also these stills look perfect


I do know some things. Not enough to build a life together, but I suppose we’ll get there.

Alec Lightwood literally walked through Hell to Save Magnus bane.

And he was willing to stay there and die with him.

“I don’t want the world, I want you”.

Remember that the next time you want to hate on Book-Malec.

Commissioned my main boy Cobalt Falcon from one of my favorite artists @theasgardiandetective!!!! It looks amazing and I love it!
(If you’re thinking of getting art I definitely recommend this guy he’s the best)

anonymous asked:

memorymagic!anon here, I'm sorry! tbh it was the shot of them strapping Valentine's head down in the chair that sparked that thought and I'm not even sure if that's new footage from next week or was just reused? I really want to see Magnus ripping that memory from him tho. Maybe some threats of erasing every good/happy memory Valentine has too. I want to see him legit terrified of Magnus and what he can do.

i think it’s new footage actually! and god i’m yelling i would love this a lot please!! i really want magnus to put the fear of god in valentine i would flatline for real i will never rise from my grave oawijeiwaj

you know, nothing says magnus can’t make memories either. i mean like, nothing says he can’t manipulate a person’s memories into something else. THAT IS TRULY DARK and i mean i can’t see him rly using it lightly but i can see him threatening it for sure when will they deliver i’m dying over here


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I have barely played Pokemon Sun/Moon yet, but I wanted to draw this. 

Some pictures of the main trio with what I think would be their Alola starters plus some sketches of them with their final evolutions. :,)


the dribbles get faster, my hearts gets happier

Council Gajevy is CANON....(and rockin' that uniform)
Guess who turned in her thesis!

Celebratory terrible French pun:

(imagine that this is a verse in which Enjolras has a pet turtle)

(‘tu as tort’ = 'you’re wrong’, but at the same time 'tu as’ = 'you have’; 'et le tort tue’ = 'and being wrong kills’, but also 'le tortue’ = 'a turtle’)

Grantaire is revelling in his newfound way of throwing Enjolras off (and marvelling at how can a person like Enjolras have such an undignified laughter)

Enjolras will calm down in about half an hour

Combeferre really loves puns, but believes they should serve to make a point, and not to derail a discussion which I was winning, Grantaire

Yamaguchi week day 7: Third Years/College

third year yamaguchi (mamaguchi), still a lil bit shy but hella more confident in his volleyball skills.

also rl good at giving heart attacks without realizing.

thanks you all for  being here this week that was so incredible for a yams fan with tsukkiyama day, his birthday, chapter 182 of the manga AND anime episode 6 - episode 7 preview, this arc is my favorite for this hq season.

thanks also to the mod(s) of yamaguchi week 2k15 , this was a great week :>

Sir please don’t feed him strange things. If he gets ill, I’ll be cleaning his mess with your underwear;;….

The chat of the FMA Haven was thirsty for 03!Royai, and since I’m s suker for 03!Royai, here goes this quick thing (don’t be fooled, the BG makes the trick but the actual lineart is shitty as hell, the resize helped).