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I love your drawings but some of your characters aren't very accurate. Especially with Lin you should pay more attention to his features.

oh no i cant believe ive been subjecting you all to low quality lins this entire time 

from now on my blog will be only the most accurate high quality lins dont you worry

Little details you don’t notice at first (1/?)

-Even most likely comforting Isak and chasing away his fears while having his arms around Isak’s waist (or holding his hand).


There’s something missing between these two scenes even though they happen only moments (and one page) apart. There’s a line missing (Bellamy: “Get some sleep.”) We’re also missing stage directions (i.e. the actor’s movements between these two scenes) and on the show, Bellamy turns, picks up his jacket and then looks at Clarke for a bit longer before finally walking out. Clarke’s eyes follow him (her eyes are still wet with tears) before she wipes them away and then rips the list out of the book and places it in the desk. She then stands up, grabs her own jacket and walks down the hall toward medbay.

 We have two separate script pieces only moments apart that contain absolutely none of these moments. There is a reason for that and it’s because whatever is contained in that small bit of script that’s missing? It means something for Bellarke.

P.S. Eliza “That Blarke Shit…obviously isn’t happening Taylor” ad-libbed the hand nuzzle. Think about that. 


Professor Stephen Hawking poses with Benedict Cumberbatch and Eddie Redmayne on the set of the movies Hawking (2004) and The Theory Of Everything (2014)

  • me: whoa i'm so excited for ben platt to win the tony!!!
  • everyone: yeah but he was just nominated, they didn't announce the winners-
  • me: i wonder what he'll say in his acceptance speech!
  • everyone: he's also up against christian borle and josh groban, two really talented actors who-
  • me: i am so proud of him! i'm going to need ten boxes of tissues for the ceremony.
  • everyone: he might not win...
  • me: sorry what? i can't hear you over all the hype about ben platt's tony!

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Which symbol is each member? Sorry I'm a new IGOT7!

no need to be sorry! feel free to ask anything you don’t know about them yet!

ok so

Jaebum - This is Paradise’s crew logo (I don’t really know if they’re producers or just independent musicians but anyways they make music)

Mark - it’s 93 in the Roman alphabet (he was born in 1993)

Jackson - This is Wang ( 王 ), his surname

Jinyoung - “Can’t take it when I’m gone” it’s a quote from his favorite actor that is also one of his two life mottos (the other is “Only when your dream is destroyed once could you reach the true dream of yours” said by his mother)

Youngjae - it’s his logo

Bambam - It’s a snake because in Korean, Bambam is 뱀뱀 and snake is 뱀 (they use the snake emoji it all the time when referring to him)

Yugyeom - this is also his logo, a dandelion (and his tattoo?)

I hope this post smh helped you!


two characters that has more in common than you might think!

me and my friend found out that two certain characters share the same (japanese) voice actor~! 

so different and yet so much alike ` o ´)/ ?

Why you should watch American Gods

- v diverse cast + no whitewashing
- cast poc to play poc and not tanned white men
- most romantic scene is a sex scene between two muslim men
- the actors of said characters also openly talk about the relationship
- the cast are all great friends and the interviews are super fun to watch
- the storyline(s) is/are really good and super interesting
- ricky whittle
- doesn’t take itself too seriously + makes jokes about some of the weirder parts
- did i mention poc characters (like a lot)
- delivers important social and political commentary
- doesn’t depict Jesus as just one white guy but as a whole group of different ethnicities (asain jesus, mexican jesus etc.)
- all the characters are super interesting and have fleshed out backstories
- there’s probably more but i cant think of anything rn

The Flyler/Sanvers Glaad

- Chyler in a suit. Ok. So Chyler can do dress, can do jeans, can do suit, can do streetwear, can do sportwear, can do glasses, can do beanie, can act, can sing, is a friend, is a girlfriend, is a mom, is a wife, is protective, is generous, is invested, is funny, is beautiful…. She is not Human, She is GOD.

