also they did the twirl

Sweet Revenge

Okay, I am gonna see if I can do two fics in one night, but this time, it is based with @the-vampire-inside-me character Abel, the Rebel angel and @thelostmoongazer Mob Boss bendy. 

We all know how bad Bendy’s driving is…but what about Abel’s flying? So with the help of Elymus (Who belongs to @animal-guardian) gives him a tip or two of how to get revenge) 

I’ve been wanting to write about Abel for some time and now I got an excuse this time!

So here we go! 

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This scene part ½

Cursed Child notes 25/02

So I’ve mentioned this a couple of times now, but this was definitely one of my most enjoyable performance to watch. There was a lot of improvisations of how lines were said and how certain scenes were played out. It felt like a lot of the actors were trying out new things. Special mentions to Paul Thornley (Ron) and Alex Price (Draco) because I don’t think I’ve laughed or cried so much whilst watching this play.

I sat in Stalls F row again. This time to the left of the stage which I don’t usually end up, so it was very nice to see it from a different angle.

A couple of covers for this performance. We had Stuart Ramsay as our Harry! And Adam McNara as Sorting Hat/Hagrid. I wondered if the cast were trying new things since they had a different Harry for a full week (across 2 weekends). If so, then I’d say to keep it up even after Jamie comes back on cause it was brilliant!

CC spoilers under the cut, I’ll be writing according to cast since I can’t think chronologically at the moment….Are you ready?! (Albus voice)

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anonymous asked:

Do you know of any ways to stop doing somewhat harmful fidgets? Because I usually pick at my nails, skin, and acne, which can result in me bleeding a bit. I also twirl my hair, but I did that more when I was younger, and it's sorta hard to get back into just that.

mmm I have no idea how to stop hair twirling bc that’s a bad habit I have too but for picking at things I find painting my nails works? the polish will make your nails feel a bit thicker and it’s a lot harder to pick at your skin then! and if you don’t want to have your nails all colourful then you can use a colourless topcoat to be sneaky about it ^^ that’s what works for me anyway!

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imagine if kuroo also did ballet with his thighs they'd just be so strong with balance twirling show them off oops good day

kuroo can coordinate his limbs, is mega flexible and can jump with ease but

his poor feet are too used to digging into the floor for volleyball instead of tiptoeing and dancing and he