also they were going to smooch

Rapunzel and Eugene are the kind of couple you’d not get tired of talking about. I love how they get along in the series, and the writers focus on their relationship as a slow build up to a stronger friendship rather than an every two second smooch boring romance. Also he calls her his best friend in the pilot, and hey, who wouldn’t want a best friend who would go to the end of earth for you? I’m so excited for the next episode(s), and I definitely can’t wait to see more of their support for one another, their banter, and their moments of disagreement.

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Wait, you're straight?????? I am honestly surprised to learn this! You write so gay!! (That's a compliment, usually when straight people write queer characters, it's very eye-rolly)

haha oh gosh, that is very kind of you to say!

the short answer to “you’re straight?” is “yeah, think so”

the long answer involves a fuckin ouroboros of overthinking and oversharing, which i will put under a cut if anyone’s curious, but man it’s such a mess.

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Preference #18- Details of Your First Kiss with Them

Tony: It was sloppy. The two of you had had a bit too much to drink at the party Tony had thrown after yet another successful mission. Alcohol was making the both of you a bit more cheeky than usual and it led to the two of you locking lips in his lab. You two had sneaked away to his lab to get away from all of the people and then it just sort of happened. The kiss was short while being full of clashing tongues and Tony almost missing your mouth. It may have been a bit sloppy, but it wouldn’t be forgotten.

Steve: You hadn’t expected your first kiss to be with Steve after a mission and you certainly didn’t expect to be the one who initiated it. Steve had once again been reckless in the mission and it had scared the hell out of you. When you all got back on the jet, your eyes were blazing with anger at the blonde haired man. The two of you hollered at each other until your throats were burning. Steve was in the middle of a long-winded rant when you couldn’t take it anymore. You grabbed him by the back of his neck and smashed your lips to his. This stopped his rant completely as he kissed you back. That was one hell of a first kiss.

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post-botw, when they go on their little adventure together, link and zelda shared their first kiss while sitting at a campfire as night. they were huddled because the wind was chilly and the fireflies were buzzing around and zelda just looked so pretty, and link took her hand in his and smooched her. i can confirm this happened because i was a pigeon watching from atop a tree. he also shot me with an arrow in the morning and used my drumstick as part of their breakfast. wow!

