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except that in japan there's no censorship for same sex kisses /: BL anime has kisses and implications of more and it is aired on the same channels and similar time slots that yoi is. in japan homosexuality isn't a crime nor does it have to be censored.

Alright, so I will admit that when I wrote the initial post, it had slipped my mind that Yuri!!! on Ice airs at 2AM. However, when you say that homosexuality isn’t a crime in Japan, I would have to respectfully say that you are mistaken - at least in how I define ‘isn’t a crime’. 

Yes, it is not illegal, but that is not the same as wholly accepted. Just this year, the Human Rights Watch has pointed out how little Japan has done to protect its LGBT+ youth. Japanese politics do not often address the topic of sexual orientation on a national policy scale, mostly due to a more private culture where even PDA is disapproved of and partially due to, yes, existing prejudice against LGBT+ individuals. Though some wards in Japan have agreed to recognize same-sex partnerships as equivalent to marriage, it is not legally binding as same-sex marriage is technically not allowed by the Japanese constitution.

Yes, Japan has built an industry on LGBT+ fiction through yaoi and yuri, but at the same time that industry is arguably built upon fetishization of the sexual orientation rather than proper representation. There’s a reason why yaoi primarily targets a female demographic instead of attracting a large gay readership - it is not reflective of reality and gay men often cannot relate to the characters in yaoi. There are social pressures that enforce heteronormativity and emphasize importance on bloodline and family, and so same-sex relationships are visible, yes, but not necessarily supported.

Further, you point out that BL anime that has kisses and implications of more have aired on the same channel and on similar timeslots. According to Anime News Network, Yuri!!! on Ice is broadcasted by four companies: BS Asahi, Nagasaki Culture Telecasting Corporation, Sun TV, and TV Asahi, which actually might be related to BS Asahi now that I think about it… and other sites include AT-X. Now, I’m actually not sure if this means the show airs on several different channels, but Wikipedia says that Yuri!!! on Ice airs on TV Asahi, so I will focus on that one.

Looking at TV Asahi’s program list, I actually can’t find any recognizable BL stories that they have broadcasted. While I did not click through every single one of them, a click scan reveals mostly children’s shows. They did help produce Loveless way back when, but they were not the broadcaster for the show. If anything, the closest thing to a recent BL fanservice anime I can find is Owari no Seraph/Seraph of the End: Battle in Nagoya, which MyAnimeList says aired at 22:00, a late-night slot, so I suppose it’s a close enough comparison for Yuri!!! on Ice.

If you compare the amount of sensual/sexual/romantic chemistry depicted in Owari no Seraph and Yuri!!! on Ice, the ice skating anime knocks vampires out of the park. Victor’s Japanese voice actor Suwabe Junichi is in fact quoted saying that Yuri!!! on Ice “barely passed the censorship law,” though it may have been a joke. It may not be a matter of censorship of Japanese media as a whole but perhaps this specific channel. It is also important to keep in context, again, that Japan is a country that views kisses as inappropriate in a public setting, and so the impulsive nature and public framing of the Yuri!!! on Ice kiss in-story may have had an effect on how heavily the kiss was weighted. 

On a somewhat related note, also, in Japan, the overall censorship law is vague and subjective, banning the distribution or display of “obscene writing, pictures, and materials,” with what that entails being at the discretion and hopeful common sense of law enforcement. 

In any case, I recognize that I may be incorrect in my understanding of Japanese censorship laws. I am Korean, not Japanese, and my understanding of the culture comes from conversations with Japanese people in Korea and research I have done in my personal time. If someone who has lived a while in Japan would like to correct me, please do so. I am willing to learn. 

Also, @thebookishgurl reblogged my initial post with a question, and I think this might help her out.

Mega Post (14th August)  # 5


(5/1)  The fashionista goal is the funniest thing to come out of this so far. (And after everything else, we need a good laugh!) She is, without a doubt, one of the frumpiest women on the planet when not styled (and even sometimes when styled.. coughpalmspringscough). (Plus BC is equally a mess when not styled.) Add to that her alternately sour/smug expression, and neck stretch antics, and fetch and style ain’t happening. But a fool(ish nanny) & her money are soon parted as the saying goes.

Ballsy:   The Nannies are buying those Valentino Sparkly shoes and silver sneakers aren’t they?   I wonder how sales of Erdem are going amongst the diehard Cumberbitch ranks?   When we see one rocking up to an event sporting her Primrose Hill outfit with pillow?  Worry for humanity.


(5/2)  Hi Ballsy, its Entertainment Anon. Someone asked what Hollywood thinks of his marriage and baby? Most of us don’t think much of it. When it was Oscar season, most of us figured he had a friend be his “fiancée” for the campaign but when he announced the pregnancy and then got married, we figured she’s a typical Hollywood bimbo without the looks, who got pregnant on purpose so she never has to work again.

