also these stills look perfect


hello cutie💕


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I have barely played Pokemon Sun/Moon yet, but I wanted to draw this. 

Some pictures of the main trio with what I think would be their Alola starters plus some sketches of them with their final evolutions. :,)


Yamaguchi week day 7: Third Years/College

third year yamaguchi (mamaguchi), still a lil bit shy but hella more confident in his volleyball skills.

also rl good at giving heart attacks without realizing.

thanks you all for  being here this week that was so incredible for a yams fan with tsukkiyama day, his birthday, chapter 182 of the manga AND anime episode 6 - episode 7 preview, this arc is my favorite for this hq season.

thanks also to the mod(s) of yamaguchi week 2k15 , this was a great week :>

Council Gajevy is CANON....(and rockin' that uniform)

Sir please don’t feed him strange things. If he gets ill, I’ll be cleaning his mess with your underwear;;….

The chat of the FMA Haven was thirsty for 03!Royai, and since I’m s suker for 03!Royai, here goes this quick thing (don’t be fooled, the BG makes the trick but the actual lineart is shitty as hell, the resize helped).



[insp] [insp]

“…I know it’s not much… but you can always call me, when you will need to talk.”

My suggestion for the way Pacifica might save the day in “Dipper and Mabel vs the Future”.

I’m glad to see Seth still seeks to destroy any fuckboy trying to perv on Kate.


i was tagged by @angelsfilth @loscalifanes and @brunchdate to do the 2016 selfie thingie (the baby pic isn’t from 2016 but that’s still A perfect representation of me also look at my mom squishing my sisters head love it n look at her face ha !)

anyways i tag @blockheadem @babebrat @amoremiele @istanbul1997 @blluish @betruetoyouryouth @gothetic @poorly-curated @ok-brb @salvia-peach @salivapleth @root-rot98 @sof-yaa @delicateclump @wreckedgrl @cluts and anybody else who wants to do it 🌹