Thailand Trip with 2 Matured Couple for 10 Days

Today I(Archu) going to tell u about my Thailand trip when I went alone with 2 matured cpls for 10 days… We with 2 more cpls(Ravi 43 Anu 41 & Amit 40 Jaya 38) decided that we will go to Thailand n have fun but unfortunately at the last minute my hubby Sam holidays cancelled due to some important official work….we were upset n cpls too as we had planned so many about how we wanna enjoy whole trip… cpl friends came up with an idea of going alone with them as we have met n had fun too with them…..but spending 10 days alone with them that too in Thailand was not possible for me as I too have a family but my hubby also insists me alot to go along with them as we have booked tickets n hotels too….so finally I also decided to go alone with them…. Before going I had bought many western clothes new lingerie night dress etc…..had bikini wax my body too for the trip…. We all decided we will meet at airport….finally day arrived n me with my hubby went to airport…. we all hugged each other n my hubby told both men to take care of me well as I will not be with him for 10 days so its there responsibility to take care of me….then I bid bye to my hubby n left for security checking….. finally we aboard flight n finally landed in Pattaya after long journey…. Day-1 We went to hotels n checked in our rooms…..both cpls went with their wife to their rooms n I went to my room…. Finally I took long shower n then relaxed in my balcony in towels…..meanwhile both men came to my room n was shocked n surprised to see me in towel in balcony of my room….they make planned that we will spend 3 days in Pattaya 3 days in Phuket n 3 days in Bangkok….. they told that they had amazing bathroom sex with their wife’s n so they thought to spend sometime with me as m alone so dont get bored….finally we had tea together n some planning about how to enjoy….. after spending few hours with them I went to sleep….. Finally all get together for some evening snacks with wine n drinks…. Both men went to receptionist to get information about Pattaya beaches n adult clubs….. Finally after dinner we went to our rooms….as I was changing my clothes Ravi ji came to room n told me to change my dress n come to their room to spend night with them…I also changed in nity n went to their room….. As I entered their room I saw both of them r nude n capturing moments…. as they saw me they invited me to join them n feel free to enjoy openly without any hesitation n shy….. After capturing beautiful moments we all 3 went to balcony nude n sitting n gossiping….. meanwhile Ravi ji started kissing n pressing n having soft fun with us…..finally it ended with great unforgettable 1night of Pattaya…. Day-2 We went to Wong Amat Beach which was secluded n great for relaxing in sunshine….we all ladies were in tiny bikini n exposing ourselves to the passer by….after the long walk on the beach we decided to take sunbathe…..meanwhile some masseur came asked us whether we wanna take massage on the beach or not…..but we decided we will take next day on another beach…..finally after spending 5-6 hours on beach we returned to our hotels…. finally I took bath n went to sleep…. Then at night we planned to go to some adult club n enjoy the night life of Pattaya….. According to the information the show was going to start at 20:00 till 2:00….so we went to the club wearing short n revealing dresses….. As we entered the club I was shocked to see the club with nude cpls n enjoying themselves….. We all went to take some drinks n vodka….finally show started with pole dancer n started teasing me that clothes is not allowed here…..I smiled at her…..finally they started their striptease show n meanwhile all people started shouting n hooting…. Finally all gets nude n dancing…. Then group of men came in their towels n started dancing….one of them came near me of took off his towel n his long thick dick hit my nose n all started laughing…..he insists me to touch his dick n take it in my hand….all were shouting take the meat lady….as I was going to take his dick in my hand Anu took off his clothes n started taking his dick in her hand n pressing it…..meanwhile Jaya also started smooching foreign young guy….I also decided to get nude n enjoy with them….. After few hours of show we all took drinks being nude n started smooching n giving blowjob n enjoying ourselves….. Finally after enjoying the adult club of Pattaya we returned to our rooms…. Then I had threesome with Amit n Jaya n slept with them…. Day-3 We went to Buddha Temple n local market for shopping n buying clothes…. Tasted local dishes of Thailand…. Finally at night we returned to our hotels….we decided we will do nude exhibitionism n tease service boy…. So we called service boy n I n Anu were nude under the blanket… he knocked Jaya went to open the door in just bra panty n after finishing his work he saw our nude ass….finally he went n Jaya saw he got hard on…. Then we all had drinks being nude in the balcony….. Day-4 We left Pattaya with some unforgettable n unimaginable n great memories to Phuket…. It was only 2 hrs journey from Pattaya airport to Phuket… we reached Phuket….we went to our hotels…. but in Phuket only 2 rooms were booked that means I have to share room with one of them so I decided I will share room with Ravi ji & Anu in Pattaya n with Amit ji & Jaya in Bangkok…. So I with Ravi ji n Anu went to their room n relaxed for sometimes n then we all 3 finally bath together nude….after taking bath Ravi ji told me he wish to fuck my ass in front of Anu as she couldn’t took it in her ass….so I said just think m like ur another wife so do whatever u want I dont have any problem…. he just kissed me….then we had great fuck with Ravi ji n meanwhile Anu was busy capturing moments…. Finally at night after dinner we all went for night walk around the city…. Day-5 We went to Patong beach….where we play some watersports….had lunch n seafood at the beach resorts… Finally in evening we returned to our hotels…. While returning both men planned to have a massage of all 3 ladies by best masseur….so they consult receptionist for best masseur for giving massage to 3 ladies… Then a 25 yrs old young smart masseur to give us nude body massage…. After giving massage we all 3 ladies gets fucked by him too n both Amit ji n Ravi ji busy in capturing moments….. Day-6 We went to Phi Phi Islands which is a beach surrounded by jungle n animals….we took ride n enjoyed on different watersports….finally enjoying whole day at Phi Phi Islands we returned back to our hotels…. Then at night we all get together to capture lovely moments with drinks…. Day-7 Finally we left Phuket with some awesome memories to Bangkok for which flight took approximately 90 minutes to reach Bangkok…. After reaching hotel as earlier decided now I have to share room with Amit ji & Jaya….finally we all 3 took nude bath n had great bathroom sex…. Finally at night we decided to go to open beach for having some fun n sex on open beach…. We went to beach at 21:00 n started walking hand in hand wearing tiny bikini n thongs revealing our cleavage boobs n ass….finally we found a secret place where we can have fun in open… we all got nude in no time as we all were excited to experience this….finally one by one started fucking us n one lady busy in capturing n keeping eye on others….finally after fucking all 3 ladies both men said they wanna fuck my ass on open beach so I said m just like 2nd wife to both of u so u r free to anything with me….then finally they both fucked my ass hard which is great unforgettable n unimaginable fuck for all of us…. Finally we returned to our hotels…. Day-8 We went to Siam Park City which is big amusement water park with lots of amazing rides….. After enjoying whole day at water park we returned to our hotels…. While returning we all 3 ladies decided we will surprise Amit ji n Ravi ji with our lesbo session but we will not allow them to fuck us rather we will fuck each other n let them enjoy… Finally after reaching hotels we got together for drinks with music….meanwhile we all 3 ladies started kissing each other to which both men were shocked so I just told them to sit n enjoy the show….we started dancing n striptease ourselves… meanwhile both men started passing comments n saying slag words which made us more n more horny n hot….we started sucking kissing each others boobs pussy n ass…we fuck each others pussy n ass with dildo….meanwhile both men became nude n started slapping our ass n finguring our assholes n said its the best show till now….they said all 3 r my fucking ladies r great open minded slutty wife…. Finally we finished our session…. Day-9 On last day we went to Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World which is big marine world filled with different species of water animals….. its just like an aquarium…. finally we went to Buddha Temple in evening n returned back to our hotels…. At night we got together n decided we will have sex one by one with everyone n finally all ladies will get her anal fucked but Jaya was not ready for anal as she didnt do it but on insists she got agreed….. Finally we started fucking each other n whole room was filled with great fucking sounds……we even fucked Ravi ji n Amit ji ass with our dildo…. Finally after fucking each others we took rest for sometime…. After sometime firstly my ass was fucked as I was experienced in taking it… Ravi ji fucked my ass hard n then it was Anu turns which was fucked by Amit ji then finally Jaya by Ravi ji as it was her first time….. then at last Amit ji fucked my ass….finally we captured lovely moments nude n kissed each other n slept nude on same bed…. Day-10 Finally we bid bye to Thailand with some unforgettable n awesome memories…. Finally reaching airport my hubby was waiting there to receive us…. Then we went to hotel n had great sex with my hubby after 10 days….finally we all 3 cpls got together for drinks n shared our experiences n pics n videos with my hubby…. we had group sex too that night….. So it was the story of 10 day long Thailand trip….. I missed my hubby alot during the trip but both cpls took care of me like their own sisters(for Anu & Jaya) & their 2nd wife(for Ravi ji & Amit ji)….. It is unforgettable n unimaginable trip for all 5 of us…. Regards Archu

‘Rags: The Musical’

- The whole squad got parts in the musical, even Michael (he also did tech)

Christine is Rebecca, Rich is David (the nine-year-old) Jake is Ben, and Chloe is Bella, while Brooke and Jenna are steamstress girls and Jeremy and Michael are in chorus

- It’s awkward because Ben and Bella are in love so when Jake and Chloe are acting like they were in love Rich and Brooke just darkly glared from the wings

- But when Jake and Chloe come to the wings they go to their dates and. Smooch

- Rich tried to grab Jake’s ass in a rehearsal and Jake yelled 'dAVID WHAT ARE YOU DOING’ and it became a running joke

