also they are too cute to be ignored

I always have a problem about which Founder to ship with which other Founder.

Like, Salazar being an absolute grumpy arse whenever he could but being super sweet to Helga by helping her baking and was secretly a better cook. Or Rowena being very tempted to ditch her wand and kick Salazar in the balls because he dared to argue her theory about some advanced magic she found.

Then I pictured Godric pestering Rowena as he showed off all his ‘impressive musles’ to a scowling Rowena, who secretly found it endearing. And also Helga blushing furiously when Godric presented her a dragon he just killed, a toothy smile on his handsome yet still bloody face.

But just when I thought I was already confused enough, the thought of Salazar fussing about Godric who just got hurt was too perfect to ignore. Or about Rowena and Helga being really cute girlfriends who braided each other’s hair.

Deciding the suitable pairing for the Founders are so difficult - and there are only four of them.

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how about some squad observing magnus and alec being in love? alternatively: magnus and alec in the institute, being competent but also cute af, if you'd like ♥

the institute is a steady buzz of activity when alec finally escapes from his meeting, hours of back and forth with stubborn clave ambassadors refusing to admit that there was still immediate danger, even with Valentine in chains. Someone had taken the soul sword, and Valentine was way too calm for a monomaniac in custody. in the end alec had decided to ignore their advice, which was quite plainly that they should fix up the wards and resume business and usual, and would instead lead an investigation into the missing mortal instrument himself.

when he finally reaches the ground floor, exhausted and irritable, he finds a certain warlock leaning casually against one of the desks, deep in conversation with clary. it makes alec smile, the tension in his shoulders falling away the closer he gets and it makes something soften inside that magnus falters mid-sentence to fix alec with a comforting smile. “rough day at the office?” he asks, producing a cup of to-go coffee and a paper bag, “i brought you breakfast”

“if that’s a croissant from the Parisian bakery i will marry you right now” alec tells him, stealing a soft kiss and gladly accepting the proffered food. beside magnus, clary offers alec a warm smile. that’s a thing they’re doing now, smiling at one another; tentatively easing into the kind-of-almost friendship they’d thought about before everything happened with clary’s mom. 

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  • Lena: You're cute, I like you
  • Alex: I know
  • Lena: No not you
  • Lena: I don't even know you
  • Kara: That's my sister, ignore her
  • Lena: your sister??
  • Lena: Alex! You're not only cute, but also bad ass, and an amazing sister. I know you must have some reservation about me and Kara, but I assure you, I only want to make her happy
  • Alex: Are you...sucking up to me...via text???
  • Lena: I rather not meet, I'm too young to die
no more secrets / regulus black

requested by two lovely anons, i changed things a bit but i swear i meant well (also reader is a hufflepuff) love u xx



You didn’t fancy it, not even in the slightest. Having to spend the entirety of your days watching couples and their incredulous PDA from afar as you walked through the dark corridors, only slightly illuminated by candles, cold fingers adjusting the mustard yellow scarf around your neck that kept you warm all day. It was bad enough you had to presence all their playful touches and passionate kisses without a care in the world when you couldn’t even hold your own boyfriend’s hands openly.

It was draining your energies, and worse, you had to watch him walking around the same halls pretending not to acknowledge your very existence, yet you knew you couldn’t complain - because you had agreed to it. He wasn’t disrespectful to you at all and his stares seemed to always follow your shadow, but the agreement consisted of pretending the other didn’t exist and you said yes to it. It was, after all, only to keep you safe from his mother. He had explained everything in solid details about how awful she had always been towards his brother and himself and how worse she had become when Sirius was sorted into Gryffindor. She had this obsession with keeping the bloodline pure, said Regulus, she believed being a Black made you practically royal and he couldn’t even imagine what she would try to do if it ever come to her ears her sweet son was in love with a Hufflepuff.

However, even with all of that, he needed to keep seeing you, he wanted to be with you arduously but could never put you in danger, ever. So you had agreed to keep your relationship secretive, after all, Walburga had her eyes everywhere even at Hogwarts and it only took one scared soul to spill it out you’d been seeing each other. But you still did, it’d been one year since you’d meet every day in one of Hogwarts secret rooms and be together. It felt so good and so right to be next to him, he was kind and took such good care of you, it was hard to believe it wasn’t just a big dream, a really fantastic one. He’d often read to you, bring you gifts and just spoil you in every way possible, you’d drown in each other’s scents and tastes and the world would just stop turning. You had this incredible adoration for the other and he made you happy. All that hiding was for your own good. But it had you thinking further, was it going to last?

Where were you even going with it? Walburga would never just let Regulus make his own decisions after finishing Hogwarts, and would probably disinherit him if she was ever to find out. And eventually, his mother would find some girl at his level to betroth and you’d be all by yourself. Did he have plans for you or were you just a toy until his mother found someone for him?

