also this book is really gr8

simon vs movie wish list: 

  • Leah and Abby talking at the end of the movie about their friendship
  • BRAM COMING OUT TO GARRETT (seriously i would die)
  • Basically anything with bram and garrett’s friendship will fuel me for life
  • hotel Hanukkah 
  • a camera panned out shot of Bram and Simon’s equally adorable crushing-on-him smiles after Simon hands bram’s paper back to him 
  • also one for the soccer scene
  • basically every moment of pining or mutual pining where i can see Bram’s face
  • just give me 864 thousand bram pov scenes
  • “you were all about the boob” 
  • (really though, a discussion about the way Simon’s dad talks about gay people would be 100% amazing)
  • at least like four harry potter references - one drarry 
  • “he thinks about me having sex” 
  • Taylor’s big moment (from what it seems like from twitter/casting it seems like this is definitely going to happen)
  • oreo mush (basically the entire end of the book word for word would be gr8)
  • (edited bc i can’t believe i forgot) KNEES

anonymous asked:

So I read a lot (and also watch a lot of like Netflix and stuff because I need to constantly have new worlds to lose myself in) but I've recently really been struggling. I am a lesbian, and I just can't really relate to most het romances now, so I've been struggling to find quality gay stuff, but I am kinda picky sometimes but also all over the place and I read really fast and also can only read ebooks and I'm poor. So it's really tough, basically. Idk if you have advice/recs/etc?

i can definitely rec some stuff!

my favorite wlw books (which i’m mostly sure are all available as ebooks):

also really good:

also have you watched the youtube show Couple-ish?? i love it so much. the protags, if i’m remembering right, are a bi girl, a lesbian, and another person (nonbinary) who’s also bi. basically the premise is that Dee needs a new roommate but then their new roommate Rachel needs to pretend to be their girlfriend to Fool The Government but she really likes Dee’s sister Amy who for Plot Reasons has to pretend to date Dee’s eventual boyfriend (who, of course, really likes Dee). are you following? it’s gr8 and no one is straight

anyway for more recs! here are a couple of rec lists:

fr though if u want good a good story that treats abuse victims well read wings of fire like

-in the 1st arc five abuse victims (the protags) literally stop a war & are the heroes. they all have diff symptoms and ways they cope with their abuse and all well written

-one of them becomes a fucking queen and does not forgive her abusers and is not challenged or scorned for it

-bpd coded abuse victim with violent symptoms gets an entire fucking book dedicated to her recovery (sideeyes warriors)

-abuse victim kills his abuser and its made very clear in the book all the justified reasons for doing so

- book series as a whole generally displays multiple abuse victims with, again, an amazing variety of resulting symptoms (anxiety, ocd, bpd, depression, over empathy, lack of empathy, discomfort at physical touch, self loathing/doubt, maladaptive daydreaming, dependency, isolation, the list really goes on)

-it also shows abuse victims who recycle abusive symptoms/become abusers and doesnt excuse or justify their actions bc they were abused

seriously wings of fire is a rlly good book series abt dragons that includes gr8 narratives abt abuse give it a read 👍🏻

clsirdelune  asked:

beau, can you rec me some of your fav romcom? thank you! x

of course bb! some of these might have more of a drama element than a strong comedy element but they’re all my faves so i hope you enjoy. in no particular order:

