also they look super cute at the party

Rating of Boos from various Mario games

Super Mario Bros. 3 (Boo Diddlys)

Look at that boy!! He’s certainly up to something, and he’s ready for it! The dark background shows off just how pale he is!!!! (10/10)

Super Mario World (Boo Buddies)

Oh, there’s three here!! Already a great start! And look, they’re showing off how many different faces they can make!! You go, boo Buddies!! (10/10)

Super Mario 64

He may be pointy, but look at those amazing blue eyes! Don’t you just wanna stare into them for hours? Not as big of a smile as his predecessors, but that doesn’t matter!!! (10/10)

Super Mario Sunshine

Aaaaaa such a long tongue! And those teeth make the expression so adorable! They also like to take naps, so be sure not to wake them!!! (10/10)

Super Mario Galaxy

Here you can see they start getting bigger, which means more Boo to love!!! They’re so squishy-looking, I just wanna give ‘em a hug!!! (10/10)

Super Mario 3D World

YOU CAN SEE THROUGH THEM??? STUPENDOUS!!!! Look, they got their tongues out and they’re on the chase! (10/10)

Mario Party (4 and 5)

He’s got a cute little outfit on, oh no my heart can’t take this!!!! I wanna see him do some cool magic tricks, would hire as a birthday wizard!!! (10/10)

Wouldya look at that! This Boo’s gonna gobble up aaaaalll the ice cream!!! Bonus points for first playable Mario Party Boo!!!!! (10/10)

Paper Mario

Ooooo they got very pointy, yes they did! But lookit those eyebrows!! I’d trust them, I mean, look at how expressive they can be!!! (10/10)

But that’s not all!!! Let’s do King Boo to wrap things up!!!


So round and smooth and soft! And that crown is so sparkly, oh my goodness!! A very Good King!!!! (10/10)

Luigi’s Mansion

His tongue!!! It’s blue!!! And bright red eyes to match that jeweled crown??? Gorgeous!!!! (10/10)

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

Call me biased, but purple is my Favorite color, making this my Favorite King Boo. That ominous look! Those shadowy eyes!!! I love this!!! (10000/10)

I hope you enjoyed my rating, because simply put, all Boos are good.


so at disney’s port orlean’s resort there’s a room called the royal guest room. it’s supposed to be tiana inviting us over to stay at her place where all the other princesses stayed and gave her gifts etc 

and you guys have to see this

portraits of tiana and the others!!!!!

slightly better view!!

okay but check out that look ariel gives her. i smell a huge crush?????

i’m obsessed with this image like belle is looking sweet with that bird but rapunzel only has eyes for snow white. check out That Look of Adoration. while snow is adorable and oblivious as usual and tiana just. look at her face. don’t try to tell me that doesn’t scream “snow please get a grip already. rapunzel is in love with you and if you don’t realize that right away i’m putting a banner up in my restaurant”

i really wish i had better pictures of this one but it looks like tiana, cinderella and aurora are having a gay ole time together. can i just say i love how cinderella wore her mother’s dress to go out with tiana instead of her more casual outfit or her ballgown because she needs to be comfortable but still wants to look nice for tiana

group shot with everyone!! i’m amused that the men are there too like what were they doing when the princesses were hanging out? having a beer? getting manicures? shit-talking gaston?

and look!!!!!!!!! princess party!!!!!!!

i’m really hoping that’s a replica of cogsworth belle’s giving her and not actually cogsworth bc damn, that’s just cold. straight-up giving your servants away like that. also ariel and aurora just gave her a fork and a basket of berries like gajglasjk; ariel does not know the conventions of human gift-giving and decided to give tiana the object she treasures the most bc that’s what you give people you’re in love with, right

basically if disney doesn’t stop making its princesses super gay im going to fucking sue bc i can’t handle how cute this is

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Hi!! Can I request the RFA crew and none of them have released their identities to mc. Mc then goes on about being in love with them not realizing they are in the chat (ex: mc sees zen in a magazine and comments in the group of how much she likes him but the group doesn't tell her zen is the chat) if that makes sense. I'm sorry if it's confusing 😓

 aaaahhhhhhhh sorry this is so late! i’ve been so busy with ap tests :( but this was so much fun to write!!!

Not Recognizing the RFA


  • You told the RFA how there was this really cute boy in your biology class
  • He was kinda adorkable and overall really sweet and you really like that about him
  • When someone asked what school you went to you told them SKY University
  • Seven immediately asks what your crush’s name was and you told them it was Yoosung
  • Zen and Seven thought it would be funny to keep it a secret that the Yoosung you liked was also reading this entire conversation
  • After that chat, Yoosung gained a little more confidence in talking to you in person
  • He ended up being a little flirty with you omg this lil bean
  • Every time you spoke to each other, you gushed to everyone in the messenger about him
  • You go on a really cute study/coffee date!!!!!!!
  • zen and seven congratulate yoosung on becoming a man lol
  • When the day of the party arrives, Yoosung is super nervous but also really excited to see the look on your face
  • You get to the party and meet everyone but you notice they all have that mischievous smile
  • You realize there’s a member missing
  • *a wild Yoosung appears!* lol wHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE
  • “Surprise! I’ve been an RFA member all along and I’ve been reading everything you ever said about me hahahaha……………”
  • He’s red in the face and you’re red in the face and the members are placing bets on who’s gonna make the first move lol
  • After the initial shock, you both start laughing and you end up staying by each other’s side the whole time
  • The party ends and he gives you a goodbye kiss jasfhsjaikd
  • Zen and Jaehee just won 50 bucks lol


  • Your friend introduced you to some musical that starred Zen in it and you were immediately head over heels for him
  • When you told the RFA about this new up and coming actor, Jaehee started fangirling
  • She starts going on about Zen and recommends some of his musicals and sends photos of him to you
  • Meanwhile, Zen is watching this convo unfold all while smiling really smug to himself
  • He decides to have a little fun by pretending to not be the actor you currently have a gigantic crush on and may or may not actually be falling in love with
  • Also he can’t pass up an opportunity to talk about himself amirite
  • at this point, everyone but jaehee and zen have left the chat
  • He’ll send selfies of you claiming they’re secret photos he got off the internet and your heART GOES HAYWIRE
  • Zen is having fun with this
  • He ends up surprising you by telling you he scored front row tickets to his new show
  • You. Are. Dead.
  • You ask him how on earth he got tickets but he just says he has connections somehow or somethin idk
  • He thinks it’s really cute that you’re such a big fan of him
  • But he especially loves how it’s not just for his looks! You also admire his talent and how kind and devoted he is to his fans!
  • That’s how he falls for you but he doesn’t know if you’ll love him back or just remain a fan
  • Come the party day and he’s a little nervous to meet you
  • When you see him, you start freaking out because how did Zen end up at this party?!!?!?!!?1?1
  • He starts laughing as he explains that he was a member of the RFA
  • you nearly faint bc omg the amount of embarrassing things that you said
  • After letting the news sink in, he proclaims his love for you
  • You’re super happy because of course you love him too because you were able to get to know the real Zen in the chat and not just the actor
  • When you tell him that, he is sososososo happy!!!!


  • You met this really cute girl at a coffee shop one day 
  • She was in a rush but she made quick small talk with you but you never got her name
  • When you told the RFA about her, you were super blushy and everything awww
  • But Jaehee is a super smart girl so she was able to kinda put two and two together and figure out that she was the one you met
  • Now she’s getting all blushy bc “wat MC likes me??? she thinks i’m cute?!!?!?”
  • Since that day, she makes an effort to go to the same cafe at the same time in hopes of meeting you again
  • And you’re doing the same thing so you end up meeting each other every day
  • You two claim it’s just a “coincidence”
  • calling u on ur bullshit
  • The both of you end up developing HUGE crushes on each other it’s adorable
  • Everyone in the RFA is rooting for you two lol
  • Especially Zen and he’s also trying to be that lowkey wingman for baehee in the chat without revealing who she really is
  • You thought it would be a good idea to invite Jaehee to the party
  • She accepts while trying to hide her laugh bc little did you know
  • The day arrives and you’re nervous to finally meet the RFA but even more nervous bc oh god Jaehee is gonna be there too you gotta look nice
  • You spot Jaehee right away and you give her a big hug before leading her around and trying to find the RFA
  • You see a group of men walk up to you and they introduce themselves as the RFA
  • You introduce Jaehee as the girl you’ve been talking about
  • “MC, there’s no need to introduce me. I already know them.”
  • lol wut
  • She giggles and explains that she is the other member and you nearly faint you’re so embarrassed
  • She takes your hand in hers and says, “Don’t worry, MC. I happen to like you a lot too.”