- Christine legit made people cry when she sang 'Children Of The Wind’

- There’s a part in 'Sound Of Love’ where theres a waltz and since Michael and Jeremy were in chorus they immediately clung to each other and did the dance

- Also in 'Sound Of Love’ Ben says his name in a really weird way so Jake did it and they had to stop rehearsal because everyone was laughing so hard

- Since Rebecca is David’s mother whenever Rich sees Christine he says 'hello mother’ and she goes 'hello son’

- Theres a Russian custom to 'kiss’ your significant others cheeks (usually just pressing your cheeks together and making a kissing sound, kinda like some Latin American customs) so whenever Michael and Jeremy are onstage in the back they do that and its adorable

- It’s often you see Jake with his head in Rich’s lap and Rich running his fingers through his hair

- Dustin Kropp plays Nathan, Rebecca’s husband, so Christine and him hug a lot

- During 'Penny A Tune’ David slides on the floor during 'You can’t beat our prices!’ And the first time Rich did it hE FELL OFF THE STAGE

- Brooke is a steamstress girl and since she can actually sew she once started mending someones clothes and no one questioned it

- 'Penny A Tune’ takes place in a marketplace so theres couples walking around and buying things so Jeremy and Michael walk together

- Mister Reyes told them to walk with girls but once 'its 2017!’ was yelled at him from all directions he let them be a couple

- Theres also 'families’ in 'Penny A Tune’ so Michael got his moms to let him bring in his little sister to be his and Jeremy’s child

- Jeremy carried her on his hip until they had to go backstage (they were walking around in the aisles) then he would hand her off to Michael’s moms, who were sitting in the seats closest to the doors to backstage

- Michael got a part as a rallier in 'Bread And Freedom’ so he’s standing on a soapbox and being Very Passionate and Jeremy is like 'wow…. i am so bi’

- [spoiler] Bella dies in a fire and someone has to carry her body onstage for a scene

- But the kid who carries her and Chloe hate each other so they’re bickering until they have to go onstage so then Chloe lets her knees give out and she goes completely limp and the kid scoops her up and carries her onstage

- Jeremy’s voice cracked on a high note in 'Greenhorns’ and Michael snorted

- But since Jeremy was an alto and Michael is a tenor Jere glared at him until they were allowed to intermingle and then he tried to tackle him

- Chloe was wearing her dress and hitching it up a little for some reason and when Rich walked by he yelled 'I can see her legs!’ And Chloe just hitched the skirt up more and gave him a saucy look

- Jenna is a really good singer so she was Rosa and everyone goes quiet when she sings

- They all love her

- They were running through the choreography for 'Bread And Freedom’ and Christine was holding Rich’s hand and at one point she started walking and Rich didn’t get the memo so Christine said 'hurry up my child’

- In 'Easy For You,’ Rebecca and Saul (her sorta-kinda love interest) are roasting each other so seeing Christine totally destroy this other kid is always a entertainment

- Brooke was Esther (a streamstress girl like Rosa) and she KILLED IT

- Christine once messed up a line in rehearsal so when she did she sank to the floor and laid there for a little and Jenna was like that one video of the guy saying 'are you choking??’ To the choking kid and everyone laughed their asses off

- Jake flirts just like Ben in 'For My Mary’ and it’s the cutest thing

- I’ll add more

MONSTA X as types of New Year’s kisses

Happy New Year everyone!! I hope 2017 treats everyone well, and that you all stay happy and healthy throughout :))

SHOWNU: he’s the platonic best friend you bring along as your default date to the new years party, and when you realize the ball is about to drop, he’s already got you in his arms, ready to give you the new year’s kiss of a lifetime. did i say platonic best friend?? he’s your boyfriend now, whoops. 

Originally posted by garisanee

WONHO: the single and lonely gather at a club for new year’s eve, and in the crowd full of sleazes as the ball is dropping, wonho is the mysterious, non-sleaze, who begins making his way over to you for a kiss. after the shouts of “happy new year!!!”, you realize you didn’t even catch his name.

Originally posted by kihqun

MINHYUK: the “we just met but really get along” kiss. you arrive alone to the annual party, and minhyuk the social butterfly is making his rounds. he stops when he gets to you though, and you two talk all night. when it’s smooching time, you both just sort of shrug and go for it. somehow, he also convinces you to go on a date next weekend. you’re up for it, obviously.

Originally posted by monstaxscenariosx

KIHYUN: this new years eve, you were staying in. so was your neighbor kihyun. when you both realized you were staying in, you decided to hang out together for the new year. the kiss was expected, because you’d been flirting all night, but it was still a split second decision on his part to lean in, and boy is he glad he risked it.

Originally posted by kihqun

HYUNGWON: your boyfriend hyungwon never wants to go out, but luckily, neither do you. so as you’re both laying in bed, drifting off slightly, you notice that the clock has rolled around to 12:01am, and you nudge him, pointing to your lips. he happily obliges, and the new year comes in lazily. 

Originally posted by monstaxscenariosx

JOOHEON: okay so you’re both a little buzzed, and you’re not quite sure who decided to invite your ex to the party, but jealousy is a dangerous thing, and as the clock is about to strike twelve, you grab the nearest guy, make sure your ex is looking, and plant one on him. your ex doesn’t seem to casre too much, but no you have a cute guys number saved in your phone under “jooohoooney!!”

Originally posted by wonyeols

I.M: you’ve been on a couple dates with him, technically the new year’s party is number 4. to put it bluntly, you haven’t done anything more than hold hands. changkyun is  very shy, but he musters up the courage to kiss you when the ball drops, and that kiss becomes the first of many in the new year :))

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Wheres 👏 my 👏 hs au👏 andreil

right here, right now, sam is gonna give u that good hs au andreil content we all need and love while sj is Slep

i implore you, for a half a second, to imagine a vacation to england with the monsters involved. neil likes to call it the motherland. two out of three californians are not prepared for the cold of england in the dead of winter.

they suffer.

these are their stories.