Speaking of God, let’s talk about God’s Angel: Floriana.

- Floriana, simple is easy : She went to the Glaad without rings, necklace, earings, purse, phone… Just her, in a blue dress and a pair of high heels,and she is just beautiful. WHAT KIND OF MAGIC IS THAT?

Then :

- How many tattoos does Chyler have?

- Chalet Leah? Ok, so it was April 1 but still: Why Chyler’s name is so hard to spell, write or pronounce? I mean come on !

- Floriana is so shy, she is the cutenest.

- Flo’s hands, tongue, arms, smile, eyes.

- Chyler touching Flo’s arms, dress’s belt… well in fact Chyler couldn’t stop touching Her Lovely Date Floriana.

- The way they look at each other.

- “For us, to be in a relationship…” this line is Gold.

- They are really protective and proud about being Alex and Maggie. They really want Sanvers to be as real as possible.

- Sanvers didn’t win, but to be honest, I’m glad that Malec won. Because well, the two actors are doing a great work, but also because the representation of m/m relationships on tv shows is so poor. M/M relations need to be shown, they exist, they are real.

- The What The Fuck Fact: Chyler and Floriana represented Supergirl last night and of course Sanvers. But, we can all notice that the entire cast and production were radio silence about it (no tweet, no word, nothing). Is there a true honest explanation? or they just don’t care?

- Chyler and Floriana: are natural, gorgeous, real and they care.

Oh and I almost forgot: Floriana Lima’s got a special bodyguard: Leigh. Chyler Leigh.


Most likely to laugh during takes?  

Matthew: Honestly, Dom and I are probably the worst.

Dominic: We’re the worst, when we’re in our scenes together.

Matthew: I don’t think I ever laugh with any of the other ones. [c]


"Pecked Lips"

Stelena kisses aren’t passionate huh? @lovevanessaamarie

I don’t really ship Stelena that hard, tho their chemistry is undeniable. In the first one, they’re not simply “kissing” their bodies are in motion, both of them lean into each other as they feel one another’s body get closer

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Here it shows how pure and amazing their love is, this is one of their most adorable scenes because of how playful they are together, not all kisses have to look the same in order to be passionate. Quick reminder kissing in bed doesn’t always mean sex (even if your ship uses it in that way). You can fuck anyone but you can’t make love to everyone.

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I genuinely think these two were iconic because of their romance and as for the make-out/kissing scenes, they just add to that. Stelena has this urgency to their kisses which shows how much love they share. Their kisses are electrifying and you can notice that with every movement they make and every position they take while kissing even if it is just a “peck” 

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Talk about “pecked lips” kisses… I mean not only it doesn't have any emotion, it gives less than a second to the audience to notice it and also it seems forced even for two actors that are actually dating:

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I think u mistake passion for “eating faces” these two quite literally lack in motion and are full of sloppiness, they literally bump their faces to each other to make it look passionate, but in my book, it just looks like violent kissing

God this one broke my nose..Zzz

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Jonathan & Ish-Bosheth + Of Kings & Prophets 1.01 ‘Offerings of Blood’
Josh Hutcherson, Eliza Coupe Preview Hulu's Sci-Fi Action-Comedy, 'Future Man'

Josh Hutcherson, 24, has been acting more than half his life, but odds are you probably know him as Peeta from the Hunger Games quartet or the young adventurer Sean from the Jules Verne Journey films.

“Very wholesome,” Hutcherson laughs. “That’s not me. I went across to the dark side. It is really freeing.” He’s talking about his work on Future Man, Hulu’s new action-comedy series, the latest genre-riffing project from executive producers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. Hutcherson plays Josh Futterman, a janitor at an STD research laboratory who spends lonely nights in his parents’ house earning high scores in his favorite video game, Cybergeddon. “He can clean and play video games, those are his two talents,” says the actor, joking but also not joking.