Watching him from across the room, during a Potions class had you realising: there was no happy ending for you. You had been cultivating all this love for him when you knew it had to come to an end, for your sake. You stared at all his features as he quietly laughed at something his partner had just said, his black hair a little bit messier than his mother would like. The slippery hot tears sprinkled through your eyes as you tried to suppress all those feelings, you’d miss him - but to your surprise, his eyes fell on you and he saw you. He saw your tears and he saw you grabbing your ink pot to stop your hands from trembling. He saw you looking down and drying the silky teardrops with the fabric of your sleeves and he saw you tidying your table and the rest of the ingredients as you claimed to Professor Slughorn you didn’t feel well and were wondering if you could leave the classroom once you’d already finished the potion. He saw you when Slughorn nodded and you quietly disappeared, not leaving a trace behind except the faded ink on your fingertips and the smell of mandrake root and bicorn horns, that evaporated from the Pepperup potion you had been asserted to make, lingering in the air.

He excused himself from his partner and Professor and carefully followed you, he could heard the echoes of your whimpers and sobs across the empty large corridors and he felt his heart tighten at every little sound that escaped your lips. Had he done something? Had someone else hurt you? And at that thought, he forgot about all the carefulness he should take with the secret of your relationship and stopped caring about what his mother would do, and he ran after you, entering the kitchens corridor, he proceed to the shadowy stone recess on the right-hand side of the corridor, where your sobs followed to.

You were in front of the barrels which led to your common room, trying to concentrate to tap the barrels rhythmically and correctly, not to be drenched in vinegar by one of the lids who repelled non-Hufflepuffs, when your name was shouted closely from you.

The entrance to the Hufflepuff basement opened as you finished tapping the lids but a large hand caught your arm before you could enter the earthy passage, making you turn to face the person.

“(Y/N), are you okay? What’s wrong? Did someone harm you?” Regulus questioned as he held your face looking for bruises or any sign of harm, however, all he found was the tears slipping down your cheeks, your face coloured from the amount of crying you’d done since you left the dungeons used for potions classes, lips drenched by tears.

“Baby, what happened? You know you can tell me anything, don’t you? Talk to me, angel, use your words.” He tried to sooth you quietly, kissing your cheeks.

“Reg-, someone could see u-us.” You stuttered, looking through every inch of the corridor searching for any eyes.

“Don’t be silly, there’s not a soul in here and honestly, (YN), I don’t bloody care about any of that. I just want to know if you’re alright.” He replied pulling you to his chest, enlacing you with his arms, now safe and warm in his embrace.

You wanted to forget everything you’d thought until that moment and just be there with him, just calmly stay in his arms but you knew in your heart if you stood there, you’d back away and melt onto him like you had done many times. As you clutched the fabric of his robes and engulfed your face in his soft chest, his scarf covered in the Slytherin colours underneath you, you inhaled his intoxicating scent and repressed a sob. You didn’t deserve him, his mother was ought to be right.

“We need to break up.” You muttered, pushing yourself from him, using all your strength to do so.

“What?” He stuttered, the hurt in his face was too evident and it shattered your heart into tiny pieces, and his grip around you only tightened, as if he could stop you from leaving him. “You don’t mean that.” He mumbled, “Why would you-?” He muttered more to himself, the same tears so very familiar to him were now streaming down his face as well, the same tears who were there when Sirius ran away, the same droplets of remorse and emptiness of when his mother screamed and burned his name from the family tree. It was all too familiar, she was leaving him like his brother had done.

“Because you deserve more, Regulus, and this will go nowhere. Your mother will never aprove and I’m so, so tired of ignoring each other down the halls, it’s so tiring to hide us, to pretend this doesn’t exist, that we don’t exist. I don’t think I’ll be able to handle it when your family finds a suitable pure-blood Slytherin for you and you finally realise that you’re better off without me.” You spilled, “I love you, I love you so much but I just can’t do this anymore, the only way for us to be together is if we stop hiding and if we do so your mother will most definitely disinherit you and I would never, ever, ask you to do that, so I’m breaking up with you. Because I don’t want to be a secret and you deserve better than a stupid Hufflepuff who decided falling in love with a Slytherin wouldn’t be such a bad idea.” You added smiling sadly at your own foolishness and he cried because yet again, his mother was taking the ones he loved the most from him.

“Do you seriously think I’m better off without you? (Y/N), you’re possibly the kindest gift the universe has ever given me and no ‘suitable pure-blood Slytherin’ will ever make me as happy as you do, so don’t you dare leave me like that, baby, you’re m'sweet girl. Please.” He breathed, “I’ll talk to my brother, he hates her just as much as I do, he can help us, I know he can. I don’t think she’ll actually disinherit me once she needs an heir and it’s not as if she’s swallowing her pride and taking Sirius back, but regardless of that, if she does, I’ll leave them and I’ll spend summers with my brother until I’m old enough to buy us a home, okay? Just please don’t leave, yeah? Don’t leave me.” He begged, kissing the tears that insisted on falling down your cheeks again.