  • You had recently gotten a job at the C&R Company and had coincidentally been placed to work in the same department as Jumin’s
  • Despite the rumors and the crazy amount of workload, you had slowly started to develop some feelings for him
  • You never really saw him that much since he was so busy
  • But when you did, your heart would beat like crazy even though you knew that being with him would probably never happen in a billion years
  • So you vented to the chatroom one day after having a run-in with Jumin
  • You told them how you had started to fall for him even though you knew her could never have feelings for you
  • Jaehee was stunned
  • Yoosung and Seven fucking lost it
  • Zen nearly s c r e a m e d
  • When Jumin read your messages, he was shocked to say the least
  • How funny that the MC he’s falling for is also in love with him without realizing it
  • He immediately looked up your employee info so he could have a little fun with this 
  • The next day at work, you were surprised to run into Jumin but even more so that he decided to actually have a conversation with you that didn’t involve work
  • He was a lot nicer and relaxed and smiled more than before
  • You told the members about the interaction while Jumin fucking smirked the entire time
  • This continued for a while, him randomly running into you at work and chatting while you silently died inside
  • same mc same
  • Party day arrives and you’re looking around for the members when BAM
  • juMiN iS HeRE?!?!1/!?!!?
  • You slowly make your way towards him and the small group he was talking to
  • He sees you and smiles
  • “Ah MC, it’s so good to see you again. Let me introduce you to the other RFA members.”
  • O-Other members?”
  • The gears start working in your head before you realize that Jumin was a member
  • Which meant he read all your messages
  • Which also meant that today was your death day
  • He laughs at your expression when you figure it out but reassures you that the feelings are mutual
  • You both smile at each other as he kisses you on the cheek
  • meanwhile zen is now officially screaming


  • The agency you worked for partnered you up with Seven for a mission
  • Agents 606 and 707: The best hacker and best field operative the agency has
  • also fucking badass holy shit i might write a fic
  • Ever since your successful mission, you two have been partners on every single one following that
  • While kicking ass, you had slowly started to develop feelings for him
  • When you joined the RFA, everyone introduced themselves except for one who was a hacker
  • To you, it made sense that he had to hide his identity
  • Also for some strange reason, this hacker reminded you of Seven hmmmmmmmmmmm i wonder why
  • You introduced yourself to the group, though, and Seven nearly choked on the chips he was eating
  • As the days passed by, you grew more comfortable with the group and eventually told them about the troubles in your love life
  • You told them how you had fallen for your partner but you didn’t think he loved you back because he tends to push you away sometimes
  • Seven: Dead.
  • Little did you know that he was in love with you too
  • The reason why he pushes you away was because he didn’t think that you loved him
  • Since then, Seven has started to open up a bit more around you and you were really happy with that
  • In classic Seven-fashion, he thinks it would be hilarious if he kept it a secret that he was an RFA member
  • The day of the party arrives and you’re about to leave when you run into Seven
  • “Where you going?” He asks you
  • “Heading off to the party with the RFA. I told you about them, remember? See you later!”
  • yes you will lololol
  • When you meet everyone at the party, you’re all happy to finally meet each other 
  • But you notice that your new hacker friend was missing
  • In the corner of your eye, you see a flash of red and immediately recognize it as Seven
  • You confront him and ask him how and why he’s at the party
  • “For the agency’s best spy, you’re really bad at recognizing people.”
  • Putting two and two together, you realize that he was the last member of the RFA
  • *cue you slapping him repeatedly on the shoulder as he laughs his fucking ass off*

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I'm hoping Alec is asking about it not because of slut shaming, but because of his own nerves for being inexperienced. Which could end up being super cute!

I think that’s exactly the reason why he’s asking. alec has shown no signs of being biphobic and I doubt he’ll start being biphobic now. literally just last episode, he was telling magnus that he’s not bothered by magnus’ past with camille and he should just say what he thinks.

also promos are always made to look more dramatic than they are, this clip does that too. and we know their date goes well I mean they’re practically married and planning a party together two episodes later so

New outfits for our Bouei Bu!! More Better~ ✨💖✨

The All Star event was absolutely incredible and fun!

I have two heart penlights and two regular penlights. The girl next to me was at her first event so I let her borrow a heart and a normal one 😊😊😊.

Everyone came out in their school uniforms and introduced themselves. The twins’ voice actors, Kousuke and Yoshiki, rubbed Hiroki’s (Dadacha) chin until he let out a small “ahh~”.

Then Hiroki chose random names from a box to do one on one skits!

Yoshiki/Kazutomi talked about games and turns out that Kazutomi really likes board games!

Kousuke/Wombat were in the “onsen” and Kousuke had to give him mofu mofu rubs 😂.
Massun/Umehara: Ume-chan washed Massun’s back and even washed his chest from behind, but it was when he reached Massun’s thighs that moans were heard. Very loud Massun moans 😲.

Shirai/Koutarou: you know what, I don’t even know what they talked about. It’s what they DID that stuck lol. Shirai took the spotlight by whipping his belt off so fast I barely saw it. He proceeded to sit very spread-legged and very intimidating lol.

Afterward, Bouei Bu quiz was up! They asked three questions and the answers were projected on the ground. The seiyuu had to stand on the answers they thought were right.

One question was what type of university would Yumoto go to. That’s the only one I remember because it was simple but I couldn’t understand the answer 😢. Gora’s voice actor gave the next question in a video. And so many screams were made when Hiroshi Kamiya came in a video for the last question!

By the way, Shirai is a really petty winner haha. He would dance around stage and laugh at the rest who were wrong 😂.

Another challenge was who could make the cutest animal impression?

Kazutomi was a penguin who gathered things for a home and would wave to the audience with his little “wings”.

Shirai…. I don’t know what he was but he crawled on the floor and had the weirdest expression that everyone called not cute lol.

Wombat squatted in the middle of the stage and said “puru puru puru!!”

Yoshiki crawled around acting like a cat by licking himself and sticking his head under his coat on the ground.

And Koutarou was an otter! Super cute haha. He pretended to dive in the water and juggle his rock, and break shells open. But then the camera zoomed on his face and he looked at the camera with a sexy look, took off his glasses and played with them with his mouth 😳.

There was also a mosaic challenge with a pixelated photo and the seiyuu had to guess what it was before it cleared up enough. First photo was the bouei bu playing twister! Ryu was on top of a blushing Io, Atsushi was over En, and Yumoto was laying over them all lol. Second photo was a birthday party for Ryu! He looked so precious and happy!!! He was all blushes and smiles 😍😍😍. Last photo challenge was Atsushi and Kinshiro on a planetarium date. You could tell from all the screams that there are many KinAtsu fans~

Next challenge was Ikemen Pose!

Umehara drew first blood by taking out his tie from his pocket and straddling it and um… Pelvic thrusting while rubbing his tie between his legs. Shirai promptly ran and stopped him haha.

Massun dragged Shirai on stage to pose him on his hands and knees, then Massun put his foot on Shirai’s back triumphantly.

Kousuke used Yoshiki to gently guide him to lay down in bed, then he took off his jacket and put it on Yoshiki like a blanket and lay next to him. Very gentlemanly and sweet 😚.

They also did a skit where the twins eavesdropped on the bouei bu in the onsen. They overheard Yumoto say Gora likes making and eating pudding. The twins went to France and learned how to make it, but something happened and they never got to give him anything. I think that’s what the skit was about but my Japanese is limited.

White Day messages from the characters were also given! The twins said to the audience things like “precious evening”, “heavenly kiss”, “make love” 😳.

Shirai talked about money of course and ended it with “Love is… Money”.

Koutarou asked the audience what En’s favorite curry is. It’s chicken.

Kazutomi didn’t quite know what to say but he did say thank you for the love.

