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I don't get the Tony hates Reed thing... like at all? In everything I've ever read, they've always been quite friendly and supportive of each other. Even the majority of the Civil War saw them take the same side. They play chess together and bounce sciencey stuff of each other? Unless I've missed something, I don't get how anyone could interpret them as being on anything less than good terms? Unless there's anything in FF continuity I'm missing? Admittedly I haven't read as much of the FF.

You are 100% correct. There is absolutely nothing to support this ‘idea’ thats sprouted among some fans [MCU fandom primarily nvm the two shall never meet in movie universe] that Reed and Tony are dicks to each other. The two of them are friends. They have a friendly rivalry, that’s about it as far as pissing contests go for the pair of them.


Yep wow feelin’ the hate ohhhhh wait

HAHHAHA The absolute entirety of New Avengers proves our point.

Reed is not a puppy kicking, child experimenting, wife abandoning monster like some people seem to think and suggest. Sorry, but no, I don’t like seeing people bash my favourite character while completely ignoring the fact they are basically making shit up. It’s totally cool to dislike him or hate him. But making things up that isn’t correct and regularly tagging them so they get absorbed into the Marvel fandom culture is really fucking annoying.

It’s also a case of people completely missing undertones of friendly rivalry in the Avengers: EMH cartoon. Reed and Tony are both frequent flyers in the sarcastic quips club. 

Reed has not stolen from Tony, experimented on him, hurt him or done these ‘horrible’ terrible things I keep reading in the tags and in stories.

The guy is useless at social events, he fucks up, he was a raging asshole in silver age, but he’s grown and changed and he’s a caring, loving dad. He stumbles and sure as hell that accident way back when still eats at him, rears its ugly head, and the guilt; it either raises someone above remorse or humbles them so much they can never recompense. And if anything, I can’t see why Tony would hate Reed. Find him irritating at times or exasperating but honestly? How anyone can tell me they have friends who aren’t that. Just because you might butt heads doesn’t nullify the strong bond and I don’t get why comic characters are exempt from this.

Comics mimic real life, after all.