I have been to several Oscar pre parties with them and I can say that she didn’t look pregnant and she is dumb as a bag of rocks. She couldn’t form a coherent sentence when asked “What do you do?” “How did you two meet?” “How do you like Hollywood?” She didn’t even try to engage in any conversation unless it was with someone who was “famous”  Also, our show is still in negotiation with Ben about what questions can be asked for the Hamlet interview. Can’t say too much but his U.S. agent does not like his U.K. publicist and are trying to get rid of her, hence the sudden appearance of his publicist at the show. I also know that Ben does have an exclusive with a U.K. publication to announce the name of his child.

Ballsy:   Thanks Ent Anon!   Oh this is getting funner!

No offense to you of course, but I do need to point out … that Ent Anon hasn’t been verified in any way.  Not saying this ^^ isn’t true, just not verified/no receipts. It’s important to add that disclaimer.  I kinda have to, since tea is being spilled here.   And not just because I bought shares in a salt mine …  but I did.  ;)


(5/3)  Entertainment Anon again. Forgot to tell you that I had drinks with a Sony executive the other day and asked her if she thinks Hiddleston will get any recognition for his Hank Williams portrayal for Oscar season. She said as long as he does a “Cooper” and not a “Cumberbatch”. :)

Ballsy:   Giggles.  Sony?  Ouch!


(5/4)  “The last time anyone did that, the Nullies jumped on them as “haters”.” But isn’t that what they always claim we do anyway, hate on Queen Consort Sophie? Might as well spare ourselves of her smug face. I just like picturing the future, after BC dumps Ursula, and all the nannies who swore they would “Protect Sophie Hunter at all costs” - insert 360 degrees eye-roll here - will pretend she never existed and THEY will cut her out of his pictures.

Ballsy:   It’s gonna be more fun to see what Benophie Daily and SHC do …


(5/5)  ok then, so if we’re going to pro sophie sites, use do not link i guess! i wonder if sophies lack of attention will cause her to throw a tantrum and start some shit. she can’t very well go to see him every night, that would be weird. press night she could maybe say she is there to support him for that and for the party and cameras, but other than that, this attention is all is. it will be interesting to see if he mentions the wife and fatherhood in any of his sit downs

Ballsy:   As a rule I don’t.  Others do tho.  I even try not to reblog any posts including even screencaps from those sites either, this one was too funny tho.   Press night.  She’ll be there.  Erdem, floral, pockets most likely.  She might have some new shoes.  And a padded bra.  Soph?  Don’t try for the belly again, it’s just calling you out now.  Interviews.  They won’t be allowed to ask, but he might shoehorn.  Ben?  Have fun trying to shoehorn a baby into Hamlet.  That might even be more entertaining that the “sporting event” one.   Let’s see.  Ben: “I’m thinking of keeping the confetti canon, my little boy - who very much exists - giggles when we set it off, it’s too cute.  And then my wife - who is brilliant and my heart and centre, my now and forevermore - pulls faces at me for making a mess”. 


(5/6)  Fanfic #1 anon: it’s late & I’m tired but can’t sleep cause the people in the apartment above me are “banging the headboard” & it seems to be a marathon tonight. 😣 So I’m wondering if BC & agents meeting one night , & then Karon showing up after is significant. Were they filling BC in on the strategy for the rest of the Shamwow? Maybe more serious talk about one of the movies that’s on hold at the moment. Or maybe a new movie deal! I’m hoping for some actual strategy for the end

Ballsy:   Don’t know.  Which is why I’m holding off on coming to any conclusions on that until …   Press Night. 


(5/7)  “If she was realy hungry for fame, she’d organise pap outings.” i’m confused. isn’t this what she’s been doing all along? we never saw these set-up pap-ops unless they were some form of damage control pre-SH. i’m guessing she started it with the airport paps and half of it HW. and then post-Oscars, it kept on happening. she may not have looked happy later on, but she started it. she’s the one with the DM connections. the DM have always hated him, it’s almost like she picked the DM for that reason

Ballsy:   Yeah, the few obvious ones he’s done before this have been minor damage control.  This IS new.  And that first airport one after the preg reveal?  They practically walked around the airport posing for them.  Along with the infamous smug face + Emily hug.  Oh, and who can forget the gas station pash-off on the Moneymoon.  That was all very new for him.  Had to laugh at the airport stretch with bonus belly show tho. ;)

The DM connection . . .  yeah, that’s been a tad obvious too.


(5/8)  So we’ve gone mainstream on PopBitch, huh? If that was an attempt to discredit skeptics, PR knows that’ll only have people looking more closely to the bora pictures and comparing those to primrose?

Ballsy:   Yup.  Not upset about that one iota. 

It you want me to take my “tinfoil hat” off, please explain EVERYTHING here:

In particular, this:

And here’s that Bora/Primrose compare (3 months later, the entire 3rd trimester - zero size difference):


(5/9)   'The healthiest thing to do is just ignore it and pretend it doesn’t exist, like we do with the squid’ - Karon at some point, probably. (Quote from Family Guy)

Ballsy:   If I didn’t know better I’d swear Family Guy is throwing shade at So-So.


(5/10)  SHC sure knows how to keep us entertained. Are they/is Gambi really that thick?

Ballsy:   Whomever it is, thick enough to try to make fetch happen for a talentless niche avant garde dilettante whose fluffed up CV mostly consists of lies.