“We’ll stop with all this secret bullshit and I’ll hold your hand and I’ll kiss you in front of everyone,” he said trailing his delightful kisses down to your neck as he softly pushed you to the closest wall, “I’ll tell every witch and every wizard that I love you and I dare my mother to try to do anything to you, I want to see her try to take you away from me.” Trailing his kisses slowly back to your lips, he kissed you as if he hadn’t seen you in years, the fear of never doing that again still palpitating his heart and sweating his hands. He embraced you in his arms like a shelter, and tangled his hands on your hair, pulling them ever so lightly not to hurt you in pure adoration and you, you kissed him back with all you had. Because even though the future was always uncertain and all the possible disapproval you’d face from his family, you knew you would be safe with him - and most importantly of all, you’d be happy with him.

A/N: I feel like the end sucked but I got too emotional over my baby Regulus and had to stop, hope you like this and remember likes, reblogs and feedback mean a lot to me, love u xx


The Korrasami commission denimcatfish made for me, and that Janet and Seychelle signed for me at the VIP signing. 

The messages they wrote were so cute too.

Janet: Stephanie, love is love! - Korra

Seychelle: Stephanie! Mucho amor! - Asami


“You haven’t changed, Mimi-kun.”

BTS Reaction To Developing A Crush On A Female Idol

RequestBTS reaction when they at an variety Show with an female Idol and Start to have a crush her!?

Namjoon: He would do his best to flirt and wouldn’t be too shy about it either. He’d at least try to become close friends!

Originally posted by shin-heerin

Jin: He would start to get all flustered around you and try to get you to laugh a lot and it would just be super duper cute tbh. He’d also learn all of your songs.

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Suga: He’d ignore it at first but after a while he would find himself looking up music videos and then becoming closer to you. He’d try and talk to you more and treat you like a close friend.

Originally posted by vjin

Hoseok: He would honestly become quieter around you. Not to the point where it seems like he dislikes you but he would be a bit flustered and nervous around you.

Originally posted by chimchams

Jimin: He would be soooooo shy. He would still talk to you but he’d turn into a cute little fluff especially having seen you perform before and all. He’d be suddenly giggly around you and all smiles.

Originally posted by koreanidolblog

Taehyung: He would be so annoying omg! The funny kind though and not the ‘i want to kill you’ kind. He’d tease you a lot suddenly and would try pick up lines but they wouldn’t work lets be real here.

Originally posted by sugapium

Jungkook: Silence. He would be dead silent. I hope you’re ready to talk to him first because he will not talk to you unless you do it first. He’d laugh at all of your jokes though so there’s that. Lots of flustered smiles too omg.

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anonymous asked:

I have an OC who is with Gladio and she LOVES kissing all of his scars so... What do you think his reaction would be? I firmly believe he would feel very shy at first but then he would melt every time she kisses the scars on his face because girls usually ignore them or get somehow scared by them but she doesn't and that just makes him super happy.

Hello! I’m sorry, I got your other message too! Sorry about the delay in response, I was trying to figure out how to answer (๑♡⌓♡๑)

I think giving a little extra attention to his scars is so cute. I think that he would definitely be a little shy at first about it, or at least self-conscious, but Gladio also seems like the type to like to show off his healed battle wounds, because it leads to stories, which inevitably (for him) leads to dates. But with his s/o I think that he particularly loves it when they kiss his scars because it reminds him that they think he’s perfect no matter what.

Bts Reaction to a short girlfriend;

** , i really do hope you like it and its what you expected! also im 4 ft 10 so i have always wanted to do this!” @lovelygroovywerewolf

Jung Hoseok;

“Jagiyah, you’re so tiny”

*pats you on the head pulling a kissy face*

Originally posted by infinitblaq

Kim Seokjin;

“Baby, you look so cute in that dress. I love you so much”

Originally posted by vminv

RapMonster/ Kim Namjoon;

“Honey, just ignore everyone. Your height is a part of you, dont let it effect your life”

Originally posted by hogays

Min Yoongi/ Suga;

*wakes up*

*See’s you trying to look in the mirror but you are too small to see*


*goes back to sleep*

Originally posted by jongdaeisabun

Jeon Jungkook; 

“Sure, you’re small but we can definitely use it to our advantage for later baby because you know, your head is closer to… ;)”

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

Park Jimin/ CHIMCHIM;

*smirks at you*

Can you reach that Jagi? Or do you need my help? ;)”

Originally posted by eyehealyou

Kim Taehyung/ V; 

*stares at you, smiling cutely*

“I would suggest for you to drink milk but i dont think milk will help you babe. we don’t need calcium, we need a magic potion ;)”

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P.s. I had way too much fun doing this reaction NGL.