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Daily Reminder everyone in this community is a babe and I love each and every one of you.

Oh, also your F/o’s told me to tell you they love you too. And they miss you. And they wish they were there with you. And they love you. And they wanna smooch your cute face. Did they mention they love you? Because they do.

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Let's procrastinate with ships! teen stozier or stenbrough headcanons?

I like your style, anon.

[beware i’m not actually good at headcanons]

mmmm Stozier up first!

- Stanley still loves watching birds

- Bird watching sessions will probably turn into makeout sessions 

- Which makes Stanley salty afterwards because rICHIE WE MISSED THE BIRDS

- Richie likes to publicly embarrass Stanley by saying really gay stuff really loud 

- Stanley drives Richie everywhere because he does not trust Richie enough to drive him around

- He let Richie drive once and Richie purposely scared him half to death


- Stanley has small panic attacks from memories of Pennywise

- Richie will comfort him the entire time

- Richie? Secretly a big softie, but he also protec

- They stick up for eachother and can be really surprisingly scary

That’s all I got for Stozier, onto Stenbrough!

- They watch movies under blankets and it’s nice and cozy

- They both were scarred by Pennywise in one way or another, and tend to comfort one another whenever they remember something bad.

- Bill dabbles in writing

- He’s super good and Stanley tries to tell him this

- Stanley? You mean Bill’s biggest fan

- They still go bird watching and Bill is absolutely fascinated by how pretty the birds are

- He’s also super surprised at how many birds Stanley can remember?

- How does Stanley do that? How long has he been studying birds? The world may never know.

- Gentle smooches followed by Bill getting all flustered

- Stanley laughs at this but then Bill smooches him and his face goes red as well

thank you for helping me procrastinate my friendly friend anon


These’ll probably make @oil-tears cry.

Sorry for the recent lack of content, things were going on! There’s new content in the Vilesporadic blog if you haven’t checked it out, too.

Have some blushy borgs and happy smol Demon to make up for things.

There’s nothing wrong with Genesis, btw, he just gets flustered with hand-holding.

Ah, also have the larger, non-animated versions: [X]


I don’t know, my internet went down and this happened.

As far as Johanna Mason was concerned, there was only two reasons to consider spending a weekend in a remote cabin with three couples - the possibility of being asked to join in with one of them, or the chance of some juicy drama.

The former was very unlikely with this group, but the latter seemed highly probable. So Johanna packed her bags and copious amounts of alcohol, and trudged so far up a mountain she had no phone signal to spend the weekend with three loved up couples.

Johanna was anticipating fireworks as it was the first time the whole group had been together since Katniss and Gale’s acrimonious break up eight months earlier, and Katniss and Peeta finally hooking up two weeks later. For months, Gale had contended there had been overlap, Peeta couldn’t get over his lingering jealousy of Gale, and Katniss was just generally emotionally stunted and pissed at being the apex of a love triangle.

Stick the three of them together in a remote location, add in Gale’s new snobby girlfriend, throw in some alcohol, put Johanna in place to stir the pot, and it was the perfect recipe for some high drama.

Unfortunately, for Jo, there was no drama.

Katniss, Peeta and Gale had gotten over any lingering animosity. Madge, Gale’s new girlfriend, though quiet, wasn’t the least bit snobby and mixed well with the group. Finnick and Annie were playing an excellent game of interference whenever Johanna tried to inspire a little drama. The weekend was going swimmingly.

It was incredibly annoying.

Johanna had not given up her weekend to spend it being bored silly halfway up some godforsaken mountain. She was going to have some fun. So while Peeta and Madge made dinner, Jo made margaritas. She was especially generous with the tequila.

Over dinner, Jo made sure that everyone had plenty of drink. She only sipped her own though. She needed a sober head for this. Afterwards, they sat around the fireplace, with more drinks and when everyone was just the right amount of drunk, Jo suggested they play Truth or Dare.

The game commenced with a couple of benign dares for Finnick and Annie, then it was Katniss’ turn. She warily eyed Johanna who couldn’t hide her excited smirk.

“Dare,” Katniss decided.

Johanna’s smirk grew. “I dare you to tell us who’s better at sex, Peeta or Gale?”

Everyone hooted and laughed except Katniss who immediately reddened and started to protest.

She turned to Annie frantically, pointing out that Johanna’s dare was against the rules. Sober Annie would have sided with Katniss at once and never have admitted that she wanted to know the answer just as much as Johanna did; luckily, Drunk Annie was the one sitting on the couch. “I’ll allow it. I’ll allow it,” she yelled loudly, drowning out Katniss.

“So,” Johanna prodded gleefully. “Who’s better at sex, Peeta or Gale?”

Katniss glared furiously at Johanna for a moment before flitting between her boyfriend and her ex-boyfriend. “Um…”

The effect of her hesitancy was immediate. Peeta stiffened, Gale threw his hands in the air triumphantly, Madge buried her face in her hands, Annie and Finnick whistled.

Johanna felt elated and just a smidge of guilt.

“I didn’t say anything,” Katniss stuttered, confused by the reaction.

“You said ‘um’, which was enough,” Jo said. She had to twist the knife if she wanted fireworks. “If it was Peeta you would have said so straight away; but it’s Gale so you were either going to lie, which you’re terrible at, or your were trying to think of a diplomatic way of saying it.”

Gale leaned against the couch, looking incredibly smug. An unfortunate side effect that Jo really should have anticipated was that now his head was going to get even bigger. Madge patted his knee, stood up and left the room.

Peeta hadn’t said anything, though he was trying to appear unaffected and almost pulling it off.

Johanna began to feel a smidge of guilt. She only wanted a little drama.