  • clueless (duh)
  • bridget jones’s diary (ditto)
  • she’s the man (this was my Favourite Movie of All Movies for like five years. and for good reason. CHANNING TATUM IN HIS PRIME TBH)
  • bring it on (KIRSTEN DUNST IN HER PRIME TBH!!! i fuckin love that guy she ends up with, he’s the perf combo of snarky musician hipster bs to balance out her perky blonde go-getter cheerleader-y-ness. why am i even saying this though like the odds are you’ve already seen this movie and LOVE IT TOO. also the clovers are everything)
  • john tucker must die (silly. also fantastic. also female friendships!!!)
  • monte carlo (idk why i love this movie so much but i really do. leighton meester’s character’s storyline makes me cry and want to fall in love and go swimming in a really cute one piece. selena gomez’s character’s storyline is cliche but also very sweet)
  • the proposal (forever and ever and ever favourite)
  • 10 things i hate about you (kat stratford is everything i aspire to be. why is there no heath ledger look-a-like in my life surprising me with a guitar i would never be able to play and a really hot make out session against my car that i don’t own)
  • amelie (THE ULTIMATE. mostly rommy, a bit commy, 100% magical and life-changing tbh)
  • begin again (i love this movie more than i ever thought possible - it improves on every rewatch - also i love the ending like. a lot. a lot a lot. very genuine and bittersweet and real. and the songs are REALLY GOOD you will replay that ost for a week straight i s2g)
  • flipped (so sweet you will PUKE. also highly underrated. PLEASE WATCH THIS MOVIE AND SHARE THE LOVE IT DESERVES)
  • miss congeniality (one of the defining rom coms of my life)
  • the duff (this movie has a gr8 message, whatever those who have read the book but not seen the movie say. also robbie amell and mae whitman are magical together)
  • you’ve got mail (you will cry. a lot. if you don’t cry i don’t want to know you)
  • when harry met sally (do not talk to me about this film i have too many feels about it i will punch you in the face.)
  • she’s all that (remember when freddie prinze jnr was like sooooooo hot in 1998 or whatever? WEIRD TIMES. whatever, just play “kiss me” by sixpence none the richer on repeat and cry with me)
  • it’s a boy girl thing (cringeworthy with the humour sometimes but the two leads have surprisingly amazing chemistry. i rewatch this every year and i love it a lot)
  • breakfast at tiffany’s (very rommy, not particularly commy but still wonderful. audrey hepburn was the most beautiful person alive. i don’t blame writer guy for falling in love with her on the spot. also you will cry when the cat runs away and it’s all raining and romantic and shit. i always do)
  • tangled (OOPS IT’S BETTER THAN FROZEN I SAID IT. idk if you would class this as a rom com bc it’s more a family movie but???? i do so whatev. eugene and rapunzel are too cute not to ship like a rom com couple tbh)
  • the to do list (HILARIOUS. aubrey plaza is a gift)
  • mean girls (do i need to say more. less rommy than commy ofc but who cares when the com part is sO GOOD)
  • someone like you (old school rom-com feat. ashley judd before she disappeared off the face of the earth and hugh jackman looking like absolute BABE TOWN and idk i think i watched this when i was young and it’s kind of stuck with me ever since even tho it seems to be a fairly nondescript kind of rom-com?? somehow still v enjoyable tho)
  • one fine day (okay again this is more of a family~ rom com if that makes sense but it’s just??? REALLY FEEL GOOD???? michelle pfeiffer is beautiful in this movie and george clooney’s a babe. idk watch this if you want an instant mood improver, it’s super duper cute)
  • some kind of wonderful (probably my favourite john hughes movie and again so underrated. that “””practice””” make out sesh in the garage is really hot)
  • just like heaven (another mark ruffalo goodie!!! i actually like this movie a lot and don’t talk about it much. very good to rewatch)
  • chasing liberty (corny af but i watched it in my formative years so i’m very fond of it)
  • legally blonde (more girl power-y than rom com-y but that’s cool anyway??? elle woods is Goals)
  • stardust (THIS MOVIE IS SO GOOD YOU GUYS AND IT HAS FANTASY ELEMENTS WHICH ARE SO COOL AND THE ROMANCE STUFF IS LIKE REALLY GR8 AND IT’S BB CHARLIE COX?????? the best tbh. tumblr needs to talk about this movie way way more)
  • and last but not least anastasia (i watched this movie SIX TIMES IN ONE DAY when i was really young… and my sister and i learnt all the songs and sung the duets together for like a year… once i hired the video tape out from the video store and actually cried when i had to return it… yes i was like 10 when all this happened but what i’m trying to say is i have a lifelong attachment to this stupid animated movie and Dimitri and Anastasia are literally lke 68% of the reason i love the enemies > friends > lovers trope so much because THEY FIGHT ALL THE TIME AND THE FIGHTING IS ALWAYS JUST ILL DISGUISED SEXUAL TENSION TBH)
  • oh and for the jane austen contingent: pride and prejudice movie 2005, pride and prejudice miniseries 1995, emma miniseries 2009, and persuasion 2007 are all MEGA FAVES. wallow in those period drama feels like me for the last two days!!! burst into tears when your otp’s hands ~~~touch~~~ for the first time!!!! hold your breath when the camera closes in on their subsequently astonished/aroused faces!!! life is so gr8 u guys!!!!!!!