Massun went to each side of the audience saying “hey let’s hang out”, “I’ll be your boyfriend”, and on my side, he said “Marry me” 😳😳😳😳😳.

I can’t remember at the moment what Umehara said but it was good!!! If I remember, I’ll edit this post.

We saw the beautiful magical transformation scenes and Kousuke and Yoshiki came out in their magical outfits and sang Star The Vepper and Junjou Kakumei D.F.G. 

Bouei Bu came out in their new More Better outfits (even their shoes are different from each other this time!!). They performed Zettai Muteki Fallin’ Love and Futten Toppa LOVE IS POWER.

At the end, they announced the OVA release along with the visual AND, there will be a CG Live concert in May, June and July!! They showed a trailer and it looks awesome!!! The actual characters singing the songs!!!!!!!

Well, that’s all I have for now. It was a really super amazing event!! Saikoooooo!!

Types partying/drunk  [personal experience]

What types are like when drunk/partying based on what my real life friends with that type have said/done

ISTJ - says “he doesn’t really wanna drink tonight” and refuses to come out when invited, but then later texts, completely wasted, about how awesome drinking is and then adds the details of a programming task with a screenshot and three source files that he managed to finish (while absolutely buzzed), which was actually due 5 weeks later from then
ISFJ - *giggles after her first sip of wine* hehehhe I believe I am very wasted haha forgive me if I say something stupid hehheheh… Oh dear, I really shouldn’t have more of this.. I am so drunk hahaha this is so awkward I feel ashamed!! *was actually given alcohol-free wine* *i love you ISFJ you’re the cutest*
INFJ - *looks like a wasted sloth in a corner while everybody else is yelling, dancing and laughing and then grabs your arm after observing you for a while and quietly murmurs with a very creepy voice* I…seeeeee…you..  *tries to point at your nose but hits your cheek with her finger*
INTJ - disappears because he felt the need to go on a walk to stare at the stars and when he’s looked for and you ask “WHERE WERE YOU” or “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE” he begins the sentence with “Did you know…” and becomes the Wikipedia of astrology
ISTP - sits quietly with his bottle of whiskey most of the time and doesn’t say or do much, and mostly leaves early, but when you actually take the time to sit next to him he may as well put his (absolutely fucking well developed) perv side on and go like “Hey, how would you perform blowjob on someone? My girlfriend is a newbie at this and I’m wondering if you have any tips.” with the straightest.face.ever. When you are like “WTFFF” he doesn’t understand what’s wrong and offers you whiskey. Then repeats the question.
ISFP - Very happy and clumsy, for example my mom pushed a vase off the table and when she tried to catch it, her foot got stuck in the laptop wire aaaand off the table went both vase and the laptop and my mum was on the floor along with both items, laughing at her misfortune and completely ignoring everyone and everything else. Total 100% from quiet sweet mom to YOLO when she’s drunk.
INFP - professes undying love/care to you, would never actually even mention it in the first place and it comes unexpected for you. Then decides it’s a great idea to walk off and disappear into crowds, leaving people wonder and worry where the heck he is and then of course forgets his phone in his friend’s purse and then noone can contact him about his whereabouts and everything’s fucked.
INTP - If he actually manages to come out and party instead of being drunk home alone as he usually prefers, he begins philosophical debate with everything that breathes (and always wins). Is usually the one who downs the most drinks but still looks as sober as before. Also super cute because he gets so drunk he dozes off on your lap and you can tell when he has sobered up a little because when he opens his eyes, his whole being freezes completely when he realises he’s on your lap (OH MY GOD HUMAN CONTACT). Bonus points for if you stroke his hair and hear his heart stop. (i fucking love intps)
ESTP - *to a very handsome tourist guy*  "What do you mean you wanna take me to your hotel? Lol thanks I’m flattered but like, I just wanted a drink and you got me one, soooo… sorry but you have served your purpose ok BYEEE" *turns around, grabs your arm and walks off calmly and confidently like nothing happened*
ESFP - all over the place, happy and manages to do a lot of stupid things, for example runs off alone while smashed at a beach party and then noone knows how the fuck she gets the idea to climb on top of the lifeguard tower, then falls off and breaks her pelvis and then has you all worried in the emergency department the whole night and then comes out laughing in a wheelchair and makes pelvis jokes and then spends the whole summer in bed but still has pelvis-themed parties where everyone makes jokes about it at her place.
ENFP - Full of fun, wants to play truth or dare every god damn time and manages to get all the kissing dares somehow so he ends up kissing everybody in the room (and liking it), then probably does it again with 6 new random people the next day. Even though with not many boundaries, still manages to be very caring and in control all the time and will bring glass after glass to make sure you drink plenty of water
ENTP - usually is fine for ages and makes jokes about others who are drunk BUT then just one fateful sip manages to turn her into a ridiculous jellyfish so you have to pretty much carry her around, hold her up on the bus, protect her not only from perverts but also very fatal things like roads for example, then take a taxi with her, tuck her in her bed and promise her she didn’t ruin the night about 23 times and she still won’t believe you before you agree to stay over for the night and watch cartoons with her
ESTJ - is usually quite disciplined when it comes to drinking but if drunk, she gets way more communicative and actually tells you her lifestory (which you are NOT allowed to mention afterwards when the alcohol fades) and flirts with the bartender and dances on tables and then suddenly with a snap of fingers she’s sitting on the nearest couch, looking half asleep and asking if there are any spare beds or sober drivers because she suddenly got tired of that shit
ESFJ - becomes a total full-on energy bunny and finds 8 new friends within a night and gets their contacts and has selfies with all of them. Already gets in awe with them without knowing them and makes 4 years worth of plans with them all included without them knowing. Will still remember them next day. Also a very amazing listener and definitely the shoulder to lean on because she will forget her own drunkness if you need to be taken care of.
ENFJ - (this is based on myself because I don’t know any other ENFJs in real life) *becomes an overly caring mom* YESSSSS OF COURSE I WILL BUY YOU THIS DRINK SWEETHEART hey actually *taps on other friend’s shoulder* would you like one too? *realises everyone has less money than her because they don’t work* No wait I will buy a round of shots for EVERYBODY! YES! GATHER AROUND ME FRIENDS. *next day, checks bank balance* Fuck. Ok next time I will NOT do that! *does it again next time*
ENTJ - centre of attention, becomes everyone’s favourite quickly because of his dark/sarcastic/well-fitted humour brought to everybody by his need to shine, doesn’t really hold back with drinks, is always the last one to leave a place because, for example, he gets so caught up with chatting about quantum theory and why he thinks it’s got flaws with the hosts of the party place who just stare at him with their mouth open, but since that gives him plenty of time to clean he always leaves the place nice and cleaned up after him and everybody else.

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How'd the NYE date go? Spill ALL the tea, gurl! ☕

Have a seat, sis. This finna be lengthy.

It was SO good. Originally, the plan was to meet at his lady friends house at like 6:30-7 and then do the damn thing (like drink and stuff). Nay, said the lord. His parents are in the process of opening a home to single mothers cause they’re like real into their church and ish, so I volunteered to help out with moving everything. His dad was hella sweet and his mom about keeled over when I asked if she wanted me to vacuum. (She had a stroke so she has to use a cane). Mind you, they don’t exactly know about him. They discussed it before but from a religious standpoint, I think everyone’s on the fence about how to bring it up. Anyhow. They loved me cause parents love me. That ended up taking us like 3-4 hours. Had to RE shower so I didn’t look NEAR as cute as before but whatever. We didn’t get to the party until 11:15 ish? But I met his best friends and they were all super nice. Told me I was really sweet and that he deserved someone like me which made me feel nice like. Also, I don’t know if this is just me, but if I’m still getting to know a guy and he asks me to a thing where all of his friends are gonna be, I like hardcoreeee mingle the fuck out of the friends. I’m always really nervous around groups of people I don’t know but I just start a casual convo and go from there. That way he can see that I’m putting in the effort and shit. And I mean, they were all great people anyway so that was a plus. Anyway, the night goes on. He’s like leaning against me, holding my hand, kissing me here and there (pulled me into the bathroom at one point *raises eyebrows up and down*), like doing all of this in front of his friends and it’s like so totes cashe (“so totally casual” for you non-native gae

Voltage: Look, a new lovely fashion lottery! It’s super cute, isn’t it? Also here is a new event, you missed your favorite Lords, didn’t you? To help you finish it, you can get Fashion Sets, it has exclusive items! Of course, don’t forget to buy the epilogues too! Oh and guess what? Wait for special epilogues with fashion items included, you’ll love it!

