also they are badass

Imagine Jungkook and Jimin have known each other since they were pre teens. There was a elder male on the block who gave Jimin a bad feeling but not Jungkook. The male (20) really liked Jungkook (11) so he attempts to court/groom Jungkook to be his lover for years. Jimin, who loves Jungkook, notice how the male acts and makes it his personal mission to stand in the way of the males plan. When they get older Jimin really makes sure to block the male from Jungkook cause the male has gotten a little more aggressive with his advances (hoping to stir up Jungkook’s out of control hormones.)

“You know Jimin, there is nothing cute about jealousy.” “There is nothing cute about grooming either.”

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Friendly reminder that SpongeBob (AKA one of the most iconic TV characters ever) is canonly asexual (confirmed by the creator of the show over 12 years ago) and possibly aromantic. The most optimistic, happy, cheerful, *insert more synonyms* TV character ever breaks the "moody depressed ace/aro" stereotype like a badass. SpongeBob and Kirby ftw

Spongebob is also an Ace Icon now


Does anyone think the idea of Popular Good Girl Beca and Independent Bad Girl Chloe (who pulls Beca’s pigtails) is simply divine??

Calling all fanfic authors, I’d love to read a Pitch Perfect HS au multi-chapter fanfic where Beca is the popular girl with a lot of friends, head cheerleader, on the debate team…etc, best friends with Stacie and dating the (cliche) quarterback, Jesse- an arrogant prick with no concept of respect or fidelity…

Whilst there’s Chloe, who is the resident badass, (also quite intelligent- she just doesn’t show it) and pretty rude to most people… she wears leather jackets, has a few ear piercings, tattoos (maybe), and best friends with equally badass Aubrey (yes this story would be very OOC). I reckon though she pulls Beca’s pigtails, she would compliment her or go out of her way for her, though it would look as if she were being sarcastic or mocking.

M rating would be wonderful because who doesn’t love as it of smut with their bedtime stories XD

If you’re feeling particularly enthusiastic, a Hogwarts fic would be amazing. The concept would be the same, except Chloe and Aubrey would be in Slytherin

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I don't mind the pink at all really. Like it's known the princess is into sparkly and pink, but that also doesn't make her any less badass??? You don't have to give one away for another. Plus she was probably waiting for the day to bust the armor out.

I didn’t say it makes her any less badass. And it’s actually really important for Allura as a dark skinned girl to be able to be feminine and linked to a traditionally feminine color like pink.


Victuuri Week Day 02: Historical AU

Anyways here’s my contribution to victuuri week: Victor and Yuuri in random eras because I wanted to draw historical outfits (sorry  for any historical inaccuracies)

So like I was rewatching the space mall episode-

-and my weaboo alarm started going off when I saw the space pirate outfits and!! It turns out that each of them has bits that reference different anime and reflect the personality/situation of the paladin wearing them and I’m cryindkfg LOOK

Pidge’s glasses are Kamina’s from Gurren Lagann. Kamina is an older brother character who uh inspires his (pseudo) sibling to travel to space and fight in a giant fucking fighting robot. And after Kamina dies, Kamina’s little brother ends up wearing his glasses (or a version of them, at least).

(*Matt voice* “believe in the me that believes in you, Katie”)

I’m actually willing to bet my entire firstborn child that Keith’s outfit is referencing Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z, who, shit you not, starts out as a rival character from a planet of evil killer furries and then becomes a grumpy ally/friend to the heroes. He’s even crossing his arms just like him I’m so mad

I spent like an hour trying to figure out Hunk but then I realized: spiky shoulder pads, spike on head, apron (later on in ep). He’s Alphonse from Fullmetal Alchemist, aka a big, strong, compassionate kid who likes cute things, food, and hugs, and will kick your entire ass if you try to hurt anybody in front of him. Also Alphonse is a suit of armor, and Hunk’s lion is the most armored, like…

Lance’s little glasses and long coat are just like Vash’s from Trigun. And fucking. Vash is a fucking marksman who acts goofy but gets serious to help others / when in trouble and doesn’t understand the full extent of his abilities. Does any of this. Sound familiar at all.

I couldn’t figure out Coran’s (apparently I’m not that level of weeb yet) but if someone knows who he’s referencing please tell me so I can get mad about that too because I can’t believe I didn’t notice all of these fucking parallels the first time around what the fuck

They actually played this song and it’s forever stuck in my head

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Did you really convince little Steve Rogers that the fireworks on the fourth of July were for his birthday?

actually no. 

that was the handiwork of one mrs sara rogers, who used to take her little asthmatic arrhythmic tiny baby son on the roof to watch the fireworks on his birthday. (mostly so that they didnt have to be in the apartment with steves dad, who had shellshock which he medicated with waaaay too much alcohol, and he was always worse on the fourth, since it sounded like there were explosions going off everywhere. steves dad died when he was three, and my ma said once that mrs rogers might have missed him, but she didnt miss the bruises he left.)

 as it happened, that was how i first met steve–on the roof of the building when i was four and he was turning three. i actually remember it, which is pretty incredible considering how old i was and how swiss-cheese my brain is. but there was mrs sara, with her tiny little baby on her hip. i’d never seen anybody so fair-skinned and blonde as mrs sara and stevie, and the lights off the fireworks painted them all sorts of colors. most of the other little kids were crying and had to be brought inside because the noise scared them, but not baby stevie–he was reaching his little bitty baby hands up, trying to grab the sparkly fireworks. probably the noise didnt bother him because he was partially deaf, but mrs sara always insisted that it was just that he had more courage than could fit inside him. 

generally, she also mentioned that all that courage had taken up the space where his common sense was supposed to be. 

when steve was three, he said his favorite color was america–by which he meant red, white, and blue, because that was the colors for his birthday, and everyone always celebrated with him.

even after mrs sara died, us barneses kept up the fireworks story, and i passed it on to the howlies eventually. 

i dont know how old steve was when he figured out that the whole city wasnt just throwing him a huge birthday celebration, but im sure that if you asked him, he’d still insist the fireworks were for him.

whatever PR schmuck decided to name him captain america probably had no idea how accurate a name it was. 

Things Jason Todd can do, according to Lost Days

Speak Russian well enough to argue with mobsters; lip-read German, cross international borders without a passport, beat up ninjas while catatonic, pilot a helicopter, set and defuse explosives, successfully plant a bomb on the Batmobile, administer a wide variety of poisons, ditch the League of Assassins, vomit on command (without sticking his fingers down his throat).

Tbh that last one impresses me the most.


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Stanuary week two: Protect
He might not always be able to be there to protect his brother from bullies, but at least he can keep him from taking their words to heart.

You can see all of my Stanuary entries here.

I thought itd be fun to draw the kids all grown up haha so heres this lineup while i work on the finished pics of them