also these stills look perfect


frogs + emojis


Can’t I just stay in here with you forever? Can I? You can.


I do know some things. Not enough to build a life together, but I suppose we’ll get there.

Alec Lightwood literally walked through Hell to Save Magnus bane.

And he was willing to stay there and die with him.

“I don’t want the world, I want you”.

Remember that the next time you want to hate on Book-Malec.

Commissioned my main boy Cobalt Falcon from one of my favorite artists @theasgardiandetective!!!! It looks amazing and I love it!
(If you’re thinking of getting art I definitely recommend this guy he’s the best)


blanket is all textured now! it’s pretty simple but i didn’t want it to be too distracting n all so im happy with it how it is lol 

i also started on this lil plant thing. anon suggested a plant coming from the open drawer but i couldnt think of a good way of making it, so i just made it into a normal plant. it’s far from finished tho. it literally has no texture (except the shadow bake which u see now with some random colours slapped on to give u an idea lol), but i still need to do the whole uv map before i can move on to texturing it. but ay, at least it’s something already!

have i mentioned lately that i love krysta rodriguez and would do anything for her


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I have barely played Pokemon Sun/Moon yet, but I wanted to draw this. 

Some pictures of the main trio with what I think would be their Alola starters plus some sketches of them with their final evolutions. :,)



“Boom, gone. Yeah, we move on. Even if we tried to forget, love will remember you, love will remember me… I know it inside my heart forever will, forever be ours, even if we tried to forget, love will remember” — Selena Gomez

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Hey I love your scenarios. Can I please request a guanlin college au? Thank you!!

Thank you for loving my writing!! ❤❤ Sorry this took so long, i’m in the midst of all my final assignments and midterms at uni right now, but here you go!! It’s a bit more friendship with a hint of potential future relationship so maybe i’ll do a part 2 sometime later on if you’d like? Enjoy! 

Kuanlin college!AU (that kinda wasnt a college au, idk i got a bit sidetracked by basketball lmao)  ALSO HAPPY BDAY KUANLIN BBY HOPE UR SWEET SIXTEENTH IS LOVELY LIKE U KIDDO

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  • he’s well known around campus as THE international student 
  • like a guy who appeared from a manga/manhwa, he has godly features and proportions
  • just a very perfect looking human
  • He’s also the guy that still seems to be having a growth spurt because you swear he’s taller than he was a month ago
  • Has a keen interest in languages, so he’s doing a double degree in Korean and English
  • People’s first impression of him are always that he’s this really cool guy
  • He has this signature outfit of a bomber jacket and ripped jeans
  • and sunglasses
  • Everyone’s eyes are always drawn to him immediately
  • “he looks like a celebrity!”
  • as soon as he took off his sunglasses and sat down, he gave everyone this cute gummy smile and introduced himself 
  • Despite his fashionable attire, he’s rather introverted and sticks to the same group of friends
  • The first time you met was in class at the start of your first year
  • you were running late because you had gotten lost because there had been a mistake in the timetable
  • you had made it in the correct building but it was seriously like a maze
  • and there was like 2 minutes left until the lecture would start but you were still so lost
  • 1 minute to go and you were about to give up
  • when Kuanlin strolls past you leisurely
  • He’s about to turn the corner when he glances back at you
  • “um…”

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-more than words

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pairing: taeyong + reader

genre: fluff, soulmate!au

word count: 1273

summary: “music calls souls, it has the ability to attract those who are made for each other”

It was an early monday morning. The start of the week came to call and you felt more than ready. You’ve been telling yourself to stay strong and motivated. And you felt a little excited too. The morning breeze that escaped the window hit your skin. The sun didn’t shine at all, but the weather wasn’t that bad either. “(Y/N) are you awake?” you heard a voice asking you. You immediately got out of bed. Your roommates would judge you if they’d see you still lying in bed. They always woke up so early and you had no clue how they did that.

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@poorlymadesockpuppet and I have decided that they should definitely make a movie adaptation of the Bonnie and Clyde musical, starring Renee Marino and Josh Segarra as Bonnie and Clyde. 

I feel like that would be the most amazing thing anyone could do ever.