Me: Say no more!

what i did for prom

okay so there’s a ton of posts out there talking about prom and how to prep and any last minute details and I just thought I would share my experience with u all!! my prom was last weekend and it was a blast. I was actually on my prom planning committee so t was extra satisfying to see all my cool friends come together and work on something great.
Not to mention it was in the MOA and we got to go on the rides!! it’s
So I’m thicc as hell and not in my peak athletic state like at all, so I wanted to keep my workouts to a minimum and still get some really nice results. So starting about three weeks out, I would do planks (just standard, elbows On the ground) for about a 1-2 minutes and some wall sits here and their. Planks are miserable but they do work. I also am up and moving. Around at work and went on long walks about once a week. DANCE IN THE MIRROR. don’t make cardio hard.

Also if u want the glowy clear skin, u gotta eat right. I’m a vegetarian, so I upped my game a little bit and tried to eat vegan as much as I could. This is a hard task for some, and it’s totally fine if u can’t, but I would cut out fatty meats and red meat all together for a little bit. I know it helps w my skin. When I was eating vegan 90% of the time, it was easier for me bc I work at a place where vegan food was easily accessible. try chipotle or panera!! or a smoothie place if ur on the go. the more holistically u eat, and the less processed food u eat, the better u will feel. also obviously, drink more water than usual. drink ur coffee and tea straight up, no diet sodas.

I put coconut oil in my hair for at least 10 hours a week( overnight) and I didn’t use heat on it so I knew it had time to relax and strengthen up before I curled the shit out of it bc I have bleached and damaged hair

I got my dress from Macy’s, it was $90, which was great for my price range but if it’s too much there are always other really great stores with cheaper options. ur only gonna wear it once anyways. Sell ur old ones for cash, or u could rent one!! Check thrift shops too. My shoes I already had, and I made some of my accesories with crafty shit I found at Walmart. Otherwise, Claire’s is ur best friend.

Don’t stress about money, honies. I always look for ways to be as cheap as possible. You certainly don’t need a limo or a party bus or a corsage or a super expensive meal to have a good night. There’s no need to be the most the prettiest girl at the ball, bc in reality, girls are gonna be cute no matter what they wear. It’s about confidence and the ppl ur with. ALSO U DO NOT NEED A DATE. I NEVER HAD ONE AND I HAD THE TIME IF MY LIFE DANCIG EITH MY BEST FRIENDS. DONT STRESS.

compromise is key with ur friends. If ur going with a group, u will stress out about what ur game plan is, worry not. things will fall into place.

Please be safe if u are gonna do illegal or sketchy activities. You don’t need a lecture from me.

don’t wait for the last day to buy ur tickets

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Do you know any good Daiken fanfics? In my languague there aren't too many so I suppose there will be loads more in English

Oh man - I know soooooo many

acktacky has a ton of great ones, everything from sweet oneshots to heartbreaking chapter fics. gouguruheddo on ao3. The Game and A Brief Reprieve are some of my favorites. How It Came to Be is an exploration of Daisuke and Ken’s relationship within the context of the epilogue; extremely sad, but one of the most real fics I’ve ever come across. (There’s a cuteprologue for it by insertlokihere called Let’s Go) And Never Alone was written for me so of course I love it. ^_^ More a focus on the digimon, but there’s some daiken in there.

Drive Me Crazy is one of my favorites. It’s long, and also seems to have been abandoned, but it’s really well-written. NSFW for sex and some violence.

Don’t Lose Yourself by fiones is another big favorite of mine. It’s mostly quiet and introspective, with Daisuke working out his feelings while Ken waits for him to come to a conclusion. It’s really sweet and there’s some cute stuff with the digimon. Also Like Home by the same author is really cute.

Public Eye by A Hidden Path is a short, sweet look at what happens when Dai and Ken’s relationship is picked up by the press. A Gentleman’s Wager is also super cute; a little Daiken, but has several other ships and is mostly general adorableness.

Through Time and Under the Bleachers by heartspocky are adorable and super fluffy, Dai and Ken finding ways and places to just be together.

Walking in the Dark is an older!Daiken story where the two meet in college and fall pretty fast during a party. There’s only one chapter so far but I like it a lot.

Higuchimon has a loooooot of 02 stories, but my favorite one is Just by Chance. another older!kids fic, where Daisuke is selling ramen noodles and Ken is a detective, and Daisuke stumbles upon the guys Ken has been looking for.

Butterfly Thoughts by WerewolvesAreReal isn’t explicitly daiken, but it does feature Davis supporting Ken pretty hardcore. Trigger warning for themes and discussions of suicide. The author has a lot of great Digimon fic in general; If Memory Serves (mine’s not so reliable) is one of my absolute favorites.

dense is one of the funniest daiken fics I’ve ever read - but it’s a really strange, dry sense of humor. It’s not often you find really well-written stuff in second person. The second chapter is from Kari’s point of view, and is definitely worth the read.

The Rider is short and steamy, just not really until the very end. Most of it is introspection.

Loose Ends is a really short and sweet look at their relationship.

A Kingdom of Parallel Lines is extremely short, but it refers to Daisuke as a “personified earthquake” and I just love that so much.

It’s always so cold is another short one - a sweet and sad look at Daisuke’s homelife and Ken’s reaction. 

Love What I Love is pure Christmas fluff.

If Wishes Were Horses will tear your heart out. Another older!verse fic with a very sad ending.

The Prince and the Haunted Chamber is super indulgent, super fluffy and cute medieval AU daiken.

And then you could always read my fics - Advice and Assistance, where Davis turns to Kari for help with Ken. Cry for Help also has hints of daiken, but it’s mostly about Veemon and Wormmon.

I’ve read a lot of daiken fics, but these are the ones I would most recommend.


My hair was the first thing to get done today, and it looked better than expected! Even though my zipper broke I managed to get into the dress and all was fine (and I was fine af). There was sparkling at the wreath-weaving supper! Featured also: my Napue G&T and my ambrosial tiramisu in its cocktail glass. Got home around midnight, looked cute dismantling the party look! Now off to sleep for a super long day tomorrow!

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Halloween ask! Since Halloween is close I wanna know who you think is dressing up to the nines? What're they dressed up as? Who's throwing a scary movie party? What movies did everyone bring? Who made themed food? Who's going Trick Or Treating? (my sister did it until she was 30 so there's no such thing as too old) Who's going to a haunted house? Who made a haunted house? Who's handing out candy? Who's at home just eating candy? Who's the big fuckin grump who hates the holiday??

I made this at last minute because life. I tried to fit as much characters as possible, but there are too many…

Anyway, Happy Halloween to all our readers!!!

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Naruto Characters in Halloween Headcanons

Ino makes a party every year. Although not a scary movie party, more of a common Halloween-themed party. It is usually at Shikamaru’s house, who got tired of complaining after the fifth year. She brings lots of sweets and alcohol; and decorates with lots of spider webs and jack-o-lanterns. Choiji usually is the official caterer and brings more food than necessary. Shikamaru doesn’t really help, he just lays around and tells them when something doesn’t look right. Most of Konoha twelve assist to the party. Ino’s costumes are usually sexy but with a dark touch, like a sexy witch. Chouji, this year, got dressed as a monk; while Shikamaru was a vampire, which means normal clothes and a pair of fangs.

Tenten gets super excited and makes complete costumes for all her team. This year, they went to Ino’s party as the three musketeers —Gai-sensei had the fourth costume—. Lee is always all for it, but insists on wearing something green. Neji is always harder to convince, but, after Lee appeared on his house with a speaker, he realized wearing tights was the lesser of two evils. Neji doesn’t appear with his two teammates, though, he spends the first part of the night helping Hinata to hand treats to the children.

