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I wasn’t satisfied with the amount of detail I was able to squeeze into my maskless 76 design in my last fanart, so I wanted to give it another go… but I also felt like drawing fluff so have a Reaper76 smooch.

I like to think that Jack′s nose and part of his jaw were reconstructed and that Gabriel has shadow stuff still shifting in/as his skin when he’s in human form or something?? And I adore blind!76. <3

Stubborn Santa-Yuta Angst/Fluff

Request: “ Can you please do a Yuta angst when your giving him the silent treatment after a fight and then a happy ending”

Song: Water Under the Bride-Adele

Sometimes i feel like i interpret angst into slight smut. Sorry about that :/ I also couldn’t think of a great song so double sorry!! *smooch smoochy~*

Today was just supposed to be a fun, easy going day of you and Yuta going ice skating together. Then maybe after you would go catch a movie and get something sweet and hot to drink and then go home and decorate the tree. Just a simple, cliche winter themed date. But instead, here you were, on Christmas Eve morning, doing a lot of last minute shopping with Yuta for his members. You don’t know how he managed to hold off getting presents until the day before Christmas. It wouldn’t even be that big of a deal if it was just 1-3 people that he still needed gifts for. No. He was actually dragging you around the huge mall to find gifts for every single last one of his members. However many that was. To make matters worse, he was barely had anything planned out and was acting like he barely knew his own members! It was alright for you to have some opinion if he asked, of course, but he was starting to just straight out make you choose the gift, he pays, and then you get dragged to the next store. It was getting annoying especially since you knew instead of getting that hot drink later, you would be helping him wrap all these presents and storing them under the tree in their dorm. You didn’t want to complain since any time given to you with your boyfriend was good but it was still aggravating that he would choose today out of all days to wait to do his Christmas shopping. As you stood in the middle of a clothing store holding all of Yuta’s bags while you waited on him to find the perfect hoodie for Taeyong, your patience wore thin.

“Yuta~ Are you almost done?”
“Almost, I just can’t decide between this black hoodie or this red one.”
“Well considering black is his favorite color.….”
“Oh yeah, you’re right! I forgot, haha. Ok we can go!”

You whispered a “finally” under your breath and stood outside of the store while you waited for him to pay for the hoodie. You pulled out the long list of names that you had made for the boy, you saw that Taeyong was the last one. You smiled widely now that you could return to your planned day. It wasn’t super late but you knew ice skating was out of the question since you could barely stand after walking around all day. Maybe you could skip the movie and hurry straight home to help Yuta wrap these presents, then head to bed. As you contemplated what you would decide to do next, Yuta came out of the store, seeming a lot less stressed than you as he grinned widely at his purchase.

“Ok! That was the last one so we can go,” he said taking some of the heavier bags from you.

You two made your way out of the busy mall and arrived at your home. You weren’t going to complain about having to help Yuta wrap the presents until he said something that made your anger burst.

“Oh! Y/A, the members just texted and asked if I wanted to come help them decorate the tree. Can you maybe…finish up wrapping the boys gifts please? I’ll be right back to help you though!”

You stopped cutting the wrapping paper that was in your hands and looked at the two gifts Yuta had wrapped. You then stared at the pile of gifts you had wrapped and looked at the last one that had to be wrapped, sitting in your lap. You threw the scissors that were in your hands down on the table and looked up at a startled Yuta.

“You’re kidding, right? You really don’t expect me to wrap all of your gifts alone. While you go out and have fun  doing something that we were supposed to do together.”

He stood staring at you unsure of what to say. He seemed to be measuring how mad your really were and you must not have looked as mad as you felt because he continued to push the topic.

“Well, I know it’s a lot of gifts but it’s not like you have to wrap them perfectly. And besides, We don’t even need a tree in your house, we can just take all the presents and put them under our dorm tree.”

“It’s not….It’s not about the tree, Yuta. It’s about the fact that you’ve had me help you pick out all of your member’s presents and now you want me to wrap all of their presents. It’s also about the fact that we’ve been doing only what you want all day. We haven’t done any of the things that we had planned and believe it or into, shopping all day in a crowded mall is not as fun as it seems.”

