also these look blue on one display and yellow on another

Gem Oddities/Deformations

Ok these are things that have probably been discussed one way or another but let’s back track to the episode “The Return” when we are introduced to Jasper for the first time.

She says that;

Garnet = A Shameless Display

Amethyst = An Overcooked Runt

Pearl = a Lost Defective Pearl

Well it is confirmed by Peridot in “Too Far”, that Amethyst is in fact defective and not supposed to looked the way that she does (similar in size and appearance to Rose Quartz, and Jasper).
So when Jasper said that she was an Overcooked runt, it was probably referencing that she emerged 500 years after the other Amethyst gems that were incubated on earth.

& in the “Answer” it is revealed that Garnet is the first fusion between 2 different types of gems. We already know that since Ruby & Sapphire want to remain a fusion of love
that it disrupts the caste system the gem society already has in place
in which every gem has a specific duty and purpose
And again since Ruby & Sapphire are also two different classes of Gems (Ruby a common soldier/ Sapphire an aristocratic gem) remaining like this on their homeworld and gem society would be seen as a shameless display in the eyes of the Diamond Authority

& “Lost and Defective Pearl”,
At first when I heard this, I thought it was because Pearl was able to fight, and that went against everything that she was “programmed” to do.
But I now I realize that when Jasper said ‘Lost’, she could have (in light) been referencing that, and also the fact that she wasn’t under servitude to a higher ranked gem, and defective referencing her gem stone

In “The Answer”, and “Message Received” we see that both Blue and Yellow Pearl have rounded gems, while our Pearl (lol) features an oval gem on her head.
Being that in real life usually pearls that are rounded are more preferred for jewelry, we can take that into consideration that this is what Jasper was referencing when she said Pearl was defective.

Whew! Now that we got that out of the way!
If all of the Crystal Gems we come to know and love especially the ones that have multiples of them (I.e. Pearl and Amethyst) have a defect or oddity in them in some way.
What if gems emerging with oddities is something that occurs every so often with gems.
And if so what happens to them?

Are they rejected?

Are they subjected to
(as said by Peridot in “Catch and Release)
be harvested ?

So not only are gems made for specific purpose and are expected to act a certain way and display almost the same personalities
they are also expected to look a certain way to?

As much as it is said in the show that Rose loved all life and believed it was worth protecting.
This love had to come from some where?
What if that loved stemmed from how gems with defects and oddities were treated on Homeworld?

We know from "The Answer” that Pearl was one of the first Crystal Gems, and Garnet there fore after.

But when it came time to rebel; who did Rose go to first?

Probably the defective gems.

I honestly think that all of the 12 gems that are showed picture behind Rose in “Serious Steven”, all had a defect in some type of way- and that these gems were probably subjected to some type of mistreated, harvested, or maybe even shattered at the hands of the gem society, and that the only way they could seek sanctuary was to join the Crystal Gems in hopes of a better future for them and their gem kind.

(But we already know their fate from “The Return”, when Greg states that Rose was only able to save a few of her good friends: being that Garnet and Pear)

But this is just a theory
and I would love to see how the crewniverse implements this into the lore
Agree or disagree?
leave me an ask or send me a message.
I love and welcome others opinions! :)