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I've got a question: we all know that theres au's of Clarks ship landing somewhere not by the Kents, but whats your opinion on an au where it landed on Themyscira?


I can’t get the image of a baby Clark training in ill-fitting armour with a group of warrior women out of my mind!! Just!

  • Lil tiny Clark all frustrated because he keeps getting his butt handed to him in sparring
  • I honestly don’t think it’s possible for Clark to love and respect women more than he already does in comic books, but oh boy, imagine what he’d be like if he was completely raised in isolation by them
  • also Clark eventually becoming a massive badass because despite still being one of the worst fighters on the island, he’s still now 1000 times better at combat than regular clark is + he has powers on top of it all
    • ARMOUR! THE RED CAPE! A FUCKIGN SWORD!! Does he even need the sword? No! But you bet your ass he’s still gonna slay with it! It’s as much his heritage now as Krypton’s is
  • Clark and Diana doing cutesy brother/sister/amazonian things together once he meets her in America. Movie nights, popping up to cheer each other on (and only occasionally help out) when they’re fighting their enemies, attending women’s rights marches in their cities together
  • Clark being an even worse fish-out-of-water than he already is in existing canon. I know, right.
  • I also get the feeling that Clark wouldn’t bother with a secret identity because he didn’t have the same experiences growing up in Smallville, but nonetheless he still shows up at The Daily Planet trying to get a job, and eventually Perry White gives up trying to explain to him what “conflict of interest” is because Clark is so confused about the idea of not being honest and unbiased when you report on events, so eventually he just gives him the job with the condition that he doesn’t write about himself, and that’s the end of it
  • The fact that despite Clark being a known superhero and alien warrior, whenever Lois and him go around grilling criminals as a part of their job as reporters, everyone’s still more scared of Lois.

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hey remus can u tell your boyfriend's brother that i love lily potter more than he does?

Remus appeared confused, trying to figure out who his boyfriend and his respective brother was supposed to be in this scenario. For some reason people suspected Sirius and he were secretly together, but that was just rumours and could in no way actually happen. As for the brother, Regulus shared no love for Lily Evans, but after his family took Sirius in last year, James was more family to him that blood could ever be. 

Remus: You want to tell Lily that you love her? Have you witnessed James’ attempts the past five years at all?


In the US: on the BBCA website or app.(The whole second season and it looks like a few episodes from the first if not the whole first season) OR on Hulu (first season only so far)

Outside of the US: Netflix. (Both Season)

This show is fantastic, here are some reasons:


-Time travel (it’s like a mix of Doctor Who and Sherlock, but on drugs)


-Has some familiar faces if you are into Supernatural (like Osric who plays Kevin in SPN is a Character named Vogel in DGHDA)

-Frodo is in it (yah know, Elijah Wood)

-Samuel Barnett playing Dirk Gently is a gift.

-Super badass female with anxiety, who also reminds me of how gay I really am. (Her name is Farah and I love her…but who doesn’t)

-Another awesome punk female who starts off not being able to leave the house and SOMEHOW JOINS A GANG?!?!? (Amanda is fantastic)

-There is a corgi, a kitten, and sort of a shark.


-A THIRD BADASS FEMALE WHO IS AN ASSASSIN (I don’t know how someone who constantly murders people is like THE MOST INNOCENT ONE. Bart is a mystery)

AND I COULD KEEP GOING (please feel free to add more reasons or give better explanations)

And Hey, maybe you FOR SOME REASON don’t wanna watch the show, can you PRETTY PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION (though it would be nice if you gave it a chance):

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Oh hell yes I'm loving all these headcanons so I offer you: Striders wear sunglasses to stop themselves from pulling out their eyelashes/eyebrows due to trich while also hiding the damage and looking badass thanks for coming to my TED Talk

That a fucking GOOD AND VALID headcanon


The ultimate most fucked up show ever 


Crazy psychopathic badass #1

Crazy psychopathic badass #2 

And crazy psychopaths without the badass part


Mr Macho Majestic Marine Man aka The Ender of All Discussions 

Awesome Glasses Ex-Vampire Guy

Everyone’s Badass Baby Bro

The Traitorous BitchTM

The Big The Buff and The Beautiful

The Most Epic Truck in Existence

Various Vampiric Assholes

And all those other people


Violence. Lots of violence.


Sexual tension

Weird creepy murderous tension

Freaky vampire shit

More blood

Hot guys with big swords

Post-apocalyptic bullshit

Pain, sadness and screaming

And even more blood


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It sort of just hit me but why hasn't Sasuke attempted to copy the shadow clone jutsu with his magical eyes?

He does know how to create a bunch of shadow clones as of the Boruto movie, he just doesn’t use them. The number of shadow clones he can use is nowhere near the thousand that Naruto creates, but that’s just because Naruto has a lot of chakra.

Also, my boy Sasuke don’t need shadow clones. One badass Sasuke one-handed is all this world can handle for now, and Sasuke knows that. He’s being considerate towards us or else we would all explode.