honestly nathan’s attempts at being hetero are really not working

Things I think the new books could provide closure for

Spoiler warning for pretty much everything

Minor Characters

  • The last two books brought in lots of really interesting characters, and then nothing was really said about them
  • This is about several but Sharon is the best example
  • He had a really big effect on the plot and an intriguing backstory
  • Idk why I’m even trying to call him a minor character actually
  • But then he was sort of forgotten
  • Also, what happened to Melina and the blind brothers after the loop closed?
  • I mean I’m pretty sure they had their souls taken and then they probably died afterwards but still
  • The next trilogy is going to focus more on modern day peculiardom than on the past (I think) but bringing one or two characters back or having Jacob And The Gang find out what happened to them wouldn’t hurt

This turned out much longer than I anticipated lmao but there’s 3 more points bc I am Opinionated

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If you haven’t done so, you should give a look to Sarah Vowell’s book Lafayette and the Somewhat United States, a look at the relationship between America’s favorite fighting frenchman and the country he came to adopt (and, to a larger degree, France’s involvement in the American revolution as a whole). 


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@omghappinessplease wanted to kno about theater au so lemme post it while i have it


  • bitty - bless this boy, didn’t start doing theater until his senior year of high school and is SUPER green and raw and he is an amazing new addition to samwell’s theater team. he is a great actor and dancer and !!! is an amazing tenor but is so scared to hit high notes and HERE COMES
  • jack zimmerman !! musical prodigy, has been taught by many classical composers and was about to premiere his one act musical at fringe in new york when he got caught up in bad things with his lead, kent parson, and od. he went to rehab and then went to samwell to refresh his skills and try his hand at vocal directing a few shows. is SUPER hard on bitty b/c he doesn’t understand bitty’s fear and wants to help him get over. kissing on top of the piano ensues.
  • shitty - no.1 supporter of the arts and works backstage every single show. never fails to do the fundraisers and promotion for the show. president of the theater club. helps do everything. THROWS THE BEST CAST PARTIES AT THE HAUS, aka the place where all the broke theater kids go to live. loves lardo, the sometimes actress, and mostly set designer and stage crew of the shows. wants to be a lawyer and help fight for equity right among performers and getting better pay for their jobs
  • LARDO!!! did some theater in high school and then became a set designer senior year and carried it on at samwell. is known famously in the area for her creative sets (notably, her little mermaid set entirely composed of recycled stuff. like. plastic waterbottles and the can holder things and things that destroy the ecosystem. it looked hella cool, no one could say otherwise). once played mrs. lovett and won an award for it. she hella cool. vice-president of the theater club.
  • ransom & holster? the best and worst. amazing chemistry on stage but CANNOT STOP TALKING BACKSTAGE like wtf. they know when to be professional but holster accidentally bit into a plastic meat pie once during sweeney todd and ransom broke character on stage whoops. ransom is a baritone and holster is a bari-tenor. harmonization for the GODS. ransom is always the very srs roles and holster gets the comedic ones
  • ransom also does choreo!!! more often than not he’s either doing student choreo or assisting as dance captain. won a student recognition aware for his excellence in chore and movement for hairspray AND a really cool musical of a midsummer night’s dream that nursey wrote. he’s really talented and has been offered some really cool gigs. originally started off with a major in sports medicine and then decided to pursue the arts at samwell.
  • THE FROGS!!!! chowder is fresh meat and has s o m u c h potential but his voice tends to squeak and is very nervous and hasn’t learned to use nervous energy to make himself seem like normal on stage.  is in love with caitlin farmer, aka the girl with the voice of the gods tbh. was eliza in my fair lady and killed everyone. they are sickening and are going to have amazingly talented children what the hell. chowder is gr8 on stage when he really focuses but is also really gr8 at dancing. was dancing since he was little and is RLLY good.
  • dex is an apprentice of lardo’s and always does amazing work on costumes!!! like……this boy is so handy with tools and needles. did the costumes for cinderella and everyone was s h o o k. didn’t like theater until samwell happened. has a love-hate relationship with nursey, the resident book writer. he creates original plays and musicals for the school to try out. he got really close to getting to the A.R.T. one time for a musical ransom and holster starred in but it was taken by a cabaret revival instead. he’s devastated even tho he knows some things are hit and miss. dex comforts him!!! it’s the start of a wonderfully supportive and sarcastic relationship :)
  • there’s a plot there somewhere but this is what i’ve been thinking of c: