavior), but at this point that’s how I see it.

I don’t think Daryl’s jealous, or angry, or judging, or disappointed. He loves her, is the thing. Bone deep, he loves her. So at most, he’s sad that he’s not put together enough to be there for her in the way he’d probably most like to be, and also sad that she is in such a bad place that she landed herself in a relationship that could never be more than a temporary band-aid on a potentially fatal wound.

*shrugs* As I said, all of this is nothing more than my personal opinion on the situation. I’m just not here, ever, for even the suggestion of slutshaming Carol for sleeping with Tobin. And I get even more upset when people try to bring Daryl into that equation. Daryl, the man who has always (aside from a few moments in S2, shhhhhhh) unreservedly adored her with no judgment in his heart.

God, I hope S7 lets Carol heal. And of course my shippy self can’t help hoping that Daryl’s allowed to be part of that. But wow, I need these posts that suggest Carol has somehow made herself less “worthy” of his love to die in a fire. Because it’s gross, it’s misogynist, and it’s straight-up wrong.

anonymous asked:

My problem now with the ship quote is that making it canon brings a whole host of problems where there wasn't. Seeing it in a Thorin/Bilbo light now makes the ship abusive, to the point where I wonder what anyone who could ever like fluff is smoking. Now there's a huge rash of shit with Thorin as a rapist and yes people can have whatever kink they like but to me that is so lazy and offensive. If you like the ship dark, fine. But you can't turn around and OTP it with any happiness. (Cont)

That’s the problem with interpreting that quote as shippy. I understand fandom can’t take flawed characters like Thorin and Thranduil without turning them into abusive monsters. Think about what seeing Thorin/Bilbo as a canon romance implies. It implies canon abusive relationship when it wasn’t previously, and that’s being forced on everyone. Do we need this crap in this fandom too?

Anon, please stop and think about what you’re trying to say to me, and in effect to other Bagginshield shippers.

You are telling me what YOU think the ship is going to look like in the highly unlikely event that at some point in the movie, Thorin and Bilbo throw down and do the nasty. You are trying to convince ME/US about things that we have ALREADY come to consider as shippers.

I think if you took even just a little time to read fanfics and look at fanart of the ship, you’ll see that while we stick to the personalities of the characters, we are able to write them into non-canon situations that does NOT have to include abuse and rape even if Thorin does succumb to the gold-sickness. We have things called “Fix-It Alternate Universes” that range from Thorin being cured forever of the gold-sickness to Thorin, Fili and Kili not meeting their ends at the Battle of Five Armies, to Thorin marrying Bilbo and making him Consort, to Bilbo taking Thorin back to the Shire with him instead because it might be better for him, and so on and so forth. There is STILL a relationship, but none of the rape and abuse and violence and whatever else you fear would exist in an in-character version of the relationship.

What I REALLY want to know is why you immediately think that a relationship with gold-sick!Thorin would lead to rape and abuse JUST because RA said “singularly obsessed with Bilbo.” I said it before, and I’m going to say it again - You do know “obsession” does not immediately connote rape and abuse, right? Not that I’m denying that it can, I just mean to say that it doesn’t have to

But let’s be real here - this ask was NEVER going to go anywhere seeing as you started it with “being canon.” Apparently you haven’t yet quite gleaned that a) we shippers are not idiots, b) we shippers are not trying to foist change upon the ACTUAL canon just to include a homoerotic relationship between the two main characters, c) what we shippers REALLY TRULY APPRECIATE about the quote is that a version of what WE see as shippers rings true for Richard and his performance, and while he doesn’t mean it romantically or sexually, what his quote offers is the possibility of seeing more of Thorin through what happens to him with Bilbo.

Now there’s a huge rash of shit with Thorin as a rapist“ - Honey, please. I have been shipping Bagginshield for at least a year now, and only one in 30 fics EVER include him being a rapist. And you know what, before you came to with your ask, I saw NONE of this “DOES RA THINK THORIN IS GOING TO BE A RAPIST” “rash of shit.”  And while I’m not denying the possibility of it going that way, I also can assume that it DOESN’T end up that way. 

But you can’t turn around and OTP it with any happiness.” - I’ve already said that YES, WE ACTUALLY CAN, because we are creating our fanon!canon around the actual canon and are manipulating situations in the actual canon WITHOUT ACTUALLY CHANGING THE ACTUAL CANON, and we are doing it for us, not for people who don’t want to see it the millions of different ways that we do. But if you’d like ACTUAL CANON EVIDENCE that yes, we CAN turn around and OTP it with happiness, allow me to remind you that I, as a fan interpreting the canon differently from you (apparently), can think that Thorin comes to his senses while the Battle rages on outside his Mountain, and that’s why he EVENTUALLY decides to take his Company and join the Battle, if at least to defend the gold he had come SO FAR to reclaim. In the actual canon, Thorin spends literally his last few breaths trying to redeem himself to Bilbo, who has become a friend, for how he had spoken to him and what he had done while caught in the clutches of the dragon sickness. Sure, serial abusers and some rapists sometimes apologize to their victims only to turn around and hurt them again, BUT AGAIN I SAY, does Thorin have to be locked into that kind of person when he can be other versions?