Hinata bakes all Halloween morning. She makes lots of cupcakes and cookies decorated with beautiful jack-o-lanterns, black cats, and ghosts. She usually hands them at her friends at Ino’s party. She also loves going out at the evening with Neji and handing sweets to the children. Then, she and her cousin  get together with Kiba and Shino, and the four take all the baked goodies to Shikamaru’s house. She always looks super cute in all her costumes and loves dressing up as cute animals; this year, she went as a black cat, with a little bow and everything. Kiba doesn’t do anything especial before going to the party, and he wears the same dog costume every year. Shino wears the most obscure movie reference he can find: this year he was Cyrano de Bergerac.

Sakura is dressed up as a geisha, and every year goes to help Ino with her party. After everything is ready, she goes for Naruto and together, they drag Sasuke out of his house. Naruto is always scared on Halloween, it is the day of witches, ghosts, and demons, and he is sure they are coming for him. Anyway, he still wears a costume and goes trick and treating all evening; he probably gets punched by Neji after he tried to steal Hinata’s bag of sweets. This year, he is dressed up as a ninja.

One of the hardest things of all the night is getting Sasuke out of his house. He hates Halloween as he hates any celebration; the worst injury is the sweets. He hates them. What is he going to do with sweets? When Sasuke was a child, Itachi took him trick and treating and them, he changed all the sweet things for something Sasuke wanted. But now, it is just a silly, stupid holiday. He wastes most nights doing the same stuff he does all year. At the end, they manage to take him to Ino’s party; don’t wait for him to wear a costume, though.

After Sasuke got tired of treat and treating, Itachi returned to his  B-movie obsession. He reunites with the rest of Akatsuki and they make a marathon of low-budget films. He might wear a pair of cat ears, but never a full costume. Deidara and Sasori, though, fight all the night about who has the best costume, Hidan tries to convince them to make a satanic ritual, and Kakuzu doesn’t appear, too busy stealing sweets from children. At the end, just Itachi, Kisame, Konan, Nagato, and Yahiko pay attention the movies. Konan always makes super cute paper hats that she, Nagato and Yahiko wear. Kisame just paints some gills on his neck.

Kankuro loves Halloween. He thinks about his costume all the year; it always ends up being super elaborated and scary. He also decorates his house with lots of scary puppets; some of them even have mechanical artifices that help them to move. However, he always goes out to scare people, leaving lots of curious trick and treaters with no treats. Gaara and Temari usually stay in his house, handing the enormous bags of sweets and toys to many kids. While waiting for someone to knock at their door, they watch the best horror film they can get: Gaara loves the ones with demons and is eerily stoic in screamer scenes. They might go at Ino’s party after Kankuro comes back from his long expedition in the city.

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no but okay imagine that in college, mike’s height is around 6′1″ and will’s is around 5′7″

mike playfully making fun of will’s height all the time with stuff like

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Having a daughter with Luke Alvez would involve:

  • Luke will definitely spoil the hell out of his daughter
  • He’d be a generally laid-back parent in the first place, but when it comes to his daughter, he’d let her get away from murder
  • She’d instantly be daddy’s little girl; a cute smile and puppy-dog eyes and Luke wouldn’t be able to say no
  • Sneaking her a extra cookie, letting her stay up for an extra hour, that sort of thing
  • Can and will do tea parties if that’s what she wants him to do. He’ll pretend to drink the tea and everything
  • But as she got older, he’d also being super protective
  • She probably wouldn’t even be able to date because Luke scares off any male that even looks at her twice
  • Highkey does that gun-cleaning thing when a boy does come over
  • “Dad, you have to stop scaring off my dates oh my god.” “I’m not doing anything what are you talking about. They’re just not good enough for you, sweetheart, come here and watch a movie with your old man.”
  • Luke will definitely kill and die for her

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It's Cupid, Stupid (NSFW)

Roy dresses up as Cupid and reader as Phyce. And maybe, Roy takes it a little but upon himself that he is dressed as the god of love! This was requested by @batlog and it takes place during the night of Halloween. Everything nsfw happening, is after 12 am, when technically it’s November 1st, thus Roy’s birthday. So y'all take Roy sin with Roy dressed as Cupid and the reader dressed only in his old speedy costume’s jacket

(Yo okay, this Roy is a mixture of both comic and yj Roy)

Roy don’t move!“ You giggled and slapped Roy’s naked shoulder.
“I want to move. And the fact that you have a burning iron stick on my hair does not help.”
“Buts it’s for the accuracy of the costuuumeeee!”

Here’s the deal. Two weeks ago, Nightwing announced the team would be having a Halloween party, everyone should dress as they preferred. That’s when Wonder Girl dropped the idea of the party being Ancient Greek themed and everyone seemed fond to it.
Roy did not want to take part in it. You had recently found a way to restore his hand, and he was grateful for that, but he also though such party would be lame. And he had to deal with the fact that he indeed had a new hand, that he could control.
Nevertheless you had forced -convinced- him to dress up as Cupid, because he would look super cute. He had agreed on one condition; you dressing up as Phyce. The woman, who according to the legend, Cupid was in love with. You had found it cute, and therefore you agreed.

So here you were now, doing Roy’s hair, after having done the hair of the whole team, because he had let it grow too much, and also because as Ancient Greeks you needed very curly hair.
Once you were done, you sprayed his hair with hairspray, just in case his straight strands decided that they looked better in their actual form, and proceed help him dress. The costume you had made with him was tricky and demanded Roy to wear only his underwear.
He helped himself into the white and red satin cloth and stood still as your hands worked magic on it, making it look perfect on him.
Next he let you decorate him with the golden jeweleries on his upper arms, his legs and finally place the final part on his head.
He had to admit as he looked himself in the mirror that he was unrecognizable, he looked pretty and fierce.
“Okay Roy! Or should I say Cupid?” You squilled. “Final touches.”
He nodded as you placed his red bow in his hand and gave him the arrow case that was filled with heart shaped arrows.
You stood beside him in the mirror now, admiring him too. You shoved the coat you were wearing down your forearms, and Roy, with his dirty mind, thought you were getting naked for him. Not that he’d mind. But the fact that it was his birthday today and you hadn’t said a word about it made him hope you’d have a surprise for him later.
Maybe this way, you’d finally become a ‘thing’.

He knew he couldn’t keep his friend in his pants, as the string of your dressed slipped, causing some of your breast to show, and that you hadn’t made an effort to put it back in place.
“Are you ready Roy?”
“Yes I just…” his fingers lingered on the fallen strap of your dress on your forearm, and he questioned whether he should put it back in place or rip it off with the other pieces of the dress. His head leaned into you, and you forgot about your surroundings as you closed your eyes, ready to for Roy to attack your mouth with his.
But oh.

Oh. Halloween played games with you.
From all the people who had to come and nock on your door, Wonder Girl, who was dressed as Aphrodite cane to inform you that the party had began for half an hour or so.
Aphrodite, who was the one responsible for Cupid and Phyce breaking up.
It was funny to you though. You grabbed Roy’s wrist and headed out of the room quickly.


Everyone had creative costumes. Superboy was dressed as Hercules. Wally was dressed as Hermes and Artemis as … Artemis…(it was surprisingly funny how this girl assembled the greek goddess so much). She wore though, a brunette wig and a brown leather top and matching skirt.
Dick was dressed as Apollo with a blonde curly wig, a white robe clothe and black sandals. He was in fact more dressed than Roy was.

Everyone had more clothes on that Roy had.

Next one you saw was Dick’s girlfriend. She wore a white wig with a tint of green and a dark turquoise see through dress, that looked wet.
She was a Nereid.

It was impossible for you not to look at her; her beauty was rare, she was dazzling as the neon lights fell on her.

Fast forward to half an hour later and Roy has found his way with the wings Hawkman lend the two of you, while shooting heart shaped arrows to everyone’s but, and sprinkling glitter on everyone’s heads.
It was part of the love spell he said.

  He even got himself almost badly beaten up by Superboy, who was losing his temper of the multiple arrows the pinched his butt.

Roy approached you once again and pulled you close, kissing your cheek.

“Oh! My! (Y/n)!” You’re idea is turning out so good!“

“Roy, you’re shooting people with arrows!” You admitted, with a grin si big and bright that sent shivers through Roy. He knew you were enjoying this
“That’s the purpose love! I’m the god of love, remember?” He blurted out with a wink as wonder girl walked up to the both of you.