“Can I at least answer the question?” Katniss huffed.

“That depends; are you going to give us the lie or the diplomatic truth?” Jo asked.

Katniss rolled her eyes at her. “Just the answer.”

Madge came back into the room, her margarita glass replenished. She tossed a small tube at Peeta before taking her seat beside Gale.

Peeta raised the tube to read it, and Jo could see it was the burn cream that Madge had used when she’d splashed boiling water on herself while cooking dinner earlier. Peeta snorted, and it broke the tension in the room. “Well, let’s hear it,” he said. “God knows Gale needs the ego boost.”

Gale tipped his beer in Peeta’s direction. “Sorry, bud.”

Annie clapped her hands. “Answer, answer.”

“Fine.” Katniss took a long drink, glaring at Johanna as she did. “Gale has… a wider repertoire and um… more… stamina. On a technical level, he’s probably better at …. doing sex things.”

“I’m OK with this answer,” Gale chimed in, looking very pleased with himself.

“BUT,” Katniss continued, briefly making him the recipient of her glare, but returning it to Johanna. “With Peeta, it’s just… it’s… We….” She flushed and turned to face Peeta who was watching her very intently. Her expression softened. “We connect emotionally. I mean, the sex is great. Peeta is really good at sex… I just mean… You know, with Gale it was just physical, and with Peeta, we make love and it’s… it’s better.”

Peeta smiled softly at her. “I’m OK with this answer,” he told her, leaning in for a kiss.

“Aw,” Finnick cooed sincerely. Moved by Katniss’ awkward statement, he squeezed Annie closer and kissed her.

On the opposite couch, Gale and Madge were also smooching. Johanna huffed. Jesus, she’d just made things even worse. If she was going to be stuck with three sappy couples then it was time to hit the bottle and get very drunk.

“So, I think it’s your turn now, Jo,” Finnick pointed out.

“Dare,” Jo said at once. She raised an eyebrow in challenge. Good luck trying to find something she wouldn’t do.

“I got it,” Katniss said. “I dare you to only drink non-alcoholic drinks for the rest of the night.” To the sound of the other’s laughter, she reached across the coffee table and prised Jo’s glass from her hand.

A couple of hours later, everyone had drifted to bed.

Peeta walked into the bedroom he was sharing with Katniss after washing his teeth. She was sitting on the bed, chewing her lip. He posed dramatically against the door frame. “Ready for me to mildly rock your world?”

“Peeta,” Katniss sighed in frustration, grabbing his hand and pulling him over to the bed. “That’s really not what I meant. Honestly, our sex life is really great. I said it’s better, and I meant it. Gale has more tricks and stuff, but it was just physical with him. You and me, it’s such much more.”

“I do have tricks you know,” Peeta said. He grinned wolfishly at her, and seized her by the waist and flipped her over onto her hands and knees.

Two doors down, Gale was watching quietly as Madge removed the last of her make up. “What?” she pressed, watching his reflection in the mirror.

He shrugged. “It’s more than physical between us, right? We connect emotionally when we’re having sex.”

Madge lowered herself onto his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck. “Yes. We do.”

“Good. Because I love you,” he said.

“I love you too.” Madge pushed him onto his back and straddled him.

In the bedroom sandwiched between the two couples, alone and sober, Johanna didn’t get very much sleep that night.  

Top 10 Sweetest John Moments With Cynthia (Part 4)

Hi everybody! We are getting close to the end of this countdown! But there’s still so much to say about these two! Let’s continue and see more sweet John and Cynthia moments…

Number 4: You’re Coming to America Cynthia My Sweetheart!

There was no way I could make this list and NOT include this pivotal moment. Not only was it a big thing for John and Cynthia as a couple, but it was a huge step for The Beatles, and a phenomena to the U.S. The boys had finally hit the jackpot (or as they said it, “the toppermost of the poppermost”). They had a hit in America and were finally going to perform there. This was such a momentous time for all of them, and Cynthia was so happy that John’s dreams were coming true.

By this point, John had been married to Cynthia for almost 2 years. But because of the boys manager, Brian Epstein, who felt that it could ruin the groups image if the fans were to realize that one of the boys was married, kept it a secret from the public. But John NEVER liked hiding his marriage. He wasn’t ashamed of being with Cynthia and didn’t think the groups image would weaken just because one of its members was married. So when the news of their success in America came, John decided that Cynthia would come along for the ride.

While fans of Cynthia know of her importance in the early days, many Beatle fans are unaware of her role as an eyewitness, friend, and loving support, to the group. She was there from the very beginning, seeing the boys grow into stars. John new she deserved to experience this moment along with them, and that the opportunity to go to America was one in a lifetime. This moment is a standout for John as a person, because it not only demonstrates his love for Cynthia, but it also shows his awareness of her vitality to him and to the group. He wanted her to be with him and be a part of his world in some way. It’s just so  touching and sweet. Plus, he was tired of keeping his marriage a secret, and wanted to show off his pretty wife to the world!! And even if that meant angering Brian, John didn’t care. Cyn was coming and everyone was going to know once and for all that he was married.

The above pics are some of my favorites of them together on this trip. I particularly like the one of them looking intently in each others eyes (John looks like he’s ready to attack her lips and plant her a smooch! *squeals like a little girl*) I also love that photo of them peeking over their seats, like if they were playing peekaboo or something. And I absolutely love Cynthia’s outfit on this trip. The hat, the coat, the shoes….oh those shoes…I WANT THEM!! But I digress. Just look how happy they are. Look at their smiles. You can tell Cynthia is so thrilled to live this moment with John. And he’s just so happy that he could give her this chance to be a part of his world. This event in history was a turning point for so many people at the time. And for John and Cynthia, it was the beginning of a new chapter in their lives.

Number 3: Au Revoir Paris! Hello Cyn!

If you thought number 5 was great, then you’re really going to love this story. This is what you would call a prelude to the trip to America. As mentioned previously, The Beatles had made it big. Specially, their song “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” hand reached number 1 on the U.S charts. When they received the news of their success, the boys were in Paris. And as I stated, this was really exciting news for all of them and were very thrilled (in fact, the famous photos of them having a pillow fight were taken that day, as a way to demonstrate their sheer joy).

Whenever John was away, he would miss Cynthia dreadfully. He would right her letters and call her as often as he could. When he heard of the good news, he phoned her right away. But that wasn’t enough for John….not this time. He missed her so much and really wanted to be with her to celebrate this moment. So, seeing how he had the means to do so, John decided to surprise Cynthia by flying back home for one day, just to be with her. He would have to leave the next day and return to Paris, but as long as he could have one day with her, it was enough to suffice.

It’s moments like these that make me question the arguments of John never loving Cynthia. They say that he was merely attracted to her and that’s all it was….well pardon me if I don’t agree with that assessment. But in all honesty, I don’t know of anyone who ever took a one day trip, ON AN AIRPLANE, just to be with someone they found really attractive. No, I’m sorry, but no. You don’t go out of your way to do things like that for someone you think is attractive. Infatuation can only go so far. These are the kinds of acts that you do out of pure devotion and love for someone. John took this opportunity to be with Cynthia because he loved her. He wanted to be with her and his son. He wanted to share his joy with her. Sadly, it could only be for one day… But in the end, he got to be with his wife…and that was enough.

Stay tune for the rest..

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Could i get an imagine with UT and US skelebros, who have a short (5'2") s/o that likes to be picked up and carried? Pretty pls.

Yes you can!

♥UT Sans: He thinks that you’re adorable, but the guy is pretty lazy so he won’t do it to often. He’ll do stuff like carry you to bed or out to the car.

♥UT Papyrus: He loves how small you are, and he just wants to hug and squish you all the time. As far as you liking being carried, that’s right up his ally. He loves to carry you around because he finds it romantic and you’re close to him so he can always protect you. Anytime the two of you need to go anywhere he’ll just scoop you up and head out.

♥US Sans: Blueberry’s really happy to be the tall one for once. He would honestly be able to pick you up even if you were taller than him, because he’s actually pretty strong. Blue has always loved the idea of being able to carry his S/O, because he also thinks it’s romantic and likes to have you close to him. He loves to hold you when he smothers you in smooches so you can’t get away.

♥US Papyrus: He isn’t as lazy about it as Undertale Sans so he does it more often. Sometimes when you’re just lounging around the house, he’ll pick you up and kiss you before sitting down with you on his lap. He’ll tease you about your height sometimes by holding things up out of your reach.

Program 3 - Star Trek

Can I get a BOTE story with Scotty x Reader where Scotty has to cheer up the reader in engineering?

AN: Although this is more cute than funny, this is part of my “Bored on the Enterprise” series. You can read more of it here

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Can you please do headcanons of Hercules with an s/o who loves to flirt with him in front of his friends

boss’ memo : i like writing for herc,,, i should ask for more requests for him; some time! –oh hey, i think i know the person who made that gif!) hi !!

Originally posted by lafeyettegunsandships

  • he doesn’t mind it at all, actually! ! he’s fine with all pda, save for if it makes you or anyone around too uncomfortable! he thinks it’s really cute of you !!
  • expect him to just kinda rest his hand on his chin as he says things deliberately so you can follow up with a pick-up line (they make him laugh, and it’s okay if you don’t catch on, ‘cause he’s fine just rattling off pick-up lines to you !!)
    • it’ll probably turn into a back and forth with the two of you saying puns and pick-up lines, and pun-k-up lines (and that was a bad pun, oops.)
      • he also likes dropping innuendos !! he’ll end up seeking out this little exchange that the two of you do,, it always sends him into fits of laughter.,,
    • he varies between being really good at knowing when you’re flirting, and being really bad at knowing when you’re flirting,,,
      • (”if you wannabe my lover, you gotta be super blunt,,,” - herc)
      • it’s ‘cause of this that if you flirt with his friends, he stays quiet, ‘cause he trusts you,, if it’s in your nature to be like that? he’s okay with it, he just might be a bit more cuddly than usual,, don’t do it too often, he’s aware of what you’re doing and doesn’t want you to toy with his feelings,, be gentle to him. he seems like a flirt, too, but he’s,,, soft. and he’s got a heart bigger than his body.
  • he’s basically fine with whatever kind of touching you do ? if you smooch him while he’s with his friends, he doesn’t really mind them teasing him if it’s for you,, plus, he knows they wouldn’t do it maliciously !
    • herc just snorts and rolls his eyes when john goes, “well, well, well !! didn’t know you were so weak for them.”
      he will also just go, “yep.”
    • he might joke around, maybe pretend he doesn’t like it–he does. he totally does.

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Relationship headcanons for Connor? :)


- He doesn’t care whether you’re tall or short, but he likes to feel like he’s protecting you so he enjoys being the bigger spoon

- If you are short he will help you get things from a tall shelf with 0 smart comments whatsoever

- If you ever see him shirtless just compliment him a lot and watch his full body blush go into effect

- You definitely adopt a dog together!!

