also there's an alligator

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lmao to add onto ur magic in america post: imagine magic related incidents in florida considered the batshit stuff that goes on here already

the floridian police force is gonna have to be 50/50 muggle:wizard ratio on account of that is straight up too much bullshit for one group to handle

“yeah theres a, uh, hole in the ground, been on fire fer ‘bout six days now and its glowin somethin fierce”

“send in the wizards?”

“no, uh, we found out its from a chemical leak, we got some scientists on it now, but theres also the problem of people have been sighting an alligator man fer some time now by the keys”

“sounds like camera hoaxes again. aint yall boys downloaded photoshop yet?”

“no maam its definitely an alligator man, we sent in folks with guns and uh we put in another requisition cos were down bout 10 guns and wed appreciate some wizards coming in on trade for a bit”