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VIQ re timeline: is it day to night - they start in Catco, then shenanigans outside in the daytime, Lena gets poisoned and Kara flies her wherever in a panic, Lena recovers in time for her gala that she’ll insist on doing (with a clever secret plan?) ... Guardian is joined by Supergirl and the other guy to fight baddies? Also: fascinating that in addition to being the resident Luthor foil + mirror, Lena is also the show’s Lois Lane. In addition to being her own badass self. :)

gala + clever secret plan = GIVE IT TO MEEEEE i need more genius lena retaliation. and then i’m just waiting for lillian to appear any minute (probs not this ep but soon) to take care of business. im also really curious if she knows james is guardian and how thats going to tie in to everything (especially since they show guardian threatening edge …does she know he did that? or is it when she’s poisoned?). but yeah, i think this timeline seems logical… i just have soooo many things for me to stress over in the next week, lol. perfect.

also: lena is the most important character idgaf everyone can fight me!!!! 

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What are Sally's thoughts on the pastas?

Jeff the Killer: aggressive and dangerous better stay away from him
BEN drowned: plays nicely but she still is afraid to chill around him
Laughing Jack: danger! danger! danger!
Slenderman: mysterious and out of this world. Probably nice and gentle sometimes but rarely shows it
Eyeless Jack: weird diet she doesn’t want to know about. Stiff and quiet, unapproachable
Bloody Painter: nice and awkward
Ticci Toby: kind but unstable
Masky: rough&tough marshmallow
Hoodie: kind and sweet, smiles to her often and she likes it
Homicidal Liu: she doesn’t know him very well but he appear to be calm and sad
Eternal Jane: badass! career goals! also gentle and pretty!


Victuuri Week Day 02: Historical AU

Anyways here’s my contribution to victuuri week: Victor and Yuuri in random eras because I wanted to draw historical outfits (sorry  for any historical inaccuracies)

They actually played this song and it’s forever stuck in my head

So like I was rewatching the space mall episode-

-and my weaboo alarm started going off when I saw the space pirate outfits and!! It turns out that each of them has bits that reference different anime and reflect the personality/situation of the paladin wearing them and I’m cryindkfg LOOK

Pidge’s glasses are Kamina’s from Gurren Lagann. Kamina is an older brother character who uh inspires his (pseudo) sibling to travel to space and fight in a giant fucking fighting robot. And after Kamina dies, Kamina’s little brother ends up wearing his glasses (or a version of them, at least).

(*Matt voice* “believe in the me that believes in you, Katie”)

I’m actually willing to bet my entire firstborn child that Keith’s outfit is referencing Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z, who, shit you not, starts out as a rival character from a planet of evil killer furries and then becomes a grumpy ally/friend to the heroes. He’s even crossing his arms just like him I’m so mad

I spent like an hour trying to figure out Hunk but then I realized: spiky shoulder pads, spike on head, apron (later on in ep). He’s Alphonse from Fullmetal Alchemist, aka a big, strong, compassionate kid who likes cute things, food, and hugs, and will kick your entire ass if you try to hurt anybody in front of him. Also Alphonse is a suit of armor, and Hunk’s lion is the most armored, like…

Lance’s little glasses and long coat are just like Vash’s from Trigun. And fucking. Vash is a fucking marksman who acts goofy but gets serious to help others / when in trouble and doesn’t understand the full extent of his abilities. Does any of this. Sound familiar at all.

I couldn’t figure out Coran’s (apparently I’m not that level of weeb yet) but if someone knows who he’s referencing please tell me so I can get mad about that too because I can’t believe I didn’t notice all of these fucking parallels the first time around what the fuck

- They took him once… It won’t happen again.

i commissioned this piece from the kind and talented @mesknoxx as a companion to chapter four of my fluffy season three fix it fic – we don’t talk very much (we just fake being nice) – in which clarke and lexa attend an azgeda coronation ball. this is the artist’s rendering of the dresses they wore.

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Did you really convince little Steve Rogers that the fireworks on the fourth of July were for his birthday?

actually no. 

that was the handiwork of one mrs sara rogers, who used to take her little asthmatic arrhythmic tiny baby son on the roof to watch the fireworks on his birthday. (mostly so that they didnt have to be in the apartment with steves dad, who had shellshock which he medicated with waaaay too much alcohol, and he was always worse on the fourth, since it sounded like there were explosions going off everywhere. steves dad died when he was three, and my ma said once that mrs rogers might have missed him, but she didnt miss the bruises he left.)

 as it happened, that was how i first met steve–on the roof of the building when i was four and he was turning three. i actually remember it, which is pretty incredible considering how old i was and how swiss-cheese my brain is. but there was mrs sara, with her tiny little baby on her hip. i’d never seen anybody so fair-skinned and blonde as mrs sara and stevie, and the lights off the fireworks painted them all sorts of colors. most of the other little kids were crying and had to be brought inside because the noise scared them, but not baby stevie–he was reaching his little bitty baby hands up, trying to grab the sparkly fireworks. probably the noise didnt bother him because he was partially deaf, but mrs sara always insisted that it was just that he had more courage than could fit inside him. 

generally, she also mentioned that all that courage had taken up the space where his common sense was supposed to be. 

when steve was three, he said his favorite color was america–by which he meant red, white, and blue, because that was the colors for his birthday, and everyone always celebrated with him.

even after mrs sara died, us barneses kept up the fireworks story, and i passed it on to the howlies eventually. 

i dont know how old steve was when he figured out that the whole city wasnt just throwing him a huge birthday celebration, but im sure that if you asked him, he’d still insist the fireworks were for him.

whatever PR schmuck decided to name him captain america probably had no idea how accurate a name it was. 

I thought itd be fun to draw the kids all grown up haha so heres this lineup while i work on the finished pics of them

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