- He will gladly teach you anything he knows 

- He’ll offer to teach you archery if you’re interested (It’s his way of getting to hold you hand and be really close without outright doing it) 

- Now imagine this closely everyone; Connor being really really close, holding your hands, touching your shoulders to adjust your stance, murmuring encouraging little things in your ear and his smile when you make a really nice shot.
- Excuse me while I take a cold shower

- He’ll also ask for you to teach him things he doesn’t know/understand and he’s a pretty fast learner

- Awkward but charming kisses. His romantic side is unpracticed but endearing in it’s own way

- Give him little gifts at random he’ll always be at a loss for words

- Give him small smooches at random he’ll be taken for surprise 

- Shower him in love he deserves it

- If your hair is long enough he’ll definitely braid it or do nice things with it all while commenting on how much he loves your hair

- Before you were together, Prudence was his go-to for advice with wooing you. Whether or not she was helpful is up to how different you are from Prudence 

- Huge heat source but he still will steal all the blankets during the night. Good luck waking him up though


The guy who does fake Youtube movie trailers is a fucking creep too?  The Youtube trailer guy??  How does the guy who makes money off fake-y fake Youtube trailers not wake up everyday and just drop off his bed and start smooching the earth for getting to make his money in such a ridiculous fucking way?  How does he have time after smooching the Earth to harass anybody???  

Remember when comics folks tried to talk about shit, and everyone stroked their chins and went “we all must be better” and then fucked right back to talking about how excited they were to see whether Batman could solve the Mystery of the Unauthorized Theft of the Watchmen Characters Which They Also Didn’t Morally Mind…? I don’t know.  After comics, it’s funny seeing other people hear these things and go “wait a second, that sounds fucking shameful” instead of being like “we must all be better but wait can Batman do a crime that he even he can’t solve???”  It’s like… people can realize when behavior is shameful?  Who knew!

Stubborn Santa-Yuta Angst/Fluff

Request: “ Can you please do a Yuta angst when your giving him the silent treatment after a fight and then a happy ending”

Song: Water Under the Bride-Adele

Sometimes i feel like i interpret angst into slight smut. Sorry about that :/ I also couldn’t think of a great song so double sorry!! *smooch smoochy~*

Today was just supposed to be a fun, easy going day of you and Yuta going ice skating together. Then maybe after you would go catch a movie and get something sweet and hot to drink and then go home and decorate the tree. Just a simple, cliche winter themed date. But instead, here you were, on Christmas Eve morning, doing a lot of last minute shopping with Yuta for his members. You don’t know how he managed to hold off getting presents until the day before Christmas. It wouldn’t even be that big of a deal if it was just 1-3 people that he still needed gifts for. No. He was actually dragging you around the huge mall to find gifts for every single last one of his members. However many that was. To make matters worse, he was barely had anything planned out and was acting like he barely knew his own members! It was alright for you to have some opinion if he asked, of course, but he was starting to just straight out make you choose the gift, he pays, and then you get dragged to the next store. It was getting annoying especially since you knew instead of getting that hot drink later, you would be helping him wrap all these presents and storing them under the tree in their dorm. You didn’t want to complain since any time given to you with your boyfriend was good but it was still aggravating that he would choose today out of all days to wait to do his Christmas shopping. As you stood in the middle of a clothing store holding all of Yuta’s bags while you waited on him to find the perfect hoodie for Taeyong, your patience wore thin.

“Yuta~ Are you almost done?”
“Almost, I just can’t decide between this black hoodie or this red one.”
“Well considering black is his favorite color.….”
“Oh yeah, you’re right! I forgot, haha. Ok we can go!”

You whispered a “finally” under your breath and stood outside of the store while you waited for him to pay for the hoodie. You pulled out the long list of names that you had made for the boy, you saw that Taeyong was the last one. You smiled widely now that you could return to your planned day. It wasn’t super late but you knew ice skating was out of the question since you could barely stand after walking around all day. Maybe you could skip the movie and hurry straight home to help Yuta wrap these presents, then head to bed. As you contemplated what you would decide to do next, Yuta came out of the store, seeming a lot less stressed than you as he grinned widely at his purchase.

“Ok! That was the last one so we can go,” he said taking some of the heavier bags from you.

You two made your way out of the busy mall and arrived at your home. You weren’t going to complain about having to help Yuta wrap the presents until he said something that made your anger burst.

“Oh! Y/A, the members just texted and asked if I wanted to come help them decorate the tree. Can you maybe…finish up wrapping the boys gifts please? I’ll be right back to help you though!”

You stopped cutting the wrapping paper that was in your hands and looked at the two gifts Yuta had wrapped. You then stared at the pile of gifts you had wrapped and looked at the last one that had to be wrapped, sitting in your lap. You threw the scissors that were in your hands down on the table and looked up at a startled Yuta.

“You’re kidding, right? You really don’t expect me to wrap all of your gifts alone. While you go out and have fun  doing something that we were supposed to do together.”

He stood staring at you unsure of what to say. He seemed to be measuring how mad your really were and you must not have looked as mad as you felt because he continued to push the topic.

“Well, I know it’s a lot of gifts but it’s not like you have to wrap them perfectly. And besides, We don’t even need a tree in your house, we can just take all the presents and put them under our dorm tree.”

“It’s not….It’s not about the tree, Yuta. It’s about the fact that you’ve had me help you pick out all of your member’s presents and now you want me to wrap all of their presents. It’s also about the fact that we’ve been doing only what you want all day. We haven’t done any of the things that we had planned and believe it or into, shopping all day in a crowded mall is not as fun as it seems.”

“It’s not even that big of a deal Y/A! Why are you so upset?”

“I’m upset because you’re acting like you don’t care and now you want to leave me during the holidays even though we barely have enough time to see each other as it is! I’m-I….nevermind. Just go.”

“Y/A…no, I’m not going. Talk to me.”

You simply ignored him as he took a seat next to you and instead began to finish wrapping the last present. As you did this, Yuta kept staring at you and trying to get you to say something to him but you wouldn’t respond.

“Baby~ Are you ignoring me?”

You didn’t say anything and simply set the gift next to the pile of gifts and stood up. You made your way to the kitchen, Yuta simply following like a lost puppy. You grabbed a mug from the cabinet and began preparing yourself some hot chocolate.

“Are you making hot chocolate? I want so-”

Yuta stopped talking as you stared at him as harshly as possible.

“Nevermind…I’m not thirsty.”