At her sight, Roy pulled you in a bone crushing hug, as his leg wrapped around yours
“Step away from my beloved mother. I will not let you take her away from me!”

Cassie’s eyes widened, her brows frowned in disability to understand what was going on.

“Is he drunk?” She said and rolled her crystal blue eyes on you.

“Probably?” You asked your self more than her as you slowly ran your fingers through Roy’s locks, that had started to straighten once again.

“Can I at least have a drink?” She whined, and motioned closer to you and him. Despite both your and Wonder Girl’s efforts, he wouldn’t unwrap him self off of you. That until you git to touch his wings.

“Jeez (y/n) they’re sensitive!”
“You bet your sweet ass they are!” You retored as you pulled him away from your spot against the snack table.

“What’s gotten into you Roy?” You couldn’t help but giggle as he hovered him self around you, tickling you a little bit.


“Aw Roy!” You grinned and allowed him to pull you in a hug, even if it was in the purpose of tickling you.

“You’ll be getting some, I promise!” You whispered in his ear, before giving into the laughter.


“Uhm have you seen (y/n) dude?” Roy asked as worry got the best of him. He had been searching for you for more than half an hour or so amd he couldn’t manage to actually get to your room because people came up to wish to him.

“No, Roy but happy Birthday!”
“Thanks Wally…I have to-”

“ROYYY-” a very drunk and cheery Artemis reached out to him with her hands thrown in the air. “Happy birthday Roooyyyy…. ”
“Thanks Artemis but I..uh..I have to go..” he said and unwrapped her hands from around his bare neck. Sweat rushed through him as he left her to fall in her boyfriend’s arms and he proceeded to run to your room.

  And you weren’t there. He quickly run to his bedroom and found a note outside the door. He grabbed it in his hand and entered quickly. Anxiety burned inside of him as he saw a body in his bed, while one of his arrow was visibly ripping through their flesh.
    Fearing the worst he came closer. He did date to look at the face if the person just yet. He was absorbed by the roses and the candlelights everywhere.


The moment he stared the person’s legs he knew it was you. Rolling his eyes on your form, he felt them water too, as it was indeed confirmed somebody had shot you with an arrow.
   To top it all you were wearing the jacket of his spare speedy costume, along with the hat and possibly nothing underneath.

   He would kill the bastard who did this to you he would kill the shit out of him. Hed make him suffer for doing this to you, while you had been preparing all this for Roy. What kind of sick bastard would kill a girl who was trying to do a surprise to someone she loved.

   Roy kneeled next you you and placed his head on your chest, holding back a sob.

You couldn’t help but burst into laughter.
You didn’t know how it hit you. You were as helldid not know how it hit you, but here you were wearing Roy’s spare costume jacket and nothing underneath, pretending to have been killed by an arrow and now you were laughing as a little brat.

“You should have seen your face oh my god!!”

Roy snapped back, with wide eyes and watched as you held out the heart shaped arrow to him.
“Crime of love silly. Didn’t you read the note Roy?” Tears gathered in your eyes from the intense laughter. Roy seemed to boil inside as he hovered over you with a dark expression.

“You are so going to pay for this!” He growled and his fingers went to brush on your sides. Oh no, no.. this wasn’t sexual! Roy fucking knew you were the most ticklish person ever and he was tickling you.

You tried to get him off of you by placing your palms on his firm shoulders, as giggles left your mouth. “Roy stop this!” You laughed more, tilting your head back and forth.

  And then, it all stopped. You froze when you came to the realization is what was happening. You were mostly naked on Roy’s bed and he was tickling you, while he might have been ignoring the fact that you had filled the room with roses and candles.

  At your pause of laughter Roy stopped too. For him this was an opportunity. He didn’t have to think at all; you were almost naked and under him and you had done all this. It was finally time to show you his feelings.

   And so, his forehead collided with yours for some moments and you looked at each other nervously. His lips brushed against yours, never

  You couldn’t take it anymore. You knew that if you backed off now you’d never get to be with Roy.
  Your hands rested on the sides of his face and with force you crushed your lips against his, feeling your insides starting to burn.

“So that’s my birthday gift huh?” He smirked against your lips. His fingers brushed the laces of the leather jacket, slowly opening it.
   Roy buried his face in your chest and pressed a sucking kiss a few inches under your right collarbone, a little bit above your breast.
   His one hand traveled down your abdomen and rested on your groin.

   You gasped at the sudden touch of his cold fingers on your womanhood. It only encouraged Roy to rub his fingers harder in you.

A scream escape your dried mouth, as he penetrated you with his middle and pointer finger. Your hands clenched onto his shoulders for dear life  and pulled him lower on you.  You could cope up with his chuckles and cocky comments on how wet you was or on how he was using just his fingers.

“Oh Goooood!” You cried out as his fingers curled up inside of you, bringing you complete pleasure.

“Sure I’m a god above but for you I’m only Roy!”

And if this was under any circumstance, it’d make you mad. Roy had taken it upon him self that he was the god of love, thus he was so cocky about it but right at the moment all you could think of was him, how close he was to you, and how good his fingers felt.

  As your end neared you gathered all your remaining power to stop Roy.

“I’m.. lie on back…and let me do what i came for ” you managed to say between husky breaths. Roy couldn’t say no. He had dreamed of this moment so many times. He had dreamed of you offering to ride him and t had kept him up, inside the bathroom countless of nights, with his hand wrapped around his shaft, to feel some momentarily pleasure.

He tries not to come undine the very second he laid flat in his back, always protecting the lar of wings he wore.
   You carefully sat on his abdomen feeling his shaft hitting your behind. You grabbed Roy’s throbbing member and slowly lifted  your buttom to guide yourself on him.
   You held him steadily and slowly sank the tip of him in.

Your fingers went to intertwine with his as you complete slid on him. Roy granted and tightened his grip around your hands almost crashing them, each and every time you bounced on him.
    Roy watched as you did all the work, while moaning intensely and even though he thought you were so beautiful like that, but in his fantasies you were under him, most of the times at least.

  It happened fast and a little bit painfully. Roy flipped you fast and slammed you hard on the mattress, without getting off of you.
  He was on his elbows now with his palms caressing the edges of your face as you melted beneath him.
   He would occasionally thrust, always take you by surprise and you would leave those loud moans to escape your burning throat.

“That’s not… not fair. It’s your birthday” you said between breaths and moans.
“Oh yeah, it is! I’m the god here! I do what I want!”

  Roy beamed as he threw glitter on your face.
“Shhh.. it’s part of the spell”
  He thrusted with force inside of you, getting you by surprise. You screamed and helplessly reached to grab something, that appeared to be his pair of wings and he hissed, that cocky smirk forming on his lips again.
“Watch the wings sweetheart. They’re rather…” Roy stopped, barely panting a kiss on your collarbone “sensitive”. You could feel your insides burn from that hiss he had just made

  That was it. Roy Harper would be the death of you. How could he not, when he rocked you back and forth from the amazing strength he used to thrust inside of you. Or when he left hot kisses everywhere his mouth could reach.

  You felt yourself starting to numb, darkness spreading in your eyes as they rolled to the back of your head and you grabbed Roy’s shoulders, digging your nails at the spot.

  A little more.. a little more and you’d be bursting into him.

  Roy collided his lips on your once again as you started to choke on your own breath. Your body shook and Roy took it as a sign that you were close. His pace quickened, the kiss you shared became sloppier. His name escapes your throat in a scream as you felt yourself reach your peak. Roy left your lips, so you could tilt your head back and he started sucking your neck in need.
   After a moan of your name he came undone too, his hot seed being shοt inside of you. He gave you two more thrusts before sliding off and collapsing right next to you.
   You spasmed but Roy pulled you in his arms. This moment, he figured, was better than any fantasy he ever had.

“That.. was.. amazing” Roy spoke.
   He suddenly felt as if he should break the ice. He had just had sex with his best friend.

“I know. I’ve been imagining that for so long”

“Me too actually..”
Way to go Roy.. give out all your secrets so it can be more awkward tomorrow… “are you sure you’re not drunk, (y/n)?”
You rolled on top of him again and wrapped your hands around his neck, while biting your lower lip, with that smirk he so loved.

“Absolutely yes Roy! I’m sober. I promise” You assured him, sealing your promise with a kiss on his list.