Places in Toram Online
  • Sofya City: Flea Market Central
  • That library in Sofya City: A scam that puts the price on learning.
  • Land Under Development: Your first battle experience against acorns. Your prize is a boss colon skin.
  • Underground Ruins: Rats and bats
  • Rakau Plains: Kinky roleplaying among the fluffy worms
  • Reug Salt Plains: Peaceful hunting
  • Isthmus of Kaus: The place where you die for the first time. Also, you get to admire the scenery.
  • Ruined Temple: The goblins keep on hoarding the small articles. This is where you encounter your first cute lil potum. And then you proceed to die. Also, you get to climb a ladder.
  • Icule Lake: Nice place, too bad we're not staying very long
  • Witeka Scorched Plains: Please just roast this fruit. Please.
  • Nisel Mountain: Air pollution is a huge problem. Also, you get to climb a vine.
  • Doulce Hamlet: Nobody talks about that big wandering apple on the far end of town. If you ignore it, maybe it will spare you. Also, you get to jump on a rock.
  • Scaro Town: Despite the name, it's not that scary. Unless you're low-level. Then all the monsters start to home in on you. But other than that, everything's aight.
  • Rugio Ruins: Where are the potums I need their nails?
  • The Guild Maze: The first time you enter the maze, you use up 50% of your HP potions trying to go as far as you can. Before you are knocked out by a Mega Potum. The second time you are just in it for the money and kill every monster you see. But you inevitably die. Again.
  • Other maps: Either you're too low level to survive two minutes or you have literally no reason to go there other than site-seeing.

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now for some more boring stuff: i find myself unable to answer all the asks if i want kind of an storyline, so if it seems like i’m ignoring your ask: i’m not, and i apreciate you for asking
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crushes do what their name implies

they crush you under their feet, destroying them.

and now kei has three.

Also on AO3

Tsukishima Kei had spent most of his life without a care about crushes. He had never had one, and anyways they are silly things: a magnet for heartache and distraction.

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time flies
  • imagine kageyama realizing he’s in love with hinata in the middle of the night second year during training camp because somehow hinata has shuffled over in his sleep and wont let go of him
  • its one in the morning and kageyama cant sleep because he realizes that he just loves this idiot so much
  • and the next day the realization hits him again, even harder than before
  • so hard he ends up having a panic attack
  • because he’s in love
  • but he knows his feelings cant be returned because his face is scary and he isn’t a girl and he’s heard how hinata has talked about how pretty and cute girls are
  • so kageyama spends the next year and a half burying his feelings as the team climbs towards nationals, burying himself in volleyball and trying to distance himself from hinata enough that his heart doesnt hurt so much but also that hinata doesnt notice
  • high school ends. graduation is over. college starts. they go to separate ones
  • colleges flys by in a flash of too many volleyball games and too many ignored texts and missed calls that dwindle as time goes on
  • and suddenly kageyama finds himself in his old gym, his old team surrounding him because it was suga that called him, talking about a team reunion and no one can say no to suga
  • and he’s trying not to have another panic attack because as soon as he stepped in the doors he looked. looked for that familiar orange hair. as if he would see the exact same image of third year hinata, ball in hand, waiting for him to play again
  • he sees hinata rather quickly. his hair is shorter, still wild as ever, and he’s gotten slightly taller. he still looks short, but that’s probably just because of the guy next to him, an arm wrapped around his shoulders
  • and kageyama wants to throw up
  • hinata ends up spotting him before he can run
  • they talk. its awkward. they can feel the question of why kageyama hasn’t spoken to hinata in years in the air
  • i thought we’d reach nationals. view the submit, together
  • kageyama meets hinata’s new fiancee. he’s nice and he smiles so much and he’s nothing but polite and kageyama hates him
  • he tries to laugh and enjoy his time with the rest of the team, pretend like he’s not glaring at hinata’s fiancee or that his heart isn’t beating out of his chest
  • it’s night time now and everyone has to go their separate ways. kageyama offers up half lies wrapped up in promises of further contact that he knows will never happen
  • he watches hinata leave, arm linked with his fiancee’s 
  • his mouth tastes bitter
  • he goes home and tries to forget how to feel. tries to forget all those unread messages. tries to forget the pain and heartbreak. tries to forget hinata’s back as he walked off. tries to forget how it feels like everything is his fault
  • tries to lose himself in the memory of being in second year, with hinata clinging to him in the silent night

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Anonymous opinion: Fuckin' weeb. Also you're really cute and I love you.

I’ll ignore the first half and just say awww I love you too :)