And what the hell is this supposed to mean? - “I understand fandom can’t take flawed characters like Thorin and Thranduil without turning them into abusive monsters.“ - Look at how you continue to insult fandom and shippers, whether intentionally or not. This also goes to show that you haven’t seen ALL of fandom - people like Loki and Hannibal Lecter have GIGANTIC fandoms, and God knows they’re as flawed as flawed can be, and yet you have pockets of fans who will see them as misunderstood creatures and not even the bad guys when yeah, they are actually the bad guys. So how dare you insinuate that fandom will automatically see a con to a character and peg them as evil and nothing else? How dare you assume that your path of thinking is everybody’s path of thinking? Also, how dare you say that Thorin and Thranduil can be nothing but “abusive monsters” just because they’ve done things that aren’t exactly on the “GOOD” end of the spectrum? In this one sentence alone, you’ve shown just how much or how little you understand of people in general. This is borderline character profiling, which, hey, let’s not get into what else that could lead to.

It implies canon abusive relationship when it wasn’t previously, and that’s being forced on everyone - Pardon my French, but this is a tres stupid argument to make, mostly because of that last part. “That’s being forced on everyone.” Why, because you saw a shippy post in the tag? You think we make shippy posts to force our opinions on non-shippers? How dare you assume we shippers do ANYTHING for non-shippers. People who liked the shippy post clicked “like” or “reblog” on it, people who didn’t, didn’t click anything. They just scrolled past. You are literally the only person to come to with a problem. And I’ve posted our conversations in the tag as well, and again, same thing - people who agreed clicked “like” or “reblog,” others who didn’t, decided not to bother because there’s plenty of other things in the tag to see anyway.

And let me just point out one more thing that you seem to have missed the last time you sent me an ask - There have been Bagginshield shippers since people realized they could ship two characters together. You have been an RA fan for I don’t know how long, but I’m pretty sure the two timelines have been running parallel with each other for a very long time. Wasn’t your blogging life just slightly easier before you came to me and told me you have a problem with us shippers and us shipping Bagginshield? I fully understand that you have a problem with it and that’s why you don’t ship it, that’s why NONE of my arguments (at least until this point) have included me asking you to just TRY. Even in this ask, I’m not asking you to TRY and ship Bagginshield, all I said was that if you took the time to check out just one or two of the fics for the ship, you’d see that there are SO many other paths for that relationship to follow. 

In conclusion - maybe YOU see Thorin as becoming nothing but pure evil once the gold-sickness has taken over, but we don’t. And you are clearly NEVER going to understand that your train of thought is FAR different from ours, mainly because you automatically assume “rape and abuse” in connection with “singular obsession,” while WE see that quote as something to fuel what we already LOVE to do with the ship in our own little world. 

anonymous asked:

What do you think about K project fandom? Sometimes I feel bothered by some people. They took things too seriously. What they do is ranting, critic-ing like they got nothing to do anymore in their life besides complaining. It's a small fandom but sometimes I dislike some people because they're immature and have no respect.

Generally my experience in this fandom has been that there are plenty of people who are perfectly welcoming and nice and interesting, but there is a small and unfortunately rather vocal minority that has deemed themselves the Fandom Police or whatever and are determined to shout down, shame and bully people who they feel are not engaging with the fandom in the “right” way. It makes me a little annoyed because I’ve seen people who I liked and thought had things to say end up leaving fandom (or at least the Tumblr side of it) because one small group decided to ruin it for everyone else. And then these same people start complaining that K fandom is so “toxic,” like no, I think the people who make fandom toxic are the ones who berate people for not liking the ‘correct’ fictional characters in the ‘correct’ way and seem to think that fandom is their personal crusade for justice and if they hit all the right points they will achieve the unassailable Moral High Ground of Fandom Righteousness, when in reality that actually just makes you a jerk who ruined someone’s day for no good reason.

Also I see a lot of stuff that makes me think this is reference to something about shipping? Like, I get that sometimes people being too into all ships all the time can be a bummer if you’re not into it too, but the shipper heart and the analytical brain can coexist peacefully and neither one is objectively better than the other. Sometimes I will see, say, Yata blushing as he thanks Fushimi and I will think “See, this is interesting because Yata’s kinda got to swallow his pride here, I think he’s nervous because he doesn’t know how to interact with Fushimi at this point, like he doesn’t know if helping Anna was a one time deal or an olive branch or if he owes Saru a favor now and I think it’s very awkward for him, and Fushimi blows him off because he wants hatred not gratitude and he doesn’t want to Yata to try and pry into the deeper reasons why Fushimi might have helped him”….and sometimes I will see that same scene and think “Eeee look look he’s blushing so cute Yata you so in love.” Both of these reactions are okay to have. No one should be shamed for having one over the other and nothing’s to say you can’t have both, and at the same time. Just because someone’s posting the “eee look look cute babies” stuff doesn’t mean they aren’t aware of the deeper character stuff, it means they want to post cute shippy stuff. It’s having fun and harming no one and I see no reason to jump on people about it (and if you want to talk about the deeper stuff, go for it! Make a post! Do it, it’ll be awesome! Just don’t yell at other people for not doing the same). Shippers have been squealing over shippy stuff since the first cavemen painted on walls and someone started shipping Cow with Stick Figure while everyone else agreed Cow belonged with Giant Bird. But K’s a small fandom as it is and it’d be nice if people didn’t run off new people because they didn’t read the super secret Rules for Being a Good K Fan that no one but tiny vocal minority apparently knows about.