“It’s not even that big of a deal Y/A! Why are you so upset?”

“I’m upset because you’re acting like you don’t care and now you want to leave me during the holidays even though we barely have enough time to see each other as it is! I’m-I….nevermind. Just go.”

“Y/A…no, I’m not going. Talk to me.”

You simply ignored him as he took a seat next to you and instead began to finish wrapping the last present. As you did this, Yuta kept staring at you and trying to get you to say something to him but you wouldn’t respond.

“Baby~ Are you ignoring me?”

You didn’t say anything and simply set the gift next to the pile of gifts and stood up. You made your way to the kitchen, Yuta simply following like a lost puppy. You grabbed a mug from the cabinet and began preparing yourself some hot chocolate.

“Are you making hot chocolate? I want so-”

Yuta stopped talking as you stared at him as harshly as possible.

“Nevermind…I’m not thirsty.”

You rolled your eyes and went back to making your hot chocolate while Yuta still kept trying to get you to talk to him. You simply ignored him and went to sit on the couch, ready to enjoy the next few hours with sweets and cheesy Christmas movies. Tree or no tree, you weren’t about to let your thick skulled boyfriend ruin your Christmas Eve. He simply pouted and sat next to you, finally accepting that he was being given the silent treatment. He pulled out his phone and quickly typed something. He put it away, stared at you, then walked into the bedroom. You just kept ignoring him and began watching your movies. It wasn’t as fun without Yuta there but you didn’t want to let your pride down by calling him back in there. You were on your second cup of hot chocolate when you heard your name being called by Yuta. You momentarily forgot you were mad at him and made your way to him sitting in the bedroom.

“Oh my gosh… What is all this!?”

You walked into the room to see Yuta standing next to a rose covered bed. The roses were shaped into a candy cane on the bed and he was somehow wearing a santa outfit. You didn’t know whether to find the gesture cute or funny but either way, it made you smile in appreciation.

“Wha-where did you get that santa outfit babe?”

“I was saving it for Christmas morning but…I decided now is as good as ever to put it on.”

“Ok. So, what does the candy cane on the bed mean?”

He chuckled and you could see a faint blush appear on his cheeks.

“Well, I hope you understand what it means. But if you’re not really in the mood for candy canes, I also ran you a warm bath with your favorite bath bomb. Plus some candles and more roses for extra effect.”

You giggled and ran up to hug him. You squeezed him tightly and gave him a kiss on the lips. It was meant to be a quick one until he pulled you in deeper, gripping your waist tight. You broke away from the kiss to catch your breath. Yuta smiled down at you and began dragging you towards the bathroom.

“Why doesn’t Santa come with you in the bath? I think I lost my beard somewhere in there.”

You started laughing all the way to the bathroom at his joke. Once in there, you saw that Yuta was true to his word and the bathroom was filled with candles, rose petals, and bubbles. You started stripping down until you were only in your underwear. Yuta, who was watching you for a moment, was anticipating the next article of clothing to hit the floor. You simply teased him by hooking your thumbs in your underwear without pushing them down any further. He smirked as he caught on to what you were doing and walked closer to you until your chests were pressed together. He slid his rough hands across the smooth skin of your waist, replacing your hands with his.

“Do you need help removing these baby?”

You looked up at him with eyes full of lust and started to lean in for a kiss. You stopped once you heard the doorbell ring. Yuta didn’t seem to care because he continued to close the distance between you two until he was layering kisses down your neck. You were getting sucked back in until you heard the doorbell ring, followed by some urgent knocks. You started to push Yuta away softly at the sounds coming from the front door.

“Yuta..someone is at the door.”

“I don’t care, they can come back later.”

“Yuta, it sounds really urgent. Just go answer it quickly. Please?”

He pulled away from your neck to stare into your now innocent eyes, waiting for you to change your mind. When he saw that you were serious, he huffed and went to answer the door.

“Fine. I’ll go get the door. You stay here and enjoy your bath time.”