Fate beckons him to unlikely heroism. When Hutcherson achieves high honors in one Cybergeddon, he’s identified as the world-saving messiah by badass future warriors Tiger and Wolf (Eliza Coupe and Derek Wilson), who travel back to our time looking for a Messiah to prevent their apocalyptic future. It’s a twist taken straight out of The Last Starfighter, and Future Man boils over with nostalgia for the ’80s-era science fiction. “All of us grew up in the era of these amazing movies like Back to the Future and The Terminator,” explains Ariel Shaffir, who co-created the show with Kyle Hunter. “This was an opportunity to lean into the genre, but do it in a funnier way.”

But don’t call it a spoof: For all the fish-out-of-time-traveling-water comedy, Future Man has big world-building sci-fi ambitions. “Our comedies are very plot-driven and conceptual,” says Rogen. “We’ve always talked about the big picture, the second season, the third season, the fourth season.” With that ambition comes film-worthy action setpieces. “It’s the most demanding show I’ve ever done,” says Coupe, who compares Tiger to aggro-badass Sarah Connor circa Terminator 2. “The amount of action stuff we do is crazy. Derek and I were doing a fight scene two weeks ago, I think it was 15 hours outside [filming].”

Real-world tragedy struck production with the passing of series regular Glenne Headly. “It still hasn’t really settled in all the way,” Hutcherson says. “In the show, her character’s my mom, the most sweet, loving, passionate woman. She’s so funny. Her and Ed Begley Jr. together are the dream parents.”

In lieu of recasting, the show will write the character out of the show. It’s another complication for an already complex series, which seeks to balance hard-R comedy with explosive thrills and mainstream nostalgia with geekish precision. “There’s so many references that maybe seven people will get,” says Hutcherson. “There’s certain weapons we use that are some deep Star Trek weaponry that my grandma, who’s a hardcore Trekkie, would know.” If Josh Hutcherson’s Star Trek-loving grandmother is satisfied, so are we.

Chris Pine Imagine

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Both being actors and also being a couples sometimes makes you two have a healthy competitions. For example being nominated for the same award. You both don’t really care who wins it’s just fun games. But deep down you hope the other person wins. 

“Ready?” you asked Chris as you both arrived at the red carpet. 

“The question is if you are ready” Chris joked and got out of the car. You two walked the carpet in each other arms. Everyone loved when you took photos together. It always made you both smile and would see the loving looks you gave each other while the other wasn’t looking. After some photos you had to do interviews, and since you two were together and also nominated for the same award they wanted to you to answer questions together. 

“How are thing with you two?” the interviewer asked making you look at each other “I mean since you’re both nominated for the same award” you both laughed out. 

“Oh we hate each other now” Chris joked and you joined in

“We now sleep in different room because of it” it was very obvious you both were joking. 

“We really don’t care about it” Chris said looking at you “I believe I can speak for both of us when I say we would be happy of any of us won the award or any one else in that category.” you nodded 

“Everyone of those people deserve the award. They all are very talented” you added to what Chris said. And you truly meant it. They all were amazing, the work they had done was even more amazing, so it didn’t matter who won. What was important was to have fun and that’s what you and Chris did. 

When you two walked in got some drinks and went to talk to some friends. For a while you went your separate ways. You talked to your friends from your newest movie and he went to his. Long time hadn’t passed when Chris was already by your side. 

“Excuse me lady, I’d like to steal this beauty away from you” he said to all the women standing with you. They all smiled and nodded. 

“Miss me already?” you asked Chris as you walked to your table. 

“More then you know” he helped you sit down and gave you a new glass of wine.

The award show began. Even thou it was an award show it was very uplifting. Chris held your hand and watched the show, soon your nominee was up. Chris leaned to you 

“I hope you win” you said to Chris making him smile, before he could say anything to you his name was being called. You already had a feeling he would win and was more then happy for him. Chris deserved it. 

