also this art is gorge

i know most of us tend to assume the worst about why laurent knows how to untie veretian jackets with a ‘servant’s proficiency’ but wait. listen. maybe it was because hennike used to eschew all servants and personally dress her son every morning and smol!tiny!laurent adored this so much that he demanded to be taught, and practised really hard to make his mama proud when he could lace them all on his own, like just consider

Hey you guys! So yeah, I want to be more involved with the Gravity Rises au by Sorophora so I thought what other way to do that by making more fanart? I made my own head canon of how Wendy looks. Gotta say, I adore the half shaved look on her. I tried out a few styles on her and yup, that was what worked for me. These are the girls of this little au. I plan to create the boys later on along with some side characters. I hope that you all like this. I will be posting a video on it later, while complaining about how much time it took me. Tried some new things though and this picture really taught me a lot. 

UPDATE: Got the vid right here!!!