You rolled your eyes and went back to making your hot chocolate while Yuta still kept trying to get you to talk to him. You simply ignored him and went to sit on the couch, ready to enjoy the next few hours with sweets and cheesy Christmas movies. Tree or no tree, you weren’t about to let your thick skulled boyfriend ruin your Christmas Eve. He simply pouted and sat next to you, finally accepting that he was being given the silent treatment. He pulled out his phone and quickly typed something. He put it away, stared at you, then walked into the bedroom. You just kept ignoring him and began watching your movies. It wasn’t as fun without Yuta there but you didn’t want to let your pride down by calling him back in there. You were on your second cup of hot chocolate when you heard your name being called by Yuta. You momentarily forgot you were mad at him and made your way to him sitting in the bedroom.

“Oh my gosh… What is all this!?”

You walked into the room to see Yuta standing next to a rose covered bed. The roses were shaped into a candy cane on the bed and he was somehow wearing a santa outfit. You didn’t know whether to find the gesture cute or funny but either way, it made you smile in appreciation.

“Wha-where did you get that santa outfit babe?”

“I was saving it for Christmas morning but…I decided now is as good as ever to put it on.”

“Ok. So, what does the candy cane on the bed mean?”

He chuckled and you could see a faint blush appear on his cheeks.

“Well, I hope you understand what it means. But if you’re not really in the mood for candy canes, I also ran you a warm bath with your favorite bath bomb. Plus some candles and more roses for extra effect.”

You giggled and ran up to hug him. You squeezed him tightly and gave him a kiss on the lips. It was meant to be a quick one until he pulled you in deeper, gripping your waist tight. You broke away from the kiss to catch your breath. Yuta smiled down at you and began dragging you towards the bathroom.

“Why doesn’t Santa come with you in the bath? I think I lost my beard somewhere in there.”

You started laughing all the way to the bathroom at his joke. Once in there, you saw that Yuta was true to his word and the bathroom was filled with candles, rose petals, and bubbles. You started stripping down until you were only in your underwear. Yuta, who was watching you for a moment, was anticipating the next article of clothing to hit the floor. You simply teased him by hooking your thumbs in your underwear without pushing them down any further. He smirked as he caught on to what you were doing and walked closer to you until your chests were pressed together. He slid his rough hands across the smooth skin of your waist, replacing your hands with his.

“Do you need help removing these baby?”

You looked up at him with eyes full of lust and started to lean in for a kiss. You stopped once you heard the doorbell ring. Yuta didn’t seem to care because he continued to close the distance between you two until he was layering kisses down your neck. You were getting sucked back in until you heard the doorbell ring, followed by some urgent knocks. You started to push Yuta away softly at the sounds coming from the front door.

“Yuta..someone is at the door.”

“I don’t care, they can come back later.”

“Yuta, it sounds really urgent. Just go answer it quickly. Please?”

He pulled away from your neck to stare into your now innocent eyes, waiting for you to change your mind. When he saw that you were serious, he huffed and went to answer the door.

“Fine. I’ll go get the door. You stay here and enjoy your bath time.”

You kissed the now sad Santa away as he went to answer the door. You entered the bubble filled tub and sunk down into the hot water, finally getting to relax your muscles from the hectic day. You connected your phone to the bluetooth speaker you had in the bathroom and played some soft jazz christmas tunes from your phone. You also received a text from Yuta while you were scrolling through the music.

(I don’t feel like doing a text format thing)

“The members were at the door. I’m gonna entertain them, you just keep taking your time in the bath.”

“Ok. What do they want?”

“To annoy me.”

“Lol ok but forreal”

“You’ll see later! Love you! But you’re still on Santa’s naughty list, so I’ll finish what we started later”

You were curious about what they would be here for but you just kept enjoying the rest of your bath. Once you were done, you finally got out and ran across the hall to get dressed in your pajamas. Since the boys were here, you decided to wear actual pajamas and not just one of Yuta’s tee shirts.

You entered the living room and greeted all of the members, happy to see them. Aside from the members, you also saw a tall Christmas tree that wasn’t there before. You gasped as you saw all the members putting their own customized decorations on the tree. Yuta was nowhere in sight though. You looked around the packed living room for him until you felt something cold touch your neck. You looked down and saw a beautiful necklace that fit your tastes perfectly being placed and fastened around your neck. You turned around after and met the eyes of Yuta himself.

“Wha-what is this,” you said, pointing to the necklace.

“Your Christmas gift of course! You were being a bit naughty lately, but you’re still Santa’s angel,” he said, winking at your adoring face.

“When did you-?”

“Earlier, when I said I was going out to decorate the tree with the members…I was actually going to get your present from the dorm. But after we fought, I just asked Doyoung to bring it with him. And the other members decided to come along and help decorate the tree!”
“Oh, you’re so sweet…I’m sorry for earlier.”

“It’s fine since you were right…I was being too selfish. We should discuss how I can fix that soon before the new year but right now let’s forget that. For now, let’s finish decorating the tree.”

You looked back at the tree and saw that it was perfectly done already. You turned back around towards Yuta, your face showing slight disappointment.

“But they’ve already finished.”

“No they haven’t. I saved the best part for you.”

He then pulled a beautifully crafted star from behind his back and handed it to you.

“Here. The angel gets to put the star on top of the tree. Go ahead baby!”

You giggled as the other members stood around the tree, waiting with happy faces for you to put the star on the tree. After stepping on a stool, you placed the star on the tree, and Yuta plugged the star in so that it shone even brighter from the top of the tree. All of you clapped at your hard work and began celebrating an evening well spent. While the other members began conversing in the living room, Yuta pulled you to the empty kitchen.

“Thank you for not being mad anymore, Y/A. And for everything else today.”

“Thank you for a great Christmas Eve.”

“I love you, my angel.”

“I love you too, my star.”

*Smooch smoochy~*