He walked on the stage and accepted the award. 

“Thank you so much. Thank you to everyone who worked with me on this movie and made it possible, but there is someone I also want to thank.” he smiled at you. “I want to thank my lovely girlfriend. She’s the reason I still do this. she’s my motivation and I actually think you should have won this. So when I we get home, no I’ll do it now” everyone and you watched Chris. He walked down the stage and to you. He handed you the award “You should have this. You worked very hard on the movie. This is yours” you were in a shock, you had never seen anyone really do that. You didn’t know if he could even do that. 

Everyone in the room started to clap. 

“Can you even do this?” you said to Chris. He laughed and nodded. He placed the award in your hands and kissed you.  That was a moment you would never forget, the world would never forget. 

there are only two (2) male actors whom i truly love and admire both for their talent and personality. these two actors also happen to be the best, most talented, but sadly must underrated actors ever. they are, ranked:

1. Moose, the dog from Frasier

2. Adam Scott

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I think this helps explain why the mixed messages from Sam. Shortly after IFH, Sam said in a print interview that he didn't want to do it because that would break the spell (though Cait insisted on doing it). He obviously wanted/wants fans to stay interested in the show with this "are they or aren't they". He kept doing the Cait lovefests on his SM, and then posted the Georgia map pic and geotagged that Audi pic. All of these have been done intentionally. He knows exactly what he's been doing.

Ah, this infamous IFH again. To be fair, nonnie, there are endless theories as to the mixed messages and there are those who would contest the notion of Sam sending them. Let’s say we go with your theory, which I might add, many have put forward as well. So, Sam does this intentionally; have a SM lovefest and counter that with obscure not-so-lovefest with the supposed SO. For a guy who does not live out his relationships and personal life on SM, he is sure bent on people knowing who his “real” SO is, which I am sensing from you, is the-one-who-climb-trees-and-superficially-support-charities.

What it comes down to is interpretation. We are interpreting each move they make on SM and imbuing them with meaning based on our beliefs and perception of said interactions, as well as theories of what has been presented to fandom in general. We are suppose to believe that Sam is with ___. We are suppose to believe that Cait is with ____. We operate on the knowledge that has been circulated and the lens that has been presented to us as a method of processing such representations. We panicked (well, some people do), individually and collectively when the games begin. It’s a vicious cycle. And we wonder, why do I care? Why do I do this to myself? Why are they not togetehr? Don’t they see what we see? Why is he with her? Why does she not have self-respect? Why is she not working? Cait is not innocent of all this!  T is a good guy! Why should I continue supporting their charities when it’s all been a sham? (A note: Supporting charities, regardless of the circumstances, is a an admirable thing).

Nonetheless, for the past three years, we have also seen Sam and Cait together and see the magic or sorcery that ensues. #bettertogether. Now, one might argue that this magic or sorcery is orchestrated to drum up interest in the show, support their charities, and keep them in the limelight. As much as sometimes I succumb to this line of thought, I also wonder why would two actors who are busy working and building a career indulge in this child’s play? For what purpose? To safeguard their relationship and their sanity? To protect their real SOs? If there are indeed real SOs floating out there, I do hope all this is worth it; that Sam and Cait are worth the trouble. I know that watching them grind up against each other, eye-fuck, heart-eyes, complete each other’s sentences, silently communicate, project one body/mind/soul, etc is enough to make me run for the hills.

To circle back to your theory that Sam knows what he is doing, you also have to ask, what is he really doing? Is he doing anything? Who is he doing it for? Or, is the doing connected only to how we perceive the events that occur?

    UNDER THE CUT  you’ll find #125+ gif icons of my extra af bias, CHOI MINHO in style two. he is a member of shinee  &  also an actor.  none of the original gifs are mine,  i merely cropped  &  edited them to my liking.  this is the first part out of five in my shinee series.  a like/reblog if you’re saving is very appreciated.  i may add on to this in a later time

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