also these stills look perfect


I do know some things. Not enough to build a life together, but I suppose we’ll get there.

Commissioned my main boy Cobalt Falcon from one of my favorite artists @theasgardiandetective!!!! It looks amazing and I love it!
(If you’re thinking of getting art I definitely recommend this guy he’s the best)


Please click on the images to better view them!

I have barely played Pokemon Sun/Moon yet, but I wanted to draw this. 

Some pictures of the main trio with what I think would be their Alola starters plus some sketches of them with their final evolutions. :,)


the dribbles get faster, my hearts gets happier

Council Gajevy is CANON....(and rockin' that uniform)
Guess who turned in her thesis!

Celebratory terrible French pun:

(imagine that this is a verse in which Enjolras has a pet turtle)

(‘tu as tort’ = 'you’re wrong’, but at the same time 'tu as’ = 'you have’; 'et le tort tue’ = 'and being wrong kills’, but also 'le tortue’ = 'a turtle’)

Grantaire is revelling in his newfound way of throwing Enjolras off (and marvelling at how can a person like Enjolras have such an undignified laughter)

Enjolras will calm down in about half an hour

Combeferre really loves puns, but believes they should serve to make a point, and not to derail a discussion which I was winning, Grantaire

Yamaguchi week day 7: Third Years/College

third year yamaguchi (mamaguchi), still a lil bit shy but hella more confident in his volleyball skills.

also rl good at giving heart attacks without realizing.

thanks you all for  being here this week that was so incredible for a yams fan with tsukkiyama day, his birthday, chapter 182 of the manga AND anime episode 6 - episode 7 preview, this arc is my favorite for this hq season.

thanks also to the mod(s) of yamaguchi week 2k15 , this was a great week :>

Sir please don’t feed him strange things. If he gets ill, I’ll be cleaning his mess with your underwear;;….

The chat of the FMA Haven was thirsty for 03!Royai, and since I’m s suker for 03!Royai, here goes this quick thing (don’t be fooled, the BG makes the trick but the actual lineart is shitty as hell, the resize helped).


anonymous asked:

hey could you pleaseeee write a hoseok x tinashe one shot? like them work on ther collab choreo or smt and then things heat up I NEED IT IN MY LIFE

I think, maybe you don’t really read my blog?  I’ve written a lot about how I don’t take requests and about how I struggle to write for Hoseok. (I know, I know!  I’m still looking for the perfect scenario for him!)  Also, all my stories are reader insert.  I’m not opposed to doing something different if the mood strikes me, but I can pretty much guarantee you that when I end up doing a third person story – it won’t be celeb x celeb – it will be an original character.  And if something really weird happened and I suddenly felt the urge to write a Hoseok x Other Celebrity, it won’t be Tinashe.  I don’t have anything against her; she’s talented and pretty.  But I’m just not a fan and I don’t know her well enough to write about her.  When I’m not listening to kpop, I’m usually listening to rock or oldies or jazz.  Tinashe doesn’t really make an appearance in my playlists.

Date Diary - The Wedding

Date Diary - Our First Date / second Date / Our third (& fourth?) Date / Meeting the parents / The Hike / The Proposal

Jensen: It’s still something I have to get used too. I never saw myself as a husband until I met you… But had I known what it would feel like, I probably would’ve proposed to you earlier. 

Reader: Me neither. I never wanted to get married… I had seen too many divorces and broken hearts already.

Jensen: Right. But… And I can’t believe how cheesy that sounds now, but when you get to marry your best friend, it feels like a connection that no fight could destroy. I mean… we fight, but then one of us acts all stupid and all is forgotten.

Reader: I feel like, because we aren’t just a couple, but also such good friends, it makes everything so much easier. And come on, what we have can’t really be called fights. There wasn’t one day I went to bed angry or sad because of something that happened. 

Jensen: I know, right? I think we are a good couple. And not one of them that like, always kisses and has to touch the other, but like, one that just likes the company of the other. I mean, I call myself and introvert, but since I’ve met you, it’s like, I can’t be an introvert on my own anymore. 

Reader: What did you do? Kill a cat? Or why are you being all sappy on me today? 

Jensen: I tried to be romantic! And I am just telling you the truth! 

Reader: I know. I also have to agree on the introvert thing. Genevieve would probably say we’re two halfs that only function when we are together. 

Jensen: I think she’s right, though. 

Reader: Me too. Talking about Gen. She sent me this pic of us from after the wedding yesterday. Do you remember this? (See pic) 

Jensen: Of course I do! It was your idea to step away from the traditional and try something new! Also, I’m still not over how beautiful you looked in that dress.

Reader: It was perfect. I couldn’t have imagined it any better. 

Jensen: Our whole wedding was perfect. 

Reader: I agree. But… I’m not sure I will still fit in that dress in a few months…

Jensen: What do you mean? The dress didn’t shrink now, did it? 

Reader: No… *chuckles* but I think I’m starting to gain weight…

Jensen: Your being silly. Why should you gain weight? You exercise more than Jared does! 

Reader: Oh come on! Think about this now! Why could I be gaining weight? 

Jensen: Is there like a reverse diet you want to try? 

Reader: Jensen! You are such an idiot! The diet is called eating for two! 

Jensen: What? For two…. I don’t… You’re pregnant? 

Reader: Yes! We’re having a baby Jens! 

So this was the last part! Thank you for reading and sticking with me through this