“Oh there’s one thing I gotta do.. or maybe say in that case” Roy smiled and took you off of him to get out of bed.
  He kneeled, grabbing the heart shaped arrow you were using a little while ago and climbed on top of you.
   He dragged the edge of the arrow along the length of your face and finally pressed it on your left temple. He dragged it down to the spit your heart was secured but your bones and skin and poked you there too.
   Finally you felt the plastic, cold material of the arrow close to your crotch, feeling the poke down there too.

   You left out an awkward laugh before rolling your eyes everywhere on Roy from underneath him.
“Roy what -”
“Shhh” he whispered and sushed you with a kiss. “I want your mind, your love and lust if we want to make it work. Promise me you’re as in love with me as I am with you.”

   His words burnt your heart. You knew Roy could be a sweetheart when he wanted to but at the moment he wasn’t just that. he was poetic Of course you’d give anything to him. You were in love with him for years now and you wouldn’t waste the chance.
  You figured, instead of speaking your mind, you could act on it…
   Your hands pressed into Roy’s chest, signaling him that you’d be in charge for a brief moment now.
   Once you were in top, you slowly kissed down his chest and abs, not caring even if he was extremely well built and hot, all you wanted to do was show him how you loved him.
    He hissed when you took a hold of his member and placed your  mouth at the base of it. Slowly,  you started kissing up his shaft, as you could feel him starting to get hard again.
    Once his long member stood proudly up you licked some of the oozing leakage
off of the tip and then carefully slipped most of it inside your moth. You knew this was for his pleasure and that you had to be perfect, even if the only experience you had, was when you tried to do this to a guy, but never got him worked up.

   So here you were alternately taking his  cock in and out of mouth mouth, each time taking more of it in, and Roy moaning while his hand went to grab your hair.
   You could feel his greeted teeth, the muscled of his whole body trembling and tightening. His moans and grunts only encouraged you to go further down, maybe not to deepthroat him-you couldn’t just yet-but to give him some mkre pleasure.

  Roy was ready to come undone. The churning inside his stomach wouldn’t calm, even if he tried to convince himself this was just a blowjob. It wasn’t. This was you giving him more pleasure than anyone had ever given him, ever before and you were  doing it to prove you loved him. He wouldn’t be able to control his dick because his whole being was begging to release.
   Nevertheless, he stroked your cheek and pulled you up, with small begs, between his grunts and moans. He watched in awe as you hesitatingly left his member, placing a sucking kiss at the tip of it before you would and at the instant Roy burst, his cum staining your stomach and your legs.
  He thanked God he had managed to pull you up before he shot everything on your face. He wouldn’t contain his inner animal if he saw you like that.

With a swift movement you were thrown on your back on the mattress as Roy started kissing you again, hungrily


  He stopped, when you started coughing, your head turning red.

“(Y/n)? Whats wrong?” He yelled, worry coiling inside of him.
   After a few more coughs you finally found some power to talk.
“I think I swallowed a feather.”

Oh my gosh, this is the cutest question ever!  Also, earlier this summer I would’ve totally said we’d all just be unicorns, but I think now my opinions have changed.  Just a little. 

Great Uncle Ford could still maybe be a unicorn!  He’s all mysterious like that.

But now to my friends! Let’s start with Candy and Grenda, cause those are easy ones!  I can totally see Grenda being a bear, cause while she’s super cute and cuddly, she can also break a rock with her skull!  Bears…bears can do that, right?

And Candy would definitely be a sugar glider!  They’re tiny and precious but also really social animals, and I bet they’re mega smart too.  Plus, can you imagine Candy gliding through the sky on magic marsupial-wings? Cause I certainly can.

Moving on to my family!  Dipper would totally be a cat.  Not only does he sneeze like a kitten, but he makes the same grumpy faces, too!

Okay, okay, I’m joking…Kinda.  While he has all the goofy features of being a skittish little kitty, he’s also got all the good traits too!  He’s curious, playful, and an awesometastic friend when you need one.  Maybe I should promote him to a larger cat level!  Like a lion!

…A baby lion.

Next up is Great Uncle Ford! I kinda take back what I said about him being a unicorn…Looking back, he kinda reminds me of an owl!  He’s smart (like that one from Winnie the Pooh!) and talented (like…like a maraca owl!) and like I said, pretty mysterious.  But beneath all that, he’s a super cute fluffy owl who just needs a hug!

Also, he never sleeps—like, ever.  It might be time for a slumber party intervention…

But I can do that later! Moving on to Grunkle Stan!  Earlier this summer I would’ve said he was like a troll-goblinsaur, but Dipper says those are mythical creatures, not animals. 

So if I had to choose…how about a wolf?  He might seem kinda rough around the edges and scary at first, but it turns out he’s really cuddly once you get to know him. Plus, he’s super protective, which is also wolf-ish, and really really loves the people in his family!

Also, he has grey hair, and wolves have grey fur, right? It’s destiny!

Finally, I can’t leave out Wendy and Soos! Wendy strikes me like a fox or something—y’know, agile, red-headed, and something that might bite you if you mess with her friends. Maybe.  Either way, she’s just super awesome!

Meanwhile, Soos is undoubtedly a giant panda.  I think he’s got secret panda powers too, like the ones from those cartoons—y’know, the ones that are like forest spirits or something and make all the trees and plants grow? Well, whether he does or doesn’t, he’s still a panda in the sense that he’ll let you sleep on his tummy. I would know—I’ve tried it!

And of course, I would be…drumroll, please…


Me and Waddles would be the piggiest buddies in the world, can you see it?  We’d go on pig adventures, have pig dance parties, and rid the world (and Grunkle Stan’s freezer) of all bacon!  Forever!

So thanks for the question, friend-o!  I’m gonna go see if I can become a pig now…or at least work on that slumber party for Great Uncle Ford.


P.S. Oh, I almost forgot Pacifica!

…You know what, she can totally be the unicorn.

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I can imagine kyungsoo as a cool dad. His cute kids helping him cleaning house and say "Appa, i'm good right?" everytime they put toy in basket. He will look at them and say "Ah! Appa's kids is so smart!" while cooking for wife's surprise party. Lol. *too much watch 'the return of superman'

stop 😩 he’d be an amazing dad. i feel like he’d be super tender and sweet but strict at the same time. hes not gonna take any shit from them if they misbehave. he’d also make sure they have the best manners :)

Isaac sweeps you off your feet

Author: obriendylan-imagines

Requested: Yes

Word count: 1,125

A/N: Hey! Thank you so much! I don’t know if this is what you wanted but I hope you like it. Tell me what you think! :)

You arrived at school and there they were like always, Scott, Stiles, Lydia and Allison,your best friends since day one, on their spot next to the lockers.

“Hey. What’s up?” You said leaning on one of the lockers

“Hey (Y/N)! We were just talking about the test we have tomorrow. With all that is going on with the pack I’m afraid I might fail” said Scott pouting

“You’re going to do fine, babe” answered Allison giving Scott a kiss

“Oh gross!” exclaimed Stiles

“Yeah. Get a room you two” you laughed along with Stiles

You’ve had a huge crush on Stiles since you were kids. You never told him because he clearly likes Lydia, which breaks your heart since she is also one of your best friends and because you are afraid he will stop being friends with you. You and Stiles have this amazing friendship, you are so alike and so comfortable with each other that you are always making jokes and laughing and you really don’t want to ruin that.

The bell rang so you went to class. Your first class was Math with only Stiles and Scott. You three went in and sited on your regular spots, Stiles and Scott next to each other and you right behind Stiles.

“So guys what are we going to do after school?” asked Stiles

“We could go to my place!” you suggested.

“I don’t know if I can. I should study a bit for tomorrow’s test.” explained Scott with a sad smile on his face.

“C’mon man! We could go to the (Y/N) pool!” exclaimed Stiles all excited

“Don’t be so greedy Mr Stilinsky!” you said laughing “Last time you went to my pool you ended up making a mess!”

“That was obviously an accident!” he apologized

“Oh really?” you said ironically “Well, I wouldn’t say jumping into the pool with a pizza box on your hand is an accident!”

“I… I…I… fell. It happens…” he said shrugging.

“Yeah right!” you said and the three of you starting laughing.