You kissed the now sad Santa away as he went to answer the door. You entered the bubble filled tub and sunk down into the hot water, finally getting to relax your muscles from the hectic day. You connected your phone to the bluetooth speaker you had in the bathroom and played some soft jazz christmas tunes from your phone. You also received a text from Yuta while you were scrolling through the music.

(I don’t feel like doing a text format thing)

“The members were at the door. I’m gonna entertain them, you just keep taking your time in the bath.”

“Ok. What do they want?”

“To annoy me.”

“Lol ok but forreal”

“You’ll see later! Love you! But you’re still on Santa’s naughty list, so I’ll finish what we started later”

You were curious about what they would be here for but you just kept enjoying the rest of your bath. Once you were done, you finally got out and ran across the hall to get dressed in your pajamas. Since the boys were here, you decided to wear actual pajamas and not just one of Yuta’s tee shirts.

You entered the living room and greeted all of the members, happy to see them. Aside from the members, you also saw a tall Christmas tree that wasn’t there before. You gasped as you saw all the members putting their own customized decorations on the tree. Yuta was nowhere in sight though. You looked around the packed living room for him until you felt something cold touch your neck. You looked down and saw a beautiful necklace that fit your tastes perfectly being placed and fastened around your neck. You turned around after and met the eyes of Yuta himself.

“Wha-what is this,” you said, pointing to the necklace.

“Your Christmas gift of course! You were being a bit naughty lately, but you’re still Santa’s angel,” he said, winking at your adoring face.

“When did you-?”

“Earlier, when I said I was going out to decorate the tree with the members…I was actually going to get your present from the dorm. But after we fought, I just asked Doyoung to bring it with him. And the other members decided to come along and help decorate the tree!”
“Oh, you’re so sweet…I’m sorry for earlier.”

“It’s fine since you were right…I was being too selfish. We should discuss how I can fix that soon before the new year but right now let’s forget that. For now, let’s finish decorating the tree.”

You looked back at the tree and saw that it was perfectly done already. You turned back around towards Yuta, your face showing slight disappointment.

“But they’ve already finished.”

“No they haven’t. I saved the best part for you.”

He then pulled a beautifully crafted star from behind his back and handed it to you.

“Here. The angel gets to put the star on top of the tree. Go ahead baby!”

You giggled as the other members stood around the tree, waiting with happy faces for you to put the star on the tree. After stepping on a stool, you placed the star on the tree, and Yuta plugged the star in so that it shone even brighter from the top of the tree. All of you clapped at your hard work and began celebrating an evening well spent. While the other members began conversing in the living room, Yuta pulled you to the empty kitchen.

“Thank you for not being mad anymore, Y/A. And for everything else today.”

“Thank you for a great Christmas Eve.”

“I love you, my angel.”

“I love you too, my star.”

*Smooch smoochy~*

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Kenshiro relationship head canons please!!!!!

bring out the pupper!!!

-Head bumping and nuzzling? Yeah,,,,, lotsa that good stuff.
-Probably shares his haori with you 
-Also I dont want to say he’s the biggest person on cuddles, but… He totally is. He adores smelling your hair and holding your hand and maybe giving you a lil smooch. Its really Relaxing
-Very lowkey about your relationship. The most he does in public are goodbye kisses or maybe holding hands? 
-Tells you he loves you the INSTANT he realizes. Y’all were probably asleep and when he wakes up and thinks “oh my God i want to spend the rest of my life with this person” he tells you the instant you wake up (he was going to wake you but you looked so cute sleeping,,)

@aliosventosaliasprocellas from x

“Why would I be making fun of you? You look fine!”

Truthfully, Cicero was a bit jealous, but that was to be expected. But he was happy for his friend, and maybe his eyes lingered on his form for a bit too long before his eyes snapped back up to his face, a small smile forming. “Anyways, this is your big day, right? So you should be happy, instead of fretting over how you look. If I say you look fine, you look fine.

He laughed a little as he walked over to Atticus, leaning up to press a kiss to his cheek. “You are fine, dear friend. Please, don’t worry so much. It doesn’t suit you.”