also these look horrible


the idubbbz sheep hoodie!!!! who knew ian had so many talents!!!!!!!

this hoodie is so FUCKING comfy, the inside is so soft and i can definitely take naps in it!!!! 10/10

this hoodie looks great even when you’re taking awkward bathroom selfies and hoping your suitemates don’t walk in and wonder what the fuck you’re doing!!!

this hoodie also helps your horrible awful selfies look a little better even when your hair COVERS THE SHEEP LOGO I’M SORRY

you can wear this hoodie in class, in your dorm room, AND during an ongoing existential crisis it’s so multifunctional!!!!!!!!

OVERALL GRADE: A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

@huspus @jojidayz here you guys go ily💕💕


Do you remember that dark jayce skin? The splash art also looked horrible

Yes the anatomy there is screwed up as well. Anatomy is screwed up in many of Riot’s splashes actually, but they’re usually very very good at textures and lighting. There’s a difference between anatomy being distorted on purpose, successful in the effect it tried to achieve, and simply being wrong and an eyesore.


Au where Jasper is alive and work with David and Gwen.
Then comes the cultist, Daniel and Jason to ruin their day.

(click for captions)

Jason is from this masterpiece by @zoruui


yes, the little blue engine that travels the world going “chugga-chugga JUICE JUICE”


the olicity q: [16/?]

Flying through the galaxies, handshaking everywhere, but I, I want you by my side… 

So this is really late, but I did this right after watching the last season of Voltron because I had Freesia (from Guilty Gear) on repeat. Touched it up today.