Suddenly Isaac sat to the chair next to you. “You are having a party tonight?”

Isaac was a new guy in your school, well not just a guy, more of a werewolf. He has been trying to get into Scott’s pack but they are not making it easy. But he is super nice and also cute. So why not? But Stiles doesn’t trust him, he says there’s something fishy about him, but let’s be honest he says that about everyone…

“Hey!” you smiled at him “Kind of. We…”

“No, we are not.” interrupted Stiles. You looked at him confused and Isaac too, because he clearly had heard the whole conversation. “I mean yeah. But it’s just for the closest friends, you know?” said Stiles pointing at you, him and Scott.

Isaac didn’t say anything, so Stiles continued “You know me, (Y/N), Scott, Lydia, Allison…” he stopped “and not you…” he whispered.

“Ohh” Isaac was kind of taken aback and you were a bit surprised too.

“Stiles is kidding!” you said giving a death stare at Stiles “Of course you’re invited! We are going straight to my place after school, you can come with us”

“Ok! Great!” Isaac said in the moment the teacher got in the room.

“Ok! Great!” Stiles whispered with sarcasm on his voice, like he was imitating Isaac.

“Oh. Don’t be like that Stiles! He’s nice!” you whispered back

“There’s something about him that…” Stiles started saying but you immediately interrupted

“Yeah, we know he looks suspicious. Everyone looks suspicious in this town.” you gave a little laugh

“As long as he doesn’t steal my pizza, I’m ok!” he put his hands up like he was about to surrender and both of you burst out laughing.

“Mr Stilinky! Ms (Y/L/N)! Do you want to share anything with the class” the teacher reprehended you.

You and Stiles looked at the teacher at the same time and you went red from embarrassment.

“No Mr. We are okay” said Stiles

“No. Sorry.” you apologized

After classes you, Stiles, Scott, Lydia and Allison of were already outside.

“What are we waiting for? Asked Lydia “I thought we were going to your place now”

“Yeah, we are. We are just waiting for Isaac” you said

“Isaac? He’s coming too?” Allison asked kind of surprised

“I know right!” Stiles rolled his eyes

“Stiles! He’s really nice, ok?” You were starting to get a bit annoyed. Why couldn’t Stiles just give him a chance?

“Ok, ok, if you say so.”

“He’s coming this way” Scott pointed at the school entry where Isaac was.

When he was almost reaching you he gave a little sprint and sweep you off your feet. “Ready to party, (Y/N)?”

At first you were kind of shocked, because you weren’t expecting it, but then you just started laughing. “Yeah,sure! I didn’t know you were so happy to come with us”

“Of course I am” he responded still holding you.

While you were laughing with Isaac, Stiles was looking at the both of you with his eyes wide open. He seemed pissed off but you didn’t even notice it.

“What does he think he’s doing?” Stiles whispered to Scott and Allison

“It was kind of strange but I guess he is just trying to be funny” whispered Scott.

“Yeah, but there are other ways to be funny than sweeping (Y/N) off her feet” Stiles was getting even more mad

“You don’t need to be so mad Stiles! He’s trying really hard to fit in.” Allison said  “Besides (Y/N) and Isaac get along well and she’s been the only one that’s been actually friendly with him”

“Still…” Stiles was starting to calm down “It’s (Y/N), you know? I don’t like seeing my best friend with a guy that she just met a couple weeks ago. Especially Isaac…”

“Are you jealous Stiles? Scott asked messing with Stiles

Stiles wasn’t expecting that question “What? Me? Jealous? No way! It’s just (Y/N), my best friend. I don’t… I’m not… I’m…” he was mumbling now

“Are you trying to convince us you’re not jealous or convincing yourself?” Allison said making Scott laugh. “Either way it’s not working”

“I have to agree with my girl on this one” Scott said giving Stiles a little pat on the back

“You guys don’t get it” Stiles blurted out leaving Scott and Allison alone

“What was that? Allison asked

“I’m not sure but I would say Stiles is starting to like (Y/N) a bit more than just a best friend.”

“Yeah. I think he might have some feeling for her. He looked really jealous!”

“Should we do something about that?” Scott asked with a smile on his face

“Yeah” answered Allison “I think we should…”

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He looks so fine even from pre-debut era

He is full of sass

He’s still a baby

A sexy baby

A sexy baby with the most beautiful butt in the history of this world

Even tho he looks emotionless,he is a very lovely person that cares a lot about everyone he loves

His wink

He can be a brat sometimes but you will still love him no matter what


He can also be cute af

His precious laugh


This doesn’t need a description

His aegyo

His dance

The way he sleeps

I have to repeat that he is still a baby

His super-power

Everyone would be jealous of you,because who wouldn’t be jealous over Sehun’s girlfriend?

And…of course…the most important things about Oh fucking SeHun





Stranger Things high school football AU

I’m doing this in bullet-point format bc I don’t have the energy to write a full fic but I need it to exist in some form

  • Nancy and Jonathan are on the school newspaper
  • Jonathan is a photographer, Nancy writes
  • They’re best buds and work on articles together all the time
  • Somehow they always get stuck doing the football team stories
  • “Jonathan why are we here, this is like the third article we’ve had to do on the football team this week”
  • “Nothing happens in this town Nance. Plus everyone loves some good old red-blooded football”
  • They spend a lot of time hanging around the field, so they start to get to know some of the players pretty well
  • One in particular catches Nancy’s eye
  • Number 26. Wide receiver. A very good one. Sticky hands. Cute butt
  • Not that Nancy’s been looking
  • She’s totally been looking
  • “Why do you think #26 never takes his helmet off?”
  • Jonathan shrugs. “Idk, maybe he gets really bad helmet hair and doesn’t want anyone to see”
  • Nancy shoves him. He laughs
  • She thinks #26 would have cute hair. Not that she’s thought about it much
  • She totally has
  • They also get to know the other kids that hang around under the bleachers. Bad boys and stoners, mostly
  • One in particular takes an interest in Nancy
  • Steve Harrington. One of the coolest guys in school
  • She likes the attention. The thrill of dating a super popular “bad boy”
  • He takes her to parties, gives her her first taste of beer
  • At the same time, Nancy still tries to focus on her studies
  • When she’s not busy at the football field or with Steve, she spends most of her time in the library
  • She always sits at the same table, across from a redhead with short hair and large glasses
  • Eventually, Nancy strikes up a conversation with Barb, as the girl introduces herself
  • After that, they talk all the time, and quickly become friends
  • “You’d like her, Jonathan, she’s so nice and funny and smart. She’s in all advanced classes and she seems to know everything there is to know about history”
  • “She seems great. You should invite her to Homecoming on Friday”
  • “Yeah okay” The thought creates a warm feeling in her chest
  • But when she asks, Barb blushes scarlet and stammers, “Sorry, I have to, uh, do something then”
  • Nancy’s more disappointed than she expected
  • She ends up going with Jonathan, his camera, and her little journalism notebook. Might as well get some material for an article
  • She can’t stop watching #26, which is fine, bc he plays a great game
  • At halftime, Steve finds her and draws her under the bleachers to make out
  • Nancy doesn’t like it. He tastes like smoke and he gets way too handsy, even when she tells him to back off. She breaks it off with him
  • She decides that instead she’s gonna do something about that crush on a certain wide receiver that never really went away
  • #26 gives her the perfect opportunity when he catches a 20-yard pass for the winning touchdown
  • Nancy convinces Jonathan to wait outside and stations herself by the locker rooms after the game, notebook at the ready
  • The entire team streams in, whooping and cheering, and she’s afraid she’s somehow missed him
  • But then she spots him coming down the hall
  • She’s about to call out, but then he pulls off his helmet, and Nancy realizes she’s made a huge misconception about him
  • Or rather - her
  • “BARB?!”
  • Barb stops stock-still in the middle of the hall. Her sweaty ginger hair is tousled from her helmet. It is cute
  • “N- Nancy!”
  • Nancy stalks over, grabs Barb by the hand, drags her around the corner out of sight
  • And lays a kiss right on her
  • Barb’s brain appears to short circuit. “Wh- whuh…?”
  • “I’ve had 2 separate crushes on you, you know” Nancy tells her with a grin
  • Barb’s answering smile could light up the Upside-Down
  • The end